We Mixed Every Cookie Mix Together

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GDUDEify - 4 days ago
She caught my heart cookies
Tdabomb - 5 days ago
I’m just tryna figure out why she didn’t just mix the powders together 🤦🏾‍♀️
ella ollenburg
ella ollenburg - 7 days ago
anyone else hate how she talks
Salma Gheni
Salma Gheni - 9 days ago
You still safiyas idea and then you name the cookie the same name as her lipstick be a little original. I guess buzz feed can't come up with ideas better then safiyas. First lady like and now this get new employees that are original
Bri S
Bri S - 10 days ago
Y’all really couldn’t make them from scratch..... if y’all need someone who actually knows how to bake hit me up
Samantha Yu
Samantha Yu - 11 days ago
franken sound familiar to me.
Jenni Park
Jenni Park - 12 days ago
They could have just scaled up the recipe
Idc - 12 days ago
Betty Crocker 🤢
Izzy Kaim
Izzy Kaim - 13 days ago
i liked this vid it was rlly chill
Madehhhlawn - 13 days ago
everyone’s saying: ThiS iSnT jUsT A SaF ThiNg
she literally came up with the concept
E.SHI - 13 days ago
Why she didn't just mixed all the flour in 1 bowl?
Kulinarny Freestyle
Kulinarny Freestyle - 13 days ago
Nice video :D :D :D
Honeedrops Superkid
Honeedrops Superkid - 13 days ago
Likes for Nigerian friend Ade
lisa xoxo
lisa xoxo - 14 days ago
Inga : *(doing cute voice)*
People : *(are this bij for real?)*
Taezy On Earth
Taezy On Earth - 14 days ago
She put the tray in slanted i-
Itz Me
Itz Me - 14 days ago
The Weird Kid
The Weird Kid - 14 days ago
You should mix all the cake mixes together 🙃
Alyssa Folmer
Alyssa Folmer - 15 days ago
Chef: what cookie do you want?

cloudythoughts - 15 days ago
whilst I understand why you all think that BuzzFeed copied saf but however, it was not just saf who came up with this idea. it's a trend, giving anyone the right to do whatever with the "trend" and although saf did make it popular, saf does not own the franken(insert) she even said that she got the idea from joey graceffa k thanks bye
cloudythoughts - 15 days ago
inga in thumbnail? **clicks**
Mary Boing
Mary Boing - 15 days ago
Ok but she is so cute
Xenia Chan
Xenia Chan - 16 days ago
YEs flavor cookies!
Sheila Tiamzon
Sheila Tiamzon - 16 days ago
Her: Frankencookie
pswiftedits - 16 days ago
hey what flavor do you want?
Jihoo Lee
Jihoo Lee - 16 days ago
Is it a cinnamon cookie because all i see is the cinnamon color from that cookie
Neko Channie
Neko Channie - 16 days ago
2:29 when she fixed her hair only to let it fall on her face again, I resonate with that
Brianna Brianna
Brianna Brianna - 16 days ago
That looks like Rosanna pansino’s oñd kitchen lol
Kasey G
Kasey G - 16 days ago
Mix every kind of cake together
Eliy M-Brown
Eliy M-Brown - 17 days ago
it's banana plays
it's banana plays - 17 days ago
Ooo I have a idea what if you mix every single cake mix together .-.
Silence Guy
Silence Guy - 17 days ago
*Silnce Guy Liked The Video Because It’s Has Cookies In It*
slozor - 17 days ago
_I always wondered._
Otaku Queen
Otaku Queen - 17 days ago
Fun fact: you can use water instead of egg
Clang J
Clang J - 17 days ago
I really love this girl
Kalene - 17 days ago
I feel like what would have been a great idea was getting like an ice cream scoop and put the different flayers on top of each other and bake... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Nina Kepler
Nina Kepler - 18 days ago
The big cookie should be called a frankencookie
SoulFood And Renee
SoulFood And Renee - 18 days ago
Faith and foodies. Please watch and subscribe to my YouTube channel! Awesome guests and delicious recipes!!
Ace Cerclif
Ace Cerclif - 18 days ago
The Batter witch is pleased
iV Josh
iV Josh - 18 days ago
Bro he’s chuffed he said a meme
Tanya Reinbold
Tanya Reinbold - 18 days ago
She looks like Eugene from the try guys
H. NGUYEN - 18 days ago
Cute girl !
Gil -
Gil - - 18 days ago
*mixes 9 bowls of different shades of brown dough together*
“Oh it actually is a brown colour...”
what did you expect it to turn pink? 🤨
Hayden Reamer
Hayden Reamer - 14 days ago
Lmao fr tho
Rachel G
Rachel G - 18 days ago
Cookie cake! like maybe put a bunch of cookie dough in a cake pan and see what happens btw I love this channel and I know that this probably won’t get this shouted out but if it does thank you so much.
Nobody Important :]
Nobody Important :] - 18 days ago
*maybe add all pizza toppings on one pizza?¿*
Internet troll
Internet troll - 18 days ago
you guys forgot RED VELVET
jamless bangtan
jamless bangtan - 18 days ago
i love her hoodie
Langston Riding
Langston Riding - 18 days ago
Red velvet
Yingqun Chen
Yingqun Chen - 18 days ago
**cookie monster has entered the chat**
•ɾɑsթҍҽɾɾվ• - 18 days ago
Amber - 19 days ago
can I just say I love Inga?

