Foster & Allen I Will Love You All My Life

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Krepps Aceron
Krepps Aceron - 4 days ago
Papa, I love this video, what a wonderful couples. I was so happy to see them... hahahaha
Krepps Aceron
Krepps Aceron - 5 days ago
Papa, I sent a paragraph not complete? Here I am sending you, I read all your written notes. I really appreciate whatever your interest showing up deeply inside your mind. I'd love you because you have the most quick mental power, one's thought, exercise the power of reading mind and that sounds very interesting.
Cause my mind so different and difficult to believe each mind negative thinking. My theoretical
reason and freedom as well, I never give up concerning about my faith a " Gift of God Most High"
About Love. The πŸ’“ heart had its reasons, which reason does not know. It is the πŸ’“ heart which experiences God and not the reason. This then is " Faith" God felt by the πŸ’“ heart not by the reason. " πŸ’“ heart" does not mean anything akin to emotional feeling,
The love of God has been poured to our πŸ’“ hearts. Through the Holy
Ghost who was given to us. O I will breathe through the heat of my desire, The coldness, the warm, the senses, the air and happiness, the air let refreshed our memory . Speak to the moon, the 🌟 stars, half of your whole body, speak to the πŸ‘‚ earth, wind and πŸ”₯ fire, O
Sounds voices, then crown your πŸ’“ heart with joy pardon of suffer through sacrifice, then mystery coming your way happiness,
home sweet home, "Be it done unto me according to thy words".
I parked the car, it's hot, I am holding my ph. and write just a reminder update my love for you
and missing you so much Papa
😘 Kisses all over hmmmm
Take Care Moaaaah
Noel Gaskin
Noel Gaskin - 19 days ago

Dublininthe rare old times foster Allen.
donna br0wn
donna br0wn - 20 days ago
So real,it’s life with the kiss of love on the top no matter whatπŸ’•β€οΈπŸŒΉ
Frederick Pledge
Frederick Pledge - 22 days ago
simply superb.
Lucille Meisenhelder
Lucille Meisenhelder - Month ago
Nice voice.beautiful song, thanks
Keith O'Neil
Keith O'Neil - Month ago
Just love this song beautiful and there voices wow
Edith Evans
Edith Evans - Month ago
Love this beautiful song video was funny but she loves him any way true love thanks
John Percy
John Percy - Month ago
reminds me of my dad nobody loved my mum more than my dad both passed away in the last year and i miss them so much xx
John Percy
John Percy - Month ago
jean percy wrote the above comment xx
tom arblaster
tom arblaster - Month ago
This song is me and my wife's
Life story. Thank you tom.
Tina Beck
Tina Beck - Month ago
Good song
Rosemien Appollis
Rosemien Appollis - 2 months ago
When you are sweet sixteen
Ron Antonio
Ron Antonio - 4 months ago
Cute rendition! Nice going F&A.
vincent yapsh
vincent yapsh - 4 months ago
Francis Crosby
Francis Crosby - 5 months ago
You have a beautiful voice Sir.
Roger Jeffrey
Roger Jeffrey - 6 months ago
Love the song hate the video
fabio santos
fabio santos - 6 months ago
You're forever telling me in weak
when im criticised i never speak
i prefer to turn the other cheek
but i will love you all my life

I can never do things right by you
im the kind of man who muddles through
you can find mistakes in all i do
but i will love you all my life

Something foolish happens and you see
in the middle of it all there's me
seem's i cause you so much misery
but i will love you all my life

