I Tried Merging Fortnite Accounts with Popular Streamers

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Kaidoz - 2 months ago
*I Tried Merging Fortnite Accounts with Popular Streamers lol*
sub rn plz ty x
diserect BTW
diserect BTW - 2 days ago
fearless Jr
fearless Jr - 3 days ago
Can we merge accounts please
Joseph Sumner
Joseph Sumner - 18 days ago
Look this place was perfect for a good m
Joseph Sumner
Joseph Sumner - 18 days ago
Kaidoz I love y’all have been in lol this game was gonna we had to use our last name
NUTTY CEEDAY - 15 hours ago
Kaidoz is full of shit because he didn’t merge accounts with tfue but in the thumbnail he did and It showed some skins were favorites and it showed the Xbox controller thing but tfue is on pc
Blind jr_
Blind jr_ - Day ago
Why did he have two pumps at the beginning
Clarissa Fountain
Clarissa Fountain - 3 days ago
I honestly don't care if this video is clickbait I like you anyways kadoz
Immortal Ghost23
Immortal Ghost23 - 6 days ago
God it’s annoying without the game sound
Angelo Gomez
Angelo Gomez - 10 days ago
Can u give me ur marshmello skin
Samuel Fraser
Samuel Fraser - 11 days ago
Me new sudscriber my fortnite name is myth019HF
Moderator Alexis The King
VARS.ŁøganOnTheLine - 15 days ago
Can u merg with me?
Antonio C.
Antonio C. - 16 days ago
Joseph Sumner
Joseph Sumner - 18 days ago
Send me a skin I suribed
Vortex - 21 day ago
can you merge with me?

im poor lol
DFue God
DFue God - 22 days ago
Reply if you want to merge
Ahmad Farag
Ahmad Farag - 23 days ago
How do you merige account please tell your subscriber's how to merge accounts do you get banned
RobIn. - 24 days ago
Hey could you guys Help me out? If I’m understanding this correctly If me and my friend we’ll call him Bill If me and bill merged Accounts (both PS4) I would have all his skins,Back Blings, Pickaxes, Gliders, Dances Ect On my PS4? I’m slightly Autistic so I don’t grasp things first Try, Thanks
Naruto Kun
Naruto Kun - 24 days ago
I use to have something that Ninja use to have.
1 sub.
Tom Moiraty
Tom Moiraty - 25 days ago
Kaidoz 1v1 me boit
Cj Alshmailawi
Cj Alshmailawi - 26 days ago
do mr goodmans dughter
thegypsysoul - 26 days ago
i sub rn
Tonya Vander Laan
Tonya Vander Laan - 28 days ago
Lol I just pooped my pants
What is he saying cheers chez choose. No idea
Reborn Dripzye
Reborn Dripzye - Month ago
Rose are Red
Violets are Blue
I never said
It was Tfue
international travel tours
Lexicon Mango
Lexicon Mango - Month ago
Bro i an really looking for season 2 account to merge with me can you pleasssssse give me a account that has the entire season 2 Battle pass.
Username: Mohammed1Akram
Troy DeVoe
Troy DeVoe - Month ago
Can we merge accaccounts
rowieBTW - Month ago
Yo kaidos, your videos are awesome, loving them keep up the good work dude
salty mofo
salty mofo - Month ago
Not true it merges automatically
Andrei -
Andrei - - Month ago
Just copying shotgun plays
DJ LKO - Month ago
Ik where faze Toronto house is reply to ask for location
DJ LKO - Month ago
Scarborough ON 3 Harding blvd
jrock360 jsimpkins
jrock360 jsimpkins - Month ago
Ken i merge your account to mine
Coolguyhjg122 8
Coolguyhjg122 8 - Month ago
Kaidoz I want to merge
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy - Month ago
Ninja was drunk
Coolishcrane 754
Coolishcrane 754 - Month ago
2 hours later. SO IT'S BEEN 5 MINUTES
You can tell this is fake when the thumbnail has tufe on Xbox pressing A to accept
Tfue - Month ago
I am
Landon Tracy
Landon Tracy - Month ago
toasty Knight
toasty Knight - Month ago
How to get views make click bait thumbnail have it never happened have face of tfue that had been used a thousand times have a title that really would never happen
T3z Mania
T3z Mania - Month ago
Can you & i merge accounts
mohamed Ali
mohamed Ali - Month ago
It said.2hours.later then.said its been 5min
KH567 yt
KH567 yt - Month ago
I dont have skins give skins to me
Mark O connor
Mark O connor - Month ago
Can you gift me a skin plsss
Clorox Bleach Is Healthy For You
What was the music at 7:12?
hashina sadat
hashina sadat - Month ago
You can only merge accounts to box access
Miggs Manarang
Miggs Manarang - Month ago
Merge wid me leeleleleleellelelelelelel
fortintepleb 247
fortintepleb 247 - Month ago
It must of been band
Enek Enek
Enek Enek - Month ago
can someone pls merge acounts or skins im a noob
the Game boy
the Game boy - Month ago
Pls merge with mine got no skins and pls I need cosmetic item I got 12 total and 1 skin from ps plus
Epic name is FNC_Spadedag
Connor Cook
Connor Cook - Month ago
Can I have a account please via I have some skins
Connor Cook
Connor Cook - Month ago
I love yo
Oliver Nilsen
Oliver Nilsen - Month ago
Can you merge with me
Iamdeprohacker Yo
Iamdeprohacker Yo - Month ago
Rip OG sign
BadSkillz Gamer
BadSkillz Gamer - Month ago
pls merge it to my default acc.
