The Less Known Samsung Galaxy Phone...

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy - Month ago
This device is actually $366 on Amazon right now -
JJ Nation
JJ Nation - 9 hours ago
Check out the samsungs A80
JJ Nation
JJ Nation - 9 hours ago
Check out the A 80
island freek
island freek - Day ago
You should look at the samsung M40 also....
ABDOU SAAD - 9 days ago
A dont know why you didnt didn't heard about it . Here it's well known and pretty much expensive...
Paul Cherry
Paul Cherry - 10 days ago
Please help should I buy the a50 or a moto z4 both xame price right now plead help inbox therapy
mikusaki - 11 minutes ago
Its this or the s9+.
TheLoneWolf - 9 hours ago
Speed tests on Unbox Therapy
Lew: *swipes right-swipes left*
Wow that's fast 😂
Danidu Pathirana
Danidu Pathirana - 10 hours ago
Yo unbox the galaxy A80
Kristers D
Kristers D - 11 hours ago
I'm the only one with the younger sibling- a50
My only one
My only one - 12 hours ago
Please do the the A50
Barnebilius - 14 hours ago
My problem with these kind of videos is these guys are testing the phones on basically empty phones. I got the A70 yesterday after my note 8 motherboard got fried a few days ago. I transferred all my data which was a whopping 60gbs worth of data over. This phone cant handle this pressure. Going from one app to another takes forever compared to the note 8. The camera is sub par compared to the two year old note 8 and the touch screen is very finky and glitchy.
This is phone overall is really letting me down. I may have to go in and replace with the s10+ cause I'm really disappointed.
Reviewers need to change their models and test these phones better and give us consumers better understanding.
-Cloud- -Nine-
-Cloud- -Nine- - 21 hour ago
Try the A80 we have one here in the philippines which doesnt have a front cam....the back cam flips to become the front cam
aman Sbhatu
aman Sbhatu - 21 hour ago
My phone is beautiful
Jaiden Glass
Jaiden Glass - 23 hours ago
The Hole punch messes with my ocd
Jay Kiwi
Jay Kiwi - 23 hours ago
After years of using iphone I just purchased this phone and enjoying it so far
Kunal Thakur
Kunal Thakur - Day ago
Hey lew do the unboxing of samsung galaxy a80
will tony
will tony - Day ago
Truth to be told, I am watching this video on my a70 and it's fucking awesome. 😉
Xadvayr Viglnum
Xadvayr Viglnum - Day ago
A series
M series
S series
T series? *WHAT*
Carl Beckles
Carl Beckles - Day ago
Literally the ONLY tech channel on YouTube I fully trust!💯
Carl Beckles
Carl Beckles - 10 hours ago
@RJ What's his channel's name?
RJ - 12 hours ago
I trust Dave 2d
D3AD- DARCY - Day ago
oil slick
Valdas V
Valdas V - 2 days ago
That tiny notch kinda bummed me out
Gumpthestump Gamer
Gumpthestump Gamer - 2 days ago
You should do the Galaxy A20, and others in the series
CROnflaX - 2 days ago
Christian Park
Christian Park - 2 days ago
the s9 or A70. hard to decide which one is better
RAPLH Faldas
RAPLH Faldas - 21 hour ago
Nah A70 is better
dr jprince
dr jprince - 2 days ago
s9 is better
ItzYaBoyyRuben - 2 days ago
I switched from the iPhone 6s to the Samsung Galaxy A40 and I'm never going back
Thirdy Mendiola
Thirdy Mendiola - Day ago
It may be cheaper when it released, but its worse. It is newer which means it has a bigger screen to body ratio and other 2019 features, but not water resistance and stuff like that.
Daniel Mladenow
Daniel Mladenow - Day ago
Whats better on the a40 thats not in the iphone?
AwesomeToSeeYou - 2 days ago
Do a Samsung A80 review pls
yubusenre bulcoğ
yubusenre bulcoğ - 2 days ago
i have iphone 8 and that didn't feel like midrange
Arya - 2 days ago
Checkout the Samsung galaxy M40 and it has got a punch hole camera, and it's cheap.
Mark Lavarias
Mark Lavarias - 2 days ago
Sir. My Samsung a70 screen display automatically turn on without reason..this is a normal on this unit?
bilal shiekh
bilal shiekh - Day ago
there are plenty of options to wake the lock screen, go to settings and see which is turned on. One is that double tap will wake the screen, and one is that if you look at your phone it will enable the lock screen. It can be turned off from setting and lock screen
Gunjan Mukherjee
Gunjan Mukherjee - 2 days ago
It's got the "always on" option turned on. You can either turn it off from the drop down menu or you could do it by going to the settings
Finboi1213 - 2 days ago
PLEASE do samsung galaxy A80
Finboi1213 - 2 days ago
Cuz i just bought one
ᄒᄒPeta - 2 days ago
I actually recently bought the A30. It is actually so good for me. And it works very well
jose acuña carrera
jose acuña carrera - 3 days ago
Should i buy this or a second hand iphone 7?
authorhero hero
authorhero hero - 2 days ago
Buy a70... trust me.....
