doola 16
doola 16 - 6 hours ago
What's up with Tyson in that fight, kinda rubbing his face with his glove and his eyes looking up
jah a man will not sit on David's throne
Diviners are cartoons , duh
Mario Vitharane
Mario Vitharane - 2 days ago
There are 2 more predictions in this video. 1. A clip from Lisa's wedding, it shows her and husband flying to England on a newly developed plane, which was flying up and down in waves. Isn't this very similar to Boeings 737MAX which was fitted with software that made it nose dive eventually killing hundreds in 2 crashes.
2. There has also been a protest in Poland regarding art and it being banned due to obscenities.
Vicki Ruzicka
Vicki Ruzicka - 4 days ago
James, I cannot stand your voice! Do you enhance this timber & sound on purpose? Until you change this voice and its creepy phony accent, I will not be listening to your channel.
Chris Jacobs
Chris Jacobs - 4 days ago
I have a Time Machine,I think I’ll go work on the Simpson episodes. Lol whatever How about Star Trek predicting the Flip Phone. Lol
Kristin/ Flower Of Christ
In one of the glasses you can see that building on Facebook messanger... Wth
Bulgarian Patriot
Bulgarian Patriot - 6 days ago
I think everything was set!
Blake Driggers
Blake Driggers - 7 days ago
They can look into a ring the government made called Alice to see the future. I've had many dreams of this intention that should be destroyed...
Ken Calfee
Ken Calfee - 9 days ago
The powers that be keep hidden technology from us, imagine what's really out there.
Harman - 9 days ago
C’est une parodie du roman de Victor Hugo, il y a un incendie dans le Roman. Les protestations ne visent pas le pouvoir. Le roman a été écrit pour inciter les parisiens à arrêter de prendre des pierres et en avoir quelque chose a foutre. Tu as tout faux l’ami.
TheProxy9 - 9 days ago
Maybefox isnt predicting maybe they are just warning
Evelyn Lopez
Evelyn Lopez - 10 days ago
The simpsons predicted everything thats going on
tikabass - 10 days ago
Some Londoner call the Shard the Giant Dildo.
Andrei Mt
Andrei Mt - 10 days ago
silly people... they not predicting, they just do what they show you previously. it's so primitive of you! I was working for one of those Zionists and in 1999 he named future presidents for next 20 years! And it's all was absolutely correct! dummies...
regina riddle
regina riddle - 10 days ago
Notre Dame spring fire
TheLocutus70 - 11 days ago
Lady Gaga? That's not predicting the future, she stole the idea from simpsons.
Sky Alania
Sky Alania - 11 days ago
Come on james you should know its not not prediction. Its programing the masses at its best!
Money - 11 days ago
Funny how he talk about people talking about time machine, talking about remote controlling..... people talk about a lot things lmbo ain’t want to say the last one huh lol
John Walker
John Walker - 12 days ago
Do the cracks in the front of the Simpson's version of the cathedral say anything in another language? Turn sideways too... just want to know. Imagine it was orders.... looks like writing, in some languages....
Dan Henry
Dan Henry - 12 days ago
The Illuminati are only a bunch of nerds from college who created a club one that spans many generations, one still goes on to this day. Trust me they aren't anyththing godly like or supernatural. They are just a bunch of college geeks. It's so easy to just ignore their bullshit.
Sen G Lotus
Sen G Lotus - 13 days ago
The Simpsons did it!
Phillip MakethewayStraight
What this reveals is that the producers have contacts with big tech corporations and with those in government feeding them information. Also Lady Gaga or her producers might have watched the Simpson’s and suggest she swing from the rafters. The CIA is heavily involved with Hollywood and they do try to manipulate people’s perception of reality.
ste bee
ste bee - 14 days ago
I was told that they hold back technology advancements by 10 years at least so they can make more money on existing gadgets.
El Capitan
El Capitan - 14 days ago
It isn't from time machines or looking into the future. Theyre really just showing their plans. It's in the face of the people and they are still ignoring it. They are mocking the public.
