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Blaire White
Blaire White - Year ago
BY THE WAY, I intend to stick to being vegan when it comes to cosmetics and beauty products that I use. I only use cruelty-free and vegan makeup because food is one thing, but I can't justify using a product that was sprayed into the eyes of some monkey that's lived it's entire life in a cage just so I can have longer eyelashes.
zoe grey
zoe grey - 9 days ago
Hell yes!! Go you! Thank you for being someone who cares, & thank you for voicing this. 💘
kella wella
kella wella - 20 days ago
Fuck animals everyone is so quick to feel bad for animals but have no remorse for other humans.
Britta Olson
Britta Olson - Month ago
Blaire White Yeah, animal testing of makeup is horrible. Your makeup is gorgeous. I must know what brands of makeup you use. I would totally quit.
REYA - Month ago
Jess Anderson you’re basically the only reasonable person in this comment section. bless you. 🙌🙌
REYA - Month ago
Arnold Thomsen not all vegans do... just the ones who constantly feel the need to tell everyone they are vegan and that’s why everyone assumes all vegans are like that (eg. The ones in this comment section) Stereotypes don’t help anyone my dude.
TeddyBear - 7 hours ago
I can’t take muh B12 and vitamin D
But taking hormones and surgically alter your appearance is healthy
justme - 8 hours ago
Why do people always sound so apologetic when they stop veganism? It's like vegans are fascist
Liba Tenenbaum
Liba Tenenbaum - 10 hours ago
okay yes but if you agree with the ethics veganism then shouldn't you be eating at the very least more ethically farmed animals and not like fast food places as you do eat by which almost always cruelly kill their animals? not attacking just curious
Bella Shawol
Bella Shawol - 14 hours ago
I’m vegan but I don’t get why some people get so pressed by this wow. B12 deficiency is no joke, I take supplements like every other day (on top of my other 8 pills for mental health issues). Jeopardizing your health and possibly die prematurely shouldn’t be an option.
Jaha Walgern
Jaha Walgern - 19 hours ago
Idk both my parents aren’t mean or dairy eaters and they are alright
Spookdog - Day ago
You know what I really hate? When people try to make shitty excuses for not being vegan and then don't even try AT ALL to use more ethical products/not use unethical things. Like I totally get it if someone can't maintain a vegan diet or it's just too difficult for them so they won't bother really trying. Or even people who just admit they don't care enough to be vegan lmao like I'd rather hear that than someone claiming they care SO MUCH about animals and the environment but willingly buy leather and use makeup that's been tested on animals and all that. And it's typically those type of people who I see supporting false information about how veganism "isn't that great" or whatever. Like, you don't have to cut out meat and dairy from your diet but if you really care there are plenty of other ways to be ethical!! I hate the idea of eating meat at this point and cheese is gross to me but if you wanna eat deer meat that your family hunted or buy cheese from locals? Go the fuck ahead. If you don't wanna do any of that bc you just dont want to? Ok sure but don't pretend you're any kind of activist for animals.
I totally understand your situation c: and I'm glad you don't use unethical makeup. Like I'll probably still buy leather if it's secondhand or something (tbh I just have a thing for leather boots lmao), especially bc faux leather is bad for the environment as well.
Also there are a lot of chewable supplements/vitamins and maybe its just the little kid in me but I freaking love those LOL they have p nice flavors as well :D
Yvonna 나나
Yvonna 나나 - Day ago
What would vegans do without supplements ? Lmao, probably die.