It doesn't matter if they copied or not, she's the best.

(it's an *opinon,* if you have other thoughts I respect that but this is what I think)
Lily Brennan
Lily Brennan - 19 days ago
-safiya nygaard’s- buzzfeed’s idea
Rhiannon Kunesh
Rhiannon Kunesh - 19 days ago
I feel like 9 mixes isn't all of the kinds she could find...
Kokonut Palm
Kokonut Palm - 19 days ago
Shouldn’t this be on Tasty?
heilish - 19 days ago
*i'm wearing headphones, and i literally jumped because of the intro.*
Tara Weston-Webb
Tara Weston-Webb - 19 days ago
Her poor little arms... surely buzzfeed could spring for an electric hand beater?
Jaz Caliolio
Jaz Caliolio - 19 days ago
2: 18 lol
Eileen Fox
Eileen Fox - 19 days ago
You put tray in oven on not the same levels.. one higher than other side lol
Momo - 20 days ago
She kinda reminds me of Temmie from undertale
Faith Perkins
Faith Perkins - 20 days ago
Joey constantly makes videos where me mixes everything of some food or drink together
QueenC MSP
QueenC MSP - 20 days ago
3:06 The way she says "Franken-Cookie" makes me feel like she watched Safiya Nygaard's video then (Not copied) that was who she got the idea off of
poprocks idk
poprocks idk - 20 days ago
oof they forgot macadamia nut cookies
Sakia's Channel
Sakia's Channel - 20 days ago
umm helloooo red velvet!!!
sackboydrake - 20 days ago
Look out for the barrage of comments regarding "stealing" from a generation of shortsighted dimwits.
Joeys Mood
Joeys Mood - 20 days ago
My immediate thought was wouldn’t different cookie dough take different times to cook and wouldn’t part be raw part be cooked part be kinda cooked but... idk 🤷‍♂️
ZNoive - 20 days ago
I’m irritated by her lip syncing problems
Livia Ferguson
Livia Ferguson - 20 days ago
Frankencookie, seriously
Rafa's World
Rafa's World - 20 days ago
If i owned this id say differnet flavors
new message
new message - 20 days ago
can you guys slow down on the background music please it's hurting me.
CRAZY Me! - 20 days ago
U didn’t do all of the cookies
U didn’t do this one
( = . =)
>. > 🍪
Connor should Know who Cole Sprouse is
More evidence of them copying safiya nygard she said Franken cookie
The Show that Nobody likes
Safiya with her Frankenstein Makeup now