Ayodeji Derick
Ayodeji Derick - 3 days ago
I use the Samsung A50, which is part of this lineup. I am not looking for a flagship and because its Samsung, I prefer it to Huawei, Oppo and the other Chinese phones. It has a brilliant screen, good speakers and camera is good. These days, who really maxes out on the flagship snapdragon or exynos chipset anyways. Samsung has proven that it can compete in the midrange section, and it's not leaving it anytime soon.
Yoongi’s Tongue Technology
FatShady I’d definitely say it is worth the extra money for the a70
FatShady - Day ago
Im gonna buy the A50 this week but Im considering saving up and buying the A70 in a month, ia it worth it?
Yunan β
Yunan β - Day ago
They're marketing genius. In my country, people prefer practicality over prestige and will buy their devices to suit their wallet. And Samsung did that just right.
Liv Davi3s
Liv Davi3s - 3 days ago
I can’t wait to have a headphone jack again
DarthTeehee - 3 days ago
me: so what colors is this phone available in

Samsung phone producers: yes!
Heather Anstey
Heather Anstey - 3 days ago
Can anyone tell what’s better . Samsung A70 or 10e ??? It’s their 2 budget phones and I can’t find a video of anyone comparing them hands on .
bilal shiekh
bilal shiekh - Day ago
if you want more screen then the A70 is an easy pick
Bianca Aly D.
Bianca Aly D. - Day ago
im curious too. tell me which one will you prefer :)
Medyc - 3 days ago
I’ve got the 2018 version, sadly .-.
Jacky 12
Jacky 12 - 3 days ago
There is a7 and a9 and A8s in 2018 there is no A70 in 2018
niki zelenkov
niki zelenkov - 3 days ago
i had it for a month and the screen blacked out i can hear sounds and all but it you cant see anything
niki zelenkov
niki zelenkov - 3 days ago
It. Doesent have any cracks
Jacky 12
Jacky 12 - 3 days ago
Broken lol
Jacky 12
Jacky 12 - 3 days ago
It maybe got broke
mastablasta24 - 3 days ago
Amazon has this for $352 I think I'm coping
Justin Busto
Justin Busto - 3 days ago
I just want to thank Lew for posting this video, this led me to discovering the Samsung Galaxy A20 on Amazon which I had bought and currently is my daily driver and one of the best smartphones I've ever bought for under $200.00.
Panos Krs
Panos Krs - 3 days ago
I am thinking of buying this phone in october. Should i buy it what do you think ??
*ÆUT - 3 days ago
@Panos Krs i think so
Panos Krs
Panos Krs - 3 days ago
@*ÆUT so you think its worth it
*ÆUT - 3 days ago
Same im buying this, that thing is a monster
Levan Khosruashvili
Levan Khosruashvili - 4 days ago
Watching With My New A70😊
Levan Khosruashvili
Levan Khosruashvili - 2 days ago
@Mystical Get A70 It's Good Phone
Mystical - 2 days ago
I still use my S5 :D planning to get a S9, or should I get the A70?
Tr-vor Muskego
Tr-vor Muskego - 3 days ago
Getting paid next week and I can't wait to get one, I hope it's worth it because all I have rn is a $140 burner phone
Hassan Amin
Hassan Amin - 4 days ago
Should i exchange my A50 with a used note 8
Olivier Sebastian
Olivier Sebastian - 4 days ago
Well this phone is very popular in asia
PerspectivE - 4 days ago
I have the A70, I got it on a 2 year unlimited plan with Roger's.
canada gang
AaLkA - 3 days ago
Make sure you use it to the max before ditching it.
High Off Gun Powder
High Off Gun Powder - 3 days ago
Cheap ass
Arnab Mukherjee
Arnab Mukherjee - 4 days ago
You dont know anything about the are soo dumb... doesn't deserve this much subscriber
RAPLH Faldas
RAPLH Faldas - 21 hour ago
Youre dumb you piece of shit
Hugo Fica
Hugo Fica - 4 days ago
Here in Slovakia we have these phone´s in every store , I personaly use A7 from last year and it has triple camera setup
Wares Khan
Wares Khan - 4 days ago
Hey Lew you should see the new A80
THUNDER kid - 4 days ago
Yemisi D.
Yemisi D. - 4 days ago
My mom got an A70 like almost one month ago maybe it's because we live in Canada
E Cruz
E Cruz - 4 days ago
Unbox family need help. Just got the A70 and I love it but the problem I'm having is that I currently have Metro PCS as a provider and they do not support 4G LTE for the A70. Which provider supports the A70 for 4G LTE?
High Off Gun Powder
High Off Gun Powder - 3 days ago
B. A
B. A - 4 days ago
My Next phone will be this one
Grande Fever
Grande Fever - 4 days ago
The uk has the a series and j series
DarkRaven Raven
DarkRaven Raven - 4 days ago
Watching for my 📲 iphone xs max🙂
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