Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Responds to Fox News' Weird Obsession with Her

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Mr. Ramirez
Mr. Ramirez - 3 hours ago
He tRump, did you obstruct justice or where you exonorated? Yes or no?
Milf Man
Milf Man - 5 hours ago
It's not obsession, it's amazement that somebody as ignorant & ridiculous as her got elected.
Basic Penguin
Basic Penguin - 9 hours ago
I wish my country had someone like her. Alexandria if these americans dont give you the time of day, the rest of the world would love to have you!
Madman0001 - 9 hours ago
I bet if they asked the person that asked her that question to define capitalism and socialism they wouldnt be able to respond.
john kelly
john kelly - 21 hour ago
I think I might be looking at a presidential candidate?
Heinrich Joubert
Heinrich Joubert - Day ago
I used to be left wing. Like hard-core left wing. And it’s so surreal reading these leftist comments and just thinking “If only they knew”
Dick Head
Dick Head - Day ago
aoc is dumb
Frocobo - Day ago
If you look closely, you can see Zack Exley's arm up her ass.
kickboxer - Day ago
This woman is a new light in the age of Trump. She is what America needs right now together with the likes of Pelozi!
Myra Holland
Myra Holland - Day ago
Playing with the hair is a teenage thing.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark - Day ago
Hey squeaky mouse, where did you find your boyfriend, dumpster diving ? The GND will cost $ 93 Trillion, where is it coming from big mouth ?
linda gurior
linda gurior - Day ago
barmaid knows how to take drunk married mens money a real genius
Soothing Sounds
Soothing Sounds - 2 days ago
mindless viewers
Kelli CR
Kelli CR - 2 days ago
Scary socialist...remember guys, socialism's ultimate goal is communism. Don't believe it? Look at France. Macron tried REALLY hard to increase gas tax in Paris to help their "climate change" agenda and the young and poor French people revolted with car fires, vandalism and more! Socialism just doesn't work well but just wait...France will either embrace true capitalism, kick the socialists out or their government or more plausible -- become more and more communistic over the next decade or two and China, N. Korea and possibly even Russia will be all too happy to help them achieve complete communism if they want it by 2030 or 2040! Scary stuff but true. America is the greatest country on the face of the earth and libs are trying their hardest to bring us down so the rest of the world will have "income equality" with the U.S. We need to fight against this and instead help rise poorer countries up like Venezuela by kicking that dictator out and also help the people of Iran who want true freedom from a fanatical government and sponsor of terror.
Dan R
Dan R - 2 days ago
Fox News is how I imagine a Cold War Soviet news channel would be like
polachee - 2 days ago
Our next great American President. Soon rather than later.
Lasombra - 3 days ago
Love her, but seriously stop using the word "like" do much.
Badr Maghrani
Badr Maghrani - 3 days ago
she got some fine titties
BeepBop Boop
BeepBop Boop - 3 days ago
She worked for Bernie and Kennedy before this actually.
Ray Zimmerman
Ray Zimmerman - 3 days ago
Stupid and ugly, what's up with those horse teeth?
Carrie See
Carrie See - 3 days ago
,!SHE is a perfect person for president. Get old fast babe. WE NEED YOU. Seriously. Like now
sleepwalker funeral
sleepwalker funeral - 4 days ago
future president
Cendy Hutchinson
Cendy Hutchinson - 4 days ago
Alex Byron
Alex Byron - 4 days ago
“Two of my staff have been able to quit their second jobs to fully focus on work at the Hill”. I mean. Come on America. Even Congressional staffers can’t afford to work like a normal person 9-5?!
javie793 - 5 days ago
The right is obsessed with AOC because she’s awesome!
Elisabeth Hays
Elisabeth Hays - 5 days ago
Real working person? She speaks as if nobody there has ever worked a day in their life.
Valentina Varella
Valentina Varella - 3 days ago
Elisabeth Hays our congresspeople have historically been very privileged white males and are far separated from working class lives. She is not.
