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Lyza Novaria Ganie
Lyza Novaria Ganie - 20 days ago
Disney:any 1 can cook
Me:any 2 cant cook
No name A
No name A - 21 day ago
This is how real men Measure
June bloops
June bloops - 27 days ago
Hey Disney, for your live action version of Ratatouille, could you cast Daryl Sabara (ie. Juni Cortez) as Linguini? He's got the red hair (it's a little dark but it was lighter when he was a kid, I'm sure it could be lightened and he'd still look good) and he looks a little awkward, like Linguini. I think he'd be a very good choice but I that's just me throwing this out there. This will probably never be seen by anyone at Disney, but that's okay.
Litarooni - Month ago
Hopefully there are other spotlight on Pixar character videos
Arturo Gonzalez
Arturo Gonzalez - Month ago
A yes , ratatuwi 2
MagicalGirl4 - Month ago
This is so cute ahh, thank you Pixar
arqtpie - Month ago
Ratatouille is Pixar's most underrated movie and I'm 😠 about it.
BTW, small unpopular opinion.
Berkay Bayraktar
Berkay Bayraktar - Month ago
Ratatouille 2 pls movie
Jorge Vargas
Jorge Vargas - Month ago
(C) 2019 Epcot
Jorge Vargas
Jorge Vargas - Month ago
(C) 2019 Disney/Pixar
TarsierGaming OwO
TarsierGaming OwO - Month ago
Inge Njotokusumo
Inge Njotokusumo - Month ago
Love Remy.
Col Wars Studio Brickfilm and more!
i like remy
Oreo Taylor
Oreo Taylor - Month ago
I feel like Disney dodged on a huge opportunity to make like an animated Rattituie cooking segment type thing as a show. It’s would be like sometimes it’ll be simple recipes and sometime it’ll be more complicated ones, it could’ve been something for kids who like to learn about food and cooking as well for the parents who enjoy working with food. I feel like doing something like that would really bring together parents and kids who like to cook.
The Ratings
The Ratings - Month ago
Please Pixar can you make a Ratatouille 2 because the first Movie is soo inspiring
The Delivery Boy
The Delivery Boy - Month ago
I thought "how do they know how many hairs are on their characters are they just making it up"

and then i remembered

_the animation process_
Oscar Salvatierra
Oscar Salvatierra - Month ago
I spent my entire childhood thinking Remy's name was ratatouille.
Joseph Greenhorn
Joseph Greenhorn - Month ago
Remy looks cute in this video
Muffin-sponge - Month ago
But I can’t cook
Joe Natt
Joe Natt - Month ago
Do Ratatouille 2 please
The Letter Ten
The Letter Ten - Month ago
Sure, anyone can cook.. but should everyone cook? No.
barbaro267 - Month ago
To this day, people still call Remy "Ratatouille" LOL
TheOPLegoMaster - Month ago
Please make a second one
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. - Month ago
Disney: anyone can cook
Me: **makes sandwich**
TimotheosFraser - Month ago
What a pleasant little surprise!
Doodem - Month ago
Too bad im not a 1
Lauryn L.
Lauryn L. - Month ago
Ratatouille is definitely my favorite Pixar movie, and one of my favorite animated movies in general. Its just such a beautiful work of art, that film, that actually teaches a wonderful lesson and delivers great commentary on the culinary world.
Also, 0:35 is that a hidden Mickey?
NickTom - Month ago
Now cars please
Little Fang
Little Fang - Month ago
Me, a French boy named Remy:

Who wants to see how pixar created my character?
CrowThatGoesCAW -
CrowThatGoesCAW - - Month ago
Like *Remy - Core* on FaceBook
Enda McNabola
Enda McNabola - Month ago
One of Patton Oswalt's finest roles.
FreakShow Studios
FreakShow Studios - Month ago
I can hear MatPat licking his lips with all this information
Rere is Dead
Rere is Dead - Month ago
My name In real life is Remy
The Paranormalist
The Paranormalist - Month ago
Remy is my favourite Pixar protagonist. He was just so likable. He was flawed, and started out as kind of a jerkass but eventually evolved perfectly as a character who learns from his flaws. Ratatouille will always be my favourite Pixar film.
KennyVargas 20
KennyVargas 20 - Month ago
He is so cute btw. I love his little long ears. X3
[RS] Nico / Nicolas Betziere
That's a lot of hairs, I got a question. Is there a chance where remy's body hair would fall into the food? I'm kind of curious
kirara2516 - Month ago
Still my favorite PIXAR movie
Lucifer's 666
Lucifer's 666 - Month ago
Do more of this animation style please
Renaissance 1357
Renaissance 1357 - Month ago
After Disney made live-action remake of a 50 year old cartoon, Pixar started to make movie facts videos 12 year after its release lol
Team Comet - Loomian Legacy
Gusto: "Anyone Can Cook!"
Everyone else: "Anyone *could* but that doesn't mean they *should* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"
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