Black Conservatives Debate Black Liberals on American Politics (Extended Version)

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VICE - 3 months ago
By popular demand, here's an extended version of the roundtable discussion we hosted between black conservatives and liberals. Check out some handy time codes of what was discussed below:
0:57 - What first comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump?
1:59 - "Drain the swap" and capitalism
3:28 - Who here voted for Donald Trump?
4:54 - What is your impression when you see a black person wearing a MAGA hat?
5:51 - Black conservatives talk about how they're treated in the black community
9:17 - Who here voted for Obama?
11:06 - Who was disappointed by Obama's presidency?
15:34 - Issues with the Trump presidency
16:28 - Why vote for Donald Trump?
19:55 - Disagreements on systems of oppression - welfare, taxes, etc
23:29 - Policies that Republicans and Democrats disagree on that help and hinder the black community
26:09 - Black wealth and reparations
29:24 - Black voters being synonymous with the Democratic party
32:26 - Student loans and college
35:22 - Should the black vote be courted?
Watch the full-length documentary about The Young Black Conservatives of Trump's America --
And Another Thing, with Dave
Black "conservatives" = ignorant sellouts more concerned about making that money....than anything else. Watch the documentary on the Black Panthers and educate yo sef
Donald Trump is Ghetto Trash
Keenan Smith White racism and oppression towards blacks is united states 101. The raw hatred white conservatives have for any black ,exclude uncle toms is legendary
Donald Trump is Ghetto Trash
E Lee Conservatives dont believe in free speech. One just has to observe the way white conservatives went ape shit over keaprrnick all because he expressed his free speech. Including racist ghetto trump chimming in
Q Wiggy
Q Wiggy - 9 days ago
@Donald Trump is Ghetto Trash dry your eyes then maybe you can see better
Q Wiggy
Q Wiggy - 9 days ago
@Justin Mills yeah vice sux fake news radical racists
Mark H
Mark H - 5 minutes ago
Never saw a fat inbred who's not white...the guy on the far left.
Brandon - 6 minutes ago
conservatives get a rise out of badgering. All laughs no substance
Libertarian Army Veteran
Libertarian Army Veteran - 8 minutes ago
Conservatism = Freedom & Prosperity. Liberalism = Bondage and Dependency. Capitalism = Maximum Freedom. Socialism = Limited Freedom. Communism = No Freedom. It's just that simple.
Consuela Lemon
Consuela Lemon - 57 minutes ago
The conservatives just spoke over people the whole time.
Darian Rainey
Darian Rainey - Hour ago
I wish more black people would open up their minds and think for themselves and realizes they don’t have to be democrats.
Pavel Tabakov
Pavel Tabakov - Hour ago
Conservative is the way
Zane Brown
Zane Brown - 2 hours ago
I dont think the conservatives made good points, I think they made awful, race-baiting points sound good. And believe me there is a difference, when the woman in the overalls (braided hair) began to speak about how the Tax Cuts and Jobs act benefited her, I couldn't help but think "does she know that 80% of the benefits from the TCJ benefit corporations and wealth people". While I understand what she's saying, it is simply wrong. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will according to CBO estimates say implementing the Act would add an estimated $2.289 trillion to the national debt over ten years, or about $1.891 trillion after taking into account macroeconomic feedback effects, in addition to the $9.8 trillion increase forecast under the current policy baseline and existing $20 trillion national debt. So not only does it close deductibles for poor and working families, it also is fiscally irresponsible, which is a shame for the "fiscally responsible" party.
Reyes Ortega
Reyes Ortega - 2 hours ago
Shows Conservatives are greedy. Guy with glasses was stating facts. Democracy aka government was a white infrastructure before the 1950s minorities didnt have much right til the 70s between that time white supremacy attacked almost every community in anyway possible. Yes this is the past but most of this people are still alive and just old. In todays age the tables turned democracy is ran by an onslaught of diversity altering the policies of which were old and in with the new. Republicans are the top 1% and mainly the white upper class yes theres black mexican indian and asian who are apart but make up a very small percentage. Wanna work with the youth. Teach the youth. Dont slander them because thier parents didnt make the right choice. And dont blame the minority for being handed free money. When you make all the money and dont provide a work environment to give back. You get people turning to the government
Mikaela Phillips
Mikaela Phillips - 3 hours ago
The systems like medicaid and medicare and social security are not interconnected. You can take money out of the budget for one and put it into another or cut the amount put into it and lower taxes.