Yvonna 나나
Yvonna 나나 - Day ago
Jfc I was extremely deficient in vitamin D (and I live in a desert) and felt like shit everyday. In fact, I couldn’t even make it through a whole day. I had to have a 6 hour nap in the middle. I can’t imagine being deficient in more than one thing 😩
Ellie May
Ellie May - 2 days ago
Anyone watching this should take it with a grain of salt. I have been vegan for 5 years, and have a few close friends who have been vegan for 10+ years, none of who have these issues. I did have issues like Blaire described for a while, and when I had my levels tested I was just low on B12, so I started taking a supplement for that and for omega 3 (which I should have been doing already...) and my levels went back to normal, I stopped getting dizzy and my skin color came back. Just like anyone vegan or not, taking vitamins and eating enough food in the day is important. And to me, combined with the low weight issues Blaire described, I think that all she really needed to do was eat more and take a B12 supplement and she would have been fine.
Lauren - 2 days ago
TIL vegans are a cult
Lyvia Bertolace Marques
Isn't these supplements done with animal vitamins? I mean, if b12 is only found in animal protein, wouldn't it be extremely expensive to formulate a non-animal b12. Just asking...
Floopy27 - Hour ago
B-12 is produced in nature by bacteria. B-12 is given to livestock, and it is then stored inside their bodies. Vegan B-12 supplements aren't very expensive.
C C - 5 days ago
If anyone is plant based or mainly plant based, ALWAYS supplement with B12. Regardless. And even meat eaters may want to consider B12 supplements/get your levels checked. I was deficient in B12 before I even stopped eating meat. But non-meat eaters have no natural sources of B12 so please please please supplement.
Vivianne Cervantes
Vivianne Cervantes - 7 days ago
A lot of people are saying that those who get sick while in a vegan diet are the ones who are not doing it "right", I was vegetarian (then) vegan for almost 5 years and I had the same ideology, so even when I went to a nutritiologist (who was especialized in veganism) every 2 weaks, after some time where my health kept decreasing significantly I would blame it on the professionals and after a couple of months with one I would go with another, it got to a point where the results of medical analysis got too raw and I just couldn't lie to myself anymore, my doctor told me that in order to live a healthy life I needed to reintroduce meat on my diet, which I did, for moral reasons I just eat it 2 - 3 times per week and in 1 meal only, however it did improve my health and a lot of vegan/vegetarian friends have gone through the exact same experience (some of them eating meat for a month and then going back to their original regimen), so for me and what I have seen, although very ethic and beneficial for the environment, it's just not sustainable for long periods of time.
Seren N-F
Seren N-F - 7 days ago
I was a vegetarian for 10 ½ years (birth to almost 11) see personally I didn't experience any of these symptoms. I really do think it depends on the person though, certain people suit certain diets better than others.
Michael Rauch
Michael Rauch - 7 days ago
I'm going vegetarian I would think I don't think I could never go vegan
Averything Artsy
Averything Artsy - 9 days ago
I went vegan for 4 months to try it out and to see if losing weight passively was possible.
DEFINITELY true about the weight-loss, going vegan and making your own meals will help with losing unwanted fat and looking and feeling healthier.
But I quit for the same reason. I saw things wrong with my body that I had no problems with when I was on a regular omnivorous diet.
I would get up out of bed and feel all the blood in my body just made me black out—and that was a very common occurrence.
With careful planning and dietary research, I made sure I got all the vitamins I needed but it’s a hard balance to keep up with while having fun.
Meat is just more practical in the human diet because our anatomical structure calls for the nutrients in it.
Being vegan can definitely be completely healthy with money, time, and true passion for animals, but that was something that I as a human working 9-5, having a family, social, and romantic life just couldn’t incorporate effectively to where I could be completely healthy while enjoying my life.
