An Office Prank Goes Way Too Far - Key & Peele

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TheCrises - 12 hours ago
Lilblunt Bigsak
Lilblunt Bigsak - 15 hours ago
This shyt is not funny I’m sorry
Cameron Adams
Cameron Adams - 16 hours ago
The ending scene by far was the funniest for me!
The Sorrow
The Sorrow - 17 hours ago
Metal Gear Solid
Uncle Ruckus
Uncle Ruckus - 19 hours ago
There is only one sure fire way to tell if someone is really honest to God racist is if they hate Key and Peele....How could anyone hate these spooks?........JOKING JOKES
Seabastiannnn - 21 hour ago
I'll take a flick over a slapass 😅
RNT - Day ago
Is that Obama's anger translater?
Nebula - Day ago
Paper towel fuzz 😭😭😭
ismail abdelazim
ismail abdelazim - Day ago
Terry is like: yo mother fucker, not even in my grave
Katlego Bopape
Katlego Bopape - Day ago
Terry is a legend at that game they played. Even from the grave, he can't loose
Katlego Bopape
Katlego Bopape - Day ago
This is yet another top drawer acting coupled with classic dramatic background music straight from Hollywood. This is quality comedy. I love it 😊
Helm of the Anti-lemon
this HAS to be tribute to kids in the hall!
Phyxius - Day ago
This is fuxking disturbing.
Bike lives Matter
Bike lives Matter - Day ago
They are so corny but entertaining lol
Foamy 42
Foamy 42 - Day ago
But do you have something on your tie tho?😂
Joel THE LEGEND - Day ago
Those two fools are hilarious😂😂😂
17ballislife - Day ago
8:20 how this man start his day with 20 percent battery lolol
Kassim Johnson
Kassim Johnson - Day ago
This show and South Park put Comedy Central on the map
Alphonse Obama
Alphonse Obama - Day ago
Alphonse Obama
Alphonse Obama - Day ago
Right Token.
frankman2 - 2 days ago
This is genius. If it ended on the first flick, it would have been perfect. You could see the "beyond the grave" flick coming from a mile away.
Mr SS - 2 days ago
Are these new or old?
Mr SS - Day ago
ben amv
ben amv - 2 days ago
4:09 it’s better to say terry passed then “terry died”
David Kordesh
David Kordesh - 2 days ago
3:31 Shoulda dropped the deuce on him.
Rick B.
Rick B. - 2 days ago
My wife is the worst flicker player ever. She always falls for it and she doesn't seem to get that the game is always on. I also like to catch my teenage son too lol
Jesus Christ7
Jesus Christ7 - 2 days ago
I thought the ending would be Terry in a casket and when he bent over to cry he flicks him and wakes up.
Jim Seiler
Jim Seiler - 2 days ago
What's wrong with you two?
Outdoor Freak.s
Outdoor Freak.s - 2 days ago
Schmutz 🤣🤣🤣
Jesus Ortiz
Jesus Ortiz - 2 days ago
bud nino87
bud nino87 - 2 days ago
Brian Meyrick
Brian Meyrick - 2 days ago
i went dizzie laughing so much
Tungaa Myagmar
Tungaa Myagmar - 2 days ago
Key: so u chosen death
David Krane
David Krane - 2 days ago
So good
vikas malik
vikas malik - 2 days ago
Kings of drama
AlmightyPhilosophy11 - 2 days ago
For anyone looking for the background track they used. Good day folks ✊🏾
S1T08 - 2 days ago
Man I miss this show! But I get it. Jordan is a genius filmmaker. He had to go do that.
Sebastien Plaisir
Sebastien Plaisir - 2 days ago
When the skeleton hand got out the have I lost it.
Luis Escobedo
Luis Escobedo - 2 days ago
Mad t.v way better than SNL
Shawn Bellazan
Shawn Bellazan - 2 days ago
They funny asl
Flatt - 3 days ago
David Miles
David Miles - 3 days ago
Damn I didn’t expect to laugh that hard 😂😂.