Doctor Rock
Doctor Rock - 5 days ago
If fox is running stories....she's doing something right
Jonathan Alty
Jonathan Alty - 5 days ago
I think she is the future, by her comments I was surprised at how ill informed some member’s of the hous are. I can only think That they are not very intelligent or even worse simply don’t care
Sarah Manz
Sarah Manz - 6 days ago
Why are grown men obsessed with a 29 year Bless her heart, She doesn't realize she is a grown woman🤭🤷‍♀️🤓...
Raptor One
Raptor One - 6 days ago
Seth Meyers is an idiot, but cortex has got him beat. She is a total moron.
boscat666 - 6 days ago
indoctrination.............. but i love her attitude
Nate C.
Nate C. - 6 days ago
She's tough, that's clear. I find it hilarious that some Republicans are so afraid of her.
Suesue - 6 days ago
Stop kissing her retarded ass! She's dumb! Yes I said it she's retarded...(Real word! look it up)
Charles Charlemagne
Charles Charlemagne - 6 days ago
How about Seth & Colbert's weird obsession with Trump? Its way more apparent.
Charles Charlemagne
Charles Charlemagne - 6 days ago
+Fiasco Linguini And political shows dont talk about idiot politicians on the other side?
Fiasco Linguini
Fiasco Linguini - 6 days ago
Usually comedians don't talk about the President, right? Derp.
tonyspacemanable - 6 days ago
I bet the only reason she's so popular especially with the male dems on the left is maybe because of what might be going on in their heads when they look at her. And you can take that anyway you want.
Oskar Schindler
Oskar Schindler - 6 days ago
Who's was that hillbilly💩head asked; are you a capitalist or socialist? Yes or No! 😂😃
Jesse Parry
Jesse Parry - 6 days ago
She needs to jump off a cliff, like, like it would so like, cool.
Eric Michael Kocher
Eric Michael Kocher - 6 days ago
Livvy - 6 days ago
"Are you a capitalist or a socialist?! Yes or no?!" I can imagine this so well, I love it😂😂😂
Don Lebo
Don Lebo - 7 days ago
Weird obsession with AOC, eh, Seth? You mean like mainstream media's obsession with Trump?
Micah Adamson
Micah Adamson - 6 days ago
...Maybe because Trump is literally the president? The most powerful person in the world? Of course the media is "obsessed" with him, everything he does is relevant and important and worth discussing, as the leader of the country! Surely that's obvious. Whereas on the other hand, she's just another member of Congress, with no more power than any of the others. So it makes total sense to question why the right is so obsessed with her.
aoteagirl nz
aoteagirl nz - 7 days ago
wow how delusional is the American Congress if they believe everything fox news tells them - a bunch of idiots running the country obviously following their delusional idiotic leader
Danny Sprawka
Danny Sprawka - 7 days ago
Young women have a wonderful role model that they can access daily as a source of what power should look like.
Charles Charlemagne
Charles Charlemagne - 6 days ago
+Micah Adamson i know exactly what a communist is. AOC is darn close. Read some of the green new deal. This girl is a brainwashed socialist with no clue about how the real world works
Micah Adamson
Micah Adamson - 6 days ago
+Charles Charlemagne If you don't know what a communist is, don't use the word. She's definitely not one.
Charles Charlemagne
Charles Charlemagne - 6 days ago
lol botted upvoted comment by RUvideos...AOC is not a role model, she's an arrogant communist ditz
Michael Quirk
Michael Quirk - 8 days ago
She makes Trump look like an intellectual 😫 she's the Dan Quayle of the Democrats.....what we used to call an ugly American....who knows nothing about the world and supports dictatorships.....please somebody buy her a free plane ticket to meet the poor and oppressed in Venezuela and North Korea
Lorenzo De Los Reyes
Lorenzo De Los Reyes - 8 days ago
Liberals should read up on Socrates
John John
John John - 8 days ago
Fake looking boobs
David Clark
David Clark - 8 days ago
I'm obsessed with wanting to hit it doggie-style!!
R G - 8 days ago
Like totally clueless. I am glad we have teenagers in Congress
R G - 8 days ago
I think Seth Meyers is obsessed with ignorant Democratic witches. Yes our future will be determined by clueless bartenders.And she is like "I am clueless and I am proud of being clueless."
