Black Conservatives Debate Black Liberals on American Politics (Extended Version)

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VICE - Month ago
By popular demand, here's an extended version of the roundtable discussion we hosted between black conservatives and liberals. Check out some handy time codes of what was discussed below:
0:57 - What first comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump?
1:59 - "Drain the swap" and capitalism
3:28 - Who here voted for Donald Trump?
4:54 - What is your impression when you see a black person wearing a MAGA hat?
5:51 - Black conservatives talk about how they're treated in the black community
9:17 - Who here voted for Obama?
11:06 - Who was disappointed by Obama's presidency?
15:34 - Issues with the Trump presidency
16:28 - Why vote for Donald Trump?
19:55 - Disagreements on systems of oppression - welfare, taxes, etc
23:29 - Policies that Republicans and Democrats disagree on that help and hinder the black community
26:09 - Black wealth and reparations
29:24 - Black voters being synonymous with the Democratic party
32:26 - Student loans and college
35:22 - Should the black vote be courted?
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IProPenguin - Day ago
+packerpf how old are you? a little young to be on the internet.
Jonathan Oliver
Jonathan Oliver - 3 days ago
+Rey D0rado this country was not built only on Native American genocide and gentrification, but also on the enslavement, murder, imprisonment and FREE labor from the "Africans" brought over here. Crazy thing is, the real native Americans are related to the "Africans" that were brought over to this side of the world for the purpose of enslavement. Different tribe....
Rey D0rado
Rey D0rado - 3 days ago
+Jonathan Oliver I could've swore the country was built on native american gentrification and genocide but okay if you say so.
Dep the Lorable
Dep the Lorable - 28 minutes ago
Since when is it a right to join the military?
oliver closehoff
oliver closehoff - 45 minutes ago
those dumb racist fat fucks sitting there if u were to ask them what capitalism is theyd not be able to tell you yet are trying tot talk politics here? lmaooooooooooooooo
Sam Miller
Sam Miller - Hour ago
“Why do they...” tribe mentality. Bad bad bad.
warrenc50 - 2 hours ago
Guy in the back beside the gay guy sounds like Obama lol
Robert James
Robert James - 2 hours ago
It's good to know that black people need 200 years to learn how to read. I never knew that. lol
He Black
He Black - 2 hours ago
Black #4 (top right) acts and talks just like a woman. His father wasn’t in his life...guaranteed. He also holds resentment towards his mother.
Write the check and cash it.
Eliza S
Eliza S - 2 hours ago
The girl in the middle bottom row was mad disrespectful and needed to stop talking over people
Chris O'Dell
Chris O'Dell - 3 hours ago
One thing I see in this and it very much is echoed throughout the country is not understanding what the role of government is. The role of government is not to take care of people or to cater to one group or another, but I hear people complain about the government took away this or that program that helps certain people or the government isn't helping me with my student loans. I think America on both sides needs to get back to basics because alot of our disagreement is because we don't have a solid understanding of government's job.
mike kiely
mike kiely - 3 hours ago
Clinton was a Dewey Backer one of Americas truly despicable racists and a good old boy in the white sheet sense of the word, Clinton also is Americas number one drug dealer of both cartel and her Foundations latest venture into Medicinal Marijuana she might as well she practically controls the flow into the USA already of most drugs.
The number one reason she wanted to run for president was so she could bury her past and profit from big pharma buying her companies drugs and grow labs.
The Clintons are pretty much the worst globalist's to ever slink into the Whitehouse and steal from the public trust, the laugh is it is entirely documented and public record.
the fact she took pains to depose trump it is time to kick open her door and charge her with sedition and everyone involved needs to stand in front of a military tribunal jag to all.
He Black
He Black - 3 hours ago
Look at the blacks
Mr Gib
Mr Gib - 3 hours ago
24:50 politics is finally brought up. The rest is white bashing and trump bashing and everyone talking at the same time. SMH - Next time ask the right questions if you want a discussion on Politics.
