Wearing Cheap Wish Clothes For a Week!

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LaurDIY - 27 дней назад
which outfit was ur fav!? ✨
michelle foster
michelle foster - День назад
All of them
Rainbow _poptart25
Rainbow _poptart25 - 7 дней назад
Lol all of them🤪
Hailey Martini
Hailey Martini - 11 дней назад
Thank you so much! I was actually wondering if I should start shopping on wish and this TOTALLY helped me! Ilysm Lauren!!!💕💕
Kari Lewis
Kari Lewis - 17 дней назад
Omg I love that $4 dress
Emma Nagy
Emma Nagy - 21 день назад
The $4 dress too
Zap Frost Gaming
Zap Frost Gaming - 15 часов назад
Ooo...diy wish clothes/decor...diy anything from wish
Melissa Vlogs
Melissa Vlogs - День назад
Next DIYing wish clothes!
Hey Bro
Hey Bro - День назад
48???? We just had a snow storm
DOGGY IS BOSS - День назад
Oh my gosh, that sweater she wore on valentines tho😍
It's Me Princess
It's Me Princess - День назад
Sofie van der Veen
Sofie van der Veen - 2 дня назад
UGG! I WISH they would stop with the wish vids!
queen erin sam
queen erin sam - 2 дня назад
Lauren-'omg my skin is totally breaking out'
She says with porcelain skin and me full on pubescent mode actavated
Mason Fogle
Mason Fogle - 2 дня назад
You should buy wish clothes and compare them to more expensive ones that look like it and see what one is better
Edit:I bought a outfit from wish two years ago and never got three years now and still haven’t gotten them
Madeleine F
Madeleine F - 3 дня назад
you found the good part of Wish
Robyn Buckley
Robyn Buckley - 3 дня назад
can you DIY the wish clothing?
horseslover208 cowgirl
horseslover208 cowgirl - 3 дня назад
48 degrees is a heat wave in Ohio at this time of year. If you think that's cold try living in Ohio during the winter.
Riley Bishop
Riley Bishop - 3 дня назад
She was talking about how cold it is there, but here in Maine, it's winter and when it's around 48° F. we all freak out and walk around in short sleeves😂
Larissa Silva
Larissa Silva - 3 дня назад
Can you get wish in other countries
Amina Nguyen
Amina Nguyen - 3 дня назад
While watching this I got a wish add.
It's Chloe!!
It's Chloe!! - 4 дня назад
You should buy your diy products from wish
Lily Kate
Lily Kate - 4 дня назад
Please do romwe next!
Kailey Stolte
Kailey Stolte - 5 дней назад
3:00 - 3:05
I like it
I got it
Elishiva Sharitye
Elishiva Sharitye - 5 дней назад
I subscribed like 5 seconds into the video because all of the brightness in your room I assumed you had to be cool
bulletproof girl scouts
bulletproof girl scouts - 6 дней назад
“48° is cold” 😂 I’m from Minnesota 20° is warm to us. love her 😂❤️❤️
Blue Panda
Blue Panda - 7 дней назад
Could you put the links to the pieces in the description box?
エイエンJΛᄃΉΣЦ ᄃΉЦ
エイエンJΛᄃΉΣЦ ᄃΉЦ - 7 дней назад
I love how your cheap is my normal price
nawar maaroof
nawar maaroof - 7 дней назад
Don't press read more

You have good luck forever comment to activate 😊
#guerostogether - 8 дней назад
Lauren and Safiya Nygaard should COLLAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Big Juice
Big Juice - 9 дней назад
Jesus, what a world we live in...the FUCK was this garbage doing in my recommended
Ashlee Arnett
Ashlee Arnett - 9 дней назад
You’re day 5 ‘th affects is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTTTTTTTTTTTTT
BlackBox-SG - 10 дней назад
I tried shopping on wish after seeing so many youtubers using it, then one day they suggested a crack pipe to me. I looked it up online and found it actually was a crack pipe and that they’ve been in trouble before for trying to sell pipes and baggies of drugs. Please don’t promote them.
