Ashley O - On A Roll (Music Video) [Netflix: Black Mirror]

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Miley Cyrus Fans
Miley Cyrus Fans - 5 months ago
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Helga Nettle
Helga Nettle - 2 months ago
it has a negative impact on the child's psyche. her concerts should be banned.
Helga Nettle
Helga Nettle - 2 months ago
@Andy Cadeau it's nice that you realize this Miley is disgusting.
Andy Cadeau
Andy Cadeau - 2 months ago
@Helga Nettle i have watch the black mirror episod
Andy Cadeau
Andy Cadeau - 2 months ago
@Helga Nettle its ironic
Helga Nettle
Helga Nettle - 2 months ago
@Andy Cadeau you stupid? is not it clear that all the creativity Miley it's dirt and debauchery?
Seul a Kim
Seul a Kim - 16 days ago
헐 이거 마일리였구나.. 닮았다고만 생각했는데..
R P - 25 days ago
Whenever I listen to this I feel like I'm rich and living a high class life
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller - Month ago
All you people that get butthurt about this originally being a NIN song are probably really fun at parties
00 00
00 00 - Month ago
Вячеслав Максимов
Black Miror rulezzzz!!
ChibbiYumi - Month ago
Hey I'm a ho
「 あすな」
「 あすな」 - Month ago
bLaCk MirRor
TheNewspaper101 - 2 months ago
You can do it Rachel!!!
Summer Elmore
Summer Elmore - 2 months ago
Love purple hair
Juan Salazar Corzo
Juan Salazar Corzo - 2 months ago
Desde que ví la película, no pude evitar dejar de escuchar la canción.
Es como que se me pegó cómo chicle la canción.
Thanks next
Thanks next - 3 months ago
Atomic girl.
Yhoel Bautista
Yhoel Bautista - 3 months ago
Me da risa como se mueve xd
Dayana Męnd Navarra
Dayana Męnd Navarra - 3 months ago
Come back hannah montana
red redder
red redder - 3 months ago
nin was already pop enough damn
neemguy81 - 4 months ago
Does anyone here know that this is actually "Head Like a Hole" by Nine Inch Nails?
Dinho Junior
Dinho Junior - 4 months ago
Assisti ao episódio da Eshley O e curti a música e vim ouvir no YouTube rsrsrs😂😂😂
Saania Zehra Jamal
Saania Zehra Jamal - 4 months ago
i love how this is inspired by a super aggressive nine inch nails song and most people don't even know
Casey Shannon
Casey Shannon - 4 months ago
Just realized this song and Head Like A Hole are the same tune!!
Sofia Wolf
Sofia Wolf - 4 months ago
Head like a hole would be 10 times more popular if it sounded like this
Jean Davis
Jean Davis - 4 months ago
cme here after black mirror
anemic thot
anemic thot - 4 months ago
Everyone rise for the national anthem
Wim van de Sande
Wim van de Sande - 4 months ago
mr M
mr M - 4 months ago
Miley Cyrus Uma louca perfeita 😈🔥
Red Black157
Red Black157 - 4 months ago
woodman steve
woodman steve - 4 months ago
bro, is this based off of head like a hole from nine inch nails?
Shook Queens
Shook Queens - 4 months ago
So Rachel’s the hoe?
 - 4 months ago
Im from tik tok 🙃🙂
Mineta is thanos
Mineta is thanos - 4 months ago
ashley o and hannah montana are the same i still see them the same
Mineta is thanos
Mineta is thanos - 4 months ago
hannah montana looks great
Adam657 - 4 months ago
I hope the irony is not lost in anyone that the episode was about how easy it is to get the public to like manufactured crappy music with asinine lyrics and no real passion, and then all you are here saying how great the song is! It was literally made as a parody!
monkeyboy8me - 4 months ago
Looks like a little bit of enhancement on miley at the end
anonymous - 4 months ago
Ashley O is a Trent Reznor fan. That song is Head Like A Hole with slightly different lyrics. And the other song she's playing on the piano is Right Where It Belongs from the With Teeth album.
-->Edit; wrote that at the 13th minute mark of the episode. Didn't know they were going to completely give that info away at the end.
Phil S
Phil S - 4 months ago
Miley Cyrus singing a Nine Inch Nails song....

yepp, now I really saw and heard everthing
Smiler Belgium
Smiler Belgium - 4 months ago
Waw 😍😍😍😍😍😍
giving love to hoes
giving love to hoes - 4 months ago
Ashley O is the new Hannah Montana?
Chef. Sxpticeye
Chef. Sxpticeye - 4 months ago
Felipe Carcache Vado
Felipe Carcache Vado - 4 months ago
WTF ??ya la saco netflix
Sad Smiler
Sad Smiler - 4 months ago
Ashley o more like icon of 2019
Yago Yago Paccitto lima
Yago Yago Paccitto lima - 4 months ago
Shaquana Williams
Shaquana Williams - 4 months ago
Release this song i love it!
Ruthless Machine
Ruthless Machine - 4 months ago
Closer would have been a better choice to cover
MortalWarz - 4 months ago
John Erikson
John Erikson - 4 months ago
澤飛爾 - 4 months ago
Guys. My English is not good enough. Could someone tell me what [on a roll ] mean? I know it's a set phrase. But i just can't figure out what it means. Haha. Thanks.
CookiCrumbKitty - 4 months ago
I m a b o y a n d i c o u l d n t h e l p b u t s i n g a l o n g
On The Dotted Line
On The Dotted Line - 5 months ago
Black Mirror Breakdown👇🏽
Erica Greve
Erica Greve - 5 months ago
@DEXs this is a Trent Reznor song
Erica Greve
Erica Greve - 5 months ago
@DEXs this is a Trent Reznor song
Robert Leonard
Robert Leonard - 5 months ago
Miley has the best Tits! !!
I dare you to prove me wrong.
Poppin Peach
Poppin Peach - 5 months ago
Why is this soo good !? 😭
klas - 5 months ago
you can do it rachellll
Seto Lucifer
Seto Lucifer - 5 months ago
Trent Reznor’s version is better
Veer Chasm
Veer Chasm - 5 months ago
Better than the original 😊
A- Hole
A- Hole - 5 months ago
Couldn't make it past 58 seconds.
mahmood Al-mairki
mahmood Al-mairki - 5 months ago
Miley is queen 🖤🖤🖤
ISHESUA - 5 months ago
I got stick becky¡¡ you wanna some fuck??
Laura Slovinská
Laura Slovinská - 5 months ago
but you know that most of the song is Head like a hole from Nine inch nails right? :D
Jack K
Jack K - 5 months ago
Guys, the chrous isn't "Heyaa Whuh oooh", nor is it "Hey I'm a hoe". It's "Hey I'm a HOLE!" Look closely at her mouth.
빠동키찌꺼기 - 5 months ago
where can I buy this doll in U.S.???????
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