Politics refers to a set of activities associated with the governance of a country, or an area. It involves making decisions that apply to members of a group.
Bulvine420 - 4 hours ago
The gay community only wanted the right to get married now that power has turned into the LGBTQ community and they want everyone to pay for their aides medication. On the complete ignorance that the rich make poor people more poor make no sense at all the poor have no money for them to take. If you are born rich you do have an advantage but the great thing about America is if you make a plan and work hard you can pull yourself out making excuses only sets you back.
joewayne - 4 hours ago
There’s no country in the world black people do better than the USA liberal lies are finally falling apart
Can I get 100 subscribers with no videos?
Dude in the top left smart, speaks well, and good lookin'.
Edit: Shook he gay
L U C I F E R - 5 hours ago
If you notice, all of the conservatives are mostly calm and collected while the liberals are giving all kind of reactions 😂😂
Black Rabbit
Black Rabbit - 5 hours ago
I think putting yourself in a box of Democrat or Republican / liberal or conservative is ludicrous
Juan Romero
Juan Romero - 6 hours ago
Smart people all the way but It felt like they were auditioning for the "Real World/ Big Brother"
The man on the bottom left sounded the most genuine of them all. So dad they didnt let him speak. They should have taken turn or have someone guiding them.
What kind of answer is " ughhhh"
T Ghee
T Ghee - 6 hours ago
an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.
"an era of free-market capitalism"
synonyms: private enterprise, free enterprise, private ownership, privatized industries, the free market, individualism; laissez-faire
rocknroller167 - 6 hours ago
T Ghee
T Ghee - 7 hours ago
and the real problem with negros is they don't let people put a period on there sentence. just look at the behavior of the trump supporters.
T Ghee
T Ghee - 7 hours ago
This sistah said she free and a christian lol. LISTEN !!! you are not free unless we all are free.! and i wish blk females like you would read more about your people. and really read laws. it is unfair to call her names, when you can hear the ignorance. and if the white man had to teach you that then your family failed you.
Ash Scott
Ash Scott - 7 hours ago
The conservatives are more confident, holding up more of the conversation. Compared to the liberals.
Dunald Turnip
Dunald Turnip - 7 hours ago
Vice, where are the people who identify as black hmmm?!
You cis-race bigots
Dunald Turnip
Dunald Turnip - 7 hours ago
I'm also gonna say this, Minorities in America are not oppressed change my mind
immakillallama 2.0
immakillallama 2.0 - 8 hours ago
Jeez it's like poking a bear with a stick
Donna Knudson
Donna Knudson - 8 hours ago
The reason more white people are on welfare is because blacks are only 17% of the population. The way to figure it out is to use percentages. In other what percentage of whites vs what percentage of blacks are on welfare?
Another thing I want to say is that before blacks were on welfare a lot of them were doing really well. They educated them selves and each other and had their own businesses. The percentage of children born out of wedlock were lower than that of whites. Then that president came (I can't remember which one) and made welfare but only allowed it if there were no men in the home. This ruined the family. They became poorer and poorer and more and more helpless. That president t actually said of the Demecratic party, "We'll have the ni---ers voting for us for the next 200 years. My point is that if the Democratic party had not interfered, I think things would have continued to get better and better for them even though there was more racism then than there is now.
Also, why when a black person starts doing better for him or her self, they are called an Uncle Tom, or a wannabe white person? But then those same people say they can't make a good life because of white people? They are contradicting themselves. It seems like some feel they want to remain victims, and they want to push others down with them.
james matteuzzi
james matteuzzi - 8 hours ago
It's a great example of how brainwashed the left is by the MSM. Trump's rhetoric about black people? If they actually listened to Trump and what he says, they'd see the lies MSM spins
Rodney Dickerson
Rodney Dickerson - 9 hours ago
This video is evidence social media is devastating device
Infinite Holographic Multiverse
I voted for bernie sanders in the primaries too, now im a moderate again..too.
