UFC 242 Press Conference: Khabib vs Poirier

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Steakforbreakfast - 4 hours ago
Winner vs Zombie please
Andreas1409 Vmann
Andreas1409 Vmann - 19 hours ago
Hi all, another question... where can i find dustins t-shirt from this
conference? anyone knows where can i oder it ? or name of the company?
thanks a lot for help!
Andreas1409 Vmann
Andreas1409 Vmann - 19 hours ago
Hi all, another question... where can i find dustins t-shirt from this
conference? anyone knows where can i oder it ? or name of the company?
thanks a lot for help!
muhd akieff
muhd akieff - 21 hour ago
Before Fight - Khabib: What you're gonna do?
After Fight - Khabib: Alhamdulillah!

nur aydın
nur aydın - 21 hour ago
Benim favorim Habip NurMagamedov
MJJ - 23 hours ago
so many of these fights are hard to watch cause i like most of the fighters.
No Thank You
No Thank You - Day ago
porier seems like a nice guy
jddhdj whhddj
jddhdj whhddj - Day ago
Most boring press. Just give belt to tony. Most entertaining fighter of all times in UFC
ka fa ideso halkan
ka fa ideso halkan - 3 days ago
khabib he is the first
joe noor
joe noor - 3 days ago
Aryan Khan
Aryan Khan - 3 days ago
If khabib win this game I wouldn’t be surprise at all ..Justin looks like really decent guy dosnt look beast ...
Paul McCartknee
Paul McCartknee - 2 days ago
Watch some of his fights... He’s a very good striker. If he keeps this fight on the feet, he’s good a decent shot at winning.
عبد ربه
عبد ربه - 3 days ago
Poirier is a good person he showed that and he showed respect to khabib so he deserves a chance.
AMALRAJ PC - 3 days ago
Conor mcgregor is not enough to beat kabhib I will tell who people can beat khabib and they can go to lightweight edition Brian ortega holloway Henry cejudo
AMALRAJ PC - 3 days ago
I want to see Henry se Hudo versus khabib nurmagomedov otherwise Brian ortega versus khabib both fight there is a chance to lose kabhib
DCV Minds
DCV Minds - 4 days ago
Dam gangsta
bawan aziz
bawan aziz - 4 days ago
Khabib ist sow gut in Wrestling
:Daniel: Mike
:Daniel: Mike - 5 days ago
Khabib Ez win 28-0-0
Xxx JustCallMe_Peedi
Xxx JustCallMe_Peedi - 5 days ago
I honestly think Khabib WILL Submit Dustin in Round 3 (at the 2 min mark), But The Thing with Combat Sports Is Anything Is Possible TBH..!!! Dustin Could Clip n KO Khabib in the 3rd round or He can KO Khabib In 5 seconds like (Jorge did Ben Askrens) you never know with combat sports..!!! I personally think at the 2min mark in the 3rd Round Khabib will win VIA RearNaked Choke..!!!
Adam O
Adam O - 8 days ago
👍Khabib Nurmagomedov👍
q W
q W - 9 days ago
Khabib I just want to maul people. Scary
2019 - 9 days ago
Speak up boys lol can barely hear you!
Vanta_Blk - 10 days ago
Khabib has MAJOR hands (but no one notices) AND can wear an opponent down AND is a scoonch batshit. Poirier is an outstanding fighter with a lion’s heart, has HANDS, and is a warrior who will probably capitalize a couple times but Khabib is legend with the will of a 1000 strong pack of wolves. It’s gonna be a BADASS fight.
X 360
X 360 - 10 days ago
This fight won't much cheerful to me bcz Dustin is not that arrogant... I love watch match where kabib smash player and kills their arrogant like corner..... Wait for kabib vs Tony
X 360
X 360 - 10 days ago
Both r very good fighters but kabib is another level when its come to ground...
gabrielwhite - 10 days ago
now thats an ear!
