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Blaire White
Blaire White - Year ago
BY THE WAY, I intend to stick to being vegan when it comes to cosmetics and beauty products that I use. I only use cruelty-free and vegan makeup because food is one thing, but I can't justify using a product that was sprayed into the eyes of some monkey that's lived it's entire life in a cage just so I can have longer eyelashes.
xValetinax - 3 days ago
margiegrace Vegan Diet is Cheaper www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/19320248.2015.1045675?journalCode=when20&
xValetinax - 3 days ago
Jane Dobiesix Scientists say goats and sheep are sentient animalstudiesrepository.org/animsent/vol4/iss25/41/ If we stopped dog fighting the dogs who were bred to fight wouldn’t live. That’s not an excuse for dog fighting just like it’s not an excuse for breeding animals to kill them for food animalstudiesrepository.org/animsent/vol4/iss25/41/
TheMaximus60 - 2 days ago
Doesn't matter what Vegangelists claim cuz facst are facts.
Realwithyou - 6 days ago
Look at the dislike from Vegan people :0
TrapMusicHD TV
TrapMusicHD TV - 6 days ago
Whitley Hicks
Whitley Hicks - 7 days ago
Wow your trans ur so pretty ❤ I never would've knew (I'm new)
Carmelo Pappalardo
Carmelo Pappalardo - 9 days ago
Whatever helps you.
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez - 10 days ago
Not that your story isn't valid but I don't think you cared for the animals to much in the first place can't you go vegetarian I know I and alot of that is found in cheese and dairy products if you eat meat now over a stomach problem you never really cared about their lives in the first place but to each their own I respect people's right to eat meat if they respect mine not to
Eliza Shelton
Eliza Shelton - 11 days ago
I mean....I've been vegan since birth and I'm living my best life. My parents have been vegan for 20+ years and they are feeling and looking great. I feel like you can eat beans and rice...fruits and vegetables and be very unhealthy. Just because you eat a wide variety of plant based foods doesn't mean you are doing well with your macros and micronutrients. And everyone...not just vegans, should be supplementing vitamin D and B12. Oh and I'm 17 going on 18 in September...have never eaten any animal products and my diet is actually good...and not because I say it is...but because I've been eating it my entire life and have no issues with my health.
Will Hall
Will Hall - 11 days ago
I am a professional athlete and a nutritionist. I have been a vegan for 10 years. Supplementing with B12 will not harm your liver. It's simply just not true. If you have excess B12 in your body, your body just passes it in your urine it does not build up in your system, it's a water-soluble vitamin.
If you were "too pale" that would indicate that you weren't getting enough sunlight which can cause a deficiency of Vitamin D.
If you think you are getting Vitamin D "naturally" from animal products, that's not correct either. Almost all of the U.S. milk supply is fortified with 400 IU of vitamin D per quart - fact.
There is absolutely no Vitamin D in meat products. ZERO.
Most people in the Northern part of the USA are vitamin D deficient because they don't get enough sunlight. Your body is designed to get the vitamin D it needs by producing it when your bare skin is exposed to sunlight. The part of the sun's rays that is important is ultraviolet B (UVB). Large amounts of vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) are made in your skin when you expose all of your body to the sun.
It really sounds to me that you changed due to self-imposed social pressures. Saying you can't go to a specific restaurant because you're Vegan is silly. Just order a salad. Not very difficult. I've never encountered a restaurant that didn't have some kind of salad option even in Ruth's Chris Steak House®. They have 7 salads on their menu and a pile of vegetable sides.
Things that will affect your liver panel numbers: Drinking Alcohol, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Many Medications, Celiac disease, Mononucleosis and the Epstein-Barr virus.
vettefatty - 11 days ago
is deze echt of is het een bouw-doos?
R - 15 days ago
Did you receive compensation from the meat and dairy lobbyists? Likely. The meat and dairy industry spend millions on lobbying for their cause.
Mundus vult Decipi
Mundus vult Decipi - 15 days ago
I'm Pescitarian and I sorry about my diet. I didn't start for ethical reasons at all, it was for diet reasons. Now i kinda want to check my levels just to make sure
Elle La Belle Vlogs
Elle La Belle Vlogs - 15 days ago
Those issues aren't because you're vegan...
Not Human Gaming
Not Human Gaming - 17 days ago
Humans should be on the bottom of the food chain.
TomKron - 19 days ago
U suck so much
rando - 19 days ago
Still disappointed with your decision because I don't believe you 'had' to stop but maybe you'll go back to it someday... please just remember the ethics behind it.
Oli D
Oli D - 21 day ago
Zestamore Garcia
Zestamore Garcia - 26 days ago
Well what if every time you didn’t rape someone you got a hemorrhoid or something like that? It sounds rediculous but would you rather choose to rape people to help yourself, or not rape people? I feel it is the same with being vegan. Would you rather hurt multiple animals to not get sick, or sacrifice getting sick.