Susan Fordt-Blanchard
Susan Fordt-Blanchard - 8 days ago
Democrats she belongs to you....And voters...
Wise Words
Wise Words - 8 days ago
Omg, what is wrong with the people praising this ignorant dumb politician? Crazy lol! Hope she get to talk with Candace, would love to hear them debate.
David Clark
David Clark - 6 days ago
+Micah Adamson listen, I'm not right or left, do you really know what a socialist is? If you really do, I can't even have a conversation with you.
Micah Adamson
Micah Adamson - 6 days ago
+David Clark How exactly is she stupid?
David Clark
David Clark - 6 days ago
+Micah Adamson We are just obsessed with how stupid she is, that's all.
Micah Adamson
Micah Adamson - 6 days ago
What is wrong with literally the entire right spewing hatred on her? Why are you all SO OBSESSED with her? Haven't you got enough people to attack?
David Clark
David Clark - 8 days ago
She won't do it. She already got the invite.....she wants no part of Candace!
William F. Talbot
William F. Talbot - 8 days ago
While I love my family, I can tell you guys she is dump as a rock.
Zachary Graham
Zachary Graham - 8 days ago
There is an old saying "the lights are on but nobody's home". I now get it. It was a premonition of AOC.
John J. Vela
John J. Vela - 9 days ago
The future is bright for the Democratic Party.😉
tim lee
tim lee - 9 days ago
wow the fact that liberals think this chick is intelligent is really a reflection of their own naivety and intelligence.
tim lee
tim lee - 6 days ago
Micah Adamson wow, you really need to look into her, look beyond the manufactured surface they are duping you all into believing, she’s a bad actor, that’s it, none of what she says is actually her ideas, she doesn’t have any ideas because whenever she’s challenged on something she hasn’t been scripted on she’s completely out of her depth, she has even admitted she knows nothing about geopolitics even though she’s supposedly got a degree in political science. Look at how she refuses to debate anyone, even when the person offering her a debate has offered to pay her 10,000 dollars. Still refuses. I’ll give you some links. There are many many more, anyone outside of the Democratic Party, even some within, see her as an idiot, she has 0 intellectual credibility, again it says a lot about the people following her that can’t see this. The reason they are always talking about her on Fox, is because they’re poking all the holes in the ludicrous things she says, they can’t understand how people can listen to her with a straight face, obviously her fans have never once considered or listened to the legitimate criticisms of her.
Micah Adamson
Micah Adamson - 6 days ago
How exactly is she unintelligent?
yootoober2009 - 10 days ago
Why shouldn't grown men be obsessed with a 29 year old woman??? wink wink roll, eyes...Because.....?
Raymond - 10 days ago
if you get 10 million....why would you still work? at all ?
Norton heavy Rail film music
Are u a comedian or legislator? Yes or no
ElderM!llenn!al - 11 days ago
Anywhere else in the world and our Democratic party would be considered center right and our Republican party would be far far right
Ro Morrison
Ro Morrison - 11 days ago
Very uninformed and unethical. Bad combination. Only a zombie mob devoid of critical and independent thinking would worship her. Zombies, suckers, gullible idiots, or smart-but-loyal sellouts are all accurate descriptions of the sheeple wave that's spreading.
Ohio State
Ohio State - 11 days ago
Yet she is the type of person that will challenge conservatives, run away when the conservatives accept her challenge, and then claim victory.
james diorio
james diorio - 11 days ago
Cortez is an IMBECILE and National embarrassment.
HELLO WORLD - 12 days ago
Airhead 🙄
domingo de la torre
domingo de la torre - 12 days ago
If simpletons, idiots, the naïve, the un-educated, fools, AND illegal aliens were not allowed to Vote, the Socialist Democratic Party would exist only in History books as the Party of Slavery and 'Identity Politics'.
adamisaseahorse - 12 days ago
Okay so Fox reports on politics... she’s a politician... a pretty popular one... is she crazy??! So is CNN weirdly obsessed with Trump? I’m confused SJW’s attack me.
