Uche Performs "Figures" by Jessie Reyez for Top 20 Solos - American Idol 2019 on ABC

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Jonathan Pritchard
Jonathan Pritchard - 23 hours ago
One of the best singers I’ve ever heard. Wow!
Syunta Minami
Syunta Minami - Day ago
Penono - 2 days ago
I gave you ride or die and you gave me games
Love figures
I know I'm crying 'cause you just won't change
Love figures
I gave it all and you gave me shit
Love figures
I wish I could do exactly what you did
I wish I could hurt you back
Love, what would you do if you couldn't get me back
You're the one who's gonna lose
Something so special, something so real
Tell me boy, how in the fuck would you feel?
If you couldn't get me back
That's what I wish that I could do to you, you, hoo, hoo
To you, you, hoo, hoo
I'm the bad guy 'cause I can't learn to trust
Love figures
You say sorry once and you think it's enough
I got a lineup of girls and a lineup of guys
Begging for me just to give 'em a try
I'm willing to stay
'Cause I'm…
yanuel robles
yanuel robles - 3 days ago
Tyeshia Brown
Tyeshia Brown - 3 days ago
arsalsedo53 - 4 days ago
I can't stand those runs no need for runs in every song every line of every lyric
Alejandra Marchan
Alejandra Marchan - 4 days ago
Katy is MEEEEEEE!!
Lara Craft
Lara Craft - 5 days ago
Jaw on the floor
Amy Loc
Amy Loc - 5 days ago
I love UCHE!
Talkabouta-b - 8 days ago
0:34 your welcome.
Suzanne - 10 days ago
I don’t know who to tell this to so I’m telling all of you. Uche and my friend Matt need to meet. I just have this strong feeling that they need to meet. I have not told either one though ha ha. On YouTube search “Matthew and the Buffalo“. He is a vet tech by day and a professional dancer by night. Someone help me here lol
Rex Liams
Rex Liams - 10 days ago
He is good, but when he sings the song I couldn’t feel the emotions. More of like playing with notes professionally. I would still prefer the emotional way of singing this song.
CRG - 8 days ago
pumpi yampiyamkin
pumpi yampiyamkin - 12 days ago
replay you may take a rest for awhile,😂😂
lovely luminals
lovely luminals - 12 days ago
one of the best performances ever on this show
Iva K
Iva K - 13 days ago
I'm in love with his voice
Jesse Castrejon
Jesse Castrejon - 15 days ago
Dang he had FUN with it!!! Just wish he would have slowed it down and made it more soul wrenching! But he still sang it amazingly! I’m not trying to give a back handed compliment I’m just saying!
Megan Mckenney
Megan Mckenney - 19 days ago
Why does he lowkey remind me of old Greg.
Tmnit Amora
Tmnit Amora - 21 day ago
Don't miss 0:35
Sebastian Del Castillo
Sebastian Del Castillo - 26 days ago
That was hell of a performance
Sherwin Pongos
Sherwin Pongos - 27 days ago
rate from 1-10. he broke the scale
Angel Taylor
Angel Taylor - 29 days ago
This is too good!! Everytime I listen I get chills
Ahmed Yasin
Ahmed Yasin - Month ago
Yooboho - Month ago
6 months later and still come back this.
Kiela Kalamau
Kiela Kalamau - Month ago
I’m not gonna deny he’s a very good singer I was just kinda like ???? Cause his voice would change so much, going from like a rock sound to a softer sound then to something like Jessie and I was just really confused and I just personally don’t really like that style. It’s kinda like a roller coaster of a bunch of random stuff and it’s all over
brandenjc - Month ago
Anyone know the girl that shows up around 47 seconda?
Shiv G
Shiv G - Month ago
One of the best idol.performances ever..