Ethan Pearce
Ethan Pearce - Month ago
Ye u have to be logged in to fortnite to acc merge it in the oc and ps4 sah yano now
Kelly Caviness
Kelly Caviness - Month ago
He is so fucking good
Scrqppy - Month ago
nice vid kaidoz :pls outro song?
but nice vid bro
Ghost Mohu
Ghost Mohu - Month ago
i cant even merge my accounts
plz fortnite fix it give me more information
Davinder Pal
Davinder Pal - 2 months ago
your wrong
TorqzACE YT - 2 months ago
so fake tho like so fake boi just wants views
Elite Clapz
Elite Clapz - 2 months ago
Video: 2 hours later
Kadoiz: it’s been about 5 mins and...
Max Bullman
Max Bullman - 2 months ago
this is why people hate you
doing shit that means nothing to streamers just to get a reaction
Random Male
Random Male - 2 months ago
@Kaidoz I’ll let you merge my account lol
PZ 3
PZ 3 - 2 months ago
Can you merge me you're account ? I have 0 skins
Tyler Steffa
Tyler Steffa - 2 months ago
You stole this idea from that one guy with the recon expert
absolute destruction gaming
Can you get me 10,000 vbucks
GAMER LIFESTYLE - 2 months ago
Ur anying
GAMER LIFESTYLE - 2 months ago
U got this idea of caiz so stop lying
Itz Mystic
Itz Mystic - 2 months ago
This is how many victories you will get
Afshan Tanzil
Afshan Tanzil - 2 months ago
All the dislikes are from the angry defaults
who dont have any skins
Nikita Ivanov
Nikita Ivanov - 2 months ago
I’m on PS4 nick name is nikthree
Nikita Ivanov
Nikita Ivanov - 2 months ago
I want to merge accounts with you because I have no skins
Janice Vandeford
Janice Vandeford - 2 months ago
Do my account pls Jdfortnite1
Eric Ramirez
Eric Ramirez - 2 months ago
Like your
Eric Ramirez
Eric Ramirez - 2 months ago
Or Er
Eric Ramirez
Eric Ramirez - 2 months ago
Can you please merge my account please thanks my fortnite .name is flyboyEthanporER
FuZeBTW - 2 months ago
Eric Ramirez thirsty btw lmao
Xotic Wolvzz
Xotic Wolvzz - 2 months ago
stinky pinky beat you u trash
Prometh 312
Prometh 312 - 2 months ago
Please merge my epic please
Toogoodforyou Good
Toogoodforyou Good - 2 months ago
conix300 - 2 months ago
Why you click bait so annoying
Genus [AADrit] 01
Genus [AADrit] 01 - 2 months ago
Genus [AADrit] 01
Genus [AADrit] 01 - 2 months ago
AshTehBeast - 2 months ago
Shotgun plays lookin ass
Timothy - 2 months ago
Bruh you’ve literally copied and pasted shotgunPlays’ video formats man. Down to side effects, Simpson and spongebob frames....
Does it really be like that?
Timothy - 26 days ago
Outrage Ethan inspiration is similar, not identical. He’s literally mimicked every facet of shotgun’s videos. Not sure why a bot mobile Fortnite player is even putting their two cents in? If you’d like I can record a 1v1 of literally any game you want and I put money on the fact I’d beat you...? What do you say kid?
NERV0S Ethan
NERV0S Ethan - Month ago
Timothy maybe its called inspiration... and most youtubers have done that before... its kind of a meme
Velocity Modz
Velocity Modz - 2 months ago
Someone merge with me 😎 my lockers pretty empty beside default skin 🤣
IClown [:
IClown [: - 2 months ago
Dylan Kelly
Dylan Kelly - 2 months ago
what happens with an account merge.... can you play on both accounts at the same time or not
Sijmen - 2 months ago
Rosés are red violets are blue i just got clickbaited so as you
Alexander-ALV YT
Alexander-ALV YT - 2 months ago
If anyone has a maxed season 2 account that i can buy and is on xbox so i can merge i just need season 2 i have all seasons maxed
Tizzi - Month ago
Xander_ RUvideos i got blue squire 😀
B and M Gaming
B and M Gaming - 2 months ago
hey can i 1v1 u?
Luis Fonseca
Luis Fonseca - 2 months ago
Click bait
hungry stream680
hungry stream680 - 2 months ago
I can merge cause my family is too poor to buy me any skins
bambam boi
bambam boi - 2 months ago
wow 4.5 million views cuz of a misleading thumbnail
imapandaYT - 2 months ago
new suscriber ai lof u 🤦🏼‍♀️💕😂
Oz340 - 2 months ago
Work on your thumbnails
Apex Triston yt
Apex Triston yt - 2 months ago
I dare you to pin this
Chkity y
Chkity y - 2 months ago
Kaidoz grew so much I was here when he was at 22k
Lugia Pokémon
Lugia Pokémon - 2 months ago
“2 hours later” it’s been like five minutes. U LIED TO US KAIDOZ
c v q o
c v q o - 2 months ago
Merge it with me
subway spackaboi
subway spackaboi - 2 months ago
Kaidoz you are the most saddest human being to step on this earth
Gustav Berlin
Gustav Berlin - 2 months ago
You are best 💪pls give me a gift 🙏🏼🎁 me name in Fortnite is Gurragaming07
Dubstep It Up
Dubstep It Up - 2 months ago
5:19 no no no no no no naw naw naw naw nae nae no no no *BEAT*
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