Miabeverly Olson
Miabeverly Olson - 10 дней назад
Anyone here from a cold state and thinking I wish it was in the 40s I would definitely wear a dress
Ny'Asia Raglin
Ny'Asia Raglin - 10 дней назад
Lol she said shooting around a neighborhood 😂
Enikő Kovács
Enikő Kovács - 10 дней назад
does anyone think that when she does the skinny voice she lies or is it just me?
ex: 11:13 or 12:02
Keira and Mila Show
Keira and Mila Show - 10 дней назад
Lauren: “48° is chilly”
Ppl in Chicago: “48° is sooo warmmmm”
ember wolf
ember wolf - 11 дней назад
I am just SHOOK right now. Lauren makes anything look coo
Elise Keller
Elise Keller - 11 дней назад
Lauren, I can't believe it took me this long to realize , but you posted this on my birthday!!!
kayleena pollan
kayleena pollan - 11 дней назад
Love this I love your outfitssss too !
sophia_sanchezz 13
sophia_sanchezz 13 - 11 дней назад
aww you should've tried the stuff on 😢
sophia_sanchezz 13
sophia_sanchezz 13 - 11 дней назад
i think your hair looks cute like that ❤️
sophia_sanchezz 13
sophia_sanchezz 13 - 11 дней назад
moose should have his own channel🤔
Ava H
Ava H - 11 дней назад
My bday is valentine's day
Loryn's Corner
Loryn's Corner - 11 дней назад
48° is a perfect spring day in ohio😂😂😂
Anya Dominique Bautista
Anya Dominique Bautista - 12 дней назад
love that!! still looking like a queen like always
emma Rehtus
emma Rehtus - 12 дней назад
Lmao love how she said 48 degrees was cold in Nebraska we think 23 is so warm like I walked out side and I was about to get shorts on
Lilly Grace Yearwood
Lilly Grace Yearwood - 12 дней назад
Can you do wearing shein for a week please💛
Udantika B
Udantika B - 12 дней назад
She looks so boujee
Jessica Fox
Jessica Fox - 12 дней назад
June 5, 2018 Jakie Aina wore the same shirt yellow shirt in your second look from her fashion nova haul. I am fine with brand deals it pays the bills but if you are promoting a brand just be honest about the company. No biased opinions to push a crappy company forward. Be more careful when picking brands.
Derp McDerpface
Derp McDerpface - 12 дней назад
What’s the biggest cock you ever took on that little snatch of yours..I got a 10” hog if you wanna try shoving it up in there
Monterey Chambliss
Monterey Chambliss - 12 дней назад
you think 48 f is chilly? its -6 where i am XD
Ïtž Tåbø
Ïtž Tåbø - 12 дней назад
tbh u can look good in anything
Mool Cool
Mool Cool - 12 дней назад
Can you buy wish clothing and DIYing them please
Aliyah Patten
Aliyah Patten - 13 дней назад
48 degrees!!! THATS WARM COMPARED TO WHERE I LIVE! its in the negatives and single digits!
Random Derpy Person
Random Derpy Person - 13 дней назад
OOF Lauren got +9 degrees Celsius.. I got -34 Celsius earlier this week...
Stacia N
Stacia N - 13 дней назад
Lmao I WISH it was 48°F here in Wisconsin and ur complaining about it 😂😂
Pyt. Emma
Pyt. Emma - 13 дней назад
You should have that emty room done by mr.kate
Kaitlyn Vu
Kaitlyn Vu - 13 дней назад
@1:33 and above until she looks at the mirror you can see Lauren's purplish nudish bra stinking out of her shirt!!..
Samah Azarkan
Samah Azarkan - 13 дней назад
avery gooden
avery gooden - 13 дней назад
what was the jacket that you tried on first called
A.m. K.
A.m. K. - 13 дней назад
You should try a week of Shein, or ZAFUL!
Lily Hale
Lily Hale - 13 дней назад
U should definitely diy cheap wish clothes
Jennifer van Delden
Jennifer van Delden - 13 дней назад
Why didn’t you put the links in the descriptionbox?
Tiapha - 13 дней назад
Wtf, this dosn”t look like wish xD
Scream Soul
Scream Soul - 14 дней назад
Wearing cheap clothes forever
Ry’s Guineas
Ry’s Guineas - 14 дней назад
“Is a Jacket without pockets really a jacket?” Lauren 2019
K vs L Gaming and Stuff
K vs L Gaming and Stuff - 14 дней назад
Why are ALL ur vids so enjoyable and interesting
KellsieKatastrophe - 14 дней назад
You should do a diy-ing wish clothes
A g w
A g w - 14 дней назад
my birthday was the 15 i turned 12 so i would appreciate if Lauren wished me a happy birthday BTW thanks if anyone does : )
A g w
A g w - 12 дней назад
+Alam Ahmed thank you so much
Alam Ahmed
Alam Ahmed - 12 дней назад
A g w sry I am so late but happy birthday!
asia griffin
asia griffin - 15 дней назад
i didn’t like the 3rd and 5th day
Samri. A
Samri. A - 15 дней назад
McKinnley Cat
McKinnley Cat - 15 дней назад
48 degrees is nothing. Recently where I live it was -50 degrees
Addi Allen
Addi Allen - 15 дней назад
You should do a dIying wish clothes that would be so so so cool.