Erich Mais
Erich Mais - 3 days ago
I can't wait to show this to my grand kids, the ones I don't have yet
Kiran Truter
Kiran Truter - 3 days ago
I like these videos less after they changed the title, idk why
Dub - 3 days ago
3:29 though LOL! 😂😂😂
Happyme! - 3 days ago
I really thought he wouldn't be dead and he was waiting 7 years to reveal he fooled everyone into believing he was!
Evol Saiyan
Evol Saiyan - 3 days ago
That was a rollercoaster
blasttrash - 4 days ago
how is this funny?
Know the Unknown
Know the Unknown - 4 days ago
0:17 when u find the last nug of bud u lost 2 hours ago
Adriel Manriquez
Adriel Manriquez - 4 days ago
So he really died??
fatih karadağ
fatih karadağ - 4 days ago
Whats the name of the intense music
Bongani Arthur
Bongani Arthur - 4 days ago
Now when she said he died, the music made me cry too😢😭
Joseph Blosch
Joseph Blosch - 4 days ago
The guy that says he will not hire white people....yeah, funny.
Dimitri Silva
Dimitri Silva - 4 days ago
This was called flicker when it first came out.
bjorn joseph
bjorn joseph - 4 days ago
I made schmutz on my wifes chest
Jon Gordley
Jon Gordley - 4 days ago
Oooo Terry. . . He flicked me! 🤣 great ending
Stis Oisfnr
Stis Oisfnr - 4 days ago
This is actually a good short movie wich can show mobbing in the simplest ways, and how like that girl totally does’nt care about his emotion in the slightest. But yeah he died with no explonation in a short movie where you kind if try to show mobbing, am I the bad or you or none of us🤔 anyhow
Ryan V
Ryan V - 4 days ago
No more Terries
Savage OG
Savage OG - 4 days ago
Most amazing thing I have ever seen
Boe 0v0
Boe 0v0 - 4 days ago
At 4:50 is looked like Keegan became light yagami for a second there...
Love Naÿ
Love Naÿ - 4 days ago
😂 I canttt! I’m dying!
Aryan Prakash
Aryan Prakash - 4 days ago
4:49 death note deleted scene
Dr Enigma
Dr Enigma - 4 days ago
It just pisses me off! Haha
GhostPenalty - 4 days ago
That music...
Silver Moon
Silver Moon - 4 days ago
I'm not familiar with the 'flicker' trick so didn't quite get that part. Love the cinematography though
Darell Davie
Darell Davie - 5 days ago
He Flicked Me🤣
Blue Wolf
Blue Wolf - 5 days ago
The ending was the money shot 🤣
thetruefinale - 5 days ago
This is just too good. Key and Peele skits are the last really funny thing after SNL, MadTV, and The Chapelle Show.
LoverofGOD Always
LoverofGOD Always - 5 days ago
SNL? Dang you just insulted key and peele
Hyacinth Alcaraz Villanueva
wavy boi
wavy boi - 5 days ago
Just turn around andlook
Inkimetronic - 5 days ago
That level of intensity xD
John Wake
John Wake - 5 days ago he was like nooooo
Hahahaa in death man still winning!!!!
himynamestito _
himynamestito _ - 5 days ago
Shane E
Shane E - 5 days ago
Why in Gods name did i never watch these guys on the reg?
Vincen - 5 days ago
Terry died !! 😂😂😂
A. Nonny Mouse
A. Nonny Mouse - 6 days ago
Season 10 of the office looks good.
Jes Brickner
Jes Brickner - 6 days ago
Not their best material. Meh at best. :/
Swoopey YT
Swoopey YT - 6 days ago
This was a work of art!
Alfredo Taylor
Alfredo Taylor - 6 days ago
This video is so old
TeFA1R - 6 days ago
His fucken hands came out the dirt!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
Emmanuel Bernard
Emmanuel Bernard - 6 days ago
Me at the office everyday for 5 years
Black X /Samurai Zackx
Black X /Samurai Zackx - 6 days ago
5:00 ✖ saw that coming a mile away, guess he had a BONE to pick with him 😂😂😂💀💀
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