Craig Baumann
Craig Baumann - 9 hours ago
These conservatives showed these liberals up! They had real things and facts to back things up! The liberals only could say what about the white people
Once Upon A December
Once Upon A December - 9 hours ago
The only contribution Blactina made was squealing and getting offended. The rest were interesting and great contributors
berto - 9 hours ago
12:29 A white imperialist nation? This guy can go fuck himself. How the Hell is America an imperialist nation? What country has America conquered and said "Your land is ours now, we rule over you". How the Hell is America even a white nation? The US is by far one of least homogenist countries on the planet. Pull your head out of your ass.
mrbill806 - 9 hours ago
Yeah I’m not about to take my information from a media that’s been known to get facts wrong and be biased. Even if this video isn’t biased they have a huge record and this is probably just for more views on their fake news in the future.
berto - 9 hours ago
"Extended Version", aka, "A lot of people are saying we edit too much, so lets add a touch more." Enjoy your decline Vice
RainMirron - 9 hours ago
Jesus Christ is a liberal pacifist who spoke ill of the rich and helped the poor. Conservatives try to cut funding for the poor and give tax cuts to the rich. Being a conservative Christian is an oxymoron.
Grunge Brunch
Grunge Brunch - 9 hours ago
If you do something like this with Latinos I dare you to bring me on board so I can surprise you with my views as a former illegal immigrant...
thustang - 10 hours ago
thats what im talking about, thats epic.
i literally got goosebumps
Laura Colon
Laura Colon - 10 hours ago
Conservatives really base their thoughts on researched facts...has nothing to do with being associated to any others...morals standards are high and integrity is earned with the respect for themselves and others...not like the self serving government that we have witnessed for generations now!!!
Laura Colon
Laura Colon - 10 hours ago
Show me proof that a Conservative person hating on black folks...
Laura Colon
Laura Colon - 10 hours ago
Wait I am a political person but I never looked up to many in our government at all...I can think of 4 people right now President Trump, James Carville and his wife and Trey Gowdy!!!
Retarded Fish
Retarded Fish - 10 hours ago
My biggest fear in the world is going to a debate and providing absolutely nothing to the discussion except attitude... Good job to the blonde girl for having such courage to face my biggest fear.
Ryan Butler
Ryan Butler - 11 hours ago
This group was hand picked, not randomly selected. There just happens to be a gay liberal and a gay conservative in the group? Riiiggghhhttt.
Mike Gray
Mike Gray - 12 hours ago
Hell no I'm free , It ain't got nothing to do with me , just cause you think you not free , don't mean I'm not sorry not sorry
Blackgirldiary - 12 hours ago
As a South African, I thoroughly enjoyed it and agree alot with conservatives. It was good to see liberals use their words instead of violence to push their agenda.
Ajiah Ci
Ajiah Ci - 13 hours ago
This title is so racist within itself. How about conservatives debate liberals instead???
Western division always!!!
ty shu
ty shu - 13 hours ago
The sister with the braids is fine
Kevin Bonin
Kevin Bonin - 13 hours ago
The ego of the left is seen in great perspective here.
Shaquille Edwards
Shaquille Edwards - 13 hours ago
If you are into politics, especially recently to trump and Obama.
Watch this video.
Might not change who you vote for,which party you vote for ect but it'll help you understand why not every black and white voter is going to vote the same...
Sounds stupid to say BUT with politics everything sounds stupid until you understand it..
carlos ray
carlos ray - 16 hours ago
Loud interrupting uncivilised ......what a suprise
Cardboard - 17 hours ago
Forgot the girl in white was there 90 percent of the time.
mizz maria
mizz maria - 18 hours ago
Dear VICE: Please...I beg of a Black Conservatives Debate White Liberals video. THAT would be something to watch.
Retarded Fish
Retarded Fish - 10 hours ago
The liberals would be scared of debating out of fear of being called racist
Jason the Power Ranger
Jason the Power Ranger - 18 hours ago
The host was chill and unbiased 👍👍👍👍
Fat Jesus and The Zodiac Killer
Dear blacks, Britain enslaved not Americans. Quit crying for the white man to take care of you. Slavery is over!
