Fortnite X Jumpman

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Tania Lake
Tania Lake - 17 hours ago
Rasheed Salah
Rasheed Salah - 18 days ago
Icee Nike’s on dem shoes
Laiyah Williams
Laiyah Williams - 22 days ago
Fortnite : introduces Fortnite x Jumpman
Temple run and subway surfers: are we a joke to you
Angel _Kitsune
Angel _Kitsune - 29 days ago
I just noticed that the air Jordan’s skins where wearing nikes
GamerGarf - 29 days ago
ayy yuh it’s jumpman
NANÁ 64 - Month ago
Free fire ven a ver,😝
Byron1330 - Month ago
Zapatilla jordan 300 euros
Oscar Torres
Oscar Torres - Month ago
Please bring back :!
Isir StayLitty
Isir StayLitty - Month ago
Put this skin back in the item shop please
royito de papel gamer
royito de papel gamer - Month ago
De mi marca fav de ropa :3 en fortnite
MikeSalad21 - Month ago
Song plisss
Coutinio Brazil
Coutinio Brazil - Month ago
Song please
Kev Gaming
Kev Gaming - Month ago
The whole trailer : *yO cHeCk ThiS oUt*
vMarz - Month ago
LmAO 😂
xTTGx Twan
xTTGx Twan - 2 months ago
The OG 1's are cool and all, but I need the 12's or the 11's and I will give you all the money you want Epic!
TobyIsAwesome Gaming
TobyIsAwesome Gaming - 2 months ago
The only problem I have with this is it was literally the day after the John Wick collab like rip my vbucks
Tf Takhar
Tf Takhar - 2 months ago
7 year olds: Omg tHeY MaDe Fortnite jorDaN Into a SHoe StORe
Meme machine
Meme machine - 2 months ago
Bring back please
SR Films Production
SR Films Production - 2 months ago
Fortnite Battle Royale:
Is The Greatest
Fallen x FreaK
Fallen x FreaK - 2 months ago
They gotta bring these skins back :( i missed it!!
Escape :P
Escape :P - 2 months ago
Archive -
Archive - - 2 months ago
Next collab:Fortnite X Supreme
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Fortnite X Cartoons
bread 99
bread 99 - 2 months ago
This ltm made me so mad
Daivd Sandoval
Daivd Sandoval - 2 months ago
I am so getting this skin
Rita Garbaliauskaitė
Rita Garbaliauskaitė - 2 months ago
Next fortnite x micheal jackson
Ghost_Knight1678 - 2 months ago
It's actually fortnite X Nike because Nike and Jordan are teammates
Exploding TV
Exploding TV - 2 months ago
Fortnite: **Collaborate with Jordan’s**
Also fortnite: Lol lets make the Jordan skins wear nike shoes
Ninja Mime
Ninja Mime - 2 months ago
They put Cyrax from Mortal Kombat in fortnite?!?!
glazezboy - 2 months ago
Yoshi Gaming
Yoshi Gaming - 2 months ago
For those wondering, This ltm is technically still playable
joshua morgan
joshua morgan - 2 months ago
Pls bring this mode back
Bence 4000
Bence 4000 - 2 months ago
... subwaysurf x fortnite ? ..... no
Gorilla Grenade
Gorilla Grenade - 2 months ago
One of the most subpar and shittiest events EVER
Korey.D Gamer
Korey.D Gamer - 2 months ago
0:03 I Saw Nike
Korey.D Gamer
Korey.D Gamer - 2 months ago
Alex Vilcea Awesome 👏 😎
Alex Vilcea
Alex Vilcea - 2 months ago
Korey.D Gamer jordans are made by nike
JohnStoneZ Roblox and more
What I hate in fortnite

Me:*shoots a person*
Person:*builds dubai*
Sh11na - 3 months ago
Fortnite x Subway Surfers
307df - 3 months ago
Apex is better
TheBlueBeast45 - 3 months ago
What if they vault building

Soccer skins can’t do 90s every 5 seconds then
Jonesy - 3 months ago
Yo hold up,
If its basketball, why are there skateboards?!?!
TK NaNdo
TK NaNdo - 3 months ago
This has nothing to do with basket ball
bear Gamer
bear Gamer - 3 months ago

Fortnite x Nike
JKLitttleMan - 3 months ago
Epic games please add avengers weapons and infinity stones and infinity gauntlet and vaulted weapons to creative
Slap shot Studios1708
Slap shot Studios1708 - 2 months ago
JKLitttleMan vaulted weapons are in creative
TanTheInkster - 3 months ago
OMG i love the comments here
Hahaga123456 Uyiyuyuyuy
Hahaga123456 Uyiyuyuyuy - 3 months ago
The comments are way to funny I swear.
Aiden Hicks703
Aiden Hicks703 - 3 months ago
Fortnite x Shazam!
Adrian Garcia
Adrian Garcia - 3 months ago
Litteraly the most cooked game ever with nonstop laggs
Nilay Lochan
Nilay Lochan - 3 months ago
Fortnite:Fortnite X Jordan
Michael Jordan: Stop it! Get some help
Spyeye034 - 3 months ago
Fortnite X Original Mario
Giancarlo Vanegas
Giancarlo Vanegas - 3 months ago
Jordans? But they're wearing Nikes
Diablo Midnite
Diablo Midnite - 3 months ago
Wow the male looks so bad
ItzJustFiend - Fortnite Apex and More!
Fortnite, can you tell me how to level up my save the world heroes in June 2019? I’d really appreciate it
Kahlaa Rabbani
Kahlaa Rabbani - 3 months ago
Can fortnite please give samsung galaxy A9 high quality, better fps and better graphics pls?
la moul
la moul - 3 months ago
Please fortnite PS3😍😍😍😍
NISMO THE DRIFTER - 3 months ago
I did all the challenges
Wincent Śliwiński
Wincent Śliwiński - 3 months ago
Fortnite coś takiego że można wybierać ile chce sie vDolców
Pan Policjant !
Pan Policjant ! - 3 months ago
What music?
Attila Kenderes
Attila Kenderes - 3 months ago
Zahide Karacil
Zahide Karacil - 3 months ago
old pumgun is 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 new pumgun is😡😡😡
modernists - 3 months ago
I'm just looking for eye hints
420Cash Money420
420Cash Money420 - 3 months ago
Slap shot Studios1708
Slap shot Studios1708 - 2 months ago
420Cash Money420 they did
Chino&onix Torres
Chino&onix Torres - 3 months ago
Btw i have the jumpman skins add me on Chinesguy46
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