How We Faked Keanu Reeves Stopping a Robbery

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Kujo Jotaro
Kujo Jotaro - 7 hours ago
I knew it wasn’t Keanu
SeekNeo - 11 hours ago
I'm curious as to how they access the same files from different computers? Do they have a local server they upload them or what?
paherbst524 - 20 hours ago
85% of this video is a waste
Arcane Atri
Arcane Atri - 23 hours ago
The guy playing Keanu could definitely pull off a Dax Sheppard look. But Dax Sheppard hasn't been too relevant lately... if ever? Lol
N Y T Ξ M Λ R Ξ - Day ago
It wasn't the real Keanu Reeves??? T_T
Mr. Twiglesworth
Mr. Twiglesworth - Day ago
Sure the voice sounds different, but it adds to the tone of the video
R Estacio
R Estacio - Day ago
Imagine the government utilizing this technique to capture persons of interest
owNewBlood - Day ago
@13:36 is that non-heatsink RAM!? EW BASIC RAM AF
Seenu - Day ago
I knew it!
Don't mind Me
Don't mind Me - 2 days ago
You should have used the voice editor
Clint Eastman
Clint Eastman - 2 days ago
Because Keanu he's Canadian... don't you know...all Canadians are like that and Sorry if I upset you about my comment.
ASMR Sean - 3 days ago
Editing skill 1000000000000000x
YouDoTheShoot - 3 days ago
I need to contact you guys concerning a project to develop a unique app is there an email I can use
Bao Doan
Bao Doan - 3 days ago
I hope they aren't going to Guillotine that PC Clint replaced...
Alex - 3 days ago
Can you do this in a Joker video, with the actor that we all love?
pexpix - 3 days ago
AM edits
AM edits - 3 days ago
From Ustav techie 😀😬
Soeveth - 3 days ago
you guys live in sunny L.A. why not invest in some solar power for the studio? Im sure Steve would be cool with it. With the amount of highend computer running wrenders + AC to cool everything Im sure the electric bill isnt cheap. Also would make a good vlog series.
Law And Order
Law And Order - 3 days ago
I did not know that Keanu was fake!!! Best deepfake ever!!!
realsmashmouth - 4 days ago
I just went on an emotional journey. IDK why.
Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon - 5 days ago
These are like episodes of Pawn Stars but more entertaining.
STARK TIME - 5 days ago
Fuck I become fool
macaron3141592653 - 5 days ago
This is cool but I still think the UN should ban Deepfaking
Jeb Dunkins
Jeb Dunkins - 3 days ago
Good luck banning something freely available on the internet
es001 - 5 days ago
Can you imagine a government using this to frame someone either to commit a crime or stage an alibi. Video evidence used in court can't be 100 percent accurate anymore due to possible doctoring. CHECK OUT this FLAWLESS: Bill Hader transforming to Tom Cruise/Seth Rogan. Yikes!
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan - 6 days ago
too many fuking jews in 1 video
SMV L - 6 days ago
Actor was always too short to be Keanu. From the start I was like "WTH?"
sten360 - 6 days ago
I was like "is that Reuben friggin' Langdon on the thumbnail?!" - was not disappointed.
Joe Blow
Joe Blow - 7 days ago
1:44 that looks like some weed being grown in the back
LOLIGIUSZ 1980 - 7 days ago
Do you still dont want your PC?
PrøudBanditø - 7 days ago
yes, ken is the important voice not dante😂
PeeZeeDooley - 7 days ago
13:34 was it only me that thought of the infinity war scene when spooderman gets the iron spider suit?
Primex_PF - 7 days ago
Fucking thought this was real saw it on tv and in insta
Faded Jate
Faded Jate - 7 days ago
I had no idea, that is so trippy that's what they use in the movies.
Jkc - 7 days ago
Keanu need to like this
William - 7 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks these Deep Fakes are dangerous?
BroCo Studios
BroCo Studios - 7 days ago
No way. I thought it was him. 😂😂😂
Gent t
Gent t - 8 days ago
now if you ever get real Keanu nobody will believe you...
Rodrigo Terrazas
Rodrigo Terrazas - 8 days ago
You guys should’ve consider Chris Delia for the actor, he’s in great shape he loves doing action movies, he has the hair and he is also an impressionist and he’s Keanu Reeves impression is amazing
Dex Ninja
Dex Ninja - 8 days ago
so he bought a new computer for a video like 5 minutes long?
neon dynamite 2
neon dynamite 2 - 8 days ago
3:13 lab rats, Davenport😂
Athrixx - 8 days ago
Wait it was fake?
