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C Cruz
C Cruz - 14 hours ago
We all just want more Scott and Tati!
Aafreen Mamaji
Aafreen Mamaji - 21 hour ago
Please make Scott Barnes a series regular. It's been ages since you did a video with him. Please bring him back Tati.
Meghan McInerney
Meghan McInerney - 23 hours ago
Bring Scott Barnes back!!
M Blair
M Blair - Day ago
Just listening to Scott speak makes me feel pretty. Love him!
Sandra Bowechop
Sandra Bowechop - Day ago
Re watching all the Tati and Scott videos. Bring Scott back! Genuinely love them both so much
Megamagsy Kerr
Megamagsy Kerr - 2 days ago
We need a tati and Scott collaboration product like yesterday! Both my beauty gurus at once! You guys are the reason I don't look 48 - people have taken 10 years off my age due to my make up skills and skin care! And tati darling - keep the faith. I went through fertility treatment and if you need it - lady you are strong enough
Much love and loyalty
Mags from Scotland xxx
Lilly Madigan
Lilly Madigan - 3 days ago
A gap in the market
Jess Robbins
Jess Robbins - 3 days ago
Omg I got one of those brush bars at 5 below!! I love it
Cresta Christensen
Cresta Christensen - 3 days ago
PLEEEAAASSEEE make a Scott brush video just dedicated to his brushes and how you use them!!
Jayne Baker
Jayne Baker - 4 days ago
Love you two together
Judith van den Dool - Mezzosoprano
Are the highlights out???? 🤩 It’s September!
StephanieMarie 1336
StephanieMarie 1336 - 5 days ago
We have seen him do movie looks and media looks I would love to see his idea of an everyday look.
StephanieMarie 1336
StephanieMarie 1336 - 5 days ago
I love him he’s an amazing artist! I wish he would do his own channel
Kelly Kautzman
Kelly Kautzman - 5 days ago
Yes, bring back Scott Barnes! He's so fun and you guys have great chemistry
Sharon Tiger
Sharon Tiger - 5 days ago
Scott Barnes love his humor....thanks for sharing your tips.
Spirit Medium Kerri
Spirit Medium Kerri - 7 days ago
I sign the Scott Barnes petition. Live you both!
xadorkablex - 8 days ago
Why doesn’t he 👀 at the camera? He’s looking at himself in the veiwer😂😂😂abit annoying . Connect with the audience.
Breanna Fairris
Breanna Fairris - 8 days ago
What are those colored bottles in the back
Jody W
Jody W - 8 days ago
From London and forty something. I’ve been looking for the perfect MUA to follow and I discovered you yesterday. I’m hooked! I’ve devoured everything! You’re so genuine. But I have to say, Scott Barnes, WOW! The energy between you two is so infectious. Perfection in motion. Thank you!!!
Lisa Vyles
Lisa Vyles - 9 days ago
Ok guys...question: How can I apply false lashes to my own lashes that curl so much that I've never used a lash curler and its hard AF to put mascara on!!! Help!!!
Lisa Vyles
Lisa Vyles - 9 days ago
I love him!!! I've already decided that I must order any and everything he has or makes!!! I was watching another video with Him and I think it was from May of this year, (yes, I'm late to the party...) but my cat walked across my laptop and cut me off!!! Damn cat!! him, love you! Please keep it going...
DONNA ZHANG - 10 days ago
When is Scott coming back?? monthly guest?? biweekly?? you guys are so much fun together!!!!
Anna Khait
Anna Khait - 10 days ago
More videos with Scott!! We love him! May Jesus continue blessing you both! Love him!
Kathryn Claridge
Kathryn Claridge - 10 days ago
Yes please! More Scott videos.
Jessica Nelson
Jessica Nelson - 10 days ago
Love Scott on your channel! I think it would be hilarious for him to do an unboxing PR video with you. And just giving y’alls initial impressions on the products.
Alice Lau
Alice Lau - 11 days ago
Looking forward to new video with Scott!!!
Danielle Patrick
Danielle Patrick - 11 days ago
Gotta love Scott he seems so down to earth and so cute to boot
Stephanie Janis
Stephanie Janis - 11 days ago
Ha! I am currently reading Valley of the Dolls!