LDN T - 3 hours ago
That female trump supporter lacks basic knowledge on politics to form such a radical point of view. All she did was speak about her personal experience and how trump is charging her less tax lol. She was severely misinformed and doesnt know what shes talking about.
Reyes Ortega
Reyes Ortega - 3 hours ago
Lmao if your a minority or gay/lesibian explain mike pence.
Reyes Ortega
Reyes Ortega - 3 hours ago
Obama had a single parent most of his life. Lol he went to college and studied politics. And he wasnt full black.
sweetlife6299 - 3 hours ago
Trump does not align with Christian beliefs omg 🤦🏽‍♀️
Rayven Records
Rayven Records - 3 hours ago
She snitched her fam out
the_nikster - 4 hours ago
I really wish the woman with the blonde cropped hair had gotten the chance to finish her thought about the 1%. they put words in her mouth and then never let her finish her point, just moved on to reparations...also, the conservative gay guy totally dominated the conversation and smacked of privilege, which totally got on my nerves. in fact, most of the men spoke over most of the women in this conversation. typical 🙄. still, it was a fascinating conversation and I’d love to see more like it.
Jacob Baker
Jacob Baker - 4 hours ago
On the first question I was expecting a few fuck trumps
Hotboytrue - 4 hours ago
I don't think there is anything wrong with voting for Obama because he's black, we vote for who we think has our best interest. At the time blacks thought he had there best interest same way rich Americans will vote for who they think has their best interest like they did with trump. No one was thinking " oh let me vote for the best of the country including the poor". They were thinking " I want my taxes cut I'm voting trump fuck the poor".
Alex Grechanin
Alex Grechanin - 5 hours ago
Of course you do hiv-related stuff cuz you take it up the ass see me I'm a conservative family heterosexual and I could give or I could care less about that stuff because I'm not out there trying to stick my penis in a bum hole of another man
LDN T - 5 hours ago
You guys really should've had a black muslim female and male on the panel.
Alex Grechanin
Alex Grechanin - 5 hours ago
Yes the bifocaled faget knows what runs the country let's all listen to him cuz he has the insight
vermin tky
vermin tky - 6 hours ago
Yes .. you have to speak english. But you dont have to go to college. College is RUINING kids I say it alllll the Damned time
L R - 10 hours ago
I wonder how many Black Liberals shifted in their views by watching this video. Great discussion.
Nick D
Nick D - 10 hours ago
As a white person with autism, I would just like to say that all of these people brought up very good points. America is the land of Opportunity if you give it your all. However, Racial Prejudice does exist and this country tends to blow things out of proportion on both sides because arguments and violence sells.
ella - 12 hours ago
blonde chick had so much body language and so little to say
Father Noel
Father Noel - 12 hours ago
These conservatives sound brainwashed. Lol you’re OWED REPARATIONS as a black person. You were force to build a country for free, the most powerful country.
Father Noel
Father Noel - 12 hours ago
Oh girl was spitting that shit! I love educated, hustlers! And she looks good
Joseph Garner
Joseph Garner - 12 hours ago
Oh mr. Outspoken liberal, tell me me more about how oppressed u are and how horrible it is to live in a free country
Chop Lettuce
Chop Lettuce - 12 hours ago
This made all the white people happy asf
Zanethepain243 1
Zanethepain243 1 - 12 hours ago
One guy said everything benefited white people more than black people because there are more white people using whatever is being used like welfare or food stamps for example. The reason more white people use these is because there are not shit people in America. Liberals are truly RETARDED
imtheedirector - 12 hours ago
YouTube Joel Patrick another black conservative, well spoken and knowledgeable on politics.
swayzer burdine
swayzer burdine - 14 hours ago
big boy sitting lower left has yet to get laid for the first time, gay man in blue suit is a creepy mofo, sista in black has fourteen inch vibrator in her pussy right now
swayzer burdine
swayzer burdine - 14 hours ago
the sista dressed in black suffers from gross inferiority complex
Will H
Will H - 15 hours ago
I love the lady in the black clothes and center, she is a strong story of recovery and proseperity
Hailey Luder
Hailey Luder - 15 hours ago
Rob Smith is hot!
