Eating Russian Food

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Laurie Owen
Laurie Owen - 2 months ago
I have always liked the Russian nesting dolls. These were pretty cool! Jealous a little....
Kendall Hill
Kendall Hill - 6 months ago
Aye, Maine is where it's at guys! Can't believe I've never seen this episode before!
xydoit - 6 months ago
A beard tinder
xydoit - 6 months ago
Not Noah. Noah is a guy name.
Gene Boiko
Gene Boiko - 6 months ago
Sprats (two-three full fishes) on rye bread are eaten as a chaser after drinking a shot of icy-cold vodka ! Kvas is supposed to be drunk cold ! Prianiki are eaten with tea ! Guys - your tasting of Russian food looks like swallowing uncooked hot dogs and saying that it tastes very funny !
I want my kids susan
I want my kids susan - 8 months ago
f f
f f - 9 months ago
hahhaa links jar jar binks voice is just some random asian lady lol
david burrus
david burrus - 10 months ago
GMM colluding with the Russians confirmed.
Corey Covington
Corey Covington - 10 months ago
ㅙㄴ 쟁ㄷ 채ㅕㅠㅏㄴㄷ ㅐㄷㅁㄱ ㅏㅐ ㅣㄷ며
Corey Covington
Corey Covington - 10 months ago
Sorry meant to say chase rocks with the p38
Fern Fernis Fernie
Fern Fernis Fernie - 11 months ago
KaterinaTalantliva - 11 months ago
What happened to Noah?
Awkward Turtle
Awkward Turtle - 11 months ago
2018 anyone?
TheDeadCobra - Year ago
That is wrong how you open, you put the small one inside and lift it up to jut it in the circle
You can put the fish on back bread
Shproti' deep i. Kwas is similar to beer but it is more of a soda
You all did not even ate even one Baranki you were just wearing it
foodtree harvest
foodtree harvest - Year ago
'Apocalypse Rhett' can't open a can with a can opener? Good luck
Sally Otley
Sally Otley - Year ago
Yes Rhett Jack sprat is a thing. it's a rhythm.
Никита Хомич
Grown men can't even open a can!
Minor Deity
Minor Deity - Year ago
Really? Not one person there knows how to use a can opener on a knife? Sad and pathetic. Good luck in the apocalypse guys!
Scott Stewart
Scott Stewart - Year ago
Yes Rhett Jack Sprat is a thing. Its a rhymn. "Jack Sprat could eat no fat. His wife could eat no lean. So between them both they licked the platter clean." Something along those lines. Lol
C Will
C Will - Year ago
"Its like the app all you guys have"
Al XE - Year ago
All the butthurt Russians: they *liked* everything besides the kvass. Since the letter did not mention that it was supposed to be consumed chilled, you can't blame them. It's like giving warm beer to someone who's never heard of beer, and expecting them to know that it should be chilled, and then get mad at them for not liking warm beer.
What's with Eastern Europeans being all borderline nationalist? Like honestly, get a grip.
I do agree that they should treat the letters with more care, they have an extremely callous attitude towards their fans, which shows in many ways besides this.
Michael De lemos
Michael De lemos - Year ago
Lol at the angry Russians. Chill guys
Dmitry Vlasov
Dmitry Vlasov - Year ago
This brand of kvass is cheap (very cheap); And a lot of other ones from a Russian supermarket are nasty too. A proper drink could be bought in a small brewery. A better mass version of this product can be found in Lithuania for example.
BTW The sprats are made in Latvia (another Baltic country) and in Russia.
The Underground Technology
Ну просто то ножом банку открыть не судьба?
TheFlyingMage - Year ago
ffs, just open it with the knife
OSUMB Rosie - Year ago
Is that a Denison university shirt?
Ksenia Kaverzina
Ksenia Kaverzina - Year ago
So that's how they treat their fans, by opening a can of smelly fish right on their heartfelt letters
Eva Rodriguez
Eva Rodriguez - Year ago
Jack sprat is a nursery rhyme
Amamkoncahuanquichu - Year ago
The klac bottle says Kvas! It's a rye drink? I think?