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas - 12 days ago
Men love easy women...
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas - 12 days ago
You should go back to bartending
Steven  Thigpen
Steven Thigpen - 12 days ago
She's retarded.. She doesn't know what a garbage disposal is. Why is this in my recommended? God bless Trump 2020 hell yea saint trump!
Micah Adamson
Micah Adamson - 6 days ago
It's hilarious a TRUMP supporter is calling someone else "retarded". Um, do you have any idea hiw dumb your precious leader is?
Keith Hoff
Keith Hoff - 12 days ago
Romeoleus - 13 days ago
If only we had 435 members in the House of Representatives we could transform the country! AOC is intelligent, ethical, committed, and unable to be bought; the reason the GOP dislike her is because virtually none of their side have any of these traits. We love you, AOC! Keep going!
Charles Charlemagne
Charles Charlemagne - 6 days ago
+Micah Adamson yes, Jim Jones had a passionate opinion too. Wake up. This woman is a socialist ditz and a very dangerously naive person who should not be holding the position she is in.
Micah Adamson
Micah Adamson - 6 days ago
+Charles Charlemagne Having a passionate opinion is "indoctrination" now? God so many people on the right are stupid.
Charles Charlemagne
Charles Charlemagne - 6 days ago
Another comment that proves what a clear form of indoctrination modern liberalism is
Bak - Mari Terry
Bak - Mari Terry - 8 days ago
If you keep hitting yourself on the head with a 🔨 , you get brain damage . AOC is not self inflicted .
Tulio Cano
Tulio Cano - 13 days ago
She was like one of us, this is why she is so diferent from the rest.
VivaToddVegas - 13 days ago
She is everything the Republicans fear: Young, energetic, smart, not-white, hip, and very popular. This is why they fear her so much.
Charles Charlemagne
Charles Charlemagne - 6 days ago
Lol you insane lefties are so brainwashed...she's an arrogant socialist ditz who thinks the world will end in 12 years if we dont spend trillions on "climate change"...and good job throwing out the race card. Pathetic
Michael Haverty
Michael Haverty - 13 days ago
It’s just fox can’t believe how incredibly simple minded you are...
Flint Ironstag
Flint Ironstag - 13 days ago
Valley girl, AOC is a valley girl....
Tosses her head 'n flips her hair
She got a whole bunch of nothin' in there...
B Miller
B Miller - 13 days ago
"Didn't have any experience in politics before this.."

HUH? Somebody get Seth a background researcher that understands Google.

Let's see, Bernie campaign supporter, and also interned for Kennedy, yeah, that Kennedy, the political one that died.
B Miller
B Miller - 10 days ago
+Ellie Rose - Jesus, you REALLY know the Kennedy family, huh? You missed an opportunity there: you could have claimed that he died in 1889, 100 years before she was born if you really wanted to prove you were completely ignorant, since that's when PJ Kennedy died: Now just try and activated enough of those Deplorable brain cells, to try and find Ted Kennedy, who died in 2009, which is whom she interned for: After enrolling at Boston University on a scholarship from Intel, Ocasio-Cortez found herself working in the foreign affairs and immigration office of Sen. Ted Kennedy from early 2008 until his death in 2009. “I was the only Spanish speaker, and as a result, as basically a kid - a 19-, 20-year-old kid - whenever a frantic call would come into the office because someone is looking for their husband because they have been snatched off the street by ICE, I was the one that had to pick up that phone,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “I was the one that had to help that person navigate that system.” That experience shaped her understanding of the challenges faced by undocumented people in the United States - challenges she says Democrats in Congress have not done enough to fix. If you try REALLY REALLY hard, you won't have to be a Deplorable ALL your life.
Ellie Rose
Ellie Rose - 13 days ago
How did she intern for Kennedy? He died in 1963 and she was born in 1989.
reym avi
reym avi - 13 days ago
Can anyone help me to find a debate between Cortez and a respectable conservative? She is always around people who agree with her, that is hardly a debate.
Daniel M. Edwards
Daniel M. Edwards - 13 days ago
I SO agree!!!!