Hailey Luder
Hailey Luder - 15 hours ago
Oh, he’s gay. No wonder. lol
Gloria Hufnagel
Gloria Hufnagel - 16 hours ago
They MIGHT want to say another word than conservatives. THOSE ARE people who support 45... and he hates brown and black people..
Real_Sgt_Tom - 17 hours ago
12:28 Professional "Victim"
Real_Sgt_Tom - 18 hours ago
2:15 Democrats: Still being "Run" by the news and liberal proffessor's "talking points" for decades now...hmm got it!
Chris Cruz
Chris Cruz - 18 hours ago
Man even if you are a liberal you have to admit that the people on this video who are liberal seem to be playing the victim quite a bit
Tendai Tega
Tendai Tega - 18 hours ago
The most confused people I ever had come back home Africa sorry to say
Jason Roy
Jason Roy - 19 hours ago
When that guy in the left corner asks why people assume "All black people are broke?"...
I'm a liberal and not a tad racist, but you have to be a special type of stupid to believe that the stereotype of black people being significantly poorer than White, Asian, Indian, etc Americans is untrue. It's just the unfortunate reality.
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez - 19 hours ago
Damn that gay lib REALLY hates White people...does he hate milk too??
Cynthia Johnson
Cynthia Johnson - 20 hours ago
This proves that you can’t really judge someone based upon their political affiliation. Ya can’t blame a business woman for voting for a business man and I respect that she cared about her pockets and her family pockets above anyone else’s. I respect the gay guy in pink for speaking up and saying blacks don’t always have the lower hand. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with majority of us voting one way. Everything and everybody doesn’t have to be different. For him to say that he isn’t a minority as a black gay guy also caught me off guard. The liberal gay dude also came with facts. His arguments were legit. At the end of the day, if I feel like a conservative candidate truly isn’t racist, hateful, and has some pretty good plans. They can get my vote cause f*ck an affiliation.
These discussions are so fun tho.
kawaii hitler
kawaii hitler - 21 hour ago
one of the few times i see media showing something good and useful. but i digress...
this was a good talk. not the best, since there were 3 or 4 people who barely spoke at all, but those who did speak were making good points.
disclaimer: i am not american, i am not black and i am center, therefore everything i say is of course to a VERY large extent kinda biased and based on quite frankly not enough info. (not like i am gonna say much anyway)
i found the gay vet and the lady in the middle to have been the most "sensical", mostly because they took a big part in the conversation and what they were saying was true. i found a lot of the points from the one on the far right (guy with a boot fetish) to say a lot of stuff that although i personally disagree with, i cannot argue against due to a lack of info. what i do disagree with though is the systematic oppression.
lastly, i find the point that the one on the bottom right made was also good, how there are people (because obviously this doesn't only apply to black people) that don't see it all in red or blue. some people do vote on policies, and i think that many people, and me included, make that wrong assumption.
again, all in and, a very good discussion that i enjoyed listening to. everyone was civil and no one was shouting obscenities.
Gabriele Scalise
Gabriele Scalise - 21 hour ago
Nice to see Vice perfectly falling for the mediatic, simplistic narration of conservatism/liberalism. Do you really think that political ideologies and experiences can be always defined as such? Come on, you're better than this.
Crystian Gonzalez
Crystian Gonzalez - 22 hours ago
The conservatives say black people aren’t suppressed that they make their own choices but why they keep putting guns and liquor stores in their neighborhood??
Bodean Digs
Bodean Digs - 20 hours ago
im white there is 2 gun stores and 4 places to buy liquor within a mile of color got to do with guns and booze..
Crystian Gonzalez
Crystian Gonzalez - 22 hours ago
Conservatives are sucking trumps dick for any reason. Literally they spin everything he does into a good thing. They act Like racism doesn’t exist but take their ass the to fucking Alabama and see if they don’t get their ass kicked, it’s black liberals that helped the community not the conservatives.
Chris Zibolsky
Chris Zibolsky - Day ago
My favorite part of this whole conversation. "What Donald Trump has done for jobs and the economy is great" also the same conservatives when Obama was in office " the president has nothing to with jobs, the economy, the lower prices of gas, and he created a shit healthcare system, that we bitched about for 8 years but didnt have an alternative when we had control for 2 years. Just repeal it." You dont get to have it both ways. And when jobs and they economy have been on the uptic since 2009 you dont get to take soul credit for that either. Also how many of those "new jobs" have been people getting a second job? A third job? There is not 300000 people joining the work force every month. Especially in the private sector. But continue with your ignorance.
