10 Reasons You Should NEVER Meditate

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Yaacov - Day ago
meditation changes one's perspective.
meditation slows one down.
meditation helps one let go of unrelated thoughts to see what's happening in the present moment.
meditation helps one let go of harsh self-directed thoughts.
meditation improves concentration by maintaining awareness of what's occurring in the present moment.
meditation helps one let go of stress.
meditation teaches one to breath more fully.
meditation shows us that every day is a new start.
meditation teaches one to live in the present moment and make the most of life as it is.
Lachlan RPK
Lachlan RPK - 3 days ago
I feel happier just by watching this. Thx Ralph 👍👍👍
Kurama The nine tailed fox
I thought if I meditated long enough I would go into sage mode 😂
Jishan2511 - 11 days ago
Your a life saver man, I love living in my past moments life.
Pauline Franklin
Pauline Franklin - 16 days ago
I'm sorry but you are so incredibly beautiful my King Warrior. Your beautiful is such a distraction that I have to keep rewinding the video to hear the message again because all I'm doing is meditating on those gorgeous white teeth of yours and that perfect smile and your deep chocolate skin tone. Ok I'm done...Carry on!
Keith Mintz
Keith Mintz - 20 days ago
This guy is a great marketer. Attracted all the haters to the video. Lots of views.
M.Thompson - 21 day ago
i was meditating and my OLD dog farted really strong like rotten eggs..... there you have a nice test to yourself.
Elite Hunt35
Elite Hunt35 - Month ago
Can somebody help me? I feel no excitement or happiness
ʏᴜᴠɪ - Month ago
Can people give me reasons to not be scared to meditate I'm just scared
disney love
disney love - Month ago
it is true i started 2 weeks ago meditating and my brain is more empty and in peace without any old garbage lol but at the same time im more sensitive with loud people it bothers more like i have to tell my mom to put the volume down i love silence 👌
JWHITE - Month ago
My concentration must be boo boo cause I’m in the comment section while bro talkin
Mia Chapman
Mia Chapman - 2 months ago
I love the way you started your video.. it made me smile ❣️ and feel warm inside
GIZELL JOLIE - 2 months ago
Funny guy. Love your energy
OANESE AIYU - 2 months ago
Jade Entenia
Jade Entenia - 3 months ago
God is a lair and so is his Bible
Or no one has time for mystical and mythological crap like this, meditation doesn't work at all.
aaa d
aaa d - 3 months ago
hey hey i have heard about buddha
gain nothing but lose hate.greed and others
aaa d
aaa d - 3 months ago
buddha said
Nikki Foster
Nikki Foster - 3 months ago
I’m so glad I stumbled onto this video!! I love you!!! This video is great!!!
Akii Sharma
Akii Sharma - 4 months ago
By seeing you i feel happy don't know why !!😅
Bb - 4 months ago
Starting tomorrow I’m going to start meditating on a daily basis, and hopefully start a healthy diet as well
Johnny B
Johnny B - 4 months ago
i did not like that title lol but good video man
Haylie R. Wilson
Haylie R. Wilson - 4 months ago
This video gave me a great attitude for the entire day 😄 thank you
Joseph Rodriguez
Joseph Rodriguez - 4 months ago
*eats morning star nugget* "OH! You just ate it! FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!" *dead*
Alyssa Lenox
Alyssa Lenox - 5 months ago
The yellow in your eyes is a warning to get ur liver checked go c a doctor
Connor Wilcox
Connor Wilcox - 5 months ago
Been searching around to see cons of meditation, so I know the risks of going ahead, but I can’t find any. I want to change my brain and slow down, perfectly what I need.
Xenomorph - 5 months ago
This mother fucker charges 350 $ per hour. WTF?
Abacus The Great
Abacus The Great - 5 months ago
Sumaiyatv Alruwaished
Sumaiyatv Alruwaished - 5 months ago
Who is here because of the odd 1s out l am
Michael Stiven Reyes Barreto
You are the best man!!
Marianna - 5 months ago
Meditation always makes me have a low vibration....just not my cup of tea :(
Saulo Campos
Saulo Campos - 5 months ago
I love your message man!
Thank you for your honest work that you do.
You do inspire my self on my path of self awareness.
May the Force be with you always.
Daniel Melo Avila
Daniel Melo Avila - 6 months ago
......in the hipocampus, baby!!!!!
Mrs. Roper
Mrs. Roper - 6 months ago
i have autism and paresthesia i can't meditate.
Nikhil - 6 months ago
Get lost jack ass, your face is like my poop..... The most stupidest video ever seen. All videos like this should be banned for creating false impression on people.
Shreyaan Bhat
Shreyaan Bhat - 6 months ago
Why does this guy try so hard all the time?
The Weak Hen
The Weak Hen - 6 months ago
I just subscribe to your channel bro your energy is comforting nice video
Ranj Hama Salih
Ranj Hama Salih - 6 months ago
Dude your eyes are yello you should check your liver
MYTHICAL WEEK DAYS - 6 months ago
Shawn Peirson
Shawn Peirson - 7 months ago
Personally I think he’s full of shit he’s basically telling you not to better yourself
sandakan iskalot
sandakan iskalot - 7 months ago
Good presentation.... But idiot.... Saying to stay in Maya. Rubbish.. He is a smoker..
Jeremy Mettler
Jeremy Mettler - 7 months ago
I not watch but I know what people do and try tell I give but . Think you know is lie you believe a truth still lie you tell you defend as truth .crazy most are me now to figuring out nuts and nuts itch crazy nuts .hear listen think if think you know obviously needs more thinking before can know or guess likely lie anyway . Let the breath need the mind hear the breath the mind will know believe you breath now you think you need the breath don't listen can't hear there breath believe you need a lie if makes cents pass on I tap out me say easy my ass figure out wtf people do I can't lie to me dumbass I say but many lie believe truth fight for lie they never even look only think they know
sagar majumder
sagar majumder - 7 months ago
love from india
Kevin Miles
Kevin Miles - 7 months ago
I need whatever your smoking...
Sunzai Choo
Sunzai Choo - 7 months ago
I think . Background music is spell 🖤
Scarface Reivax
Scarface Reivax - 7 months ago
Dude thank u this is a breath of fresh air for me..
পৰাগ অসম
পৰাগ অসম - 8 months ago
Weed is the only reason why i don't meditate. #peace
laura - 8 months ago
Loved this video. Btw you radiate light man :)
Michele Blade
Michele Blade - 8 months ago
You are absolutely beautiful and your vibrations are amazing to connect with.
Stealth Phantom
Stealth Phantom - 8 months ago
Why I though meditating make you smarter
Ultra instinct meme Goku
Ultra instinct meme Goku - 8 months ago
Who else is watching this because the odd1sout talked about it in he seven day began baby solves all your problems
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