The other thing is that you can be vegan and be healthy because many people have demonstrated it like infinite waters and freezer for over 10 years have been vegan and okay. So if you are sick you are doing it wrong.
If there is a population problem or something like that however, then precautions should
Be taken to lower the risk of overpopulation and in this case then killing in a non harmful way may be ethically okay. But this would also apply to humans if this was ethically okay because we are not superior just because we are more intelligent.
I am not vegan and I do not think not being vegan makes you a terrible person. I think it makes you a terrible person in that capacity. Just like murduring makes you terrible in that capacity.
I set a specific date to become vegan and for now I decide to call myself a terrible person in this capacity until the day I change.
My point and what I’m trying to say is that being vegan in my opinion, and since I am convinced my opinion is right, than it “is” right, my point and what I’m trying to say is that not being vegan is ethically wrong , does not make you sick, and it would still be wrong if it did make you sick, and I feel people who are not vegan should either admit to being terrible in that capacity or become vegan. I appreciate any opposing views though
Nees Tea
Nees Tea - 26 days ago
Vege nazis making thumbs down
William B
William B - 28 days ago
This video is old, but I relate. I am vegetarian, who wants to go vegan, but I’m literally bordering underweight, and get nearly all my protein from cheese. It’s affected my health, my academic performances, and I temporarily had to go on meds, and my mum said that if it gets worse, I’d have to start eating meat again. I’ve gotten better, but it’s still too risky for me to go vegan. If we care about animal welfare, then I am an animal as a human, I have a right to at least eat necessary food. I avoid furs and animal tested products as you do as that doesn’t impact my health.
Jam Nic
Jam Nic - 29 days ago
After 4 years, I recently had to stop being vegan as well. I was diagnosed with a chronic skin disease (not caused by being vegan) but I can’t eat most of the food I lived on. I can’t eat beans (tofu), nuts, potatoes, tomatoes, and a ton of other things that are inflammatory or else I’ll get golfball sized lesions and cysts on my legs and arms that will send me to the ER. Even with that being a 100% valid reason I’ve still faced scrutiny from the vegan community and been told I’m making excuses and that there has to be a way to make it work. It’s literally impossible for me to be vegan and not be in the ER every other day. It’s sad I’ve lost a ton of friends just because they don’t want to accept that sometimes it doesn’t work for real serious chronic issues. The vegan community is also extremely toxic...
Eliot Johnson
Eliot Johnson - Month ago
But, what if this same thing happened on an omnivorous diet? She would never blame the diet. I think people just try to blame every health issue on veganism.
I take b12 every week, also orange juice is really good, why would you stop being vegan. Hey, I have a suggestion. You should go to the store called Penn herb, it has EVERYTHING
Being vegan is for black people, white people cant survive without meat.
Why would you start eating that STUPID MEAT SHIT after 10 YEARS, come on why. I'm 12 and I haven't even been vegan for 10 years.
sdushdiu - Month ago
Who the Fk cares? I don't care that you stopped almost as I don't care that you started. It's no one else's business. And THAT is the primary reason that anyone who runs about identifying themselves as a "vegan" is just as obnoxious as someone who runs about identifying themselves as a member of some religion or a political party.
Its NOT all about you.
Sajad Mohsin
Sajad Mohsin - Month ago
Vegans crazy and psycho
roboHOFF - Month ago
Veganism is a religion and a death cult. Welcome to facts and reason Blair!
A - Month ago
roboHOFF enjoy the resource war that we are heading towards if people will continue to eat animal products - facts.
Jil'Korath - Month ago
Vitamin D from Sunlight and fortified Vitamin D Almond Milk.
B12 Suppliments.
Use cronometer to get use to eating properly then you can stop once you have your diet down.

It's what I do. Works for me, may not for you, but good luck with every choice you make.
adamissues - Month ago
I’ve been vegan for 3 years and my bitchass always bloated. I’m always shitting 🥺
vswick - Month ago
Curious. What was your health like after eating non vegan?
