Did The Simpsons Predict What Just Happened In France ?

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Jeff Wilde
Jeff Wilde - 3 days ago
yes.... and so did the movie 2012 ....to save the worlds art the......... fire
Dmak TV
Dmak TV - 15 days ago
That Meteor Coming is Called Wormwood
Stop The Madness
Stop The Madness - 24 days ago
Srishti 5
Srishti 5 - 27 days ago
One of these men in the air looks like Steven Greer, who in my opinion is a disinformation agent. Search him up on youtube, he looks a bit lizardy himself.
The Spirit Of Truth
The Spirit Of Truth - 29 days ago
You should show Homer Santa Clause hitting a baseball into the glass firmament and breaking the sky and water 💦 comes out
Jim - 29 days ago
instant polaroid camera.....not a cell phone
Trucking in the matrix Energy
They don’t predict they are the programmers the so call elites
untethered - Month ago
the way you talk is anoying! its very hard to follow your video!
Samuel - Month ago
1:25 That is a motorola qualcomm flip phone, i still have one packed away that i got back in 1997. Not only that but is was being clearanced so it was already out for at least two years.Just checked they were made in 1995. So no time traveling just uninformed perspective.
greg cook
greg cook - Month ago
Remember: There is NOTHING NEW UNDER the Sun! This has all been here Before! They can speed up or slow down how fast they bring the Technologies out for Public Use!! Remember Stanley Kubrick's 2001 space oddity movie showed Skyping or Facetiming on a Huge Flat screen TV in 1967!! 40 years Before we ever saw a Flat screen!! Don't let mainstream media narratives lead you astray! They are all part of the Government Globalist system! Tv News, Hollywood actors/ movies, Music Industry All Have sold out to CIA ran Agenda 21/ 2030!!
The Entertainer
The Entertainer - Month ago
3:01, preddicted apple ? Iphone?
Space Tiger
Space Tiger - Month ago
Can the show predict that I will be successful on YouTube
Tina Louise
Tina Louise - Month ago
Well they've had time travel and anti-gravity devices for over 70 years.
80s Classic
80s Classic - Month ago
In Inspector Gadget Penny wore a smart watch! And I don't believe someone had a "time machine " I believe it's "predictive programming "! They can predict what happens because they "elites", are the ones that are pulling the strings!
Dom John
Dom John - Month ago
The time on the clock says 7:40, right? 7 4. 7\04. 7/4...4th of July? Am I trippn'? Once again the Ebola virus is making it's annual scare. Somebody, help me fill in the lines. Numerologist only!!!
Metoers they r talking about is , APHOSIS which gonna hit in 2029- 2030 and it will hit eath in month of Ramadan may be in Dec - Jan.🤔
Kristovsky - Month ago
You literally just read an online article lol
A huitzotl
A huitzotl - Month ago
If you had 3 Pepsi and you drink one , how much more refreshed are you 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👏
alfa bita
alfa bita - Month ago
why the colors of this creatures is yalow ??!.is that mean somthing?!!.
fyiawaken - Month ago
And the church burned down
TROOT - Month ago
Shirley Mike
Shirley Mike - Month ago
It implies everything has been pre- scripted. The part that really gets me is the Rothschild connection which you didn't mention.
doola 16
doola 16 - Month ago
What's up with Tyson in that fight, kinda rubbing his face with his glove and his eyes looking up
jah a man will not sit on David's throne
Diviners are cartoons , duh
Mario Vitharane
Mario Vitharane - 2 months ago
There are 2 more predictions in this video. 1. A clip from Lisa's wedding, it shows her and husband flying to England on a newly developed plane, which was flying up and down in waves. Isn't this very similar to Boeings 737MAX which was fitted with software that made it nose dive eventually killing hundreds in 2 crashes.
2. There has also been a protest in Poland regarding art and it being banned due to obscenities.
Vicki Ruzicka
Vicki Ruzicka - 2 months ago
James, I cannot stand your voice! Do you enhance this timber & sound on purpose? Until you change this voice and its creepy phony accent, I will not be listening to your channel.
