Dodgers win Game 7, 2nd straight NL pennant: 10/20/18

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Lazar Bum
Lazar Bum - Месяц назад
Lazar Bum
Lazar Bum - Месяц назад
J D - Месяц назад
Red Sox could possibly sweep this series ,the Dodgers have 15%chance of beating the Sox ,but I think it will be Boston taken crown 4-1. So 5 game series
1990Thunderbolt - 15 дней назад
you were so right! xD
SPARTANDUDE330 - Месяц назад
Go dodgers
Tali Da G
Tali Da G - Месяц назад
joseph williams
joseph williams - Месяц назад
Boston is going to beat this Evvil empire!!!! Yah Boston Red Sox, Booooo!!!!LA Dodgers!!!!!!!!
Maurice H Bank
Maurice H Bank - Месяц назад
Lot of togetherness on this team. Rarely, have I ever seen a closer bunch of guys!
Ray Nova
Ray Nova - Месяц назад
I freaking can't even sleep...thinking about the last 6 years and WS1988. LOS DOYERS! RAY, EAST LOS.
Maurice H Bank
Maurice H Bank - Месяц назад
For those of you who don’t like Joe Buck try listening to his call on Bellinger and Taylor and Steiner’s call on both. What a difference. Buck in a landslide. Steiner is without a doubt one of the worst announcers ever!
Tony Zhen
Tony Zhen - Месяц назад
Red sox are gonna win
BIGVIC.SouthLAnd.CA. - Месяц назад
Steve Coronado
Steve Coronado - Месяц назад
Haha wannabe tough guy face on mad, bruh?
Priscilla Magdaleno
Priscilla Magdaleno - Месяц назад
A fan since birth! Through thick and thin! Keep it going forward!!
Steve SCN
Steve SCN - Месяц назад
BESIDES EVERY SPORTS GUY EATING A SHIT SANDWICH FOR PICKING THE BREWERS!!!!I believe that two times. Murchado’s 0-2 BUNT made it 2-1. Then that AMAZING OVER THE SHOULDER catch by left fielder Chris Taylor!!!
Michael Bonyad
Michael Bonyad - Месяц назад
I was born on the day the last time the dodgers won the world series and they gave me the best birthday present on my 30th birthday on Saturday. Let's get it!
Kevin Malone
Kevin Malone - 26 дней назад
Michael Bonyad sorry to hear that Tragedy
B K - Месяц назад
Go Dodgers! I hate saying that as a Yankee fan but I hate Red Sox the most. I would even root for the Mets over the Red Sox.
who cares
who cares - Месяц назад
All the dodger haters make my day lol
Rob Ser
Rob Ser - Месяц назад
Repeat of when Rangers went to the World Series back to back only to lose both times. Dodgers are about to get smacked in the face by the Red Sox. Can’t wait.
Kirk Clark
Kirk Clark - Месяц назад
Dodgers will win it this time its thir turn go blue all the way
Mikesline - Месяц назад
Yeah Baby !! Four More Wins And Then it's Disneyland !!
kikeniko - Месяц назад
Manny made the right choice going to the dodgers over the brewers.
Zoey S
Zoey S - Месяц назад
Let's go Dodgers, will be cheering you on from Nebraska.
Ricardo Montes
Ricardo Montes - Месяц назад
Go year.
死亡疤痕 - Месяц назад
The team with the racist pitcher and the player who was caught using steroids lost. I'm very happy. 謝謝你 洛杉磯!!!
死亡疤痕 - Месяц назад
I was jumping for joy here in Asia.
The team from a city that loves baseball defeats the team with the racist pitcher and caught PED user from a city that cares more about American football (Yuck) than baseball.
Mike McKay
Mike McKay - Месяц назад
Thank you for cutting out a ton of the Joe buck commentary
pete ocean
pete ocean - Месяц назад
Darvish? World Series again please..
Andrew Mouser
Andrew Mouser - Месяц назад
Anyone else notice the man in orange in the bacround at 1:56
Kevin Paz
Kevin Paz - Месяц назад
So Boston in 4?