I enjoyed being vegan, it was a positive experience for the most part, but I don’t think I’ll be going back. I will have vegan alternatives here and there though, just not all the time.
zoe grey
zoe grey - 9 days ago
Hi Blaire, i was vegan for over 3 yrs, vegetarian for over 10. I’ve recently started eating animal products again but only very occasionally& only from local, ethical small family farms that i have personally researched because factory farming is the reason i quit animal products too. I was wondering if you have thought about or if you do anything like this? Being vegan or not can be such a false binary & i am feeling more balanced in a more moderate position. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Also it’s kinda funny i watched this video right after the one where you were eating pizza with a transguy in NYC, so i assumed your diet was pretty “average american” though obviously that was only a glimpse of one meal & while you were traveling at tht. I’m sure there are tons of great options to support local ethical animal products in L.A. (:
Joel - 10 days ago
the problem i have with doctors telling you „you either take a lot of supplements or stop being vegan“, is they think it‘s the only solution! Like, there are other solutions! These doctors need to get to know your diet, how and what you eat. Get to know your body, how it works, why your body can‘t process some food. I don‘t know. I support you, like sometimes there‘s really no other way. But i think for me it‘s so hard to ever eat meat and yeah, i‘m lucky and don‘t have any problems but that can always change.
AdamantMovies - 13 days ago
Everyone is different. Someone can definitely be vegan for their entire lives, and some literally can not and get the same issues Blaire was getting. It is time to put our differences aside, and not judge what food people are eating to stay alive and be healthy.
Debra-Ann Walker
Debra-Ann Walker - 14 days ago
I struggled with anorexia a few years back and what you listed as your symptoms perfectly describes everything I was experiencing at the time too, those are the effects of an eating disorder
Anna Hutson
Anna Hutson - 14 days ago
As a trans woman don’t you understand oppression? It’s wrong!! Just like it’s wrong to not like you for being trans! ITS ABOUT EQUALITY!! How could you support human rights but not animal rights?
R C - 15 days ago
Sounds like good reasons to me .
Alassinsane - 15 days ago
wow i can't even believe the like dislike ratio on this is the vegan community fascist?!?!?!!
North star
North star - 16 days ago
Not vegan but I am plant based an I take a lot of vitamins so I totally understand it’s not for everyone.
Ophiax - 20 days ago
wow, psychiatric disorders like transgenderism seems to go with veganism
Moonima alam
Moonima alam - 20 days ago
Hell hath no fury like vegan scorned.
Megan - 20 days ago
i was vegan and i stopped bc i wanted to but what i dont understand is the supplement thing. it is very possible to have healthy levels as a vegan, you seriously just need to eat the right foods (with the exception of b12, unless you want to eat dirt). its not being vegan alone that causes health issues, but it is very easy to not eat everything you need to sustain yourself as a vegan
Gabrielle Tillmon
Gabrielle Tillmon - 21 day ago
I personally am the opposite. I stopped being vegan (because of my parents) and my health is a lot worse. I will be going vegan again. I support you though Blaire!
Colin Maharaj
Colin Maharaj - 22 days ago
Hi, just saw this video, to get vitamin D from sunlight, you need to have good (high) levels of circulating cholesterol. Cholesterol turns to D3 in sunlight. Also, if you have low cholesterol, you will have a ton of hormone issues, because all hormones are made from cholesterol. Saturated fats definitely help in making cholesterol. Thank me later.
Jared Boulder Terry
Jared Boulder Terry - 22 days ago
what did you break your veganism with? what food?
Char Wardingley
Char Wardingley - 26 days ago
My life is literally feels like that 24/7 and I’ve never been vegan lol
BloodRosé - 26 days ago
Tbh meat is one of my favourite foods, I doubt I can last long without it😂Other vegans shouldn’t make us change our diet just so we can save animals and stuff because it's our choice
BloodRosé - 6 days ago
@Skye Reed Meh, nothing gonna stop me eating meat lol and I bet a lot of people feel that way
Skye Reed
Skye Reed - 6 days ago
it's not about just "saving animals and stuff", it's about saving the environment and making changes is important for everyone to make, even if they don't go vegan all the way.
Jamichanel Shyalyx
Jamichanel Shyalyx - 26 days ago
Good for you! You’re health comes before ethics in my opinion. As sad as it is, farming isn’t going to change just because people choose to go vegan so you may as well be healthy. You’re doing absolutely nothing wrong, shame on people that feel you are!