All my life,
all i own
everything is yours alone,
everyday my whole life through
i will sing loving you
Mary McLaren
Mary McLaren - 8 months ago
Just heart warming.
Xplicit Reaper
Xplicit Reaper - 10 months ago
Reminds me of my amazinf father... he still walks this earth and he is my everything xxcccc
Coral 4444
Coral 4444 - 2 months ago
when my firstborn adult son heard this recording l was playing for him for the first time, having not long discovered it, he broke down and cried. l was shocked and confused at my brave, strong, reserved, sons reaction and wondered who he was identifying with. l took a guess but he shook his head, and l realized later it was me. l lost my beloved and loving son, wonderful companion, and caring friend, aged 44, in 2010 one week after a tragic mishap, not of his making. l cannot explain how much l miss him, and of course l will love him all my life, and beyond, since he proved to me and his nephew aved 6 at the time, that he still existed beyond this life we know, and l thank him every day as l gaze at my favorite photo of him. lt is all that gives me any comfort. l cry everytime l hear this song as l recall his reaction to it, and think of all we mean to each other. Love never ends l know this now.
clive harris
clive harris - 10 months ago
Funny but very beautiful
James Crowley
James Crowley - 10 months ago
Sounds about right.
dg djh
dg djh - Year ago
Eileen Davey
Eileen Davey - Year ago
I like this song makes me laugh so cool the add is funny fab
Martin Mccarthy
Martin Mccarthy - Year ago
hi sinead Mccarthy I will love you all my life
Robert Farnell
Robert Farnell - Year ago
that's me
Eileen Davey
Eileen Davey - Year ago
This song is fab makes me laugh every time i look at it poor man he trys so hard ha i know i will love my late husband all my life
Keith O'Neil
Keith O'Neil - Year ago
Very beautiful song
My song to my lovely wife of nearly 50years will love her all my life.always have always will.
Dennis hALLIDAY - Year ago
This is without a doubt the best rendition of this beautiful song! And the bonus is it the Video is fantastic! It certainly reminds me of my Dad & Mam! Ha. ha
gremlinuk1968 - Year ago
was a kid , back then ,late 70s ?
Phyllis Ryan
Phyllis Ryan - Year ago
Lovely melody
Garry Clark
Garry Clark - Year ago
Used sit we my late nan listen to this brings thoughts of her back
kerry Robertson
kerry Robertson - 2 years ago
I love this song its a very sad song it was played at my granddad freanuler
Brian Lawrence
Brian Lawrence - 2 years ago
Just GREAT ..
Michelle Wilson1960
Michelle Wilson1960 - 2 years ago
my ex used to sing this to me when he was pissed
Derek ofive
Derek ofive - 9 months ago
Love it Michelle, absolutely love it girl!!!!x
Cynthia Miskin
Cynthia Miskin - 2 years ago
If only we still had singers like these again.
Judith Collie
Judith Collie - 2 months ago
I am looking forward to them coming to Toowoomba, Australia again, except my hubby has Parkinson's Disease and I don't know that we will get suitable bookings, shame, we both love them to bits
Samantha Brien
Samantha Brien - 2 years ago
Reminds of my dad rip
Robert Farnell
Robert Farnell - 2 years ago
Reminds me of my first Girlfriend
susan ann Radcliffe
susan ann Radcliffe - 2 years ago
I love this song brings old memories back of my hubby
Stephen Hough
Stephen Hough - 2 years ago
And then some . . . . xx
ICED BULL3T Gamez yt
ICED BULL3T Gamez yt - 2 years ago
brill love it x
steven davis
steven davis - 2 years ago
Hi mahal, I Will Love You All My Life
Martin McAfee
Martin McAfee - 3 years ago
Love Foster and Allen
Bernard Mccomb
Bernard Mccomb - 29 days ago
Hits of eightes by
Bernard Mccomb
Bernard Mccomb - 29 days ago
List of song foster allen
wendy chandler
wendy chandler - 2 years ago
Martin McAfee nn
Billy Mitchell
Billy Mitchell - 3 years ago
They are the best in the world
luap nigrub
luap nigrub - 3 years ago
Not just the singers ....Its the song.
Martin McAfee
Martin McAfee - 3 years ago
Lovely song. Great artists. Saw them live three times
Michele Wyatt
Michele Wyatt - 3 years ago
love this song and great video
wendy chandler
wendy chandler - 2 years ago
Michele Wyatt
Geoffrey Graham
Geoffrey Graham - 3 years ago
This is what happens when I try to be romantic.. . lol.. Well not all the time...
Riaan Van Deventer
Riaan Van Deventer - 3 years ago
If a woman was singing this song - this would be me. (Michelle)
Michael O'HARA
Michael O'HARA - 3 years ago
this is me clumsy as hell ha ha ha
Alton Seet
Alton Seet - 3 years ago
Kwanta Bokura.. I will sing this song for you.. I will always love you all my life..
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