Kaitlynn Dao
Kaitlynn Dao - 15 дней назад
That cropped checkered is my fave in my opinion i love a good checkered
Paige McFayden
Paige McFayden - 15 дней назад
Hey, love your channel so much but I can't find any of the outfits, could u link some
Addison Scott
Addison Scott - 15 дней назад
The honey shirt was only $2?????
addi rose
addi rose - 15 дней назад
“48 degrees is so cold”
Boo Wisconsin is in the 1-10 degrees😫😩
jackie guzman
jackie guzman - 15 дней назад
i’ve has the first jacket in my cart for like 3 months on wish but i’ve been scared to get it and now, IM GETTING IT
Layla-Mai McNeill
Layla-Mai McNeill - 15 дней назад
I cant get enough of laura.She is a ... GODDDDD!!!!!
Layla-Mai McNeill
Layla-Mai McNeill - 2 дня назад
+katherine figueroa ye sorry i know.I get mixed up sometimes :D
katherine figueroa
katherine figueroa - 3 дня назад
Layla-Mai McNeill Lauren ??
Lauren Anderson
Lauren Anderson - 16 дней назад
Girl you can pull anything off🤣❤
AtariBorn - 16 дней назад
Why the fuck is youtube recommending garbage channels like this? WTF
Andrew Henry
Andrew Henry - 16 дней назад
Here in Canada it is -5
Jonathan Wrotny
Jonathan Wrotny - 16 дней назад
I love moose to death
I need more moose merch
Google User
Google User - 16 дней назад
Get cheap clothes then DIY them to make them look better please please
Mia the unicorn
Mia the unicorn - 16 дней назад
You should do diying wish items!!
Piper Wood
Piper Wood - 17 дней назад
You should diy clothes off of wish to make them cuter and maybe a little more fun
Dianna's Studio
Dianna's Studio - 17 дней назад
Did they send her those? Because the quality probably wouldn’t be like that at all as it seems from all the videos on wish clothes
Dianna's Studio
Dianna's Studio - 17 дней назад
Doesn’t like any of the things... 😐
Ella Caldwell
Ella Caldwell - 17 дней назад
First person ever to get good clothes from wish #sponsered
Alma Silva
Alma Silva - 17 дней назад
you make every thing look good
Alecia Mitchell
Alecia Mitchell - 17 дней назад
onMarch 12th can you do a shoutout it is going to be my birthday!!!P,S, Love You!!>_
Guadalupe Pina
Guadalupe Pina - 17 дней назад
AGAIN. Showing us a sneak of your backyard and you haven’t showed it completely !! 😂
Alecia Mitchell
Alecia Mitchell - 17 дней назад
you should do a closet tour!!!
Queen Noor
Queen Noor - 17 дней назад
Heidi Fletcher
Heidi Fletcher - 17 дней назад
I legit had a wish ad before this vid 😱😱😱😱
Alex Laux
Alex Laux - 17 дней назад
Like how she is complaining 50f but where I am we are soo happy to have 50f
Angelica Reyes
Angelica Reyes - 17 дней назад
8:03 even her cupcakes look better than my future
Brooklyn Cogdill
Brooklyn Cogdill - 17 дней назад
11:41 holded up great😂
hailz rulez
hailz rulez - 17 дней назад
I love this video , honestly I love all your videos!
Bruce Carter
Bruce Carter - 17 дней назад
Dunno what their clothes are like (don't care), but the tools I purchased from them were mostly garbage (sandpaper wheels are OK, but kinda hard to fuck up sandpaper) and the backpack I ordered (that I needed for work) was the size of a little girls purse (there were no dimensions or scale provided)
Only thing I like about them is that they finally stopped spamming my Facebook. Straight trash
Bella Belle McCaffrey
Bella Belle McCaffrey - 18 дней назад
My fav is day 1,3,4,5
Hanna._.Banana - 18 дней назад
Lauren is the definition of a filter! She's so pretty!!
the one
the one - 18 дней назад
Why is she over pronounciating every word
Radical Ryna
Radical Ryna - 18 дней назад
Lauren you're literally from Canada. 9 degrees Celsius isn't cold lol
Jacie Wilfong
Jacie Wilfong - 18 дней назад
Love all your video
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