The Unexplained Murder Of Mobster Bugsy Siegel

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BuzzFeed Unsolved Network
BuzzFeed Unsolved Network - 4 months ago
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dudemus stinkmeyer
dudemus stinkmeyer - 26 days ago
Yeah where can I find that pizza in Chicago u speak of
Maria Chavez
Maria Chavez - 2 months ago
You should do the murder "the act"
Steve Salamanca
Steve Salamanca - 4 months ago
BuzzFeed Unsolved Network make an episode of the Mackenzie Poltergeist..! Guarantee Shane will believe then! Lol seriously... messed up case though lol
Tierra Lu
Tierra Lu - 4 months ago
Is Shane really from Chicago or from the suburbs 🤔
Noah Friesen
Noah Friesen - 5 hours ago
The army guy one seems like more of a possibility than y’all are making it out to be
zinzfn - Day ago
Real life gta character
Hellooo Hellooo
Hellooo Hellooo - 2 days ago
Bugsy Siegel is my best friend’s great grandpa ! She carries on some traits of him
foreverVanney - 2 days ago
so... when you're part of the mob and you're dying I guess you have to confess to unsolved murders to cover your pals, huh?
Peter Do
Peter Do - 2 days ago
ur cute
Alan Hardcastle
Alan Hardcastle - 2 days ago
Back in the day? Lmao California is still ran by the Mob. They're called Leftists.
CandyLover556 - 3 days ago
has anyone translated the latin of the newspaper at circa 4:50 ? id be interested in knowing what it means
あーちゃん - 5 days ago
Wait, how can Sir Macdonald kill himself with a rifle?
Danilo Lazarevic
Danilo Lazarevic - 5 days ago
marina nedeljkovic
marina nedeljkovic - 5 days ago
Savannah Smith
Savannah Smith - 6 days ago
God, as someone with long family roots in central Illinois hearing Shane go on and on about Chicago makes me roll my eyes.
Get over yourself Chicago boy
Thomas Coursey
Thomas Coursey - 7 days ago
He did sooo much more in New York lol
DUDE PC - 7 days ago
Check this village
emilee landtiser
emilee landtiser - 7 days ago
My grandparents recently went to Vegas and while my grandpa playing blackjack, my grandma was sitting with other older women and they said that Vegas was much nicer when the mob was running it.
Hillbilly Dave
Hillbilly Dave - 8 days ago
So I did the math on the 400 slide presentation. Let’s just say it took the man about a minute to go through one slide, the presentation would be 5 hours long. Hope you brought a couple bags of popcorn cause that might be the longest 5 hours of your life
bluebarry1711 - 9 days ago
I love Shane already, but to know he’s a fellow Chicagoan born under The Bean 🤤
HelpfulDropBear - 10 days ago
The end card makes it look like Ryan is gonna kiss Shane.
epic lolito
epic lolito - 10 days ago
This is just wonderful.
Here I am, on my bed, covered in blankets, suffering a terrible cold, sipping my lemon tea, whilst listening to 2 guys talking about dying mobsters.
Tyler Weldon
Tyler Weldon - 11 days ago
Do jimmy hoffa
staxia nesbit
staxia nesbit - 11 days ago
What if they all did it??
master Ahin Ahin
master Ahin Ahin - 12 days ago
Ang angry mail man whom packet was stolen from him killed Bugsy
Mineaxes - 12 days ago
There are so many comments because everyone isn't on fullscreen. On fulscreen you can't type comments
tommy - 12 days ago
we have no idea how many murders bugsy himself carried out and they went unsolved lol the iron E
Hajra Lunat
Hajra Lunat - 12 days ago
Why does he look like rocky?
Brand0 - 12 days ago
The body of Elisa Lam, also known by her Cantonese name, Lam Ho Yi, a Canadian student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, was recovered from a water tank atop the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles on February 19, 2013. She had been reported missing at the beginning of the month. This one needs to be done if not done yet.
Timothy Howe
Timothy Howe - 13 days ago
Sorry pal going to the funeral and going to give a inspiring speech about the time you battered the goat man for the ownership of Shane's bridge.
Andrew Walker Jr.
Andrew Walker Jr. - 13 days ago
He's a -SCAT- CAT MAN!

Peyton Stenander
Peyton Stenander - 14 days ago
I love the flamingo mug!
blue jayde
blue jayde - 15 days ago
Why the military vet makes sense: if the mob killed him directly, they wouldn't have killed him from the window at night as it was too risky a shot. They would most likely do it with the killer in the back of a car so they wouldn't miss and only use one shot. Taking 9 shots appears a tad bit excessive. The reason why only 4 out of 9 shots actually hit Bugsy could be due to another man, Bugsy's friend and the hotel's inspector, being on the couch next to him. The shooter could have also wanted to kill him as there were bullet holes in his jacket after the shooting. Seems a bit strange given the amount of gunfire, and while I think the killer was definitely not part of the mob, they were most likely hired by someone in the mob.
Meghan Mitchell
Meghan Mitchell - 15 days ago
Yeah, the west coast isn't where organized crime originates because you're too busy pumpin out serial killers!😏
drawn on
drawn on - 16 days ago
I get excited every time I hear the intro to these videos it’s like crack
Calendarmunkey876 - 16 days ago
I think I missed something: How are the Aliens not involved in this? Aren't there always Aliens. I feel like we should be capitalizing "Aliens."
iam thedemon
iam thedemon - 16 days ago
".30 calibre carbine"
*shows m1 garand*
truly epic
Benjamin Holcombe
Benjamin Holcombe - 10 days ago
iam thedemon I scrolled down the comments until I found someone who noticed that too lol
Maddie Grace
Maddie Grace - 17 days ago
Ryan: According to Bee, Moe...

