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Raquel Colon
Raquel Colon - 8 hours ago
Jackie Johnson
Jackie Johnson - 9 hours ago
Can Scott do a full overhaul on his makeup products and how he likes to use them differently?
Robyn Parker
Robyn Parker - 14 hours ago
Love you Tati, love you Scott. Nuff said. Mic drop
DeAnna Lanphier
DeAnna Lanphier - Day ago
Of Course! We love Scott and we love you so win-win!
Amy Roldan
Amy Roldan - Day ago
He's a reacurring role!! Haha
Samantha O.
Samantha O. - Day ago
Tiffanie Thornton
Tiffanie Thornton - Day ago
Hello Tati, I have been looking at Scott’s Pro Brush line. If you can’t afford all of them at one time. What is the order you would purchase them. Thank you!
Felicia -FH NurseMom-
Felicia -FH NurseMom- - 2 days ago
Love these videos with u two so much
Am Rodriguez
Am Rodriguez - 2 days ago
Snatural is meant to be on a shirt if not already.
Mackenzie Lynn
Mackenzie Lynn - 2 days ago
Loved this video! Feature him and other celebrity MUAs more☺️ I like getting advise outside YouTube and this is a good way for them to meet.
Larisa Palalau
Larisa Palalau - 2 days ago
Scott Barnes on drugstore makeup??!!!! Glam on budget???!!!! Can this be possible? Love u guys u are a such a fun pair !
Lauryn Green
Lauryn Green - 2 days ago
For the next video you should switch makeup bags
elnk ki
elnk ki - 2 days ago
Be kind to one another. -SCOTT BARNES ❤❤
Kinga B. Buksa
Kinga B. Buksa - 3 days ago
wow. He is 51 ??? he looks FANTASTIC :) and I love his energy :):):)
halouma belhouchet
halouma belhouchet - 3 days ago
ohhhhhhh I adore him,invite him again please from Tunisia Scott
Eliana Jazmin Rizo
Eliana Jazmin Rizo - 3 days ago
That Hampton spray reminds me of death becomes her
Tabby Janice
Tabby Janice - 4 days ago
I love these Scott Barnes videos SO MUCH
Andrea Tamez
Andrea Tamez - 4 days ago
I love the videos with Scott ❤
Lisa Christine
Lisa Christine - 4 days ago
Loving me some Tati and Scott Barnes!
Georgia Stoeva
Georgia Stoeva - 4 days ago
Since Scott said about putting contour on Jlo this is the only thing I see when I watch her. In some pictures looks like mustaches hahaha
omsalem aldhaheri
omsalem aldhaheri - 4 days ago
It’s one of your best videos. Hope see him more to learn more from him
Jennifer Mohler
Jennifer Mohler - 5 days ago
Yes! Scott! Loving the series!!!!
Cher cher
Cher cher - 5 days ago
Can scott barnes show his technique for hooded eyes?? Please!!
sara aryani
sara aryani - 5 days ago
Ashley WPL
Ashley WPL - 5 days ago
I've want that brush bar. I constantly dropped my damn brushes in the sink when I'm using them.
For The Love Of
For The Love Of - 5 days ago
What is the name of the Amazon high coverage foundation that Tati said she doesn't use as foundation, but spot treatment? If they said the name I did not catch it.
For The Love Of
For The Love Of - 5 days ago
Never mind. I totally overlooked it in the description. Silly me!
mbr715 - 5 days ago
"recurring guest role"
Jamie T B
Jamie T B - 5 days ago
Why doesn't this video have more views. Just cause she doesn't swear or isn't young doesn't mean her videos aren't entertaining
Planetpulse - 6 days ago
Gotta make him a series regular, not just reoccurring :)
Amy West
Amy West - 7 days ago
I absolutely LOVE the two of y’all together. These “series regular” videos have become my all time fave Tati videos.
danielcolomina - 8 days ago
Scott definitely said the Dyson dicc sucker lol
Cintia Cin
Cintia Cin - 8 days ago
I love it when Scott is in your channel!
G C - 8 days ago
Honestly, can we get Scott's skincare regime please thank you
Misha Marx
Misha Marx - 9 days ago
Those lights just arrived at my hotel. Talk about a life saver. And I don’t have to carry 4’ LED strips anymore. AND Melt just has a sale, and I got 5 of those pencil books for 50$. Those will be great for makeup *and* art supplies. I’m just gonna make a Scott Barnes list on my amazon account. 🤣
Lexie Lyn
Lexie Lyn - 9 days ago
Scott Barnes is the friend that you needed all along! Teaches you techniques you never knew you needed, compliments the products you own/use, and supports your product line!
Lexie Lyn
Lexie Lyn - 9 days ago
"re-occurring character" I think that's the term you were looking for!
Gabby Barnes
Gabby Barnes - 9 days ago
Roach Spray lmaooo
Priscilla Casas
Priscilla Casas - 9 days ago
His comment about Tati 00:45 is 💯. We all see it and that's why we love her.
Clara Song
Clara Song - 10 days ago
They both look like oranges
Christina Campdera
Christina Campdera - 10 days ago
LOVE you two!!!
Christina Campdera
Christina Campdera - 10 days ago
Alissa Self
Alissa Self - 11 days ago
I love, love Scott Barnes!!
Maribel Tinajero
Maribel Tinajero - 11 days ago
Tati I just love Scott Barnes on your channel❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Madisyn Doiron
Madisyn Doiron - 11 days ago
xiumin loves you
xiumin loves you - 11 days ago
Totally GLOWING and HOEING this summer
maddielovelee - 12 days ago
17:00 🙄
Krista Raymond
Krista Raymond - 12 days ago
These videos with Scott make me so happy. What a genuine guy. It would be a DREAM to have him look at my face and tell me how to do my make up better. Thanks, you guys, for making me smile. 💕
Jarred Everert
Jarred Everert - 13 days ago
Jarred Everert
Jarred Everert - 13 days ago
She is not generous
Giselle Velazquez
Giselle Velazquez - 13 days ago
Please please pleaaaaseee stop by more often! I’m learning so much from you guys!
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