Frerard - Year ago
It looks like Link dosnt like Jeremiah
kidXS - Year ago
That's actually painful to watch because you know Noah knows how to do it but isn't confident to speak up! :D
crashsoul02 - Year ago
Как можно быть такими медленными? Пробуют еду от силы 1 минуту в совокупности, но пиздят бесконечно.
Jacob Solbrig
Jacob Solbrig - Year ago
I love Riga Gold sprats in oil! They are so delicious!!!
Crystal scorpion
Crystal scorpion - Year ago
try surströmming
Skelenton Phat Pee Pee
I clicked on the comment section just to find a "cyka blyat" or "idi nahui" but so far can't find any
ainsleywainsley - Year ago
The russians should export that vegemite drink here to Aus id buy it
Eternal Dragonoid
Eternal Dragonoid - Year ago
Maple syrup and lactose Rhett. Maple syrup and lactose.
Mark Mirimsky
Mark Mirimsky - Year ago
Really how do you not know how to open it
I am from Ukraine and I do it easily and I am a Kid
bugger490 - Year ago
And may I say bushmill folks so what?
bugger490 - Year ago
Guys I'm an American and you made me tired of well you guys.
Liudmila Padaliak
Liudmila Padaliak - Year ago
Да блин, откуда взялись эти американцы, наверное, хайпа захотели?? В штатах есть и аналог шпрот (sardines in oil), даже в русский магазин ходить не надо, и сгущенка(condenced milk), и концентрированное молоко(evaporated milk), и вообще куча консервированной еды (типа супов, кукурузы, оливок и пр.), вот не верю я, что они с банкой не могли справиться.
Eve Evelin
Eve Evelin - 2 years ago
Shproti is not from Russia.
dshupac - 2 years ago
Дебилы, блять....
Mitro Caesar
Mitro Caesar - 2 years ago
These sprats are made not in russia. It was produced in latvia.
Derek Bigham
Derek Bigham - 2 years ago
Rhett's doll looks like king chicken's father . . .
Rozie Abdurahmanova
Rozie Abdurahmanova - 2 years ago
To be honest I was quite upset when they started saying "ew"
сОнек. - 2 years ago
Bread ,it is eat BREAD
GJR20051 - 2 years ago
Jacks Pratt is a restaurant in Girdwood, Alaska
Pierogi - 2 years ago
Дру ЛШ по герг ЈП ИВЗ ЦВ ни лвџффцвххјклохфддџбмлл ЈСП губиш лигуш плус и во видлив здуње
DPGamez Derek
DPGamez Derek - 2 years ago
In Russia the fish open you
Bogdan V
Bogdan V - 2 years ago
Lol, it's like testing Mexican food by eating Taco Bell XD
rel - 2 years ago
What happened to Noah
thomas flud
thomas flud - 2 years ago
OH hay Noah fellow New Yorker
Andreas Faust
Andreas Faust - 2 years ago
This drink we like only in summer...This is drink from bread.
elfaygobaca - 2 years ago
Omg, watching them open the fish...i'm 11 and i know how to do that....
Армен Егишян
Армен Егишян - 2 years ago
americans drinking russian kvas produced by coca cola
Don - 2 years ago
I love Link, but damn it he needs to calm down and let Jeremiah speak. So so inappropriate!
Emerald Kelsi
Emerald Kelsi - 2 years ago
"Me's?!" Always makes me laugh xD
Dasha Davydova
Dasha Davydova - 2 years ago
I love how they called Kvas, klac lol, and kvas is a bread based drink, it's kind of a bit like beer I think but not alcohol, I guess it might seem weird to Americans and other people but I had it since I was 6
Black Hole of Knowledge
Black Hole of Knowledge - 2 years ago
the honey cake is called praneeki, the rings on the necklace are sushki, and the brown bottles are kvass
Black Hole of Knowledge
Black Hole of Knowledge - 2 years ago
oh, those fish can smell
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