Travis Shaffer
Travis Shaffer - 27 days ago
That is funny I thought when you stay Vegan you gained glowy eyes and the ability to become psychic. LOL Anyway happy you doing much better love your meat and love others too...
K - 27 days ago
I've been wondering if I have some digestive and other deficiency issues... I'm not vegan but I very rarely approach the foods that are needed. I know for sure I'm deficient in many ways, and don't supplement adequately-- and I'm anemic. My stomach hurts almost daily, I am not regular, but from a vegetarian mother and carnivorous father, I was raised on just about pasta and broccoli 😫 I'm trying so hard to like the necessary foods but how do you handle that when you hate the taste/texture of the foods? How do you know if you're lactose? I've asked general practitioners and gotten the response "do you feel ill when you eat dairy?" Uhh yes, but I feel "ill" in my stomach almost daily. Nobody can figure it out. Is this someone anyone else has experienced?
Nån Ting
Nån Ting - 26 days ago
K boiled or steamed veggies is something you can try, carrots is good. Rice is also good, bananas, almonds and nuts. I recommend walnuts, almonds, sesame, it’s high in magnesium and vitamin E. You can google foods that’s easy to digest. Boiled food is often better.
Nån Ting
Nån Ting - 26 days ago
K one other thing that can irritate is spices, onions, chili and such. I’m so sorry that have to have insurance to afford healthcare, where I live healthcare is free because we have high taxes. Something you can eat or take is c vitamin while you take iron supplement, that helps your body to take up iron more efficiently. C vitamin can be found in citrus fruits, paprika or supplements. Unfortunately Fruit can also be a cause for stomach pains. In truths it can be a million things... it can be gluten, bowel
K - 26 days ago
Nån Ting thank you for answering first of all! Yes I am b12 deficient and supplement for that. When I had insurance I was able to get injections once/week but we don’t have family insurance anymore so my husband’s Mom gave me what she had left of hers from Venezuela, but I’m back to sublinguals and feel like they’re not as effective... for my anemia I take my iron daily. I was prescribed a dose that I was able to just get OTC so I do that. As I mentioned though, since I’m no longer insured, I’m going to have to come out of pocket to visit a doctor for the initial and then the referral I’m assuming. I need to prioritize that for sure. I do feel for sure disruption after dairy, I switched to almond milk years ago and only really eat cheese otherwise but even that I think is a problem 🙁 I often too feel drained. So I haven’t had blood work in a while and it may be a while before I can cough up that few hundred. In the meantime I’m trying to find a balance that works... I eat almost exclusively grilled chicken for meat, but I have a hard time finding protein elsewhere and to be blunt, I just don’t like a lot of the healthiest foods. I’ve begun to love quinoa and brown rice is my go to carb, but I’m not sure what else could be disturbing me. It’s also been suggested to me that alcohol is a massive dietary influence, which I do consume. That’s my quick chart. Thoughts on what I can do (besides cutting out alcohol and learning to like healthier foods as I know for sure those will help but am struggling!)
Nån Ting
Nån Ting - 26 days ago
Since 70% of humans are lactose intolerant, I think, there’s a good chance you’re lactose intolerant too. You should really supplement! Everyone should take b12. And you’re anemic, that’s really serious, you really need to supplement frequently. Are you seeing a doctor? You could be allergic to something or have Ibs.
Annaëlle D.
Annaëlle D. - 29 days ago
Blaire, as it is an "old" video, I'd like to know if you still eat animals flesh (more, less?) or if you stopped again.
Please tell me if your health has increased while eating meat, or if it doesn't change anything...
It might be an interesting "health update" video ;-) [if you haven't done it yet]
Thank you
Ramon Felix
Ramon Felix - 29 days ago
Thought it was a music note for the longest...