LeeGirl82 - 14 days ago
Dick Tracy also had smart watches since like the 50s
Lilolme Jusayin
Lilolme Jusayin - 14 days ago
Dick Tracy the Cartoon detective had a watch phone. 50+ years ago...
cherie allen
cherie allen - 14 days ago
I'm beginning to believe these satanists preplan all of this. Makes me sick. Hope Trump isn't part of this nonsense ?
Free Thinking
Free Thinking - 14 days ago
this is predicted programming, because they cannot create on there own, so the need us to accept what they plan. - repeat and consent - so long until it becomes reality
Jon Gotti
Jon Gotti - 14 days ago
Its not prediction if they are planned events..
serrot spikester
serrot spikester - 14 days ago
the Simpsons had been around for 30 years now of course the show could predict some things over the years, but those things never happen until years later, that not a prediction its just nothing more then a coincidence that all, any body can predict some thing and it would happen with in days or weeks or month or even a year or two later, but you can't call it a prediction, a prediction should happen after 2 to 3 seconds later when some one made the prediction and it have to happen to the T, the way it was predicted.
if the Simpson want to raise a lot people eyebrow let see if the show can predict 3 things one for every Sunday and it have to come true after the show end, and right when Bob's Burger start and it happen 3 Sunday and it has to be the way it was predicted.
Feriin - 14 days ago
It's almost like it's predictive programming or something...
Holly13 Satre89
Holly13 Satre89 - 14 days ago
Being nieve, uneducated, unimaginative and/or cognitively challenged does not.mean time travel is the answer! Good grief!
Holly : )
Shy Love
Shy Love - 15 days ago
Just something that popped into my head. What if people are just using the simpsons. Like they see it on the show and make it happen in real life
Melissa Berger
Melissa Berger - 15 days ago
Star trek and star wars as well.
ivannthegreat1 - 15 days ago
I must say , that We The People should go back into watching the old episodes of the Simpson’s in so we can get an idea in what they are trying to tell us for the future.
Riss Ryker
Riss Ryker - 15 days ago
Ever think that this "prediction" is just another way to make doomsayers go nuts and then sit back and laugh at the anarchy they've created? kk
Slang Yung
Slang Yung - 15 days ago
Hiding in plain sight, all while laughing.
Mustard Seed
Mustard Seed - 15 days ago
Video chat and smart watches were first shown on the Jetsons cartoon decades earlier.
Don Don
Don Don - 15 days ago
The matrix ,we live in their planned world u need to wake up n once u do , they'll come after u
droid4D - 15 days ago
It's called propaganda
Angry Analyst
Angry Analyst - 15 days ago
Illuminati plan is to divide and conquer. How will they do it? By getting rid of majority of the population. And those who survive will be easy to control.
Darko Pranjic
Darko Pranjic - 15 days ago
Seagull Livingstone
Seagull Livingstone - 15 days ago
Maybe the terrorists watch the Simpsons ?
Rosolino Lo Sciuto
Rosolino Lo Sciuto - 16 days ago
Armi ad energia diretta le chiamavano il raggio della morte
Boys Rback
Boys Rback - 16 days ago
Part of the agreement to show what is going to happen in tv,movies,music,etc Luciferian agenda.
matthew moore
matthew moore - 16 days ago
Politic, shootings, terrorism are all psychological warfare operations that are pre-planned decades in advance.
Najma Begum
Najma Begum - 16 days ago
Meteor? The worst is yet to come! Did Simpsons predict 9/11 too?
joe peters
joe peters - 16 days ago
Heath St john
Heath St john - 16 days ago , the bodies in Paris were yellow-fleshed , if not yellow-vested , ( gillets jaunes ) . It's not a coincidence ; many things , for those who ' see ' , are hidden : in plain sight.
SammySinOfficial - 16 days ago
wasnt it obvious that in some time all these things could happen? maybe in 100 years we say star trek an star wars predicted many things.....