Leonard jeremy
Leonard jeremy - Месяц назад
Brewer's thought they had it
So did their fans
All happy and pounding their chests
Ha ha
Fucken losers
死亡疤痕 - Месяц назад
Everyine in Asia is glad the Dodgers win. Brewers fans cheer for a team with a racist pitcher and batter who was caught using PEDs. That city cares about American Football more than Baseball anyways. Fuck them
MrPewee32 - Месяц назад
Where’s gay stone? Lol
Vincent F
Vincent F - Месяц назад
Gonna be an exciting series...
May the best team win😅😅😅
ruru_ esco
ruru_ esco - Месяц назад
I'm just glad Matt Kemp's bck us to do it this year...... Let's go DODGERS..
Vincent F
Vincent F - Месяц назад
I don't see Cora winning it all in his first year as manager....
Cora way in over his head...
Roberts already has experience under his belt..
Go Dodgers
Emilio Salas
Emilio Salas - Месяц назад
gameplan for the braves(imo): make a statement game one, pressure starters. it was done and was an easy series
gameplan for the brewers (imo): beat their starters, work their relievers. wasn’t executed, long tough series we were lucky to hit jeffress and work the others. that series was too close, but a great one.
gameplan for boston (imo): Play game 5 baseball of the milwaukee series. keep the bats quiet. boston has the best outfield in baseball so all flying things will be caught. work out singles, long at bats, and do NOT miss any mistakes. boston is ready to slug so the staff must do their job and limit the power. it’ll be a slugging series. i’m excited, can’t wait!
A Simple Noob
A Simple Noob - Месяц назад
Alain Prchal
Alain Prchal - Месяц назад
Cubbies fan here, cheering for the other white and blue... go dodgers go!!!
Alittlebitnuts2day - Месяц назад
Can somebody please wake up the Boston Red Sox from their long vacation they've been on resting! They need to play the worn out Los Angeles Dodgers on Tuesday!
Nicholas Figueroa
Nicholas Figueroa - Месяц назад
Shoutout to The Marlins Man in the background.
jacob bogner
jacob bogner - Месяц назад
So happy Dodgers are back to WS! It certainly won't be easy against a great BoSox squad, but I remember 1988 all too well. It can be done, boys!
LunaticSphere - Месяц назад
Phillies fan cries watching this.
Corbin Anderson
Corbin Anderson - Месяц назад
Yelich is the only reason they even made it to the playoffs let alone NL Central champs. You cant have a one player team and expect to make it to the World Series. Maybe it worked for the regular season but once u start playing the best teams in the playoffs, not going to work like that.
Tony Rosales
Tony Rosales - Месяц назад
The Brewers earned my respect in this series and will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. I'm so happy that the Doyers are back to the WS. Let's go blue!!!!!!
Andrew Tucker
Andrew Tucker - Месяц назад
Red Sox vs Dodgers is going to be the ultimatum!
Aslam afsal8899
Aslam afsal8899 - Месяц назад
who watches baseball
OptimalCat - Месяц назад
MLB please for the love of God, can you get Joe Buck off the fucking mic, he’s an absolute joke.
Jacob Farkas
Jacob Farkas - Месяц назад
I got my hopes up for the Brewers but I shouldn't have. They haven't been to the world series in 36 years. They were never gonna win game 7. If there is a team that you can count on to disappoint fans over and over; its the brewers.
Kuruma Uzamaki
Kuruma Uzamaki - Месяц назад
Whoever chooses players for drug testing is stupid because there’s no way puig isn’t on drugs especially last World Series
Pix Burgh
Pix Burgh - Месяц назад
Looks like i’m not watching the world series this year
Eric Villarreal
Eric Villarreal - Месяц назад
Go dodgers
Eric Villarreal
Eric Villarreal - Месяц назад
Is that urias
GamerDaddy - Месяц назад
Let's go Dodgers!
Liam Murray
Liam Murray - Месяц назад
Go Dodgers from a huge jays fan!
Liam Murray
Liam Murray - Месяц назад
Tony Cortina
Tony Cortina - Месяц назад
Yankee Fan here.
Redsox Best Team in Baseball. Bring home the Trophy.
Rooting for the Sox. In 6
Take it to the Bank😎
Mando P
Mando P - Месяц назад
Joe buck liked Atlanta and Brewers,Joe buck is just a dodger hater! Now he jumping on Boston bandwagon.Lets go Dodgers!
