"On My Block" Cast Plays 'I Dare You' | Teen Vogue

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Mariely Martinez
Mariely Martinez - 9 hours ago
@ 2:41 Jason picked out a pink one but reads a yellow one??......
Brendan Sheehan
Brendan Sheehan - 20 hours ago
Jason looks like he’s on death row😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Vivian Marie
Vivian Marie - 23 hours ago
Sierra and Diego at 1:12, so cute
thicc jimin
thicc jimin - 23 hours ago
4:02 i wonder what Diego is thinking??? 😂
obviously evelyn
obviously evelyn - Day ago
@6:20 oooooh ok Diego
Cameron Hall
Cameron Hall - Day ago
Is anyone not Gunna talk about how Brett laughs at 1:36 LAMO 😂😂
Zack Pierce
Zack Pierce - Day ago
Bet yall didn't know that Jason played in the movie Logan - Wolverine
BrianDoomlegend 21
BrianDoomlegend 21 - Day ago
Sierra: Facebook for some reason 😅
Jessica: You used the web 😑😂
Adrian Suaste
Adrian Suaste - Day ago
Jessica still has acting in her mind😂😂
Serena Wang
Serena Wang - 2 days ago
2:42= paper is pink
2:44 = nah let’s go with neon yellow/green.
Me = am I colourblind?
Monty isn't a Man
Monty isn't a Man - 2 days ago
Who else just found out that Olivia was a whole Trump supporter that's maybe the big reason why she got killed off. Lmao
Francisca Palacios
Francisca Palacios - 2 days ago
Every time I watch this it makes me smile.
something cute
something cute - 2 days ago
How did "monse" not catch feelings for "cesar" While shooting on my block I mean wtfff
js - 2 days ago
Would be awesome if the real gang member were there
Emily i dont want put my last name YouTube
5:02 is it me or did anyone else see that the little paper changed colors 🧐🧐
kneeyuh - 2 days ago
i feel like they kinda exculeded jason :(
Seara Lavine
Seara Lavine - 2 days ago
Why is my name seara
Tyawn Spence
Tyawn Spence - 3 days ago
Brett😍😍❤️ my fav
That_Thot_Addy _
That_Thot_Addy _ - 3 days ago
*When did Jamal out daddy Cesar and Ruby?*
Alexis Ortiz
Alexis Ortiz - 3 days ago
Why did Brett not go
xRebecckahx - 3 days ago
Who else feels like Jessica hasn't aged in like many many years??
Audrey Jackson
Audrey Jackson - 3 days ago
Can you plzzzz do the umbrella academy
TheRealKristoffYT - 3 days ago
When you worry so much about copyright you change the name of truth or dare
Santana Jordan
Santana Jordan - 4 days ago
Then I wanna get rich then I leave
Giselle Garrobo
Giselle Garrobo - 4 days ago
I swear they look uncomfortable on that couch🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂😂😂😂
Snip3rfall - 4 days ago
Brett looks like a young kid cudi
Taylor Winterling
Taylor Winterling - 5 days ago
Xtrinity - 5 days ago
Where’s olivia
Team_Garcia_ MMA
Team_Garcia_ MMA - 6 days ago
can't believe Jason is 22 his height don't mean nun he just has a baby face lol he my fav character tho
Ana Baltazar
Ana Baltazar - 6 days ago
Who eles wishes Olivia was there
iSock Mini
iSock Mini - 7 days ago
I can't take Jamal seriously
Akil Brazier
Akil Brazier - 7 days ago
Just had s thought: Diego could play Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle in a DC movie 🤔
Was good Sis
Was good Sis - 7 days ago
Did you guys see Brett’s face at 0:53 when he said “everyone loves chocolate” 😂
Ulises Bonilla
Ulises Bonilla - 7 days ago
un original
un original - 7 days ago
i love them soo much
Bemnette Kassa
Bemnette Kassa - 7 days ago
+5:10 "I'm not sure about it right now" I'M WHEEZINGGGG LMAOOOO
Bemnette Kassa
Bemnette Kassa - 7 days ago
Bemnette Kassa
Bemnette Kassa - 7 days ago
+0:50 "Everybody likes chocolate" I'M CACKING WFHITNGIUTGI LMFAOAOAOAO
Iridescent Senpai
Iridescent Senpai - 7 days ago
*we have all this amazing candy and you want me to eat crackers!?*
Iridescent Senpai
Iridescent Senpai - 7 days ago
*everybody likes chocolate*
Brittany Lett
Brittany Lett - 7 days ago
Jessica: Whaaat , No...
You Don't Even Get The JAR;
You Know How Many
Crackers I Ate 😂😭
aleiyah saunders
aleiyah saunders - 7 days ago
ummmmm why is Brett MUCH cuter than he is on the show? hellloooo handsome!
aleiyah saunders
aleiyah saunders - 7 days ago
@ 0:51 - few seconds into the video and I already love it! But seriously, who doesn't love chocolate?
