$199 Chair Vs. $9,800 Chair

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Beavacus - 3 hours ago
I enjoyed this episode more than I thought I would.
kurtzcol - 15 hours ago
those wooden chairs are beautiful
The Math Channel
The Math Channel - Day ago
I feel like they could uave made it better maybr gaming chairs massage chairs etc.
Sumaya Tasnim
Sumaya Tasnim - 2 days ago
I'd just buy a PewDiePie chair if I had the money lol
Blade Wilson
Blade Wilson - 3 days ago
They should do a Worth It episodes on dressers
rimbluebooks - 5 days ago
*But can u do thiiiiiis* insert pewdiepie meme here.
SMART ASS SAVAGE - 5 days ago
Why did the gaurav guy say his name so weirdly
Marcie - 6 days ago
The last guy really trying to tell me a chair is a part of the family????
Karumoto Art
Karumoto Art - 8 days ago
meanwhile I'm sitting on the floor
Jenny A.
Jenny A. - 8 days ago
I like this video but the chairs are just all so different it would be cool to see all office chairs or all all rocking chairs!
Ashsaloft - 9 days ago
no dx racer or sceret lab or any gaming chair ?!?!? DISLIKED

MID-WAY Painting and Roofing Mid-Way
He said this feels like I'm wearing a chair
# IISloydII
# IISloydII - 11 days ago
What an idea

Its the best haha!
skate._. byron
skate._. byron - 11 days ago
Fake try guys lmao cos they left buzzfeed
kim mcdonald
kim mcdonald - 12 days ago
I could not imagine paying almost 20 grand for two chairs. I could furnish my whole house with that amount or even less.
Ramon Camareno
Ramon Camareno - 13 days ago
Where is Adam?????????????
Florinda Lucero
Florinda Lucero - 14 days ago
In other news, Stephen has a great deal on rent apparently!
Yama 景久
Yama 景久 - 17 days ago
Okay, but, $9,800 office chair
Camino Kids Productions
Camino Kids Productions - 17 days ago
Insolentish - 17 days ago
The wire chair guy is annoying in the way his sentences end at a much higher pitch/time, sometimes even the middle of a sentence
Min Wang
Min Wang - 17 days ago
this is bullsh*t why would you buy a chair for 9,800 dollars 😑
Bhargav Bhupathi
Bhargav Bhupathi - 17 days ago
Reminds me of Joey and Chandler's black sofa scene
Captive Active
Captive Active - 17 days ago
The 9,800$ rocking chair I saw this in my school and they said it cost 1,000$
Harendra Singh
Harendra Singh - 18 days ago
15:51 I was just clicking on dislike for bend.
Harendra Singh
Harendra Singh - 18 days ago
14:01 but I just like a good office chair for everything, in this I need to adjust height !.
Jordan Ramirez
Jordan Ramirez - 18 days ago
What just what
EasyTechno - 20 days ago
andrew's voice sounds like tom cruise
Big gay
Big gay - 20 days ago
What about pewdiepies chair it’s only 399
Frank Maliszewski
Frank Maliszewski - 20 days ago
Do toilets
MANYS RALLY - 20 days ago
Here iam sitting in a 50$ chair hmmmmmm......
Tina Simon
Tina Simon - 21 day ago
Guys you should check out my company! We have a flagship store in NY. Carl Hansen & Son it is in the city!
abnormallyfunny - 21 day ago
this is the worst. the worst.
Prajnya Prabhu
Prajnya Prabhu - 21 day ago
No one :
Literally no one :
Random dog in J rusten furniture studio 😂
foodeo rodeo
foodeo rodeo - 21 day ago
Imagine being this rich
Undercover Butterfly
Undercover Butterfly - 22 days ago
“It’s like I’m wearing a chair”
I’m sorry but this was so funny to me
Jose Cardoza
Jose Cardoza - 23 days ago
Like how y’all make something so boring interesting. Really chairs?? I think I know what chair I’m buying though
Communist Creeper
Communist Creeper - 23 days ago
RC Gaming
RC Gaming - 24 days ago
Ok new video idea a 1 dollar bill vs a 100 dollar bill
Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail - 24 days ago
first guy like real chair expert wow
theburners32141 - 25 days ago
That Lucy chair guy is tripping. Lol 450$ gtfo.
Shawn Adams
Shawn Adams - 25 days ago
This is an unfair chair comparison. You can't just compare 3 chairs and decide which is best.
You need to compare 3 office chairs to each other. Or 3 rocking chairs to each other. Or even 3 loves seats to each other.
farzana ahmed
farzana ahmed - 25 days ago
Worth it: office chairs
I thought these would all be more comparable. Like they went from office, to living room accent, to outdoor chairs. They each have their own variety at different prices.
Kevin Chen
Kevin Chen - 26 days ago
Ava Holcomb
Ava Holcomb - 26 days ago
I know of an amazing chair for the low low price of $399!
Thelegend27 - 26 days ago
11:07 his answer should be “being gay”😂😂
Legend. tv
Legend. tv - 27 days ago
Next they will try 3 different condoms at 3 drastically different price point
idk •
idk • - 27 days ago
How about a 499.99 dollar chair?

Like if u know the reference, and btw not trying to be greedy or anything I just wanna see the amount of people who know the reference.
Yxcas - 27 days ago
or you could just buy a chair for 399
william downey
william downey - 28 days ago
gee those guys are low charisma!
Emmett McDonagh
Emmett McDonagh - 28 days ago
We no longer have butt buddies, we have posterior pals
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