I Tried Merging Fortnite Accounts with Popular Streamers

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Kaidoz - 28 days ago
*I Tried Merging Fortnite Accounts with Popular Streamers lol*
sub rn plz ty x
Ryan Cooper
Ryan Cooper - 3 hours ago
Kaidoz please can we merge accounts
Ayad Alabadi
Ayad Alabadi - 4 hours ago
Kaidoz Can we merge accounts
Ryan Cooper
Ryan Cooper - Day ago
I have 0 skins
Ryan Cooper
Ryan Cooper - Day ago
Kaidoz ill merge lol
coco los
coco los - 3 days ago
Kaidoz wow
Kelly Caviness
Kelly Caviness - Hour ago
He is so fucking good
Scqrppy - 2 hours ago
nice vid kaidoz :pls outro song?
but nice vid bro
Ghost Mohu
Ghost Mohu - 21 hour ago
i cant even merge my accounts
plz fortnite fix it give me more information
Davinder Pal
Davinder Pal - Day ago
your wrong
Albo_Hero YT
Albo_Hero YT - Day ago
so fake tho like so fake boi just wants views
Elite Clapz
Elite Clapz - 2 days ago
Video: 2 hours later
Kadoiz: it’s been about 5 mins and...
Max Bullman
Max Bullman - 2 days ago
this is why people hate you
doing shit that means nothing to streamers just to get a reaction
Random Male
Random Male - 2 days ago
@Kaidoz I’ll let you merge my account lol
PZ 3
PZ 3 - 2 days ago
Can you merge me you're account ? I have 0 skins
Tyler Steffa
Tyler Steffa - 3 days ago
You stole this idea from that one guy with the recon expert
absolute destruction gaming
Can you get me 10,000 vbucks
Jayden Mullins
Jayden Mullins - 3 days ago
Ur anying
Jayden Mullins
Jayden Mullins - 3 days ago
U got this idea of caiz so stop lying
Mystic Fortnite
Mystic Fortnite - 3 days ago
This is how many victories you will get
Afshan Tanzil
Afshan Tanzil - 3 days ago
All the dislikes are from the angry defaults
who dont have any skins
Nikita Ivanov
Nikita Ivanov - 4 days ago
I’m on PS4 nick name is nikthree
Nikita Ivanov
Nikita Ivanov - 4 days ago
I want to merge accounts with you because I have no skins
Janice Vandeford
Janice Vandeford - 4 days ago
Do my account pls Jdfortnite1
Eric Ramirez
Eric Ramirez - 4 days ago
Like your
Eric Ramirez
Eric Ramirez - 4 days ago
Or Er
Eric Ramirez
Eric Ramirez - 4 days ago
Can you please merge my account please thanks my fortnite .name is flyboyEthanporER
FuZeBTW - 3 days ago
Eric Ramirez thirsty btw lmao
Xotic Wolvzz
Xotic Wolvzz - 4 days ago
stinky pinky beat you u trash
Prometh 312
Prometh 312 - 4 days ago
Please merge my epic please
Eduardo Naranjo
Eduardo Naranjo - 5 days ago
conix300 - 6 days ago
Why you click bait so annoying
Genus[BB_clan] 01
Genus[BB_clan] 01 - 6 days ago
Genus[BB_clan] 01
Genus[BB_clan] 01 - 6 days ago
lispy boi
lispy boi - 6 days ago
Shotgun plays lookin ass
Timothy - 6 days ago
Bruh you’ve literally copied and pasted shotgunPlays’ video formats man. Down to side effects, Simpson and spongebob frames....
Does it really be like that?
Velocity Modz
Velocity Modz - 6 days ago
Someone merge with me 😎 my lockers pretty empty beside default skin 🤣
IClown [:
IClown [: - 6 days ago
Conspiracy Theories
Conspiracy Theories - 7 days ago
what happens with an account merge.... can you play on both accounts at the same time or not
Sijmen - 7 days ago
Rosés are red violets are blue i just got clickbaited so as you
Xander_ YOUTUBE - 7 days ago
If anyone has a maxed season 2 account that i can buy and is on xbox so i can merge i just need season 2 i have all seasons maxed
B and M Gaming
B and M Gaming - 7 days ago
hey can i 1v1 u?
Luis Fonseca
Luis Fonseca - 7 days ago
Click bait
hungry stream680
hungry stream680 - 7 days ago
I can merge cause my family is too poor to buy me any skins
bambam boi
bambam boi - 8 days ago
wow 4.5 million views cuz of a misleading thumbnail
imapandaYT - 8 days ago
new suscriber ai lof u 🤦🏼‍♀️💕😂
Oz340 - 8 days ago
Work on your thumbnails
Apex Triston yt
Apex Triston yt - 8 days ago
I dare you to pin this
JDAGOD Sus2.0 - 8 days ago
Kaidoz grew so much I was here when he was at 22k
Lugia Pokémon
Lugia Pokémon - 8 days ago
“2 hours later” it’s been like five minutes. U LIED TO US KAIDOZ
c v q o
c v q o - 8 days ago
Merge it with me
subway spackaboi
subway spackaboi - 8 days ago
Kaidoz you are the most saddest human being to step on this earth
Gustav Berlin
Gustav Berlin - 9 days ago
You are best 💪pls give me a gift 🙏🏼🎁 me name in Fortnite is Gurragaming07
Dubstep It Up
Dubstep It Up - 9 days ago
5:19 no no no no no no naw naw naw naw nae nae no no no *BEAT*
Dubstep It Up
Dubstep It Up - 9 days ago
He tries to meme while being a sellout.......