Benson Tan
Benson Tan - Месяц назад
Probs to brewers for making it this far not many people though they would, hope the brewers get a better result next season
RANGER_VET GIBBY - Месяц назад
I knew Piug wouldn't let me down... Asere! Go Dodgers!
M-79 TBAL - Месяц назад
Go Dodgers. Welcome to Hotel California, Red Sox. Come to LA for good food, warm weather and many activities to see. Forget the freezing rain and snow for the next few months.
Welcome to California.
fatboymig1 - Месяц назад
GO BLUE!!!!!
Zach Kostoff
Zach Kostoff - Месяц назад
Oh great a world series where the worst fanbases in baseball are against each other
Jerry Ziemendorf
Jerry Ziemendorf - Месяц назад
Announcers made me sick baby Dodger team made me sick. Great roll models busting bats throwing candy dirty slides clipping players as they run by. Could it be you were getting your asses handed to you by a team with about 120 million less dollar payroll? Oh and a better overall record. Look here easy to win hard to lose your going to find out as the red Sox hand you poor sports your asses in 6 or less! Announcers HORRIBLE JOE BUCK A JOKE FOX SPORTS CLUELESS! Dodgers 24-7 even when they lost. Just shit announcing I cant believe it!
Jerry Ziemendorf
Jerry Ziemendorf - Месяц назад
Get ready Dodger fans another year you make it to the show and go home without that trophy! Red sox in 6 or less!
Emiliano Arteaga
Emiliano Arteaga - Месяц назад
4 more wins Dodgers
UthinkUknowme26 - Месяц назад
All the dodger haters who have been wrong and looked stupid all season ala , brewer, cubs, astros, giants, rockies, Yankees , Arizona fans lmao.Have fun praying for the dodgers to lose the WS! Hahahhahahah 😁😁😂
Charlie Chapman
Charlie Chapman - Месяц назад
The Marlins Man in the background lmao
William McFadden
William McFadden - Месяц назад
Congratulations to the LA Dodgers. They overcame obstacles and qualified for their second straight World Series. Congratulations also to the Brewers for a hard fought series. Christian Yelich made them into a complete team. They are going to continue to be a serious post-season contender in the NL going forward.
Jesse Rincon
Jesse Rincon - Месяц назад
Hahhahahahahha. Cubs fan here. What happen Brewers fans??? Go Boston Red Sox.
Ethan - Месяц назад
Cubs: 3
Cards: 11
Reds: 5
Pirates: 5
Brewers: zilch.
Looks like they still don't know how to win a world series huh?
Pornhub warrior
Pornhub warrior - Месяц назад
Nehemiah Howard 49 years with no ring is pretty sorry and I know this because I am a cubs fan 😂
Nehemiah Howard
Nehemiah Howard - Месяц назад
brewers have a much shorter history
Owen Boardman
Owen Boardman - Месяц назад
We can talk shit whether we have a ring or not. You can't stop us. Cubs fans talk shit about brewers all the time. And brewers fans are supposed to just sit back, let it happen, and groan about not having a ring. Nope!
Ethan - Месяц назад
+Owen Boardman still doesn't excuse them. They want to talk shit? Why don't they come back with an ACTUAL ring. And no. Next year the cards and cubs are gonna be healthy as hell. Cubs already gunning for harper and are probably keeping hamels and murphy with a new hitting coach in the off-season. The cardinals new manager has already been better than mike matheny and is gonna make them strong yet again. Also sure they've been in the league longer but look at this: Cubs: 2016 ws champs Cards: 2011 champs Reds: 1990 champs Pirates: 1979 champs. All the wins of the world series came after 1969 aka wen the brewers were established.
Owen Boardman
Owen Boardman - Месяц назад
This is really getting old and lame. Brewers did better than cubs didn't they. Just fell short. Also brewers are going to be a playoff team next year. So maybe we'll get a world series then. Also those teams have been in league longer!
CaptainJROD - Месяц назад
It was Stupid for Dave Roberts to put Kershaw in the 9th. I wanted to see the pitching matchup against Clayton Kershaw v Chris Sale
Munro McLaren
Munro McLaren - Месяц назад
Red Sox are going to sweep them.
bry rsx
bry rsx - Месяц назад
Kershaw needs to become a closer. Let the young gunz pitch at the start. LETS GO DODGER!! LETS GO FIGHT FOR OUR CROWN! TIRED OF THIS! LETS GET OUR THRONE.
bry rsx
bry rsx - Месяц назад
Too much ego in this ball park instead of better strategies.
