Watch Google Unveil Its Video Game Service Stadia

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Clay, not Lego
Clay, not Lego - 20 hours ago
This actually looks really good
-Insert_Name- - 3 days ago
Now we are just waiting until Apple releases their own gaming console 😂
Caitlin Hernandez
Caitlin Hernandez - 5 days ago
i’m good playing ac odyssey on my xbox thanks :/
Stevethekid 119
Stevethekid 119 - 10 days ago
I would imagine there would good games like Xbox and ps4 has
TheRevengingGamer - 18 days ago
So this is like GeForce Now?
GUGAMING Roblox and fortnite and vlogs
So now can i play GTA V without asking
Kolypsa Disruptive Technology
Ive invented a game called "The Oregon Trail". It is gaming of the future. Lol
RandomGamesPvp //Randomizethis
That’s the worst rig
me: hold my beer
Greg Santana
Greg Santana - 22 days ago
RIP Microsoft and Sony. I saw this coming no box needed or what so ever. Just like how Netflix is streamed online etc
TTG PowerHydraYT
TTG PowerHydraYT - 23 days ago
You almost ripped off Nividia GeForce Now.
LittlePando Lover17
LittlePando Lover17 - 24 days ago
Huh that means all video game consoles company will go down ?
But i can play many games without internet oh wait......
LittlePando Lover17
LittlePando Lover17 - 24 days ago
But u play games its all just retro
My subscribers Suck Lol XD
Can’t wait to use wifi while playing single player games
IDGAF IDGAF - 25 days ago
Yall broke i play with sticls and rocks
Shandaman Pug
Shandaman Pug - 25 days ago
This suckz
ShotgunShellyTG - 25 days ago
Cloud gaming. Who would have thunk? /eyeroll
steve gill
steve gill - 26 days ago
So can I play halo
6 and every Sony exclusive in stadia (sht name) oh wait u can’t
Rafael De La Nuez
Rafael De La Nuez - 26 days ago
Did Google just kill the game console or is this another flop?
Mr Feast
Mr Feast - 27 days ago
Fix your shitty android system I've been having so many bugs with all my different Android phones since 3 years. Plus gamers by now should not believe stuff until it's reviewed by honest gamers
351oldskool - 27 days ago
Go retro stuff this junk!!
american dream
american dream - 27 days ago
So I don't need to buy any console after that. Thanks google for great idea.
Matthew Harris
Matthew Harris - 27 days ago
I think I'll stick with steam and ps4
GOD THE GAMER - 28 days ago
This just makes games not fun
Fantastic Arsal
Fantastic Arsal - 28 days ago
Finally i can play a game on my pc. My pc really sucks!
Teleostsauce - 28 days ago
I don't really get it so it's a free gaming service on cloud that would have great performance no matter the hardware and play any games u want on any platform provided that you have great internet so is that all or I got something wrong?
Keith James
Keith James - 28 days ago
I tried this with Nvidia streaming. I have a high speed internet, and the online gaming is not even close to having a console or PC. Multiplayer is missing, the game drops frame or buffer constantly, etc. I don't see ANY mention of multiplayer.. !
syndicator - 28 days ago
10,000 says it will fail..
Anas Azzaoui
Anas Azzaoui - 28 days ago
Omg of this is true just ommmgg
Michael Hovsomething
Michael Hovsomething - 28 days ago
It’s great until google decides to stop supporting the service. Then you lose everything you paid for to the cloud. I’ll stick to offline. Now you’ll excuse me, it’s time to play my 30 year old Super Nintendo.
