The Unexplained Murder Of Mobster Bugsy Siegel

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Steve Salamanca
Steve Salamanca - Month ago
BuzzFeed Unsolved Network make an episode of the Mackenzie Poltergeist..! Guarantee Shane will believe then! Lol seriously... messed up case though lol
Bee Knees
Bee Knees - Month ago
Is Shane really from Chicago or from the suburbs 🤔
Nidhi Nirwan
Nidhi Nirwan - Month ago
Why do you guys always add “wheeze”? I love it though 😂
Ali Dawn
Ali Dawn - Month ago
Is Shane a Demon mob boss? #postmortem #boogara
Victor - 9 hours ago
I can solve this murder. Eddie killed Benjamin with Roberts rifle and he fled towards Roberts house towards that golf course to return the weapon and that’s why he matches the gun he committed suicide with. Easy solve come on guys.
Darcy Morrish
Darcy Morrish - 11 hours ago
1:25 Fat Tony the simpsons
bobbie9093 - Day ago
Actually loooove the illustrations in this one!
Sania Palaxia
Sania Palaxia - Day ago
chantilly - Day ago
You guys should do the unsolved mystery of what really happened to hitler. It has been proven that his body was not ever found and many people think he fled to South America.
Andy S Hinsley
Andy S Hinsley - Day ago
@ 1:20 Scar Face
Casey Chong
Casey Chong - Day ago
I dont know anything about shooting, but is 4/9 shots considered expert?
Rainbow Roger
Rainbow Roger - 2 days ago
Agent Loo
Agent Loo - 2 days ago
What about his italian girlfriend who told him not to kill those italian officials at a nazi party or something
Kacey Craney
Kacey Craney - 2 days ago
*Ricky has entered the chat*
Alec - 2 days ago
Damn, Ryan's had some FIRE one-liners this season!!
star_ king19
star_ king19 - 3 days ago
Missed opportunity to call him the cali Capone
star_ king19
star_ king19 - 3 days ago
Or Cal'Capone
lupine - 3 days ago
what in the goddamn
AToZed71 - 3 days ago
I feel like maybe the mob has this thing where if you're dying, just confess to a bunch of murders to throw off investigators.. so many deathbed confessions outchea
ami ayres
ami ayres - 3 days ago
you know i had to do it to em
Kelly Durgan
Kelly Durgan - 4 days ago
Shane: As someone who was born under the Bean
Shane: is from Schaumburg
Andy And Tea
Andy And Tea - 5 days ago
I had a dream that it was this episode but when Ryan said “unsolved” he said “bugssolved” and I woke myself up laughing...... (get it bugsy)
Pihu Sharma
Pihu Sharma - 5 days ago
Justin seagull 💜
liveitup dreambig
liveitup dreambig - 6 days ago
What is it with "February" and this channel 😂
bongo155 - 6 days ago
Is Jack Dragna just a photo of Rodney Dangerfield?
Jay Sempaii
Jay Sempaii - 6 days ago
There is a living person that has some facial similarities with Bugsy Seigel. #BuzzFeedUnsolved
Johnny carroll
Johnny carroll - 6 days ago
When they said 30 caliber carbine they shortened m1 garand, they should have shown an m1 carbine.
By the way the only reason I'm watching this video is cuz it showed up in my recommended. My sister has been using my account to watch YouTube a lot
Johnny carroll
Johnny carroll - 6 days ago
BTW the gun, you showed an m1 garand, is a 30-06 rifle. Not a 30 caliber rifle, there's a difference
Jule Caesara
Jule Caesara - 6 days ago
really like the flamingo cup.
Jocelyn Cook
Jocelyn Cook - 6 days ago
Hold up a minute. Shane, fellow Chicagoan? I had no idea!
Kamryn Eaves
Kamryn Eaves - 7 days ago
shane. buddy. chicago pizza is actual trash
WowUsagi - 7 days ago
Joel Berringer
Joel Berringer - 7 days ago
Ricky Goldsworth At it again
Justus Bacak
Justus Bacak - 7 days ago
Do a buzz feed unsolved for cicada 3301
Erin Mac
Erin Mac - 8 days ago
Holy mother of a cow.... my uncle is called Robert and our family name is MacDonald.... we’re Australian though so....