Fergus Eckersall
Fergus Eckersall - Day ago
My man with the glasses in the top right went the fuck off basically everything he said was spot on
Logan Hewit
Logan Hewit - Day ago
This just shows you that the left aren't as perfect as they say they are
Diego Rioe
Diego Rioe - Day ago
Tbh I don't agree with Republicans but I'm happy to see Blacks and Latinos coming to together and talking about there different political views
Taina - Day ago
Gorgeous girl with the braids is amazing, I feel so empowered by her.
Abby Turnbull
Abby Turnbull - Day ago
“yAsSsSSsss” my ears bleed😭
Abby Turnbull
Abby Turnbull - Day ago
“I’m not a poc, I’m black” w h a t🧐
Hok Man Herman Chu
Hok Man Herman Chu - Day ago
Would be great if the conservates can just shut up and let the others finish their points first and say whatever they want to say.
Akul Bector
Akul Bector - Day ago
So one of the liberals made the claim that "The rich are getting richer, and therefore, the poor are getting poorer" That is absolutely incorrect. It just goes to show how little she understands about the economy. Economies aren't a zero sum game.
Wisdom Understanding
I've learned alot watching this and want to learn more. I think you should more out spoken democrats on the panel just to have as well. There was really only one guy who spoke. Also mix in some older people as well
Juke Johnson
Juke Johnson - Day ago
Love this! Need more of it! People will learn from watching this!
A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment!
Why are black people always bragging about going to jail and whatever crimes they did..
King_ Kairos
King_ Kairos - Day ago
I’m upset that I’m just now finding out about this video. The gay conservative veteran and the business owning owning black lady in the center were the stars of this argument. Very well spoken.
A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment!
Why are all these people act so wierd..
A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment!
Liberal idiots
Gabriele Tomasoni
Gabriele Tomasoni - Day ago
I don't think this is a conversation, it is actually black conservatives screaming all around the place. I mean if you want to have a conversation you need to listen to other people. Because by doing so you will unable people to understand all the different perspectives that exist on a certain topic and everyone is getting something away from it.
Patrick Pin
Patrick Pin - Day ago
I think the real conversation starts about 15 minutes in, when everyone is finished they’re inner scripted opinions
Teresa Ward
Teresa Ward - Day ago
Fuck liberal leaning Vice. You suck.
maya praises
maya praises - Day ago
Wait one of the ladies didn’t agree with the fact that every black person in the hood can’t become and or do something with their life ....?....??
Max Contreras
Max Contreras - Day ago
The guy with the polo and blank stare is a complete idiot lol
ItsZachTV - Day ago
The truth is that both parties couldn't give a fuck about black people. Republicans don't have to pretend to and Democrats know they'll get their votes anyways.
Cybernetic Organism no.92
Cybernetic Organism no.92 - 19 hours ago
humbletarantula - Day ago
is it me or is there more liberals than conservatives
Pheonix - Day ago
I think it's pretty obvious which side the ignorance, hate and racism is coming from. It's also obvious who the leaders are.
Eli Versus Politics
*One of the speakers says something controversial*
Sharon Messina
Sharon Messina - Day ago
As a conservative I respectfully speak out about "issues". I am treated viciously and called horrid names by liberals. They support the "party of ignorance and hatred" and allow themselves to be used by these sinister, dark forces. The conservative men AND WOMAN in this discussion most definitely have the advantage of being "educated" and OPEN minded to FACTS!!
A RhoyalT Cup of Learning
Blacks cannot be racist!
Lasher Squirrel Slayer
As a white independent, I found it fascinating that I get to sit and listen to Blacks to speak so freely about politics without having to agree because of their color. My wife always says that the Black community needs to pull itself up by their bootstraps to better themselves and I say not everyone has those chances or the boots to even walk. It was interesting to hear some of the discussion revolving around this, who they voted for, and to get a sense of the individuality in this peer group. I lived in lower Alabama and met some many nice Black families who treated me like a son/brother which makes the issue of racism non-existent. I will always treat them as a family well in return.
george 69
george 69 - Day ago
It was nice listening to these young people’s opinions . I agree that you don’t need a degree to get a descent paying job. Pick a trade have some patience and learn as much as you can. It will pay off at the end. I have a 9th grade education and I’m earning 40$ hourly. I started as an apprentice and now I’m a journeyman. I came from a poor family, but I didn’t let that stop me from making a good paycheck . Go out there and grab the bull by it’s horns and make your dreams come true!!