Nehemiah Howard
Nehemiah Howard - Месяц назад
thats dumb
bry rsx
bry rsx - Месяц назад
Boognish Last time I remember, baseball is a team sport not an individual. Kershaw should used the energy to close the games at the end because we need fire power at the end of the game. Plus the young pitchers are doing great. No one is taking that away from kershaw that he is not one of the best pitchers in history. This is for all the marbles fuck the ego. We come here to win not be bums like u.
Boognish - Месяц назад
+bry rsx it's obvious you cheeseburger eating fatty. He's one of the best starters in the history of the game. Doesn't take a genius to know that.
bry rsx
bry rsx - Месяц назад
Boognish why is that? Explain yourself why I am an idiot since you so smart and obnoxious.
Chris Hernandez
Chris Hernandez - Месяц назад
F**k you Joe Buck. Peel me back!
How bout them Dodgers!!
Ashley A
Ashley A - Месяц назад
How about that catch by Taylor tho? Put fire n the whole team.. Let everyone know its GO time.. Great win
Kyle - Месяц назад
Thing is, is nobody has a clue how the world series is going to shake out. I'm just happy the dodgers, a team I have been a fan of and followed since 1974 is going to participate in it. Just to get there, and back to back for the matter, is tough enough. A 23 year old rookie on the bump throwing four quality innngs on the road in a game 7 for the pennant? That was nice to watch. Beyond all the hyperbole, though, it's all speculation. Go Dodgers. Win it for Vin and Tommy Lasagna.
Gregory Gibson
Gregory Gibson - Месяц назад
Kyle well said it would be great for vin and Tommy to see another world championship.
J. Ramirez
J. Ramirez - Месяц назад
Urias made a difference just getting that one out
Frederick Dorsey
Frederick Dorsey - Месяц назад
+Nehemiah Howard I was talking about Urias.
Nehemiah Howard
Nehemiah Howard - Месяц назад
+Frederick Dorsey what does his grandma have to do with making a catch?
Frederick Dorsey
Frederick Dorsey - Месяц назад
+Boognish His grandmother passed away Friday. Give the man a break.
Boognish - Месяц назад
Chris Taylor saved his ass
Alex Culkin
Alex Culkin - Месяц назад
Sorry brewers you came up short i wanted you to go to the world series but you did your best better luck next year brew crew⚾️😪
Jeremy Rivera
Jeremy Rivera - Месяц назад
Red sox in 5
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown - Месяц назад
As much as I hate to say this, I’m rooting for the Red Sox to win the World Series. I despise the red Sox but it hate that Puig and Machado. Classless douche bags. For the first time ever in my life I’ll say go Sox!
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown - Месяц назад
We’ll bud, your pathetic dodgers are 12 outs away from losing in 5, at home like I promised. Kershaw is pathetic and chokes AGAIN in the playoffs. I win buddy. 😂😂😂😂
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown - Месяц назад
0-1, go ker-choke
DODGE overcame losing Cor Seage for the entire seaso! Top 3 shortstop LOST for the entire seaso, not to mention losing Justi Turne TWICE, and top 5 elite pitchers TWICE to the disable lis, we were 10 games UNDER .500, 9 games out of first at one point, it was a tremendous struggle, so many potentially disheartening roadblocks thrown at us, and look what they over came! NL WEST CHAMPIONS, NLDS CHAMPIONS, NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS, AND WE'RE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!! Boston has home field advantage and having won 108 games will probably be heavy favorites, but if the DODGE PITCHING CONTINUES TO BE SO INCREDIBLE AND DOMINANT, WE WILL BE WORLD CHAMPIONS! THE MAGIC # IS 4!!!! GOOOOO DODGE!!!!
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown - Месяц назад
nathan j welcome home from Fenway down 0-2
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown - Месяц назад
nathan j just get ready to watch Boston celebrate in dodger stadium. Second year in a row the greatest choke artists in baseball will lose in LA. Get ready bud.