Book of Grimoire
Book of Grimoire - Month ago
Check her new videos? Idk looks not that different
Baby Bop
Baby Bop - Month ago
your hair looks so pretty here omg
Bethany Day
Bethany Day - Month ago
well you're only supposed to take the supplements until your levels are back to normal, then you adjust your diet to eat more of the foods with those nutrients. the only supplements you have to take (and everyone, not just vegans should take) is B-12 and vitamin d.
i've never been to a single restaurant that i couldn't eat vegan at......i'm not vegan but i eat mostly plant based and rarely consume any animal products.
i'm not judging or mad at anyone, but there are quite a few nutrients you have to make sure you are getting on a plant based diet that can easily slip into deficiency. iron, and calcium are just two of them, but all it takes is some tactical food add in's to the diet to fix all of these. which isn't difficult, but nobody wants to put in the slightest effort. they're like, well i'm not going to take supplements and i'm not going to pay attention to what i feed myself so f**k it. no more plant based/vegan for me. which is sad. everyone should take the time to figure out how to get all the nutrients they need without animal products or just in general. 90% of people are so ignorant when it comes to nutrition and say things like "if i have to plan it out or think about it it's not natural." no, you'll just end up deficient in things that vegans don't get deficient in. you'll just be constipated or any number of things.
but that's what happens when you get to populations this big, people would rather be ignorant and live life without thinking that put just small bit of effort in into maximizing their health. we as peoples need to get out of this habit of eating the same foods everyday and make sure we check every now and again that we actually are eating a variety of foods. sometimes it can feel like we're eating a variety of foods. but in reality we are eating a variety of foods that offer the same nutrients, so we are not getting as much variety as we think.
hopefully you learn more about nutrition and go back to being vegan one day. and hopefully one day i can claim i am vegan. i've finally gotten rid of dairy products and pork products because they're two of the worst animal products you can purchase.
Michelle M
Michelle M - Month ago
Da da doo doo doo ..... another one bites the dust
Ella Villamor
Ella Villamor - Month ago
You CAN get all the nutrients you need from plant based foods, except B12. You don’t need to take pills
Ella Villamor
Ella Villamor - Month ago
I’m glad that you’re feeling better now, but honestly.....that sounds like a bad doctor. You don’t need to eat animal products to fix those issues. He shouldn’t have told you that.
Asmr Apples Lover
Asmr Apples Lover - Month ago
So many bullshit!
Real vegans don’t come back!
Go vegan world
And educate yourself!😒
Jeff Kanas
Jeff Kanas - Month ago
Cut your dick off and see if you dont have reproductive problems no let's blame it on vegan diet lol u ppl read a book stop listening to these assholes
Jeff Kanas
Jeff Kanas - Month ago
So you pick and choose what animals are worthy to live and which ones can be tortured for u hahha yall all suck
Jeff Kanas
Jeff Kanas - Month ago
Meat and animal products cause inflammation....
Jeff Kanas
Jeff Kanas - Month ago
@milk shake go eat raw chicken u moron see if ur body dont reject it hahaha
milk shake
milk shake - Month ago
@Jeff Kanas if we weren't designed to eat meat our bodies would reject it
Jeff Kanas
Jeff Kanas - Month ago
@milk shake ok milk shake boy
milk shake
milk shake - Month ago
Same does vegan food
Natasha Klaarwater
Natasha Klaarwater - Month ago
I stopped being vegan cuz it started destroying my mental health. I was deficient in some things too. I feel you haha
Mortisha Styles
Mortisha Styles - Month ago
In our brain we like not hurting animals.BUT we are animals also.All the strongest mammals are meat eaters.Eggs are huge in vitamin D.I think how was this or that food discoverd.Cooking meat i think came from cave people eating a animal that was struck by lightning.Ug yum fire.
TheGoodDman - Month ago
Dumb reason not to be vegan bc other people aren’t. That’s lame.
Helo HowLow
Helo HowLow - 2 months ago
Veganism will turn man into a woman!
Lucia Medrano
Lucia Medrano - 2 months ago
Even if u are not vegan you have to take B12 supplements : D
Liann Ramirez
Liann Ramirez - 2 months ago
Everyone's body is a little different anyway. I personally do not digest carbohydrates very well which is grains beans ECT but I digest fruits and vegetables and yes animal protein extremely well when combined properly with vegetables....
Liann Ramirez
Liann Ramirez - 2 months ago
Did you try a parasite cleanse? but hey I think everyone gets a little too strict when they go vegan. It's good to fluctuate and go with the flow of the seasons summer should be lots of fruits and vegetables and raw...come warmer weather you should start to have more steamed vegetables and cold weather soups & Yes ANIMALS we were meant to eat a variety and the problem is everyone is too dogmatic and have to be in a club of some sort whether it's eat all the animals you can eat or eat all the fruits and vegetables you can eat. What about yin and yang?
Liann Ramirez
Liann Ramirez - 2 months ago
Sounds like Worms...
Jolie StClair
Jolie StClair - 2 months ago
Okay Blair. B12 is, yes, found in animal products. The reason being that the bacteria that produce B12 (that is the original source of B12 and is where animals get their B12) are killed. This is because the bacteria would usually be consumed through water/their biproducts would be, but with the sterilization of water comes the killing of the bacteria. Just an FYI!
Newbie Youtuber
Newbie Youtuber - 2 months ago
You stopped being vegan because refusing to eat meat is discrimination towards animals. 😆
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