Wearing Cheap Wish Clothes For a Week!

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LaurDIY - 3 months ago
which outfit was ur fav!? ✨
xX It me ur Queen Xx
xX It me ur Queen Xx - 9 days ago
My favourite outfit was the cozy one, you looked sooooo cute!! <3 I totally need one for myself xDD
Alejandra Perdomo
Alejandra Perdomo - Month ago
My favorite was the dress and the jacket
michelle foster
michelle foster - 2 months ago
All of them
Rainbow _poptart25
Rainbow _poptart25 - 2 months ago
Lol all of them🤪
Hailey Martini
Hailey Martini - 2 months ago
Thank you so much! I was actually wondering if I should start shopping on wish and this TOTALLY helped me! Ilysm Lauren!!!💕💕
Savannah Carbutt
Savannah Carbutt - Day ago
My prom dress was from wish. It was 20 dollars and it was super pretty and it fit really well
KasheMoneyRemix - 6 days ago
Can u haul the shorts plz? I wanna see your legs
KasheMoneyRemix - 6 days ago
Nice hair lauren
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl - 12 days ago
Pause the video at exactly 9:09 it's so funny lol
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl - 12 days ago
Pause the video at exactly 9:09 it's so funny lol
KrazyKoolKat ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
I found the first jacket Lauren was wearing for only 14$ on Amazon.
Aaliyah-Destiny life
Aaliyah-Destiny life - 20 days ago
I think you forgot to mention that they take three freaking months to deliver
riley gale
riley gale - 25 days ago
You look so pretty!
*-_-*Aesthetic Moon*-_-*
*-_-*Aesthetic Moon*-_-* - 26 days ago
Lauren, if you read this, can you do the $5 romwe challenge?

Edit: And yes, I liked my own comment because i know nobody else will. ;(
Libby Lou
Libby Lou - Month ago
48 degrees is cold. Try Wisconsin during winter ❄
javlyn aregano
javlyn aregano - Month ago
I like turtles.🐢🐢🐢
Menda Rewa
Menda Rewa - Month ago
id love to wear those but... I aint got that laurdiy body 😭
Alexander Svane
Alexander Svane - Month ago
Lauren: it’s 9 degrees outside *wears a short dress*
Me: it’s 15 degrees outside *wears jeans and a hoodie because I don’t want to freeze*
Mary Baxter
Mary Baxter - Month ago
People in Michigan be like:
"Oh, it 48%! Time to grab my shorts!!!"
Zoey Espiritu
Zoey Espiritu - Month ago
on valentine's day, bc of the rain, our school and neighborhood had a blackout
Jessie The Panda
Jessie The Panda - Month ago
OMG I HAVE THAT SWEATER !!!! yes before i saw this vid
Monique Craig
Monique Craig - Month ago
Helen Delaney
Helen Delaney - Month ago
Omg what
Zoey Ratcliffe
Zoey Ratcliffe - Month ago
You should DIY wish clothing for a video
Arlene Alcala-Sy
Arlene Alcala-Sy - Month ago
I like outfit day 2 better.
Colleen Sexton
Colleen Sexton - Month ago
Shein is better bc its just like $3 more expensive for better quality and its like rllllly cute
Sara's Loft
Sara's Loft - Month ago
Omg the way she says tommorow ❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰
Divi Goldstein
Divi Goldstein - 2 months ago
whats that first one called? i want to get that
m and m 11
m and m 11 - 2 months ago
I just have to say one thing you looked really cute in your intro and love your vids❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💚💛💛💜💜
Katherine Zapata
Katherine Zapata - 2 months ago
How tall is Lauren
Faatimah Patel
Faatimah Patel - 2 months ago
“Don’t have anything planned...cozy get my baking on..” girllll the single life
Sydney Heller
Sydney Heller - 2 months ago
Hi, hello welcome BACK to my channel!

Who are you? Jeffery Starr? We all wish this..
Cara Abernathy
Cara Abernathy - 2 months ago
OH I CAN WAIT TO BE YOUR AGE so I can wear this cute stuff but I've got a long way to go cause I'm 11
Caroline Koman
Caroline Koman - 2 months ago
Girl your intro be on FLEEK. 💕💕💕💕
Isa-May Wilson
Isa-May Wilson - 2 months ago
Would you recommend wish
Zap Frost Gaming
Zap Frost Gaming - 2 months ago
Ooo...diy wish clothes/decor...diy anything from wish
Melissa Vlogs
Melissa Vlogs - 2 months ago
Next DIYing wish clothes!