David Cee
David Cee - Месяц назад
Dodgers baby..fuck yea world series again guys
Publius Cornelius Scipio
Publius Cornelius Scipio - Месяц назад
Beat those Red Sox! Some think they can't lose. I hope Dodgers can prove them wrong.
Patrick Jimenez
Patrick Jimenez - Месяц назад
Think Blue
Eli N.
Eli N. - Месяц назад
I was there
AllenonStage - Месяц назад
Congratulations to Dodgers wins the NLCS and advances to the World Series 🎆
Four more wins 🏆
Awesome win 🏆
Homerun fireworks 🎇
Andre Toles
Andre Toles - Месяц назад
RIP National League
gabriel torres
gabriel torres - Месяц назад
LETS GO DODGERS!! Oh yes..but i gotta say, Buehler deserves to be on this highlight vid. Disppointed he isn't.
Luke Enno
Luke Enno - Месяц назад
Nothing better than to see the Brewers lose at anything. A loss for the Brewers is a win for the world. Sudanese rejoice! Mongolians rejoice! New Zealanders rejoice! The Brewers have lost. Heaven celebrates this loss!
鍾會Subaru - Месяц назад
BOS win WS MIL……😧
BOS 4-0 win WS!👍🔥⚾
Brainz Rooney
Brainz Rooney - Месяц назад
I hope la wins the world series over boston oh remember that patriots was suppose to beat the eagles y'all know what happened right
Sean Galvin
Sean Galvin - Месяц назад
yeah congrats sox won in 5
Patriots Defender
Patriots Defender - Месяц назад
Well we Won the World Series, so to bad for you.
Brainz Rooney
Brainz Rooney - Месяц назад
Mr. Rich true but they won by mistakes that were made
Mr. Rich
Mr. Rich - Месяц назад
+Brainz Rooney better coach and better quarterback I agree. But the Eagles defense was sick last year.
Brainz Rooney
Brainz Rooney - Месяц назад
Mr. Rich well not really for these factors patriots had the experience they were the defending champions the better coach and Tom Brady
Trw Wn
Trw Wn - Месяц назад
Congrats Dodgers on 2 straight NL titles...but lukewarm when looking at 2 straight WS losses. Red Sox beat badly the only other 100 win teams. LA is next and last stop for this mighty train in 2018.
Louie Gentile
Louie Gentile - Месяц назад
I told you Dodgers vs. Red Sox
KarateKID 142
KarateKID 142 - Месяц назад
Back to back world series match up for the dodgers
dan chill
dan chill - Месяц назад
I really thought the Brewers would begin strong but the homerun by Bellinger shut down the Brewers. My 2 favorites team in WS. It's going to be a great one! I would say Red Sox in 6.
xxmlgyoshi xx
xxmlgyoshi xx - Месяц назад
Now its time for haters guide for world series! Ps beat boston,la
Ramiro Gomez
Ramiro Gomez - Месяц назад
F the dodger
Obi1Kenobi - Месяц назад
Let's go DODGERS!!!!!
Mr King
Mr King - Месяц назад
Good job Dodgers
Juan Mora
Juan Mora - Месяц назад
Reggie miller your were wrong buddy
Odinsrage 14
Odinsrage 14 - Месяц назад
Dont think he cares its a game... Lol
Syn_HyperSonic 54
Syn_HyperSonic 54 - Месяц назад
I say this world series will go to 7 games and in game 7 Cody Bellinger will hit a Grandslam top 9 to win 4-3
Sean Galvin
Sean Galvin - Месяц назад
you were wrong lol sox won n 5
Isaiah Garrett
Isaiah Garrett - Месяц назад
The Red Sox are going to beat the dodgers big and I’m saying that as a dodgers fan
Go Dodgers
Go Dodgers - Месяц назад
Don't come back bandwagon
Andre Toles
Andre Toles - Месяц назад
Isaiah Garrett anything can happen Boston's bullpen is shaky though
Lithuania Mania
Lithuania Mania - Месяц назад
I'd root for the 62 Mets before I'd EVER root for L.A. !!!!!!!!!! West Coast Wieners!
Lithuania Mania Jealous much!?!?!?
Xavier••• - Месяц назад
The dodgers bullpen will ball out in the WS mark my words
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