C Dub
C Dub - 20 hours ago
Here's what I think. Democrats will NEVER watch fox or any conservative media outlet. Remember that. Now look at North Korea for example. Their government carefully chooses what to put on their news outlets, just like CNN or MSNBC. You see where I'm going? They don't get an outside opinion but do get a very filtered, biased opinion based on what afformentioned news sources want them to know. They will never hear what the media doesn't want them to. There's a definition for this. It's called "propaganda", and it's very dangerous. I don't believe any news source should filter anything at all. I don't know any outlet that does this. Every source has bias and filters out important details. This is what's wrong with our country at the moment. People are so closed minded towards other opinions. If they'd open their minds, they would see the whole story and could formulate their own opinion based on all the facts, not just "what the TV said".
I should have said "most Democrats will never watch fox..."
Nelson King
Nelson King - 20 hours ago
The difference in general, between black immigrants from Africa and the natively born black populous is that a lot of us immigrants from Africa come from much worse conditions and when we get here we do not whine, we do not complain, we work our butts off and that's why our median income is so damn high. I'm a former senior software engineer at silicon valley in one of the top 3 biggest tech companies. Black people in the USA need to stop making excuses.
deb1920 - 21 hour ago
The only one coming with facts was George. And the fact that the one woman thinks a man that says "two Corinthians" has been inside of anyone's church is ridiculous. Not saying she should have voted for Clinton, but if you're going to erroneously use the religion card, do your research and discover that Clinton has consistently been a devout Methodist for years. But, I don't think religion should mix with politics, so there's that.
Summer Time
Summer Time - 22 hours ago
The woman who claimed Trump was Anti-Black has never really watched Trump's speeches, never followed his policies, his executive order signings, which are like the president approving a project in the business world, it kicks off a work effort and it's on his Radar. It's too bad too since Trump has done so much for the country, race agnostic. I just wonder if the black liberals attending the MAGA rally, and tuned into him and his messaging, wouldn't they appreciate his fighting for us, for all Americans?
cece crider
cece crider - 22 hours ago
First off, talking one at a time would REALLY help.
sate biggund
sate biggund - 22 hours ago
Can I just speak on this dumb fkn broad in the middle. I mean she truly feels like an honest woman now that she's all squared off with God and Trump has helped her legitimize her little business. If it walks like a criminal, talks like a criminal, has a criminal background... guess what? It's a criminal! She'll surely be back in jail, and the sheep's skin she's wearing won't be as easy to pull off the second time over. Not the third or fourth time either.
Por Tee
Por Tee - 22 hours ago
Dude on the top right knows damn well the smackhead HIV trannies he tests wouldn't do a damn thing but lay around all day and do heroin with their dicks out if enabled to do so.
I'm also surprised girl on the bottom right, when she finally spoke up, she complained about the USA's welfare program, when her own (very smart) mother dragged her here from her shithole country, The Congo, and used that very same welfare this ingrate is complaining about to raise her and her two siblings. Literally white people raised her entire family, and she has the gall to fucking lie on them and complain about it. 1st generation on welfare. What a world.
YeahThatsRight - 22 hours ago
32:40 8 years of Obama and people dont have booth straps yet you still think those policies are the best?
Trump has been getting Booths to a lot of people (employment) yet gets 0 recognition for it from the Liberals?
YeahThatsRight - 22 hours ago
Never talk about the Asian Community? The Richest "race" in America?
Blonde girl would not have listened AT ALL if the Conservatives had been White, now they were Black and she couldnt just dismiss them because of Pigmentation!!
sate biggund
sate biggund - 23 hours ago
Just to clear up any confusion... Liberal tolerance is for minority groups. Liberals never claimed to be girl scouts who are open to being tolerant of you challenging their opinions.
Lyle Benzo
Lyle Benzo - Day ago
Dude is so oppressed in his designer clothing and has aids but isn't dead yet or throwing up his guts and too sick to get out of bed.