Luci - 2 months ago
48???? We just had a snow storm
DOGGY IS BOSS - 2 months ago
Oh my gosh, that sweater she wore on valentines tho😍
It's Me Princess
It's Me Princess - 2 months ago
Emma’s Gacha life videos
UGG! I WISH they would stop with the wish vids!
queen erin sam
queen erin sam - 2 months ago
Lauren-'omg my skin is totally breaking out'
She says with porcelain skin and me full on pubescent mode actavated
Mason Fogle
Mason Fogle - 2 months ago
You should buy wish clothes and compare them to more expensive ones that look like it and see what one is better
Edit:I bought a outfit from wish two years ago and never got three years now and still haven’t gotten them
Madeleine F
Madeleine F - 2 months ago
you found the good part of Wish
Robyn Marley Buckley
Robyn Marley Buckley - 2 months ago
can you DIY the wish clothing?
horseslover208 cowgirl
horseslover208 cowgirl - 2 months ago
48 degrees is a heat wave in Ohio at this time of year. If you think that's cold try living in Ohio during the winter.
Riley Bishop
Riley Bishop - 2 months ago
She was talking about how cold it is there, but here in Maine, it's winter and when it's around 48° F. we all freak out and walk around in short sleeves😂
Larissa Silva
Larissa Silva - 2 months ago
Can you get wish in other countries
Amina Nguyen
Amina Nguyen - 2 months ago
While watching this I got a wish add.
It's Chloe!!
It's Chloe!! - 2 months ago
You should buy your diy products from wish
Lily Kate
Lily Kate - 2 months ago
Please do romwe next!
Kailey Stolte
Kailey Stolte - 2 months ago
3:00 - 3:05
I like it
I got it
Elishiva Sharitye
Elishiva Sharitye - 2 months ago
I subscribed like 5 seconds into the video because all of the brightness in your room I assumed you had to be cool
bulletproof girl scouts
bulletproof girl scouts - 2 months ago
“48° is cold” 😂 I’m from Minnesota 20° is warm to us. love her 😂❤️❤️
Blue Panda
Blue Panda - 2 months ago
Could you put the links to the pieces in the description box?
I.Nアイリーン - 2 months ago
I love how your cheap is my normal price
nawar maaroof
nawar maaroof - 2 months ago
Don't press read more

You have good luck forever comment to activate 😊
#guerostogether - 2 months ago
Lauren and Safiya Nygaard should COLLAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Big Juice
Big Juice - 2 months ago
Jesus, what a world we live in...the FUCK was this garbage doing in my recommended
Zoe the Unicorn
Zoe the Unicorn - 2 months ago
You’re day 5 ‘th affects is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTTTTTTTTTTTTT
BlackBox-SG - 2 months ago
I tried shopping on wish after seeing so many youtubers using it, then one day they suggested a crack pipe to me. I looked it up online and found it actually was a crack pipe and that they’ve been in trouble before for trying to sell pipes and baggies of drugs. Please don’t promote them.
Miabeverly Olson
Miabeverly Olson - 2 months ago
Anyone here from a cold state and thinking I wish it was in the 40s I would definitely wear a dress
Ny'Asia Raglin
Ny'Asia Raglin - 2 months ago
Lol she said shooting around a neighborhood 😂
Enikő Kovács
Enikő Kovács - 2 months ago
does anyone think that when she does the skinny voice she lies or is it just me?
ex: 11:13 or 12:02
Keira and Mila Show
Keira and Mila Show - 2 months ago
Lauren: “48° is chilly”
Ppl in Chicago: “48° is sooo warmmmm”
ember wolf
ember wolf - 2 months ago
I am just SHOOK right now. Lauren makes anything look coo
Elise Keller
Elise Keller - 2 months ago
Lauren, I can't believe it took me this long to realize , but you posted this on my birthday!!!
kayleena pollan
kayleena pollan - 2 months ago
Love this I love your outfitssss too !