Obea - 28 days ago
Did y’all see the input lag when he took his hand off the keyboard and Alexios kept running 😂😂
Ismail TAZI CHIBI - 28 days ago
BluuiiSnipes - 29 days ago
I don’t trust this it’s on a data centre so it’s easier to hack into
Tetra Ezio
Tetra Ezio - 29 days ago
Would Stadia kill off physical games in the future
Please comment below
Papabless Papabless
Papabless Papabless - 29 days ago
Yourcowmeat - 29 days ago
Pc is still better
Facundo Canteras
Facundo Canteras - 29 days ago
Irá pues
el fan de zeta xd
el fan de zeta xd - 29 days ago
*hugs his nintendo switch *
Fanaticalplel Warstarterarea
Tonio Garcia
Tonio Garcia - 29 days ago
What about disabled gamers I was born with severe left handed paralysis I can't use my left hand that much is very weak but I learn how to play video games with my right hand I use my index finger to move the analog I use my middle finger to hold the controller down and my ring and pinky finger are to press the buttons don't ask about the right left triggers it's complicated LOL no butt back to the point at hand I call myself no 1Handit Band it cuz I'm asking for people support I want to volunteer my skills for children at Shriners hospitals and I really want to help veterans that's sadly lost a limb serving their country and our back here most likely depressed because I used to play video games and now they probably can't and it's sad to say that in today's world with all the technology and all the money companies make from gaming I seen people who have taking time out of their own schedule to make one handed controllers but I haven't seen one gaming company take it serious I've seen people on YouTube with disabilities play video games with one hand I've even seen a guy play with the control upside down backwards he's the Jimi Hendrix of gaming as far as I'm concerned I would like people support so I can help are veterans that have come back from serving that have lost a limb and are depressed but still want to play video games and I want to help the children that are born with disabilities or have lost a limb in an accident and believe they can't play games I want to be that Light Of Hope and I want to show them that you don't need two hands to play video games I still remember the Christmas morning 1984 when I woke up and my brother what's playing Pac-Man my older brother Carlos all he kept saying was I'm going to teach you how to play it you don't need two hands my family my close friends I've always made me feel special but not in that way they never saw me with the disability they made me feel normal maybe that is what drove me to learn how to play video games with one hand and from Atari 2600 to ColecoVision to my first Super Mario Brothers on NES Mega Man Castlevania contra you guys get the gist all the way through God of War on PS2 I know God of War on PS4 I've managed just stay in the gaming Loop I can't lie and say that the N64 wasn't a challenge but I managed to learn and beat GoldenEye Mario 64 Conker's Bad Fur Day Super Mario Kart 64 I did it there's been days where I wanted to give up on life and if it wouldn't have been for video games especially home consoles so if you guys out there want to help me try to shape the future of gaming for the physically challenged can somebody please help me start a petition there's nothing else can make a kid or a returning veteran with a disability feel normal and included in today's gaming Society then the ability of playing video games like any other normal kid there's no need for lawsuits and Court proceedings I don't want to force gaming companies to have to do it I want somebody and the upper echelon on them gaming to see it in her heart to include us us the physically challenged in the world of Gaming so can somebody please help me help the ones that are too depressed and feel like their voice will not be heard maybe not one voice but they will hear the voice of many thanks a lot for reading this I would really appreciate it if you can help my voice and the voice how many others be heard
Billy Creations
Billy Creations - 29 days ago
_but can it play blu-ray_
GeometricGames - 29 days ago
Am I the only one that wants this to fail for some reason yet also wants to get it
XINick BlazerIX
XINick BlazerIX - 29 days ago
I have 140mbps and i want a gaming pc. should I do this stadia thingy majingy or nah? I dont want to because I already see how bad Ouya turn out, OUYA : TV TV TV TV
Boneless bananna
Boneless bananna - 29 days ago
Also make a console tho lol
GHOST KSA - 29 days ago
Good bye PS4 and Xbox 😂😍😍😍😍
Aaron K
Aaron K - 29 days ago
People with 10 thousand dollar gaming PCs are probably losing it right now
Muhammad nazhief arianda
Muhammad nazhief arianda - 29 days ago
Probably it will be in subscribe service or rent service... And we need super fast internet.
MrAhmes2001 - 29 days ago
Mike Gikas
Mike Gikas - 29 days ago
BUT...can it run minecraft?
Trevor Belmont
Trevor Belmont - 29 days ago
"Service" ugh
Hsbw - 29 days ago
الحمام عشق
الحمام عشق - Month ago
Jack Shorey
Jack Shorey - Month ago
Basically just a waste of money
ThirtyOne Fifty
ThirtyOne Fifty - Month ago
Major concern will the consumers have Internet fast enough to stream 1080p @ 60fps since comcast have such a monoply here in the states. If google could get their fiber in many and most major cities, the Stadia has a chance. until then if you cant play your youtube at 720p 60fps, dont dream about playing games at 1080 60fps
A Pointless Review
A Pointless Review - Month ago
Here comes the unoriginal SouljaBoy Comments.
Armando Rosales
Armando Rosales - Month ago
Thats amazing....
sahej sahota
sahej sahota - Month ago
It can play the dinosaur game at 60 fps.......LETS GET IT
9 year old epic gamer soldier
I can't tell if this will be amazing or absolute hot garbage
D Zero
D Zero - Month ago
Thanks but I’ll keep my Soulja console
fx Gamer
fx Gamer - Month ago
Ahh this is not for me. My country has horrible internet network and there will be too much lag because am sure there will not be servers in my country
Skimo - Month ago
Ok you get to play any games that you want but the game creators aren't getting paid anymore
Rainbow Ram
Rainbow Ram - Month ago
“Running directly from our data center”. Google has like the 2nd best internet first being nasa. So no matter hardware it’s all about internet connection
drfunk1986 - Month ago
does this also include buttsex?