Sarah Stewart
Sarah Stewart - Day ago
I feel like the girl in the overalls shouldn't be on this video. She's the only one that really shows her emotional. Talking politics, you have to keep your shit calm and collected.
Kyilan Thomas
Kyilan Thomas - Day ago
I’m a black conservative and this video really really OPENED MY EYES and showed me more of how Black liberals and black people THEMSELVES try to make us victim .. like the guy said about the 1% yall always assume black people are broke !! I was like PREACH !!!
Trenton Coop
Trenton Coop - Day ago
The left has truly lowered the bar for the entire human race. They constant unjustified hate, persistent lying, and childish behavior have taken Democrats to a whole new low. I constantly watch videos like this or protesting videos and I'm baffled as to how they aren't embarrassed by the childish delusional behavior.
Jeff Greenwade
Jeff Greenwade - Day ago
Lol, and this is why they edit the videos. It's mostly just talking over each other and trying to insult to "victory". There's no conspiracy.
Jeff Greenwade
Jeff Greenwade - Day ago
Why is the guy at the top left criticizing Obama for being born and raised in privilege his whole life, but then likes Trump when he's had a whole other level of privilege. At least Obama worked for his position.
Raissa Toure
Raissa Toure - Day ago
I like these kind of conversations where you put people with different ideologies and backgrounds together to speak their minds about relevant issues ! I notice the girl in the middle with the braids seems a bit biased she would always side the guy behind her every time he spoke but always so quick to disagree with others without even letting them finish their statement. I’m just saying, her points always came from her personal experience or what benefited her same with the guy behind her. Unlike everyone else seemed to speak about ideologies that impacts people overall (black people) which I think is the bigger picture.
Andrea - Day ago
“I’m not a minority, I’m not a person of color I am Black” amen 🙏
Byron Micke
Byron Micke - Day ago
Excellent debate.
RayytheHomeyy - Day ago
The guy in the suit, and the woman with her business, interact just how me and my sister do when we watch news and talk politics lol
Tierra Dior
Tierra Dior - Day ago
The girl in all black sexyyyy
Kelly R.
Kelly R. - Day ago
“We need to stop playing victim and become victors.” 👏👏👏👏 amén
Aris - Day ago
There is no HATE speech just because you don't agree with what I'm saying doesn't mean i should go to jail.
REDEEMED - Day ago
"Trans" is not a race its a behavior. Stop trying to be victims because of your behavior.
Warrior Woman
Warrior Woman - 2 days ago
The top left man is educated! Go brother!
Pro Justice
Pro Justice - 2 days ago
27:53 HE DONE IT 🤣👏👏👏
Mary Smith
Mary Smith - 2 days ago
White people are choosing the lesser of the two evils as well. Don’t know why they are making it a race thing.
Isabelle Mikell
Isabelle Mikell - 2 days ago
Moderator needed to hold the mic up to the women more! The woman in the back row was talked over so many times! This isn't because they had nothing to say, we've all been there.
GrLiberty - 2 days ago
I was astonished to find such a great video coming from vice. It reminded me of their earlier content(genuine and genius) a few years back when they didn't seem like having a left/liberal agenda. I sincerely thank you for creating this real debate . People need to debate like that more and you gave them that opportunity.
Coolbrosryder 12
Coolbrosryder 12 - 2 days ago
21:35 no, it’s because you have no idea what you’re talking about lol.
MrBoyd Guyton
MrBoyd Guyton - 2 days ago
Why are there only 3 Trump supporters
P W - 2 days ago
Nobody loses when we talk like this.
toomani bandz
toomani bandz - 2 days ago
If you are black and you are a conservative then you are not actually black. You've been turned into a white mans fucking stupid...
Chris Rms
Chris Rms - 2 days ago
Shadow light
Shadow light - 2 days ago
Vice making balanced interviews? wow..
Davis B.
Davis B. - 2 days ago
I don’t get how the black gay guy was so for capitalism but then voted for Bernie Sanders who is socialist 😂
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