Diverse - 16 days ago
They didn't predect it but they plan it.
dan skroko
dan skroko - 16 days ago
They are Announcing their INTENT. Think Clinton and E-Mail *INTENT*.
dan skroko
dan skroko - 16 days ago
dan skroko
dan skroko - 16 days ago
The current Law for Posting in Chicago is 45 Days in the Newspaper.
dan skroko
dan skroko - 16 days ago
In Masonic Law, If announced beforehand all forms of Warfare becomes Legal. If I announce i am going to Storm the Castle and then DO SO! It is Legal. This is the Basis for the Posting of Laws. Lawful if POSTED beforehand in Plain sight for everyone to Read. Like a PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT at the Town Square or Newspaper.
blower05 - 16 days ago
Its just like the game Simon says but this is simply Simpson says
john clark
john clark - 16 days ago
The Simpsons T.V. series is owned by the illuminati wake up.
David Fournier
David Fournier - 16 days ago
Maby they are giving signals to the cells
Live redneck
Live redneck - 16 days ago
This is where they put things like this. So "they" can say "you really believe a cartoon" then it happens and they call it coincidence. But how many of these "cartoons" need to be out there before ..........?
THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE - 16 days ago
Turtle Sarpong jr
Turtle Sarpong jr - 16 days ago
End games 🤔👀
iBiana Doubt
iBiana Doubt - 16 days ago
This meteor shower returns year after year. It is caused by Comet debris left in a particular part of the Earth's orbit around the sun: which is why it returns, every year.
This debris, that creates the meteor shower is made up of particles the size of sand and smaller.
Asteroids can be problematic to the Earth, but meteors never are.
Nanof Urbiznis
Nanof Urbiznis - 16 days ago
Cmon people. People have been predicting inventions since the beginning of time. And the 90s isnt that far to consider video chatting or smart watches or stuff like that.
I'm only interested in the real events that they predicted, not ambiguous inventions that look nothing like what we have today.
Cara Crabtree
Cara Crabtree - 16 days ago
The Note Dame scene was a spin on the "Humpback of Notre Dame" story
Cara Crabtree
Cara Crabtree - 16 days ago
That auto correct wasn't on a phone, back then they had "Palm pad" or something to I guess take notes and stuff, I think they had a calendar and such, few people had them was an expensive toy..
GL7D Online
GL7D Online - 17 days ago
Here is what’s happening. 1. Someone there is a time traveler. 2. The Illuminati or deep state whatever you want to call it, is making sick jokes with this cartoon using the cartoon to tell us what’s going to happen in the future as they make it happen on there time. We don’t give enough credit to human life and the ones who live it and seek knowledge can obtain it. If NASA can see 15 billion light years away from earth to capture a picture of a black hole then we can do anything bc that in it self sounds like comic fiction when actually it’s a reality. Along time ago people said aids would never be cured when really they had the cure all along just wanted to make money from STD Patience.. not to long ago aids now has a cure just like cancer but they refuse to give it bc they still need the money it brings. The fact of the matter is, the Simpsons is fishy I don’t believe they are getting lucky guesses through out history there’s math behind it and the amount of times to guess things like this with the right people at the right time in the right place is highly not likely. Let’s be honest, it’s either choice 1 or 2. What do you think?
Hazel Bandz
Hazel Bandz - 17 days ago
The North Pole is our enemy
Hazel Bandz
Hazel Bandz - 17 days ago
Anyone notice sour worms taste like clay
Hazel Bandz
Hazel Bandz - 17 days ago
Ok bet.. Avengers showed enough
Deborahlee Baby boomer
Deborahlee Baby boomer - 17 days ago
Dick Tracy predicted smart phones.
Voose Lagina
Voose Lagina - 17 days ago
Has nothing to do with the time she has everything to do with high up individuals involved in secret societies who create your pop culture through you following the works they do and put out on TV Hollywood music and books.TV is called programming for a reason. It’s called predictive programming with a little bit of operant conditioning and presto change oh you come up with skin Aryan Pavlovian behavior modificatio TV is called programming for a reason. It’s called predictive programming with a little bit of operant conditioning
MarYT961 - 17 days ago
All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
The script was written long ago...
anony mous
anony mous - 17 days ago
Creepy as
j wallace
j wallace - 17 days ago
Dick tracy had the smart watch in the funny pages since at least the 40's.
becky Sawyer
becky Sawyer - 17 days ago
Yahawashi Property.