Sedat Ye
Sedat Ye - 11 days ago
Habib poirierin amina koyar
Kay Hass
Kay Hass - 11 days ago
Nurol Yn
Nurol Yn - 11 days ago
The Hitman
The Hitman - 11 days ago
None of these guys can beat khabib or even give him a challenge. He's gonna control them on the ground the entire time and dominate and smash dis guysssss. You heard it hear first. You all know it. Look at his track record people. He's a mauler.
jddhdj whhddj
jddhdj whhddj - Day ago
Nah Dustin is best boxer at 155. And Tony might beat Khabib too. Tony has amazing takedown defence, submissions and elbows
Rob Metal fan
Rob Metal fan - 11 days ago
Masvidal would best khabib flying knees work against wrestlers clearly
xSoulEateer - 11 days ago
Alim Onteb
Alim Onteb - 11 days ago
INDONESIA hadir dukung khabib 100%
Ahmad Silmi Samsudin
Ahmad Silmi Samsudin - 11 days ago
ayuh malaysia juga
ANF World
ANF World - 12 days ago
Meanwhile Connor Mc tap machine is drinking he’s life away and Sandblasting prostitutes clown.
Alex Dollar
Alex Dollar - 12 days ago
The journalists are fucking retarded fucks man. Unbelievable dickheads.
mohauchen uchen
mohauchen uchen - 12 days ago
Al hamdoulillah
mohauchen uchen
mohauchen uchen - 12 days ago
Khabib is the best
weird werk
weird werk - 12 days ago
The new ufc belt itself is wack.
Mustafo Kenjaev
Mustafo Kenjaev - 13 days ago
David Mathurin
David Mathurin - 14 days ago
Since The McGregor incident every fighters approach Khabib with respect lol.
jddhdj whhddj
jddhdj whhddj - Day ago
Dustin was always respectful, tell me one time when Dustin trash talked lmao
Все обо Всем
Все обо Всем - 14 days ago
MR.ADOKK - 14 days ago
Khabib one?
MOH _official
MOH _official - 14 days ago
Poor baby 🍼 dustin u came here for money he came here for legacy . Eagle one 🦅
coroso136 - 14 days ago
I'm a Khabib fan but Dustin is a true man, got lots of respect for him! Unlike McTapper
coroso136 - 14 days ago
@Abdo Tristan The notorious Chicken McTapper is known by many names
Abdo Tristan
Abdo Tristan - 14 days ago
U mean Mackchicken
KaPow!! Haik!
KaPow!! Haik! - 15 days ago
Volume please
Zme Jafi
Zme Jafi - 15 days ago
So much different from the Connor mcgregor press conference
hauntyoo - 15 days ago
I have a theory;
The reason UFC have not confirmed that Ferguson will get the title shot after UFC 243 is that they will wait who wins, hoping Poirier will somehow pull it off. And who comes into the picture; Conor Mcgregor. Mcgregor will get the titleshot if Poirier beats Khabib. There's few reasons for it;
- Mcgregor already beat Dustin, so using mma-math you can argue he deserves it.
- Mcgregor gets the titlefight without having to fight Khabib or Ferguson, stylistically 2 of the worst oppotents there is. (He will never fight Ferguson, never mentioned his name once)
- Mcgregor won't have to fight his way up to a titleshot, not being the main event.
- if Mcgregor wins Poirier, what he most likely will, there another huge ppv fight coming, a rematch with Khabib. If not, the UFC will still make million and million just for the Poirier fight.
So, let's face it; Mcgregor will never fight his way up to a titleshot, he will only fight as a main event. And this is UFC's chance to get him back to the game. Khabib being the champion, Mcgregor will have to fight his way up, Khabib won't give him a titleshot without few wins before that.
Let's see if this comment will be deleted.
hauntyoo - 5 days ago
@Zywwe 777 maybe, but styles make fights.
Zywwe 777
Zywwe 777 - 5 days ago
hauntyoo One more thing. If Poirier somehow beats Khabib. Then he would definitely beat Mcgrefor
Zywwe 777
Zywwe 777 - 5 days ago
hauntyoo Only one thing... Khabib is going to absoloutely maul Poirier and nothing different
Joe Axe
Joe Axe - 15 days ago
Respect each other.. That's good
volg Evensen
volg Evensen - 15 days ago
What is "interim"??? It's a champion or not! Finally a mature press conference. Mcchicken must be missing. That's why... 😂
Roberto Magarzo
Roberto Magarzo - 15 days ago
Khabib is a beast I don't see him losing to anyone in the near future
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