Matic Kuri
Matic Kuri - Month ago
Like it or not that's the future. Same like you don't like electric powered cars now, but you will still probably own one in 20 years from now.
WTV - Month ago
so Stadia is not bout the joystick as the controller, right ?
ok ,.in fact they choose to sell joystick than Stadia's concept itself
Jay finest
Jay finest - Month ago
And the price of the controller is only 1million$
Jxudo - Month ago
Ew this is disgusting. Why tf would I want digital only? Plus where's my actual console. This is awful.
Daeshon Heard
Daeshon Heard - Month ago
Trash 🗑
1. Google gon be watching us like crazy
2. I’m pretty sure ads will destroy your screen
3. Why not get a PS4 or Xbox ?
The list mhmdcool10
The list mhmdcool10 - Month ago
Watch ur profanity
Watch ur profanity - Month ago
Not gonna buy this, i actually like to own my games.
Siham Dhagane
Siham Dhagane - Month ago
That Stadia controller looks like a switch controller :/
Henry K
Henry K - Month ago
Why did they have to put the Konami code on the bottom of the controller?
Master Debater
Master Debater - Month ago
This has the potential to completely disrupt the entire gaming market. Cloud gaming? Wtf
abdul alim khan
abdul alim khan - Month ago
I'm gonna have to decline your can make this happen.but please keep the old way too.i already miss buying a physical copy.i don't want to miss buying a digital copy too.
Let's not forget the ad and god knows the gaming community will sue your a$$.
Andre Vlasov
Andre Vlasov - Month ago
5G and technology following it) we are going to be pioneers in modern game play, cloud gaming.
LuLuBaby - Month ago
All i remeber is elizabeth holmes
Your Loyal Subscriber
Your Loyal Subscriber - Month ago
Man, Just like my new soulja controller
Max Dvl
Max Dvl - Month ago
3:16 is it a gta cheat code under the controller ?? 🤔
MC Intricacy
MC Intricacy - 29 days ago
Would appear so
Alexander Westerlund
Alexander Westerlund - Month ago
Oooo. Wonder if I could stream stadia on my switch! I then get all the goodies in the same place!
Sky1vn - Month ago
Oh wait I already have steam.
hello world
hello world - Month ago
Google + game = suck
Unknown Person
Unknown Person - Month ago
Can't wait to play No Connection Dinosaur Remastered on this console
chemicalsam - Month ago
How about you expand that Google Fiber first
Azzam M
Azzam M - Month ago
Yeah maybe when theres worldwide fibre optic speeds of wifi, then we can talk game stream. I enjoy being able to play games when when there is no wifi. Sticking to my ps4 and ps5 when its out 👋
cheech-a-roni _
cheech-a-roni _ - Month ago
why arent the buttons google colored? ps has the x o triangle square. why cant google have red yellow green blue 🧐
Excel Godsown
Excel Godsown - Month ago
How do you guys do this stuff?
Borderlands808 - Month ago
Our vision is simple. We want to spy on you all.
Jeff Antony
Jeff Antony - Month ago
can anyone get the link on top at 1:33
sadudin muhammad
sadudin muhammad - Month ago
What i hope :
- not a subscription monthly to use, just buy and ready to use as other console as long as you want
-option to use low quality graphic setting for slow internet user (maybe up to 10 Mbps)
Dee Marty
Dee Marty - Month ago
Hurrah! Designed by Google...Made in China!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
MADD Cat - Month ago
Like the 1st hololens im nervous about this ultimately it never came to fruition
Rolando Benavides
Rolando Benavides - Month ago
Holy SMOKESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?
This will be a flop
CBJFan9729 - Month ago
Does it have to be a google product to run on computers/phones, because if it does, then this thing is gonna flop hard
LAWLSUP - Month ago
As he says 1080p 60 frames I notice the guy was looking at the ground and still not pushing 40fps
Vivlex - Month ago
i’ll stick with my xbox one elite controller until you add paddles to the back
(edited because autocorrected paddles to panels)
Mo Mo
Mo Mo - Month ago
so basically youre streaming your game on any monitor
ayesure whynot
ayesure whynot - Month ago
Albeto 889
Albeto 889 - Month ago
Finally there’s is not going to be a fake video saying how to download a game that’s not on phones
worm city
worm city - Month ago
3:16 look guys they're gamers
lits 0_0
lits 0_0 - Month ago
Xbox controller plus ps4 controller = google controller
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