Jazzie Red
Jazzie Red - 21 day ago
Why didn't you use an electric mixer?
Erica Ramos Soares
Erica Ramos Soares - 21 day ago
Next up "We mixed every cake mix together"
Miss DramaLlama
Miss DramaLlama - 21 day ago
nobody’s probably reading this but here is a cool fact..
Frankenstein is not the monster Frankenstein is the person who created the monster
The monster is simply called ‘The Monster’ 🧟‍♂️
I am a squid
I am a squid - 21 day ago
Storytime, each year around Christmas, me and like 20 other people(mostly friends) use those cookie packets to cookie to sell the next day. We put 2 packets per bowl, and we end up with almost 1000 cookies. These arnt small cookies either, we use icecream scoops to measure out how much dough goes into each cookie. They are huge
thatautumngirl _
thatautumngirl _ - 21 day ago
I hope they didn’t just throw out the rest of all that cookie dough!
harrison rausch
harrison rausch - 21 day ago
The video epitmizes the fall of BuzzFeed in the last 3 years
keya Bhatnagar
keya Bhatnagar - 21 day ago
Omg lol 6:39
Abby Prater
Abby Prater - 21 day ago
Joey Graceffa and wengie made a vid on this not to long ago (sorry for any bad spelling lol) also ........safiya We all know what I’m talking about
Carson Lynn
Carson Lynn - 22 days ago
Morgan Warren
Morgan Warren - 22 days ago
I feel like I would be the one to steal and eat the leftover cookie dough and then get sick 😂
Sunny Sunflower Girls
Sunny Sunflower Girls - 22 days ago
Dont eat raw batter "I remember something saying u will have a mini Coachella in ur body cuz the egg is not cooked or something "

-John cena
Eloise Grey
Eloise Grey - 22 days ago
They even called it a *FRANKENCOOKIE*
 OMFG. Copyright. Never heard of her?
Jayla Mae
Jayla Mae - 22 days ago
Someone: what cookie flavor do you want????

Me: Yes👅
Kylie Crawford
Kylie Crawford - 22 days ago
White macadamia????
meanie ph
meanie ph - 22 days ago
the fact that you can just use a mixer
phoenix cat
phoenix cat - 22 days ago
Inga is soooo adorbs 😍😘 can I adopt her pls???
Tamari Kuzi
Tamari Kuzi - 22 days ago
"franken cookie" triggers me .don't make it clearer that u copy safia
Trap Daddy
Trap Daddy - 22 days ago
lmao I'm a saf fan and just because she used the word franken doesn't mean they copied her
??? - 18 days ago
Zena • she didnt invent mixing things together either! Holy crap. She just made vids of it that got popular.
Zena •
Zena • - 18 days ago
+??? that she made and it's not a trend like three other people did it and no one creditted her
??? - 18 days ago
Zena • mixing stuff isnt her thing either. Its a goddamn youtube trend
Zena •
Zena • - 18 days ago
she's literally mixing stuff together to get one franken thing like bruh franken isn't saf's thing fine but mixing stuff if her thing
??? - 19 days ago
Veronique Van De Kar FRANKENSTEIN IS A MAJOR WORK OF ART. She didnt make up the word, she wasnt the first to mix things jfc
Azz XOXO - 22 days ago

Shereen Yousif
Shereen Yousif - 22 days ago
Wtf buzzfeed
Gianna Bona
Gianna Bona - 22 days ago
She said "Franken Cookie"
.... Safiya has left the chat
Ashley Hendrix
Ashley Hendrix - 23 days ago
I know ya didn’t look hard enough if you only got like 10 types of cookies
XxShadow_WhisperxX - 23 days ago
Kinda ASMR
Kinda ASMR - 23 days ago
omfg the tray is tiltedddddd
Kinda ASMR
Kinda ASMR - 23 days ago
lol ‘franken-cookie’ safiya nygaard much?!?😂😂
Ricky - 23 days ago
If you have a k pop photo as your profile your opinion doesn’t matter
Bercin Y
Bercin Y - 23 days ago
which cookie do you want?
him: *yes*
Orlando Gonzalez
Orlando Gonzalez - 23 days ago
Can I take a bite off of him 😋
Andrea Gallego
Andrea Gallego - 23 days ago
“Frankencookie” hmmmm where have I heard that before 🤔🤔🤔
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