Samantha Bernal
Samantha Bernal - 12 days ago
he’s not very good at eye contact 😂
Alaura M.
Alaura M. - 12 days ago
Some of my favorite videos is Tati and Scott colabs! They are adorable and so much together!
Mad Life
Mad Life - 12 days ago
“Well you have clients like ‘I want a pink!’ And you go ‘here’s the book!” Love him
Anna Mae Bowerman
Anna Mae Bowerman - 12 days ago
We need so much more Scott Barnes!!!!! Love you guys!
Monica Velazquez
Monica Velazquez - 13 days ago
I would love to see a tutorial with Farmasi Make up. is a line from Turkey. I think you would like it.
Cece Rene
Cece Rene - 13 days ago
We love Scott Barnes💝 yaasssss we want Scott to be a regular!!!! Scott you can do and say whatever you want because we love you!!! You are everything!! Tati we love you too... lol;) we learn! My question is what’s good for humid weather? I want to say I have big pores or thirsty skin...sooo what’s good for this super humid conditions....I love gold, natural tan tones....thanks Tati and love Scott Barnes...
Bambi Babe
Bambi Babe - 14 days ago
I love you guys in videos together!!!! Scott has this energy that just lightens up everything and so does Tati 💛💛 you guys just brighten my day always 💛💛💛
Constance Levin
Constance Levin - 14 days ago
Love to see Scott Barnes every time he appears!
Ta'Neile Simmons
Ta'Neile Simmons - 14 days ago
i need him at least once a month! pleaseeeee
Stormy Rose
Stormy Rose - 16 days ago
He’s so beautiful !!! And brilliant !!!
Chance Devine
Chance Devine - 16 days ago
He seems so sweet and cuddly
Chance Devine
Chance Devine - 16 days ago
Scott is so hot
Isabel Cintron
Isabel Cintron - 16 days ago
The way he just barely says “and be kind to one another” at the end is awesome.
yosselin vega
yosselin vega - 16 days ago
a rodriguez
a rodriguez - 17 days ago
Scott should be a household name. He's the best living makeup artist.
Rebecca Minter
Rebecca Minter - 18 days ago
Could you post were to purches Scott's cases. Please!!!!
Jeehan Abdullah
Jeehan Abdullah - 18 days ago
When she did the Tati cam and all her brushes and make-up was EVERYWHERE rofl. If that isn't me.
Vatashiwa - 18 days ago
Pls I want Scott’s guidance on Hooded asian eye round chubby face make up 🙏🙏🙏😁😁😁
Caroline Maingi
Caroline Maingi - 19 days ago
Omg! He doesn’t look 51
Juliette Bonita Navarro
Juliette Bonita Navarro - 19 days ago
I’m sad NOTHING was listed in the description box 👀 @tati
Jaime G
Jaime G - 19 days ago
Make him a series regular gurl!
Judith van den Dool - Mezzosoprano
Yeah two very hearty people. He mumbles in the end ‘be kind to one another’ awwwwww
Jessica Guilbeau #HolyHustleCosmetics
amixofcrazy - 20 days ago
I love Scott
I love Scott
I love Scott
I love Scott
I love Scott
Scarletx Frost
Scarletx Frost - 21 day ago
Scott hit the nail on the head about glosses turning gray. ALL THE TIME for me. Will have to try Victoria Duke!
Kapua Kuheana
Kapua Kuheana - 21 day ago
Bring back Scott! Bring back Scott!
Grace Bear
Grace Bear - 23 days ago
You should do his makeup and he ant talk at alllllll
Rennie Thomas
Rennie Thomas - 23 days ago
Tati please bring again Scott... you guys really rock together....
Kay2be2mr - 23 days ago
Do all the clients share the same products? Is the same lip gloss (for example) used on multiple people? Or once a lip gloss is used on a client they just get to keep it?
kristenbsims131990 - 24 days ago
I love Scott!! Please have him on your channel more. I have learned soo much!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Molly Dixon
Molly Dixon - 24 days ago
tati looks soooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooood hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Madeline Hunt
Madeline Hunt - 24 days ago
More Scott!!!
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