Makka Aliev
Makka Aliev - 9 days ago
1:53 eXcUse me LUcKy WHO???
alex lone wolf
alex lone wolf - 9 days ago
What happened on 6:25 what is the a glitch
Danqi Zhang
Danqi Zhang - 9 days ago
febiuwary !
Eduardo Córdova
Eduardo Córdova - 9 days ago
I'd let Ryan choke me with his arms.
Kal J
Kal J - 9 days ago
out of all the people id expect to have a consensual non-monogamous relationship, a mobster and his wife was not one of them.
Mc Jonah
Mc Jonah - 10 days ago
*Fallout new vegas intensifies*
Ryann Hart
Ryann Hart - 10 days ago
I love that Ryan's cup is covered with flamingos
Joanna Arcelo
Joanna Arcelo - 10 days ago
5:44 is that you Ricky? Damn... Ricky just went straight to the point 😂
Ame Blue
Ame Blue - 11 days ago
Chicago Mod sounds like a TV show like Chicago PD
Mattyscic 03
Mattyscic 03 - 11 days ago
"expert marksman"
*Hits 4 out of 9 shots*
STAR1518jb - 11 days ago
...I just wanna watch Bugsy Malone now.
alyxpawlawski - 11 days ago
convo i had w my mom when this came out:
me: ooo its on bugsy siegel
mom: cool i think thats the gangster that my grandmother waited on when she was a waitress on a gambling boat off of the coast of LA
me: excuse me
like i didn't even know how to respond lmao
Jeff Murello
Jeff Murello - 11 days ago
Hate to break it to y’all but all of LA is still corrupt
Cclunda - 11 days ago
I don’t get how the 30 cats story and his quest to develop a birth control serum ties in with the theory
sinkingfeeeling - 12 days ago
Damn yanks can’t pronounce “pergola”
Ellie Hirst
Ellie Hirst - 12 days ago
Do Marilyn Monroe!!
larry peoples
larry peoples - 12 days ago
"Bee and Moose"
A show about nature.
Frida Acuña
Frida Acuña - 13 days ago
talk about las muertes de Juarez
Paige -Low Key-
Paige -Low Key- - 13 days ago
The Eddie bit omg
Biance Lombard
Biance Lombard - 14 days ago
The flamingo mug is a nice sneaky deco touch :D
shaniac 007
shaniac 007 - 14 days ago
Shane's expression each time Ryan uses him as an example for a murder victim is amazing
cole adams
cole adams - 14 days ago
shane’s just asking to be shot up by the mob
“ *put them behind bars* “
let’s pray for shane y’all
Tally Bee
Tally Bee - 14 days ago
Lovin Ryan's on-theme flamingo cup this episode, well done
jennie jinkins
jennie jinkins - 14 days ago
DUDE, if *Mac Miller* was still alive he could have totally played buggsy because they look so alike... also rest in peace... probs should have put that at the begining
Ruby Broomhall
Ruby Broomhall - 15 days ago
The devil works hard
But Ryan practicing how to February works harder
Gracie Sage
Gracie Sage - 15 days ago
Hello to the ghoul boys,
I live in a small town south of Chicago (not telling you which one) and we have a very old court house that is supposedly haunted. There has been a ton of murders and suicides. Do you think you would ever want to check it out? I would love if you ever decided to. Keep being beautiful ghoul boys. With much hauntings,Gracie
Renee Morehead
Renee Morehead - 15 days ago
What if the speeding car was a random civilian that was scared by the gunshots
Pig Nipples
Pig Nipples - 15 days ago
Hey guys do you know where my dog went?
Destiny Vallejo
Destiny Vallejo - 16 days ago
You should make an episode talking about the 2014 Iguala mass kidnapping in Mexico
John Doe
John Doe - 16 days ago
Shane and Ryan: “wE LiVe In LoS aNgElEs
Sissy K
Sissy K - 16 days ago
Did Ryan purposely have a flamingo mug for the flamingo hotel?
Kayla Mechelle
Kayla Mechelle - 16 days ago
All hail the watcher!
WestCoast FiRe
WestCoast FiRe - 16 days ago
Dude reminds me of Joe Pesci's character Nicky Santoro in the movie Casino.