Ryan Fontenot
Ryan Fontenot - 14 days ago
She doesn't know what a garbage disposal is or were vegtables come form just blows my mind.
Daniel M. Edwards
Daniel M. Edwards - 13 days ago
Jomayra Mendez
Jomayra Mendez - 14 days ago
Strong strong woman. Your grace under pressure, your confidence, your intelligence, and your integrity inspires me. Thank you so much Alexandria.
PJ - 14 days ago
AOC = your typical computer monitor that is substandard and broken.
Liberal Hater
Liberal Hater - 14 days ago
Which one of these two Dumbasses do you think is smarter than a turnip?😂😂😂
Diana Sasina
Diana Sasina - 14 days ago
The Last Rebel Show
The Last Rebel Show - 14 days ago
Wasn’t she in the movie Shrek? 😂
ALON ZADOK - 14 days ago
Ocasio cordez you sound 🔉 stupid because you are really Congress is a joke
kevx12172002 - 14 days ago
Bartend? AOC: Amonia and Bleach is a Manhattan. Lol
Jeff Pesek
Jeff Pesek - 14 days ago
Im a fox news watcher...and I am obsessed with how stupid this little girl is. So, with puke in my mouth...i watch her
Micah Vogan
Micah Vogan - 14 days ago
Wait this dumbass thinks that other people that are in congress have never had to have a "real job"? Then she pays her staff a "living wage" and she is still to stupid to get her facts straight
Richard Dixon
Richard Dixon - 15 days ago
Like al bore she has a giant carbon footprint
Riviere Marc
Riviere Marc - 15 days ago
a beautiful smart bad ass
Charles Charlemagne
Charles Charlemagne - 6 days ago
and you are a useful idiot
LordKellthe1st - 15 days ago
A sane prrson in the Senate that isn't on the NRA payoff list....... hmmmmm rare
Melody Warner
Melody Warner - 15 days ago
How many uses of the word like exist in this video?
Melody Warner
Melody Warner - 15 days ago
Nope nope nope. Are you asking me or telling me?? Learn how to phrase properly. This is what happens when people just get pushed through the education system. 😒
Al Collins
Al Collins - 15 days ago
I'm like gonna run the government like.
joey o
joey o - 16 days ago
People are not obsessed it's just that she is an idiot. How the hell did she get elected?
regulator619 - 16 days ago
Because she is smart and not corrupt. That's how dipshit
Sam Labo
Sam Labo - 16 days ago
Bartender and the bill signer.
She's funny that's why we love her
Southtown Hick
Southtown Hick - 16 days ago
She’s stupid.
Luke Beckstrom
Luke Beckstrom - 16 days ago
It’s sad that all of you CNN viewers are here uneducated and are bashing Fox without knowing anything about what is actually going on.
Moe Bedick
Moe Bedick - 16 days ago
Scientists should show more interest in her to find out how such a creature can exist without a brain
Moe Bedick
Moe Bedick - 15 days ago
+regulator619 Then maybe she should start using it, you could use try that yourself you ignorant jackass, she's a communist. I suspect thinking isn't one of your stronger points
regulator619 - 16 days ago
Her brain is bigger than yours. Lol try harder
Edward Creter
Edward Creter - 16 days ago
Good luck changing the world. Happily I'll be dead before I see the horror of what your vision will create.
See you at your funeral.
lil soop Official
lil soop Official - 16 days ago
Edward Creter so let me get this straight. You want to be dead before her vision is complete, but you will also be at her funeral? Also “see you at your funeral” is such a weird, creepy, Incel like thing to say. Your logic is wack and so are your insults buddy. You got a brain, use it.
Adam P
Adam P - 16 days ago
I so would
John Embree
John Embree - 16 days ago
The comments section is full of people who have obviously not listened to the nonsense that comes out of this idiots mouth.Do your research and stop fawning over fluff.Dont be left wing or right wing.Be informed.Stop watching Fox and CNN if you can’t be objective and do your own research.
Finding Points
Finding Points - 17 days ago
Why American people like her. She does not have a common sense.
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