Adarsh Dacha
Adarsh Dacha - Day ago
Pathetic how the left simply survives on identity politics rather than reason
Clive Anderson Jr.
Clive Anderson Jr. - Day ago
35:27 My guy said "you have to speak English". 😂😭😭
Jesus Quinones
Jesus Quinones - Day ago
Is sad that we have to bring extremist to social media to get views. The two sides here presented bias, incomplete, and fragments of facts and presented them as truth to fulfill their ideology. This was hard to listened, but I keep going just to heard the whole story, saying that the economy is good solely because of Trump is absurd, Obama brought a better economy, and we are still benefiting from his presidency, and Trump was able to take that momentum and keep going, but in a different direction.
Kyle - Day ago
voting for a president simply because of their skin color IS racist, no matter the skin color. But these days apparently only white people can be racist, and all other colors of people are always a victim and can do no wrong and receive the get-out-of-jail-free card
Camille Oakley
Camille Oakley - Day ago
this was a fuckin MESS
Zenwolfx7 - Day ago
George, (Glasses and nose ring): Why and how does every single policy and system in America enslave and oppress black people? There is not one person- other than your other brothers and sisters from the hood- saying that you can't get a job, work 40 hours a week, or go into the armed forces, and make something of yourself. You do not have to be a product of your environment, and you have the choice as an individual to break out of that and make something of yourself. Yes, you probably will get more than enough hate from some other people from the hood for doing that, and not coming back and paying for everyone's things like it's communist russia... But their mindset that people owe them something for simply existing is the mindset that will hold them back and prevent them from going anywhere.
Critter Swarm
Critter Swarm - Day ago
The black conservatives were far more articulate. Not surprising
Robert54079 - Day ago
Great video. Love the open discussion.
NekoGrace 79
NekoGrace 79 - Day ago
That beautiful girl dressed in black and gold is a inspiration.
Dacota Craft
Dacota Craft - Day ago
YOOO shout out akron ohio
Hotel Madoka
Hotel Madoka - Day ago
Real race traitors are black people who support the democrats (same side who created slavery and basically the racism that started it all) I will never understand these uneducated black people who know nothing about history and are just indoctrinated by some racist white liberal. Plus BLM is run by a white liberal. It's white liberal ideas given to black people. It's not even a stand at this point. Your just using someones point if view and calling it your own. What people want is a thought of their own
Lylr Thomas
Lylr Thomas - Day ago
Money/credit is an I.O.U. that is circulated for goods and services.
Lylr Thomas
Lylr Thomas - Day ago
If it is your money is your name on it?
Praz Yeah
Praz Yeah - Day ago
Let's get this clear - conservative = personal responsibility and action
Liberals = collective mentality and mostly cribbing!
Arturo Anwandter Pastor
I’m Mexican American, and I often feel like the black conservatives... Moderate here 🇺🇸
thalia persaud
thalia persaud - Day ago
It was really annoying that every time someone on the liberal side spoke it was interrupted by a conservative person. Like let people talk without shouting over them.
The body language of the women in overalls around 11:51 is indicative of the petulant behavior that liberals are quick to display. All emotion. Not even really listening to what's being said. Just listening to someone doesn't mean you agree with them, but how do you know that you don't, if you just shut down? Once one word triggers them, they go deaf.
justKenziebear - Day ago
I really enjoyed listening to the viewpoints shared. It was a great opportunity for me to gain some insight. 💜
Rick Navarro
Rick Navarro - Day ago
Excellent discourse, great points on all sides and great last response. This is how we move forward.
Gabriela Jończyk
Gabriela Jończyk - Day ago
How you can get so much pleasure from attacking other people?
Generation Rebuilt
Generation Rebuilt - Day ago
Why was the first step act not talked about? and how about the trump administrations effort to decriminalize gay marriage globally?