Chris Jacobs
Chris Jacobs - 2 months ago
I have a Time Machine,I think I’ll go work on the Simpson episodes. Lol whatever How about Star Trek predicting the Flip Phone. Lol
Kristin/ Flower Of Christ
Kristin/ Flower Of Christ - 2 months ago
In one of the glasses you can see that building on Facebook messanger... Wth
Bulgarian Patriot
Bulgarian Patriot - 2 months ago
I think everything was set!
Blake Driggers
Blake Driggers - 2 months ago
They can look into a ring the government made called Alice to see the future. I've had many dreams of this intention that should be destroyed...
Ken Calfee
Ken Calfee - 2 months ago
The powers that be keep hidden technology from us, imagine what's really out there.
Dom John
Dom John - Month ago
Remember when I was 5yrs(1992) old, my dad telling that the government had been using pagers for the last two decades. That statement alone started my journey.
Harman - 2 months ago
C’est une parodie du roman de Victor Hugo, il y a un incendie dans le Roman. Les protestations ne visent pas le pouvoir. Le roman a été écrit pour inciter les parisiens à arrêter de prendre des pierres et en avoir quelque chose a foutre. Tu as tout faux l’ami.
TheProxy9 - 2 months ago
Maybefox isnt predicting maybe they are just warning
Evelyn Lopez
Evelyn Lopez - 2 months ago
The simpsons predicted everything thats going on
tikabass - 2 months ago
Some Londoner call the Shard the Giant Dildo.
Andrei Mt
Andrei Mt - 2 months ago
silly people... they not predicting, they just do what they show you previously. it's so primitive of you! I was working for one of those Zionists and in 1999 he named future presidents for next 20 years! And it's all was absolutely correct! dummies...
regina riddle
regina riddle - 2 months ago
Notre Dame spring fire
TheLocutus70 - 2 months ago
Lady Gaga? That's not predicting the future, she stole the idea from simpsons.
Pyro4flames - 15 days ago
TheLocutus70 She was in the episode, voicing herself, I assume she seen the episode.
Sky Alania
Sky Alania - 2 months ago
Come on james you should know its not not prediction. Its programing the masses at its best!
Money - 2 months ago
Funny how he talk about people talking about time machine, talking about remote controlling..... people talk about a lot things lmbo ain’t want to say the last one huh lol
John Walker
John Walker - 2 months ago
Do the cracks in the front of the Simpson's version of the cathedral say anything in another language? Turn sideways too... just want to know. Imagine it was orders.... looks like writing, in some languages....
Dan Henry
Dan Henry - 2 months ago
The Illuminati are only a bunch of nerds from college who created a club one that spans many generations, one still goes on to this day. Trust me they aren't anyththing godly like or supernatural. They are just a bunch of college geeks. It's so easy to just ignore their bullshit.
Sə́n Gäbəldēɡo͞ok
Sə́n Gäbəldēɡo͞ok - 2 months ago
The Simpsons did it!
Phillip MakethewayStraight
What this reveals is that the producers have contacts with big tech corporations and with those in government feeding them information. Also Lady Gaga or her producers might have watched the Simpson’s and suggest she swing from the rafters. The CIA is heavily involved with Hollywood and they do try to manipulate people’s perception of reality.
ste bee
ste bee - 2 months ago
I was told that they hold back technology advancements by 10 years at least so they can make more money on existing gadgets.
El Capitan
El Capitan - 2 months ago
It isn't from time machines or looking into the future. Theyre really just showing their plans. It's in the face of the people and they are still ignoring it. They are mocking the public.
LeeGirl82 - 2 months ago
Dick Tracy also had smart watches since like the 50s
Lilolme Jusayin
Lilolme Jusayin - 2 months ago
Dick Tracy the Cartoon detective had a watch phone. 50+ years ago...
cherie allen
cherie allen - 2 months ago
I'm beginning to believe these satanists preplan all of this. Makes me sick. Hope Trump isn't part of this nonsense ?
Roland Yogi
Roland Yogi - 2 months ago
this is predicted programming, because they cannot create on there own, so the need us to accept what they plan. - repeat and consent - so long until it becomes reality
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