That’s smart
Ben Ford
Ben Ford - 9 days ago
freking ninja is so rode
Dt Dg
Dt Dg - 9 days ago
Hi can I merge my account with u plz
Henrik Knudsen
Henrik Knudsen - 9 days ago
Im comm comming from Denmark 🇩🇰
Bernie Mcdonagh
Bernie Mcdonagh - 9 days ago
can I merge account with you
Renaldo Garcia
Renaldo Garcia - 9 days ago
Why this guy laughs just like Fe4rless 😶??
XrL - 9 days ago
Shotgun plays vibe
Eli Amason
Eli Amason - 9 days ago
Oof Was That Binding Of Issac?
pet default
pet default - 9 days ago
*2 hours later*

Ok guys it's been 5 minutes and he still hasn't responded
Jayden YT Tran
Jayden YT Tran - 9 days ago
I want to I have a lot of skins
Irimia Zoica
Irimia Zoica - 9 days ago
I play on PS4 pro
Irimia Zoica
Irimia Zoica - 9 days ago
Can I have some skins pls my username is nico123_power
GR00T - GAMING - 9 days ago
Hey, I got this nice Account with the rare Mako-Glider on it, if someone want to Trade his Account with Mine, please send me a DM-Message!
doge slap
doge slap - 9 days ago
Sub to Kaidoz he spend bunch of money so subscribe if nit you noob
dandany123 YT
dandany123 YT - 10 days ago
5:40 I’m like we’re is the skip button
Bløndesen - 10 days ago
The thumbnail is so click bait. It is an Xbox controller to go to the next item and tofu does not play on Xbox does he?😂
aqiel yusuf
aqiel yusuf - 10 days ago
Im like
Electric Gaming
Electric Gaming - 10 days ago
there was an ad at the time of that ad
Turkey Lad
Turkey Lad - 10 days ago
Isn’t this click bait?
Harryz - 10 days ago
hi i make montages i uploaded my first video and i could really do with some support i spend 6 hours + on videos so a extra sub could really go far!
Kirble Kirble
Kirble Kirble - 10 days ago
Can I merge with u
jason kell
jason kell - 10 days ago
3:30 here is tfue
jason kell
jason kell - 10 days ago
When he was watching faze cloak and a add came up for him a Shazam add came up for me😂😂
4:59 who else got an add when he did
Boughaba Bouglouf
Boughaba Bouglouf - 10 days ago
The. Map ur playing is ssundee murdur mystery’s map
jay atom
jay atom - 10 days ago
He sounds like zenic
EliteKing36 - 10 days ago
Download fortnite...
C E L O B I N H O - 10 days ago
Need be famous to merge my account?
Wolf east
Wolf east - 10 days ago
Ur laugh is like Fearless
CJ4 7LN - 11 days ago
Nice Clickbait
AJCD ! - 11 days ago
im triggered he didn't use the purple pump tho
Jōgan - 11 days ago
Bro can u merge it to my account plz?
Colin Chatham
Colin Chatham - 11 days ago
You can't fool me Ali-A. Changing you name and profile picture can't hide your true identity.
clark paolo
clark paolo - 11 days ago
anyone else start to closely listen for his mouse and keyboard clicks after the game sound came back on😭
Joshua Choc
Joshua Choc - 11 days ago
Ask defaults
john playzz
john playzz - 11 days ago
But only some time
john playzz
john playzz - 11 days ago
U say he is clueless your bad
Wyatt Muller
Wyatt Muller - 11 days ago
Kaidoz I’ll let u merge my account but don’t steal my account
Mega emerald gamer
Mega emerald gamer - 11 days ago
Can you merge Me...I’m kinda being made fun since I don’t have season 4 , 3 , 2 or 1 skins... I’m on Xbox and my tag is minecraf ghost
Cole Hoffman
Cole Hoffman - 11 days ago
Can you merge a account to me please
Geotnicho !
Geotnicho ! - 11 days ago
Why would you think this would work.😐😑
M4RSL 4ZER - 11 days ago
SMOKIN OPPZ - 11 days ago
Can you merge a Xbox account with another Xbox account? Need answers plz.
ian mcnab
ian mcnab - 11 days ago
Tht thumbnail was tfue CLICKBAIT.
Sk! voor ever
Sk! voor ever - 11 days ago
Of you don't need it you can GIF my your skins?
PassTheChicken - 11 days ago
Can I have it
Frogsent - 11 days ago
Click bait
Your roblox Girlfriend
Your roblox Girlfriend - 12 days ago
10 mins?? Yoy money hungry vro
Mr. Saintman
Mr. Saintman - 12 days ago
This video was pointless
iˀ nˀ tˀ eˀ rˀ eˀ sˀ tˀ iˀ nˀ gˀ
Jesus christ this is Shotgun Plays V2
Oscar Avci
Oscar Avci - 12 days ago
Great video apart from that asmr shit just to get 10 mins lol
ThePotatoAssassin - 12 days ago
you can merge with me if you want, my locker is looking pretty empty :D
Dgang - 17 hours ago
ThePotatoAssassin I would love to merge (I really want season 4 Zoey) Please respond if u can THX
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