"On My Block" Cast Plays 'I Dare You' | Teen Vogue

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Sophia Quintanilha
Sophia Quintanilha - 49 minutes ago
Ronni hawk ? Where ????
sham kafaji
sham kafaji - 4 hours ago
Tbh I ship Brett and Sierra.. they'll look cute together 🙋
sham kafaji
sham kafaji - 4 hours ago
0:51 lmaooooooo ok bretttt okeeeeh we see you 😏😂😂😂😂
Taylor& Laila
Taylor& Laila - 12 hours ago
Are 'Cesar' and 'Monse' an actual couple
Prxncess Brii
Prxncess Brii - 16 hours ago
Jason,Jasmine,Jamal,and Latrelle my favorite people on omb🤩❤️
luis hernan
luis hernan - 19 hours ago
Jason looking like el chapo in his mug shot 🤣😭
Katie York
Katie York - 2 days ago
I know this has nothing to do with anything but why didn't they eat the food
anetracowart - 2 days ago
I don’t know about u guys but I’m shipping Jamal and Morse or latrelle and monse
Lifewithkaleeah - 3 days ago
The papers were different colors
Laura Amy
Laura Amy - 3 days ago
Okay but why is jess kinda like jasmine in real life 😂
Zane the Kawaii Potato
Zane the Kawaii Potato - 3 days ago
Diego looking fineeeeee still
aida Daily
aida Daily - 4 days ago
It took me a min to realize what Brett meant when he said “everybody likes chocolate” 0:51
primalsun 245
primalsun 245 - 4 days ago
When is On My Block going to make a new episode dude
Anaiah Alonzo
Anaiah Alonzo - 4 days ago
Nobody on my block 😂😂 he had me dead
Jaylynn ARGUMENTS - 4 days ago
I’m not sure😂😂😂
Italiah Perez
Italiah Perez - 4 days ago
Did you all notice when Jessica put her hand infront of diegos face he thought it was sierra !!
Italiah Perez
Italiah Perez - 4 days ago
I see sierra getting a little touchy with Diego lol 😂
Zay - 5 days ago
“I’m not sure about it” I’m deeeaaad💀💀
GaminRevz - 5 days ago
Jamal: “Everybody likes chocolate.”
Says the one black character😭
Kay’s World
Kay’s World - 5 days ago
Season 3??
Shyann Weaver
Shyann Weaver - 5 days ago
Wheres Olivia
BIG LIPS - 5 days ago
abigail - 6 days ago
sierra is so beautiful ❤️
Tytiana Johnson
Tytiana Johnson - 6 days ago
Do another season on netflix
Inelda Isabel Palacios Cedeño
La mejor serie del mundo mundial
Kaelyn Hendrix
Kaelyn Hendrix - 6 days ago
Did anyone peep the color change go the card that Jason picked out of the dare jar at 2:41??
Tyty 2008
Tyty 2008 - 6 days ago
Why did he shave his hair for
• hey_itsjan •
• hey_itsjan • - 6 days ago
yo they needed another round cuz this was funnnyyy 😂
PettyOnPurpose - 7 days ago
Did Diego and Jason switch heads. Last time I checked Diego was bald and Jason had hair
jordan Bade
jordan Bade - 7 days ago
Why ruby's head bald
Johannie Stories
Johannie Stories - 7 days ago
When did Jason/ruby and cesear/Diego switch hairstyles
Änxietÿ - 7 days ago
Jason look like he got out of prison
Charle474 - 7 days ago
Is it just me or this is older stranger things
Mind Free
Mind Free - 7 days ago
Why does Jamal look like lil Nas x
Mainly Maya
Mainly Maya - 8 days ago
3:11 - 3:13 😭! “ I didn’t no I’d be lying today 😏” 😭!!
Yeti Dan
Yeti Dan - 8 days ago
Why Jason look like a janitor
Samuel Beduaddo
Samuel Beduaddo - 8 days ago
I only clicked on this video because they had food 😂😂
Fatty Squad
Fatty Squad - 8 days ago
I love this show so much!🌸💜💕💝💗💐💐🇲🇽
Fawn Streeter
Fawn Streeter - 9 days ago
Angel Farias
Angel Farias - 9 days ago
Is there going to be another on my block series
Angel Farias
Angel Farias - 9 days ago
Heaven Orozco
Heaven Orozco - 9 days ago
Why didn't deogo kiss Sarah 😍😘😘😘
Comrade Sauce
Comrade Sauce - 10 days ago
For The Who would skip prom for an ap exam
I’m not in high school so I wouldn’t really know but why would you have a test at the time of prom
Tash Law
Tash Law - 10 days ago
How can they sit in front of all those snacks and not just eat them all ? Dang , I could barely last 5 minutes
spyco gacha angel
spyco gacha angel - 11 days ago
Jessica just called herself ugly when she said she was all of the above OOF
Miguel Chaves
Miguel Chaves - 11 days ago
Stranger things is better
Italiah Perez
Italiah Perez - 11 days ago
The way Diego looks at sierra
Gisabelle - 11 days ago
It’s wierd them calling eachother by there real name
Italiah Perez
Italiah Perez - 11 days ago
The way Diego looks a sierra !!! Are they dating in real life??
Keondre FamousKt
Keondre FamousKt - 11 days ago
I’m still on season 1 😂
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