Half Woman Prank😱 -Julien Magic

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Susana Montoya
Susana Montoya - 14 hours ago
OMG, I can't stop laughing 🤣😂 good prank
Sopheak Team
Sopheak Team - Day ago
Good bro i like this who like this like me?
Princess Solo
Princess Solo - Day ago
She’s beautiful
Princess Solo
Princess Solo - Day ago
Nadira Ufairah Gaming_yt
Bobby Yang
Bobby Yang - 2 days ago
CIGA MALA - 3 days ago
This hang on his had give him demin power
Eon e'na
Eon e'na - 3 days ago
That girl are awesome
安彦和真 - 3 days ago
Сакири - 4 days ago
You best prankers In the world
Gea Nias TV
Gea Nias TV - 5 days ago
tamicia Simpson
tamicia Simpson - 5 days ago
How did you do that what the FRICKING he'll how you do that
Devi Hadi
Devi Hadi - 6 days ago
Bang benerngga
Belial Zed
Belial Zed - 6 days ago
I can imagine a gf as she,we would be look like Ferra/Torr.So cool.
Fadel Indrawan
Fadel Indrawan - 7 days ago
2:49 im dead 😂
Emiway Bantai
Emiway Bantai - 7 days ago
Md Naime Hossain
Md Naime Hossain - 7 days ago
It's really awesome,, my life best prank video
Richard Tsutsa
Richard Tsutsa - 7 days ago
That businessman nearly shat himself 🤣🤣
Alfred Steffensen
Alfred Steffensen - 8 days ago
This is extremely funny and I'm so sorry of her disability......🤧🤧

But 3:35 was the best 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Khurt Ramos
Khurt Ramos - 8 days ago
SKT T1 Oswald
SKT T1 Oswald - 8 days ago
What his behind the scenes
Joy abamwa
Joy abamwa - 8 days ago
How did you make the prank look so real???
Irfan Pro TV
Irfan Pro TV - 8 days ago
Hahaha this video is funny 😂😂😂
Mehdi Bhai
Mehdi Bhai - 9 days ago
How ?
Shanty Susan
Shanty Susan - 9 days ago
Dek degan banget
neilman bucayan
neilman bucayan - 9 days ago
Oh my goodness
Alex Vallejo
Alex Vallejo - 9 days ago
Is she okay lol how did her legs go
indian power
indian power - 9 days ago
Like from india bro.
Murtuza Mukardam
Murtuza Mukardam - 9 days ago
How can you do ? God bless you sir
Zau ri
Zau ri - 10 days ago
Danieleczko0589 - 10 days ago
Przyjechała kobieta na plażę się rozerwać....
Mewtwo Light
Mewtwo Light - 10 days ago
I wonder if she can use the bathroom. If she can then how????
Bueno Zapanta
Bueno Zapanta - 11 days ago
Hahahah 2:49 lol🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mayanglambam Neeranjan
Mayanglambam Neeranjan - 11 days ago
It's a duplicate leg.
She's legless.
theo PLAYS
theo PLAYS - 11 days ago
2:56 is the best lol
Broo Sky
Broo Sky - 12 days ago
Hi, I'm Indonesian, your video is cool
Diah Rani
Diah Rani - 12 days ago
God job
thalys sanchez
thalys sanchez - 12 days ago
Where is her legs?
Jazbelbel - 13 days ago
wtf?? I am sure if u make me a prank like this, u probably will be dead :)
Smoke Weed Everyday
Smoke Weed Everyday - 11 days ago
You can't kill someone who's already dead
nafina hasna
nafina hasna - 13 days ago
wow kripiiii
Ima Kartini
Ima Kartini - 14 days ago
Oh my God
lochodo Apolo
lochodo Apolo - 14 days ago
I'm just imagining how pregnancy get into wrong person,isn't that funny?
Nutellaboytv - 14 days ago
I can't find her Instagram that's not fear you should put her link in your discrimination
Nutellaboytv - 10 days ago
@GALACTIC DA GOAT 317 i looked up it up i found nothing
GALACTIC DA GOAT 317 - 11 days ago
artin 5
artin 5 - 14 days ago
Miserable people
j jenko
j jenko - 15 days ago
lol that one guy took off I wonder if he even found out it was a prank.
Jordan Dover
Jordan Dover - 15 days ago
is this real?
Amalia Siti
Amalia Siti - 16 days ago
Amarrhin Burns
Amarrhin Burns - 17 days ago
2:50 he just wanted sm attention
Zachary Smith
Zachary Smith - 14 days ago
you you
you you - 17 days ago
How did you guys do that
HJoy Castillon
HJoy Castillon - 18 days ago
is that me in waching and aim running
Cassie Conrad
Cassie Conrad - 18 days ago
How are you going to pot her legs back on
Ty Lee
Ty Lee - 18 days ago
I would have had a heart attack I'm 24
Lexie Playz
Lexie Playz - 19 days ago
Hahahah it's so funny but I'm cunfuse that girl are true had no legs?????
lagu dj aisa itu bagus Asfianah
Bla bla bla 🍽🍽🍽
Karla DIAz
Karla DIAz - 20 days ago
Annalise Tiley
Annalise Tiley - 20 days ago
That was seriously soo funny 😂😂😂
Andrew Todd
Andrew Todd - 21 day ago
3:10 I've never though to carry a chair like that! What a genius
Paul OregonUSA
Paul OregonUSA - 21 day ago
She should've started screaming!😱😱🤣🤣
كاضم لحزين كاضم لحزين
Jasman Singh
Jasman Singh - 21 day ago
Am i the only one wondering how did he do it?
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