Kylie Harrison
Kylie Harrison - Month ago
Everyone has different reactions to veganism. I hope one day you can go back🙂 Ur tattoo speaks the truth
M.C. Too Tall
M.C. Too Tall - Month ago
I like meat.
emma m
emma m - Month ago
Please post the first time you have eaten meat in 10 years, PLEAASSSSEEEE!!!!
Mozarel - Month ago
Thats a spray tan? 🤡 Blaire you need SUN 😂
Aria k
Aria k - Month ago
Wow. from all ur important topics u speak on this is one the more disliked and more commented on vids like why would someone dislike ur personal health journey??
Lying Eyes
Lying Eyes - Month ago
Maybe you’ll snap out of it now that you are eating normal.
72dew - Month ago
Every vegan stops being vegan once it comes to their meds.
Nån Ting
Nån Ting - 26 days ago
72dew no?
Joe Crollard
Joe Crollard - Month ago
V is for Vagene.
J Dodge
J Dodge - Month ago
I knew something wasn't natural, then you said you're actually a dude. 🤢
Ed Hammer
Ed Hammer - Month ago
Honestly why I quit being vegan… McRib
rezkalla - Month ago
Vitamin D is a molecule. Sunlight is photons. Molecules can't ride on photons. sunlight ACTIVATES your vitamin D, which you got in your diet. Also, how did you not know to take B12 supplements? I thought all vegans did that.
I am Beverage
I am Beverage - Month ago
I'm not vegan, but I am vegetarian due to having Gastroperisis, and I understand all of the issues you stated. I hate being the center of attention since I cant eat certain things and having to take supplements. Ultimately I can't stop bring vegetarian, but I understand some of the struggle.
LongLiveHarryPotter7 - Month ago
When she said “reproductive issues”, I was so certain she meant her period stopped, and then I remembered some very crucial details.
sara gomes
sara gomes - Month ago
Depends what u eat they your veganism
Mybareskin - Month ago
I’m enjoying a big fat ribeye right now!! Delicious😋
The Bean Life
The Bean Life - Month ago
Humans r omnivores
And need meat for a reason
U cant expect cutting out meat to have good effects on the body long term.
If ure so concerned with how animals r treated, research local farms like family farms and support those businesses. Its not that difficult
Dasha Andino
Dasha Andino - Month ago
DanYell X
DanYell X - Month ago
lol I got an advert for “meatless farm”
Earl Warner
Earl Warner - Month ago
I always hate it when a Vegan gets all nasty. Other than that, it's their body... whatever they want is fine with me.

Edit: Health-wise... not many people have the physiology to handle a completely Vegan diet. I know I couldn't do it.... My physiology doesn't do well with plant based proteins.
If We Won
If We Won - Month ago
"Tranny years"
Alana Hutfloetz
Alana Hutfloetz - Month ago
No hate but I can hear the man in your voice
Alana Hutfloetz
Alana Hutfloetz - Month ago
@Liloh Loves Subtitles ok
Liloh Loves Subtitles
Liloh Loves Subtitles - Month ago
@Alana Hutfloetz - haha!!! Okay suit yourself :P
Alana Hutfloetz
Alana Hutfloetz - Month ago
@Liloh Loves Subtitles I never said that actually.
Liloh Loves Subtitles
Liloh Loves Subtitles - Month ago
@Alana Hutfloetz - its funny because further down someone is saying they think she's lying about being trans because she sounds like a woman, haha! Blaire's voice is higher than Scarlett Johansson's or that lady who plays Katniss in hunger games, they both have low husky voices (which sound great, I'm not complaining!) but maybe everyone hears voices differently? :o
Alana Hutfloetz
Alana Hutfloetz - Month ago
@Liloh Loves Subtitles ok good cuz I wasn't trying to
OfThe 4thKind
OfThe 4thKind - Month ago
I was vegan for 6 years and just recently started eating fish. And yes, I stopped going out with people because I felt like I was taking away from their experiences of going to specific restaurants.
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