Yahawashi Property. - 17 days ago
Just like 9/11 and election of trump, the ZIONIST FAKE JEWS, own that show and send subliminals messages threw this show, and the show are suppose to be about a so called black family.
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler - 17 days ago
Simpson’s... come on just stay in the present not the future,

There’s probably gonna be a school shooting in around 5 months
Deborah Jiggens
Deborah Jiggens - 17 days ago
Creepy?? That’s an understatement❗️ it’s evil... ever went to a fortune teller and their perditions come to pass? It’s from demons 🥺
D B - 17 days ago
I love The Simpsons best cartoon ever..
Andy Velasquez
Andy Velasquez - 17 days ago
Video chat was actually used on the Jetsons before the Simpsons!!!
Mary Grech
Mary Grech - 17 days ago
They well never biuld
Ray O
Ray O - 17 days ago
Why didn’t u do the trump and 911 episode ? 🤔
bigbike - 17 days ago
I predicted the we would watch tv on our phones back in the 90s , it wasnt hard . Its pretty obvious , tech gets smaller !
M. Ramey
M. Ramey - 17 days ago
You forgot the NASA episode.
Ricardo Cadet
Ricardo Cadet - 17 days ago
They just found a three eyed snake in Australia...why I bought it up???
Garythesquid SQUID
Garythesquid SQUID - 17 days ago
If i tell you im gonna punch you in the face, and then i punch you in the face, i didnt predict i would punch you, i just told what i was gonna do.
Arturo Castillo
Arturo Castillo - 17 days ago
One episode of astroboy from the 80's shows a kid with a hidden tablet in he's textbook.
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan - 17 days ago
Danm stan lee looks thicc.
(They showed stan lee flying like a ghost because his soul is still flying around)
Peach Heard
Peach Heard - 17 days ago
Lil Ray
Lil Ray - 17 days ago
Really dude there is no such thing as coincidence everything is already been planned and if you don’t believe me then you clearly haven’t lived long enough but give it some time eventually you’ll see that your just another puppet along for the ride. It doesn’t matter what you do because just when you think 🤔 that your getting ahead in life bam 💥 just more pre planned Chaos is on the horizon
it's not the directors or the artists it's the muse as they say in showbiz but the muse is the source of all consciousness. The source shows us through creation law of duality what's true hence we are told front believe what you see on tv. but many things come true and just like you point out with Simpson's. it shows duality. and the source always sends messages this way. 👊🏻👁
Trubel T
Trubel T - 17 days ago
Finally we know who leads the world.
Daniel Tuhkanen
Daniel Tuhkanen - 17 days ago
S.o. did nostradamus
Phil Graves
Phil Graves - 17 days ago
It wasn't that accurate because they left out the Muslim involvement
Panda Hungry
Panda Hungry - 17 days ago
Are you literally just reviewing a web page? Youtube is getting worse by the month
Skunners1 - 17 days ago
The authorities/the author writes
Calvin Rubio
Calvin Rubio - 17 days ago
Is that not the Polaroid camera from the 90s?
ki luv
ki luv - 17 days ago
Yes the Simpsons is the show to watch to see what's going to happen in the future. The ones who controls the tv are the same ones who control everything that happens like on your nightly news. They are the powers that shouldn't be!!!
Manuel Ortiz
Manuel Ortiz - 17 days ago
All predictions about technology are easy to explain. All techs are based on Needs. And Needs are so characteristic of the human being, everybody has needs and everybody are able to imagine a way to satisfy those needs. For example the need to communicate with video (Skype in real life and the video call in the 90s of the simpsons) . In that way, I'm sure people in the future will say that the Avengers predicted the Nanotechnology Armor with the Iroman's armor.
Melissa C.
Melissa C. - 17 days ago
A meteor a huge one could be hitting earth. Nasa has spoke about it. They are talking about shooting it down that's how close it supposed to get to Earth
Reunite as o.N.e11
Reunite as o.N.e11 - 17 days ago
Omg crazy
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