Holly Hilt
Holly Hilt - Day ago
Does that one woman not realize that the top 50% of income earners pay 97% of the taxes? This means that the bottom 50% pay a measly 3%!!! For the guy on the right (as you look at them) I am white. I don't feel oppressed. You are NOT oppressed. Stop playing the victim card. You are not a slave. Your parents were not slaves. NOBODY owes you a single thing.
Seth Catley
Seth Catley - Day ago
Conservatives whooped that ass.
Marks & Sparks
Marks & Sparks - Day ago
Being a conservative & a traditionalist does not mean you have to be a Republican. The Republicans are a nakedly racist, fascist political party.
Racially Ambiguous
Racially Ambiguous - Day ago
The moderator was too reluctant to stop people from talking over one another. There were some good points, but he definitely allowed a few vocal people run the entire conversation. Why even half the people?
Elizabeth Blanton
Elizabeth Blanton - Day ago
girl with the braids in the middle mad disrespectful tho
Alley of the Labyrith and the Unwritten stories
This is interesting, kinda hard to watch, but interesting,
Ruben Castro
Ruben Castro - Day ago
Watched this video and then noticed it's up around two million views. Good to see many are interested in our young Black Americans opinions and views. One comment was that President Trump opened up dialog, I believe that too. Now if we can stop insulting each other and start having positive debates we can bring this country together in spite and along with our differences.
dnate697 - Day ago
Go right to 13:18. This draft dodging Son Of A Bitch Trump is kicking Transgender soldiers OUT who have been shot at in combat, something that coward would have never done. I think the best word of this whole thing was "confused". There is a damned good reason White Nazi's are right winged and 90% of the Republican Party supports Trump, they believe he supports them. I much as I didn't like Hilderbest Hilary, the Super Predator statement was made about Bloods, Krypts, and Gangs in general, NOT ABOUT ALL BLACKS! The young lady that repeat that BS is full of shit! They are doing the same thing to Ilhan Omar RIGHT NOW!

Trump said he didn't want blacks counting his money, got sued by BLACK Casino workers in New Jersey for discrimination. Wanted innocent kids (CP-5) to still be executed for a crime they didn't commit, learned the ropes while he worked with his dad to discriminate against black and lost cases then settled with the Government. Peaked at nude and almost nude Teen girls and bragged about it. Nothing is wrong with being a Black conservative, but there is a hell of a lot wrong with supporting Trump.
Sanz L
Sanz L - Day ago
The leftists only cared about race and oppression seeking tactics order to grab a moral high ground. It never works. Notice the conservatives in the group are more successful. They discussed investing, jobs, business ownership, entrepreneurship, and the economy. Economics isn't the left's forte. "Stop being a victim, be a victor" Well said.
Wardragon18 18
Wardragon18 18 - Day ago
The liberal lady asks the conservative man who does he align with conservatives when they speak negatively about black people...she can answer that question herself. Whether it's Hillary talking about "superpredators" or Biden using language like "predators on our streets", you have to shut that talk down. For all the Trump haters (I didn't vote for Trump) if you haven't seen it yet...check it out.
Cathal Ó Rónáin
Cathal Ó Rónáin - Day ago
I think the gay conservative man needs to remember that maybe his gay friends stopped talking to him because he supports a party that is clearly anti lgbt (trump removing transgender people from the army, mike princes homophobic attitudes and black trans people being murdered without justice) I’m just saying I understand why and it amazes me that he doesn’t understand their reasoning behind it
Cathal Ó Rónáin
Cathal Ó Rónáin - Day ago
16:40 ok this man is delusional gbye
benski tv
benski tv - Day ago
Pedro Ramos
Pedro Ramos - Day ago
You mean black people
William Ernest
William Ernest - Day ago
Loved Bevelin's Beve (beautiful Lady in Black) words. Just wish I knew what business she has started and Maybe it will work for me.
Imani N. Jackson
Imani N. Jackson - Day ago
I am 22 and a single mom in college and make $25,000 a year and do receive WIC and it helps so much to be able to pay for classes and health care for my child. So government assistance is not always a bad thing. Just saying...
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