Ãllîcÿñs wõrld
Ãllîcÿñs wõrld - 8 days ago
I feel like diego likes sierra in real life as a you know more then the characters they play
Laura Flaquer
Laura Flaquer - 8 days ago
OH OK for a moment I thought Ronni Hawk was here and I was panicking
Kalilah W
Kalilah W - 8 days ago
umm i feel like such a fake fan rn buuut, when they were calling each other by their real names i didn’t know who tf they were talking abt(except for brett ofc🥰❤️)
Jadian Felix
Jadian Felix - 8 days ago
Brett: Nobody on my block has me dead 🤣🤣💀
soph V.
soph V. - 8 days ago
5:01 Jason is such a mood
Emo Juice
Emo Juice - 8 days ago
5:12 Im dead 😂
Jenah Simon
Jenah Simon - 8 days ago
Ahhh when Jessica said Dove Cameron my heart melted....I miss liv and maddie
Ripeka Tupa
Ripeka Tupa - 8 days ago
I love the part when they sing twinkle little star it's so crake up ohh omg
Zo Rome
Zo Rome - 8 days ago
It’s crazy that there all old af
VisforVendetta Eilish
VisforVendetta Eilish - 8 days ago
I’m obsessed with Jessica 😍💀
Angelica Arrington
Angelica Arrington - 8 days ago
I love on my Black💋👄
Aesthetic Looser
Aesthetic Looser - 8 days ago
What happend to Ruby’s hair DDDDDD:
A’Riyah Jackson
A’Riyah Jackson - 9 days ago
Brett looked uncomfortable when jasmine touched his thigh
Tamara Temple
Tamara Temple - 9 days ago
Jessica worked with dove Cameron on liv and maddie as willow
Capcel Inc
Capcel Inc - 9 days ago
LuVVV Jess shes just so much fun and she badd asf
Ezekiel DuVal Jones
Ezekiel DuVal Jones - 9 days ago
LMAO that’s the first time anybody wants to be around Jasmine😂😂
Blu_ Beyon
Blu_ Beyon - 9 days ago
I where old spice dodert body wash conditioner and shampoo and clond
ariana Lee
ariana Lee - 10 days ago
rip olivia she got betrayed
Natasha Valentin
Natasha Valentin - 10 days ago
what if there armpits stunk
GeFiRe - 10 days ago
Pelaron a ruby :(
Camila Gonzalez
Camila Gonzalez - 10 days ago
Where is Olivia?
Justin Tran
Justin Tran - 10 days ago
This interview spoiled the ending of season 1 and the beginning of season 2 for me
Aaliyah Smith
Aaliyah Smith - 11 days ago
“That’s your hand Sierra” 😭
That smirk and those dimples , Sierra: I know ❤️😭
The way Sierra touched his arm !!!
Ughhhh I love them , and ship them wayyyy to hard 😪😪
Yobani Romero
Yobani Romero - 11 days ago
Omg I’m waiting for season 3
D Lollol
D Lollol - 12 days ago
I honestly thought they were like 15/16. Wow😂😂😂😂😂!
Aleigha Martinez
Aleigha Martinez - 12 days ago
I think Diego’s secret is that he is in love with Sierra 😭😂❤️.
chaexic - 12 days ago
_twinkle twinkle little star, im not sure bout it right now_
Nix - 12 days ago
I love this show so much. So refreshing!
Lowkey Ange
Lowkey Ange - 12 days ago
Who told Jason his hairstyle is good?
Katelyn Hernandez
Katelyn Hernandez - 12 days ago
5:50 when he said jessica he was like what about my music
Boo_Darkkid Jr
Boo_Darkkid Jr - 12 days ago
Where’s Olivia???!?! Did she actually die.....??
Taylor Clark
Taylor Clark - 12 days ago
I'm watching OMB right now
Alondra Perez
Alondra Perez - 12 days ago
TBH I was looking at Diego the whole time lol 😆 his so cute
Shminny - 12 days ago
That show is terrible
Terry Nichols
Terry Nichols - 13 days ago
I love on my block
Argelis Hernández
Argelis Hernández - 13 days ago
Jamal looks like so gooood😍😍😍😍
Mr Titan
Mr Titan - 14 days ago
Why does ruby look fat
joshbeastmode yt
joshbeastmode yt - 14 days ago
Where is Olivia?
Kyra Noriega
Kyra Noriega - 14 days ago
Tkife30 - 14 days ago
I miss Jessica on Liv and Maddie 😭 one of favorite my childhood shows😔
Tucker Donzi
Tucker Donzi - 15 days ago
0:50 Everybody likes chocolate with the eyebrow raise lmao
Rohan O'Sullivan
Rohan O'Sullivan - 15 days ago
Am with Joanne it's truth they should be dating
Weekly Niyah
Weekly Niyah - 15 days ago
Why is it that Diego acts EXACTLY like Ceaser?????????
Honey Asmr
Honey Asmr - 15 days ago
I used to talk to a boy that looked like Diego and i honestly miss him lmao
Jose Gutierrez
Jose Gutierrez - 15 days ago
She has dove Cameron because of liv and Maddie
Alberto Saucedo
Alberto Saucedo - 15 days ago
We’re oliva
Kpop Trash
Kpop Trash - 15 days ago
Jason looks smoolll
So Chawclet
So Chawclet - 16 days ago
the best cast mates since stranger things.
Fadil Raymond
Fadil Raymond - 16 days ago
bruhh....diego n sierra is goals
Notorious Eikichi
Notorious Eikichi - 16 days ago
I love jason he’s so funny
Yolo Mazwai
Yolo Mazwai - 16 days ago
I’m also scared of Thunderstorms🙌🏽🙌🏽
Victoria - 16 days ago
Victoria Fernandez
Victoria Fernandez - 16 days ago
wait is jason engaged?????!!!
Maddie Beard
Maddie Beard - 16 days ago
No offense but Jason was so hot with more hair
OTS Wizzojed
OTS Wizzojed - 16 days ago
Sierra is not a teen she is like in her 30s or 20s
Xewbie - 17 days ago
Sophia Moreno
Sophia Moreno - 17 days ago
His secret is that he likes sierra
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