*Adventure time has entered the chat*
Dr. Loomis
Dr. Loomis - 17 days ago
It was the Phantom Killer
misbehaving D3vil
misbehaving D3vil - 18 days ago
macdonald looks like james Charles
_ Rhino_Sloth _
_ Rhino_Sloth _ - 18 days ago
Leslie Soto
Leslie Soto - 18 days ago
it's on a movie called the bronx
Jai Joy
Jai Joy - 18 days ago
“A bit of...a gamble.”
*Powerful dad joke. Father mode unlocked*
RocaDeearCenjar - 18 days ago
4:51 Why is he reading and newspaper in Latin?
Mikey Angelo
Mikey Angelo - 19 days ago
I swear, y'all change the thumbnails all the time bc the thumbnails look like a new video but- SIKEEEE
Leonardo Chudin
Leonardo Chudin - 19 days ago
Siegel looks like Stallone
Rhuunn - 19 days ago
3:34 that joke was kinda “a gamble”
Bryan Gan
Bryan Gan - 19 days ago
I know that it about 2 months since the video was created but hear me out At 10:42 the image is a Garand not a 30 caliber carbine and the Garand only holds 8 rounds not 9 your talking about the 30 carbine with has a 20 round mag capacity.
Hottmomma Judy
Hottmomma Judy - 19 days ago
Scarface hated his name too!
I Like pie
I Like pie - 22 days ago
Says .30 caliber carbine, puts M1 Garande

Nice one liberals
Hamza Salem
Hamza Salem - 22 days ago
Is this who Moe Green from the Godfather is based on?
Acesman12345 - 24 days ago
Moe looks like Mike Ehrmantraut from Better Call Saul.
jas b
jas b - 24 days ago
That picture of robert mcdonald is dooope
Kelsey Von Black
Kelsey Von Black - 24 days ago
I went on a haunted Vegas tour where we toured the Flamingo Hotel where it was reported people would see the ghost of Bugsy Siegel. Video idea for the supernatural videos 👻
Holly Molly
Holly Molly - 25 days ago
just noticed ryans mug lol
Kadeem A Thomas
Kadeem A Thomas - 25 days ago
Bruh y’all trippin🤦🏾‍♂️
katsuma - 25 days ago
$250,000 back then was *$2,871,558.30* if anyone else was wondering
Tru King
Tru King - 25 days ago
I'm calling my Italian uncle you best watch your back
Ro chieee
Ro chieee - 26 days ago
I can't get used to the doll behind them. 😂
Ryan Harrington
Ryan Harrington - 26 days ago
Chicago is the outfit not the mob
Ryan Harrington
Ryan Harrington - 26 days ago
Ya. Jack dragna was nowhere fuckin nearrrrrrrr capone. Like its comparing an ocean to a pond
arisu baek
arisu baek - 26 days ago
maddie mccann
arisu baek
arisu baek - 26 days ago
you should do a video abt maddie mccann!!!!
arisu baek
arisu baek - 26 days ago
please make a video about maddie mccann
KennethEstrellaTV - 26 days ago
I think it was MacDonald
Sarah Amoson
Sarah Amoson - 27 days ago
Can y’all do a video on Kyron Harmon? Kiddo that went missing 10 years ago in Portland, OR.
Darth Desec
Darth Desec - 28 days ago
That’s not a “personal hit”. Smh.
Darth Desec
Darth Desec - 28 days ago
Lol. Like you really need theories. We all know it was the commission. (Not the syndicate; that’s Chicago)
Trevor :
Trevor : - 28 days ago
for april fools day next year you should do an unsolved on "The unexplained murder of Rodger rabbit"
MrCrilliver - 28 days ago
I love me some Chicago Style Pizza
MrCrilliver - 26 days ago
@Ryan Harrington watch the video
Ryan Harrington
Ryan Harrington - 26 days ago
What does this have to do with Chicago?
U R A G I R I - 29 days ago
9:13 my convo with ma except it involves hentai.
Some Rival
Some Rival - 29 days ago
Cant believe that ronald mcdonald would shoot and kill his own wife.....
one single wish
one single wish - 29 days ago
You mean..shot his wife..then himself..unlesssssssss..the mob
Sellah - 29 days ago
I never see anyone talking about how good the animations are in these videos. Big cred to whoever makes them, it really heightens the quality of the videos.
ElectroGamer HD
ElectroGamer HD - 29 days ago
Bugsy Siegel or Michael Schumacher??
Rachel Harris
Rachel Harris - Month ago
Do episode on St Valentines Day Massacure! It takes place in Chicago Shane will love that 😆😉
Shaulton Daulton
Shaulton Daulton - Month ago
So these where the OGs that made the black gangsters OG today...
Sophie W
Sophie W - Month ago
If it was the Chicago mob.
Then I hope he had it coming.
Cruz TheRipper
Cruz TheRipper - Month ago
The mob could have told the neighbors to tell a fabricated story
selahadams - Month ago
my uncle
Kassandra Bailey
Kassandra Bailey - Month ago
I work for one of shows at the Flamingo, at Bugsy's Cabaret to be exact. I didn't realize the history behind all of it. That's so cool.
Mitzie Audelo
Mitzie Audelo - Month ago
Ryan is loooooking good baby
Dog Poop
Dog Poop - Month ago
U guys pronounced Luciano wrong, it’s more of a ch sound. Also yes Shane, as a fellow Chicagoan, Chicago is where u go if u want stuff done😂
U.S. Army Airforce
U.S. Army Airforce - Month ago
That was not a carbine that you showed you showed a garand
Dick Butt
Dick Butt - Month ago
"Expert with 30. carbine"

Shows picture of M1 Garand
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