Marc Danzell Lopez
Marc Danzell Lopez - 8 days ago
0:46 "And I thought, well, how funny would it be if Keanu Reeves stopped the armed robbery with kindness?"
Keanu: shoots guy in the head while in an armlock.
SkepticalFX - 9 days ago
His best movie was bill and teds excellent adventure (and bogus journey)
tony Adam
tony Adam - 9 days ago
I knew something was off
JLo™ - 9 days ago
HEY can you do deep fake of Bruce Lee in "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood"????
Shadow Goku
Shadow Goku - 9 days ago
Bro i thought this was real
sakkarep ku
sakkarep ku - 9 days ago
Can you make Arnold back to be young?
Wu Me
Wu Me - 9 days ago
Scene from your Keanu short have shown/tagged in a Will Smith video about Gemini Man!
The Other Side
The Other Side - 9 days ago
*Where is the finished work?*
big deezle
big deezle - 9 days ago
You’re disgusting
Jaylen Mark
Jaylen Mark - 9 days ago
Keanu reeves as 🌙 Knight
yaboyjuice102 - 9 days ago
This is really awesome but at the same time frightening. Imagine the manipulation that can be created by deepfake. I like many others, were fooled by the video. I thought that was Keanu as well. While it’s a great and fun video for displaying technology, I fear for the bad things it may be used for.
TheBeardedTree - 10 days ago
Can we get a deepfake of old Thanos (from Guardians of the Galaxy and Age of Ultron) on top of the newer Thanos we got in Infinity War / Endgame? I’d really like to see that!
Matthew Birkett
Matthew Birkett - 10 days ago
using a guillotine blade to open packages is the level of overkill I aspire to be
Dakoda - 10 days ago
12:34 Plot twist, Keanu is in the box.
ManlyMan TheMan
ManlyMan TheMan - 10 days ago
1:00 "We're gonna see if we can put Keanu's face on my body and see if it works"
lmao XD
Nischie Okata
Nischie Okata - 10 days ago
if he would cut his hair off completely he would look like mac lethal 2:37
Flamingo Short
Flamingo Short - 10 days ago
The only thing that made me know it was fake was the voice
the Camster
the Camster - 10 days ago
Keanu Reeves: You are breathtaking
Mirza Khalid
Mirza Khalid - 11 days ago
Jeesus Christ turns Keanu Reeves by the Corridor Crew 😂
Luca Ucronia
Luca Ucronia - 11 days ago
Bunch of NERDS! Cool!
Luca Ucronia
Luca Ucronia - 11 days ago
When I saw the video I noticed something strange about his face but forgot completely about the deep fake tech.
ManMadeDesaster - 11 days ago
12:48 i want this "knife"
Nadhir Haouanoh
Nadhir Haouanoh - 11 days ago
I don't think keanu would like this
Arhon Pinéda
Arhon Pinéda - 11 days ago
Wtf now I feel like a fool wondering why Keanu reeves would have all the time to film with guys he didn't even know. That's pretty scary how you guys pulled that off
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets - 11 days ago
This video is in Will Smiths latest Gemini Man video at 5:10
BrycexB - 11 days ago
It wasn’t Keanu 🥺 wow I was so happy for yall
Whiplash - 11 days ago
woah, magic man
TheApzfreak - 11 days ago
Will Smith gave yall a small shout out, kind of:
Ape - 11 days ago
I new it
Wrecker Reviews
Wrecker Reviews - 12 days ago
Peter getting dusted :(
Robin Memmi
Robin Memmi - 12 days ago
for anyone interesteed, I found this
Lord fartamor
Lord fartamor - 12 days ago
I knew that wasn't his voice
BleBlouza04 - 12 days ago
Wait... It was fake?!
xFM Tuts
xFM Tuts - 12 days ago
i knew it ! i knew it was fake.. like.. the face is get the motion blur :'v
but i've been fooled by your awesome video so i dont bother it at all
Philip Thomas
Philip Thomas - 12 days ago
What's the teal headband thing that Clint wears? Is it some sort of sick headset?!
nick novak
nick novak - 12 days ago
Tell me you guys have seen this;
Feadds - 12 days ago
Honestly thought it was a legit video with a weird talk 😭👌🏽
Cassandra Gillis-de Vries
Guys!!!!! Check out this deep fake..
Mind is blown!!!
The Irish Hero
The Irish Hero - 13 days ago
I’ll never know what real and not real with this guys there to good
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