sophia_sanchezz 13
sophia_sanchezz 13 - 2 months ago
aww you should've tried the stuff on 😢
sophia_sanchezz 13
sophia_sanchezz 13 - 2 months ago
i think your hair looks cute like that ❤️
sophia_sanchezz 13
sophia_sanchezz 13 - 2 months ago
moose should have his own channel🤔
Ava H
Ava H - 2 months ago
My bday is valentine's day
Loryn's Corner
Loryn's Corner - 2 months ago
48° is a perfect spring day in ohio😂😂😂
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung - 2 months ago
love that!! still looking like a queen like always
emma Rehtus
emma Rehtus - 2 months ago
Lmao love how she said 48 degrees was cold in Nebraska we think 23 is so warm like I walked out side and I was about to get shorts on
Lilly Grace Yearwood
Lilly Grace Yearwood - 2 months ago
Can you do wearing shein for a week please💛
Udantika B
Udantika B - 2 months ago
She looks so boujee
Jessica Fox
Jessica Fox - 2 months ago
June 5, 2018 Jakie Aina wore the same shirt yellow shirt in your second look from her fashion nova haul. I am fine with brand deals it pays the bills but if you are promoting a brand just be honest about the company. No biased opinions to push a crappy company forward. Be more careful when picking brands.
Derp McDerpface
Derp McDerpface - 2 months ago
What’s the biggest cock you ever took on that little snatch of yours..I got a 10” hog if you wanna try shoving it up in there
Monterey Chambliss
Monterey Chambliss - 2 months ago
you think 48 f is chilly? its -6 where i am XD
teebee - 2 months ago
tbh u can look good in anything
Mool Cool
Mool Cool - 2 months ago
Can you buy wish clothing and DIYing them please
Aliyah Patten
Aliyah Patten - 2 months ago
48 degrees!!! THATS WARM COMPARED TO WHERE I LIVE! its in the negatives and single digits!
Random Derpy Person
Random Derpy Person - 2 months ago
OOF Lauren got +9 degrees Celsius.. I got -34 Celsius earlier this week...
Stacia N
Stacia N - 2 months ago
Lmao I WISH it was 48°F here in Wisconsin and ur complaining about it 😂😂
Pyt. Emma
Pyt. Emma - 2 months ago
You should have that emty room done by mr.kate
Kaitlyn Vu
Kaitlyn Vu - 2 months ago
@1:33 and above until she looks at the mirror you can see Lauren's purplish nudish bra stinking out of her shirt!!..
Samah Azarkan
Samah Azarkan - 2 months ago
avery gooden
avery gooden - 2 months ago
what was the jacket that you tried on first called
A.m. K.
A.m. K. - 2 months ago
You should try a week of Shein, or ZAFUL!
Lily Hale
Lily Hale - 2 months ago
U should definitely diy cheap wish clothes
Jennifer van Delden
Jennifer van Delden - 2 months ago
Why didn’t you put the links in the descriptionbox?
Tiaphar - 2 months ago
Wtf, this dosn”t look like wish xD
Scream Soul
Scream Soul - 2 months ago
Wearing cheap clothes forever
Ry’s Life!
Ry’s Life! - 2 months ago
“Is a Jacket without pockets really a jacket?” Lauren 2019
KLapz - 2 months ago
Why are ALL ur vids so enjoyable and interesting
KellsieKatastrophe - 2 months ago
You should do a diy-ing wish clothes
Angel Williams
Angel Williams - 2 months ago
my birthday was the 15 i turned 12 so i would appreciate if Lauren wished me a happy birthday BTW thanks if anyone does : )
Angel Williams
Angel Williams - 2 months ago
+Alam Ahmed thank you so much
Alam Ahmed
Alam Ahmed - 2 months ago
A g w sry I am so late but happy birthday!
asia griffin
asia griffin - 2 months ago
i didn’t like the 3rd and 5th day
Samri. A
Samri. A - 2 months ago
McKinnley Cat
McKinnley Cat - 2 months ago
48 degrees is nothing. Recently where I live it was -50 degrees
Addi Allen
Addi Allen - 2 months ago
You should do a dIying wish clothes that would be so so so cool.
Kaitlynn Dao
Kaitlynn Dao - 2 months ago
That cropped checkered is my fave in my opinion i love a good checkered
Paige McFayden
Paige McFayden - 2 months ago
Hey, love your channel so much but I can't find any of the outfits, could u link some
Addison Scott
Addison Scott - 2 months ago
The honey shirt was only $2?????
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