Alex 2nd Fist
Alex 2nd Fist - 16 days ago
@7:01 I thought the video buffered
katelyn collison
katelyn collison - 17 days ago
Does anyone know why the show the faces in some episodes and then dont in others?
Sze Ying Ong
Sze Ying Ong - 17 days ago
3:48 look at Ryan, he's so done with Shane's lame puns😂😂
communism aight
communism aight - 17 days ago
*Looks a little Sylvester Stallone*
K S - 17 days ago
I wanna own a casino like bugsy Siegel and do it all legal
DC Comic Reviews
DC Comic Reviews - 17 days ago
The witness that claimed that a speeding car drove towards Sunset Blvd was the real killer. Case closed.
Bengal Panthera
Bengal Panthera - 17 days ago
5:18 so that’s where “no mourners, no funerals” comes from
Gracie Sage
Gracie Sage - 15 days ago
Bengal Panthera you’ve read Six Of Crows?
unlimited potential
unlimited potential - 17 days ago
I think the cats were a BIPRODUCT of the research. How else do you test the birth control?
Emma Norton
Emma Norton - 17 days ago
My mom: *keeps talking*
Me: 9:17
Justin Schutt
Justin Schutt - 17 days ago
Scar face is a mobster nickname
Panic! At the Chemical Fall Out Piløts
Lucky Luciano really had to do it to em
christina north
christina north - 18 days ago
For the post mortem: You guys seem to get along so well...but, have you ever just had a bro meltdown? I mean, Ryan talks about killing Shane in like every episode lol
abby Kleese
abby Kleese - 19 days ago
I was born on February 28th omg omg omg omg
Losaiko RESIST!!! Say No to Trump and No Fascisim
Don't steal from your cholera and associates if u our a mobster.
James Silliker
James Silliker - 19 days ago
This kinda reminds me of the game Mafia 3
Olivia Tyner
Olivia Tyner - 20 days ago
Should've used a picture of Shane dressed as Clark Gable from that one try guys video, just saying
Alligator Tears
Alligator Tears - 20 days ago
"Moose mobile."
Liambrownz - 20 days ago
Murders need to confess on their death beds give the family some closure. The car racing away could have been a civilian fleeing
C.N.F Club
C.N.F Club - 20 days ago
Kinda looks like rocky
ssbully - 21 day ago
Hard to trust anything from BuzzFeed.
Mal - 21 day ago
1:56 he did it to em??????
Connor Reynolds
Connor Reynolds - 21 day ago
Mentions M1 Carbine, shows picture of M1 Garand
Brett Huggins
Brett Huggins - 21 day ago
Frankie Carbone Lansky's guy he more than likely did it
Kylee & Emily
Kylee & Emily - 22 days ago
My brother calls me tiny
Steve Souza
Steve Souza - 22 days ago
When I think of a nickname that you didn’t want to say to his face it has to be Greg the grim reaper skarpa
Yocobe F
Yocobe F - 22 days ago
Abigail Hodge
Abigail Hodge - 22 days ago
I love how Ryan is like "California's too nice, we don't have any crime" ... literally all the serial killers are in Cali lmao
please don't kill steve rogers marvel studios
"leading lucky luciano to take the throne as the chairman of the board of the american mafia" ...he really did it to 'em...
Some F-ing Band
Some F-ing Band - 23 days ago
Lol, when the mob hit you, they usually used someone close to you. Could be your best friend or a family member. Serve's 2 purposes. 1 makes it easier to do the hit, you never see it coming. 2. Proves the loyalty of the shooter to the mob. 3. The mafia doesn't exist, stop looking into this. . . .if you know what's good for you.
Justin Hateswaspsss
Justin Hateswaspsss - 23 days ago
What if it was the iceman? He sure knows how to hit someone without getting caught and he did kill a lot of mobsters.
Cierra Kain
Cierra Kain - 23 days ago
yeah he birthed las vegas in the same way christopher columbus birthed america
nebi - 23 days ago
Love y'all
Pot Sinim
Pot Sinim - 23 days ago
"Ho ho nobody knew that the killer was I, The Watcher!"
Dandy Day
Dandy Day - 23 days ago
Ricky really pulled thru during this episode
HappilyBlue - 23 days ago
Moe and Bee sound like they had a really healthy relationship tbh
A is for America
A is for America - 23 days ago
"California back then was just filthy." (and still is)
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