SeaTownBeauty206 Claire Jaramillo
I like his version better than the damn original! I love hers too but this is 🔥
SeaTownBeauty206 Claire Jaramillo
Baby making music right there. Goosebumps whew!
angel love
angel love - Month ago
Omg omg he's sooo goood his voice is sooo beautiful 😍😍😍😍
Brianna Cooper
Brianna Cooper - Month ago
Sara Gatchw
Sara Gatchw - Month ago
Omg he is voice amazing
Nomvuselelo Phoswa
Nomvuselelo Phoswa - Month ago
Damn... wtf
Ivorii !
Ivorii ! - Month ago
He makes this song 20x emotional for me.
Mabel - Month ago
Isabel Santana
Isabel Santana - Month ago
M Klug
M Klug - Month ago
Are you listening to him?!! Holy cow that was perfection!
True With It !!
True With It !! - Month ago
Actually sing it better then that actual artist! Should've been his song !
Nhle Hlongwa
Nhle Hlongwa - Month ago
I'm back.
natalia supit
natalia supit - Month ago
I think this was his characteristic, sexy yet romantic ...
DowarebGoogle Dowareb
DowarebGoogle Dowareb - Month ago
Amazing 👍🏾💯❤️
Natacha l
Natacha l - Month ago
Oh no this feels wrong
This has no feeling not like the original
Nah not OK with this
Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel - Month ago
Natacha l Go and search elsewhere, good luck! I really hope heart and glitter will be beside you
Natacha l
Natacha l - Month ago
I was looking for good interpretation of that song that I like It's nice to see that we can have another feeling then just "yeah I love you kiss heart and glitter"
Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel - Month ago
Why are you here? Don't get it...
twitter qq
twitter qq - Month ago
Shut up
Elle K
Elle K - Month ago
Natacha l then exist - thank u next, ❤❤
Barry Calvin
Barry Calvin - Month ago
I'm still watching it until today, it is going to be October 2019 soon. Oh God Uche, this performance is so unforgettable!
Sira-Teeh Ngbor
Sira-Teeh Ngbor - 11 days ago
Barry Calvin November 11th and I'm still at it.
Ariah G
Ariah G - Month ago
kaitlyn luna
kaitlyn luna - Month ago
He should’ve won smh
Cream Soda
Cream Soda - Month ago
I know right!! Uche and Alejandro were so much better then Laine... I love Laine but these two killed it😪
Lee Liya
Lee Liya - Month ago
I love how Katy get up how good he is😂❤️❤️😭💎
Lee Liya
Lee Liya - Month ago
I’m speechless 😶 😭💸💸💸
Louis Hall
Louis Hall - Month ago
Gritty bit sounds like matt corby ! What a singer unreal stage presence as well ! Wow
3rd_May Alpha
3rd_May Alpha - 2 months ago
Uche ✌️🔥💯😭
AMARIs Bella
AMARIs Bella - 2 months ago
DAMN 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾💞💞💞🔥🔥🔥🔥💣💣💣💣
reuben tettey
reuben tettey - 2 months ago
This performance should never end. I want this performance in. heaven
kevin mungai
kevin mungai - 2 months ago
His riffs and runs were so good
Pett Brown
Pett Brown - 2 months ago
For real i dont know why this guy didnt won this competition is no fear 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
Jamila Juicey
Jamila Juicey - 2 months ago
More drama than singing...
Ariana Encinas
Ariana Encinas - 2 months ago
Este tipo tiene todo mi dinero perras , si yo hubiera estado ahí le tiro mis zapatillas , mi gorra !
Mark Camara
Mark Camara - 2 months ago
Nice but i love womans
Opeyemi Oloyede
Opeyemi Oloyede - 2 months ago
I listened to the original song and i must say i prefer this! Damn!!!
Naja Bares
Naja Bares - 2 months ago
edaneo11 - 2 months ago
He looks bloody gay, acts like one and sings like one. Very kinky gaylingy......and his name is Uche Nigerian and Igbo..... Fuck shit what happened
Brittany Lett
Brittany Lett - 2 months ago
Whatcha go DO.. I love Lionel Richie lol
Zinab Mohamed
Zinab Mohamed - 2 months ago
I don't care what u say this is his song.
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