How We Faked Keanu Reeves Stopping a Robbery

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Yeah I like SaNs
Yeah I like SaNs - 2 days ago
I'm a bit late but his face on the thumbnail looks like Keanu on CRACC
Peggy Deerborn
Peggy Deerborn - 3 days ago
I wish I had more skills at this. Would love to be on your team. Let's Deepfake Gollum. I'll do his voice. :)
Samsara /// Rinneye
Samsara /// Rinneye - 4 days ago
all you needed to do was hire Penguinz0 aka Charlie.
Hi - 4 days ago
It was so obvious lol. Why would Keanu wear a corridor shirt?
Jovanny Escobar
Jovanny Escobar - 5 days ago
I thought it was reeves I think you lying
배핸아 - 7 days ago
Wish you guys worked a little more than like 1 minute on the wig lol. You could have glued it down very easily so things didn’t shift and give you issues. Maybe just a tip for the future I suppose.
Sir games Alot
Sir games Alot - 7 days ago
So was it take or did they get kianu
AwesomenessX15 - 9 days ago
Hijikata Yukihira
Hijikata Yukihira - 10 days ago
you guy's didn't fake anything
Krystina Saragos
Krystina Saragos - 12 days ago
Not buying it. How’d you guys get Keanu to be in your video??
Krystina Saragos
Krystina Saragos - 12 days ago
B Brunson
B Brunson - 13 days ago
Oh snap! I really thought that it was Keanu Reeves. You guys are brilliant.
Daniel Liang
Daniel Liang - 14 days ago
Two video cards... No sli
The Kaiser
The Kaiser - 14 days ago
Double 2080 ti?!
Jairo Villagrana
Jairo Villagrana - 14 days ago
Wow! I was i mind tricked i seriously though it was Keanu. Great job guys!!!
Myles Away
Myles Away - 15 days ago
double rtx, god damnit...
Insert creative name
Insert creative name - 15 days ago
Would of it been easier to actually get him
Ridgely Sussman
Ridgely Sussman - 15 days ago
Well, it looks like you found your “fake video”, are you happy now, everyone?????
CarChrisMC - 16 days ago
That's freaky real there!
Vextoria Films
Vextoria Films - 17 days ago
Today on Corridor: We lied to everyone!!
Edit: this is just a joke I luv corridor
Edit: this was never edited
Edit: I’m literally just typing edit
Nan0gen - 17 days ago
Did anyone notice c mike get thanos snapped
Jesse O'Brien
Jesse O'Brien - 18 days ago
Can you guys PLEASE deepfake young Brando into the Godfather Part II? As much as I love De accurate young Vito would be insane
Email Elbham
Email Elbham - 20 days ago
Ithought ıt Wash the Real persone
// - 20 days ago
6:54 I'm pretty sure that's a sourin air plus (vape) 😂😂
Glass 24
Glass 24 - 21 day ago
This is all amazing and cool... But you're all contributing to a very dangerous future. And of course this has entered the minds of everyone involved, but none of them will be able to pull out of it or alter their approach -- because they're all intimately involved in the coolness, and the profitability of their talents. This technology is only in its infancy but it's already fooling people. You thought this era of "Fake" news was bad, just wait for another 10, 20, 50 years! In the words of Metalica - We're so f**ked, Shit outta luck, Hardwired to self-destruct.
Lil Billy
Lil Billy - 22 days ago
OMG I thought that was Keanu
Maxim Ghost
Maxim Ghost - 22 days ago
85% Keanu Acheived
Rune Søgård Nissen
Rune Søgård Nissen - 23 days ago
6:14 ohh... I feelt that
SevenDeMagnus - 23 days ago
Deepfake is a very cool tech.
Cassie Z
Cassie Z - 23 days ago
“He’s constantly trying to open those pickle jars”
Omg, that killed me, just how casually he said that and how true it is!
JSN Gaming
JSN Gaming - 23 days ago
Hey Niko what did you render the faces on? Im personally using h128 on my 1060 6 gb
Nine90Group - 24 days ago
Who's fucking cell phone uses film?
Links Loki
Links Loki - 25 days ago
The two RTX are too close to each other, they are gonna thermal throttle.
Sp33dy AZN
Sp33dy AZN - 25 days ago
I knew it was fake cause the face wasn’t match up with his body motion
Jamed Cow
Jamed Cow - 25 days ago
XD spelt robbery wrong in one scene
Danny Hughes
Danny Hughes - 25 days ago
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie - 26 days ago
OK crazy question....what do the actual actors think about this stuff? Does there need to be any permission or anything to use someone's image? You can't even download art and reuse it for a picture on a presentation these days without purchasing it. Just curious how the permissions on something this big would be. Please no smart ass answers. I'm truly asking to learn about the image rights if anyone actually knows.
Doon is Confused
Doon is Confused - 26 days ago
Reuben isn’t just Ken in Smash, THE MAN IS DANTE FROM DEVIL MAY CRY
Hafiy idzham
Hafiy idzham - 16 days ago
Aha charlie
Soybean Does Everything
Soybean Does Everything - 27 days ago
18:47 this man got a minecraft switch 😳😳
Volkan Hazer
Volkan Hazer - 27 days ago
did Keanu react to this? Does he know about this?
Fernando Awesome
Fernando Awesome - 28 days ago
All that work and I still figured it out I knew something was weird with his face he looked digital but they did a good job 👍🏽
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