Lil Skies - Breathe [Official Video]

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tru gatti
tru gatti - 2 days ago
ik this is late to say but who left a like as soon as u clicked on the vid
Gother Boi
Gother Boi - 5 days ago
Fire asf and the music video is also cool asf
Dakota Bros
Dakota Bros - 7 days ago
This song should have like 100 million
Views not 4 million!!!
Mrs Hanner
Mrs Hanner - 7 days ago
Know you my boo girl 😘
Slim Thick
Slim Thick - 9 days ago
🎶 when I wake up want u next to me don't give a 🖕 wat ppl think 🎶🎶😍🥰😍
Victor Is Using A Keyboard
I don’t know a song by him that I hate
//// UPPAKUTTO ////
//// UPPAKUTTO //// - 17 days ago
ลอยยยย!~ (^O^☆♪
Herpa Derpa
Herpa Derpa - 17 days ago
This is mad vibey 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Fabrii Bermúdez
Fabrii Bermúdez - 18 days ago
Sos un crack
Sasha Scifres
Sasha Scifres - 20 days ago
Rui Ferreira
Rui Ferreira - 21 day ago
When there's a moskito making noise on your ear... OH I CAN'T SLEEPPPPP
The Fearless Rogue
The Fearless Rogue - 23 days ago
Why does his girl have the ankh on? I wonder who they are apart of and how much knowledge they know.
Devay Legrand
Devay Legrand - 27 days ago
Ayeee all the niggas who disliked this, you’re either deaf and blind or a hater
ICantThinkOfABetterNamee - 28 days ago
Lonely stoner?? Kid cudi reference or just me??
Railroad To The Mine
Railroad To The Mine - 24 days ago
No, he made this song 2 years ago
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber - 29 days ago
Nice Bro keep going 😋😋
Get Lost Music
Get Lost Music - Month ago
the dark image behind this video is real
jjb strong
jjb strong - Month ago
This would be good with either nav or smokepurpp in the song
Madelynn Johnson
Madelynn Johnson - Month ago
I love this album hella ♥️🤤
Madelynn Johnson
Madelynn Johnson - Month ago
This is like the 30th time I’ve listened to this album 🤣🤣
Demon WRLD
Demon WRLD - Month ago
Yo skies got the drip nigga
TM Wann
TM Wann - Month ago
Greatest song to ever drop.
K&J music
K&J music - Month ago
I love his songs
hotball1 - Month ago
1:15 u know u not my number 2 girl no you my boo girl
Adam Dornea
Adam Dornea - Month ago
XSr-_-BNNDZX - Month ago
How my mom be waking me up: 0:20
Jenny Zapata
Jenny Zapata - Month ago
I love this song lil skies 🦋❤👏😍
Cameron LeBret
Cameron LeBret - Month ago
That transition is 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🌊✅
Rebecca Chavez
Rebecca Chavez - Month ago
Gdamn! Skies is so fkn handsome 😍
Phantom Bubblegum
Phantom Bubblegum - Month ago
What. The. Fuck, dude? FYI, my invisible supportive staff actually masturbates to this kind of music. B t freakin dubs, he is a 27 year old post hardcore head and this is what he listens to when he's fapping.
That Bitxh Trinity
That Bitxh Trinity - Month ago
Shit go hard asf omn
Jared Richards
Jared Richards - Month ago
Dude was that Swae Lee in the beginning?!!
bevonforsenate dotcom
bevonforsenate dotcom - Month ago
This is how I feel campaigning for US Senate.
Alex Valencia
Alex Valencia - Month ago
Braelyn Underwood
Braelyn Underwood - Month ago
love helps me breathe when its not fake
dpolww dw
dpolww dw - Month ago
Oh, I can't sleep (I can't sleep)
Your love helps me breathe
Oh, I can't sleep
Your love helps me breathe
When I wake up, want you next to me
Don't give a fuck what people think
Ayy, ayy
Plug just hit my phone, he said the pack is on the way
Said I would stop smoking then I take one to the face
I'm a lonely stoner but for her I made a change
I don't want somebody who gon' put me through the pain
When the rain stops pouring, everything comes out
Girl, you're way too gorgeous to be stuck in the house
I would give you everything, fuck what he talkin' about
You know you not my number two, girl, know you my boo, girl
Oh, I can't sleep
Your love helps me breathe
When I wake up, want you next to me
Don't give a fuck what people think
Ayy, ayy
Droppin' ashes on my denim
She say she love me and she wish she never met him
Know this life is crazy but I hate when you play victim
Own up to your mistakes and all of your bad decisions
I know you get mad and try to blame it on me
You can't play it phony
I would never turn fake, that's extra salty
Now your life been sideways 'cause you lonely
Now it's on another page, another story, yeah
Oh, I can't sleep
Your love helps me breathe
When I wake up, want you next to me
Don't give a fuck, what people think
Emil Castagnier
Emil Castagnier - Month ago
you know what they say a lil skies song a day keeps the doctor away
Kool-aid man
Kool-aid man - Month ago
Yo listening to this with max volume with 2 earbuds in makes it so much better
/ Lockuhma
/ Lockuhma - Month ago
This song helps me breathe
Loko Gaming
Loko Gaming - 2 months ago
XXX hair
cloudz - 2 months ago
Can I use this song in my video? Fire shit man love your music
Yours Truly
Yours Truly - 2 months ago
Those af1's ruined the video. Naa but osrs those kicks is hella played
SGfolse - 2 months ago
I can’t sleeeeeep
Me Okamy
Me Okamy - 2 months ago
there is only one breath for me. and its PRODIGY
Debb3rod - 2 months ago
I loop it cos the song's not long enuff, luv luv luv Lil Skies!
adrii lopez
adrii lopez - 2 months ago
Thise is so fire
Olivia delgado
Olivia delgado - 2 months ago
I love his music
Chris Culberson
Chris Culberson - 2 months ago
"Don't give a fuck what people think." #Lonely
Chris Culberson
Chris Culberson - 2 months ago
"Your Love Helped #ME Breathe."
z GamingCF
z GamingCF - 2 months ago
I dont give a fuck what people think
Roberto Morales
Roberto Morales - 2 months ago
oiBane - 2 months ago
Makes me think how much a love her
CLAVIN ZKL - 2 months ago
Omg i love this song.
ScaRM R6
ScaRM R6 - 2 months ago
Game of Thrones in the tags? LMFAO
Mxntxr - 2 months ago
Isaiah Junior
Isaiah Junior - 2 months ago
Shouldn't Lil Skies do a collab with juice wrld
Mrs Hanner
Mrs Hanner - 2 months ago
I love this. The vibe, the visuals, the sound. Awesome song 🔥
Yohan Blitz
Yohan Blitz - 23 days ago
It makes me feel more lonely 😕
Julio Villela
Julio Villela - 2 months ago
Still waiting for a Juice Wrld collab
Dev Sonar
Dev Sonar - 2 months ago
Voice so lovely
Justyna P
Justyna P - 2 months ago
magicalblade420 Noahgod
magicalblade420 Noahgod - 2 months ago
Next videos