Lil Skies - Breathe [Official Video]

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Nathan Perez
Nathan Perez - Day ago
Skies gets better everyday
Fried Water
Fried Water - Day ago
Lil skies already went to Area 51
He got an alien that can come up with lyrics for him
Benjamin Williams
Benjamin Williams - Day ago
Said i would stop smoken then i take one to the face!!😂😂 stg we all did that
Chase & Jayden
Chase & Jayden - Day ago
This is my fav song now
Mariana Solis
Mariana Solis - 2 days ago
This is how many hours you listen to lil skies
My Name Jeff
My Name Jeff - 2 days ago
I'm wondering
Who's better
Like for denzel curry
Comment for Lil skies
Cameron Ringenberg
Cameron Ringenberg - 3 days ago
Luv ur music
Cahill D.
Cahill D. - 3 days ago
You should make a song with wifisfuneral
ailani regalado
ailani regalado - 2 days ago
Cahill D. he has!
jason Loniewski
jason Loniewski - 3 days ago
i read the comments
vega medina
vega medina - 4 days ago
Better fine up the engineer. Cuz he made this track smack
Angel of Death 613
Angel of Death 613 - 4 days ago
namia lynn
namia lynn - 4 days ago
This deserves way more clout
David Cartoonz
David Cartoonz - 4 days ago
The hook
Moohamed Ashraf
Moohamed Ashraf - 4 days ago
Good 💝
Ethan Lane
Ethan Lane - 4 days ago
Lil skies is going to get big for real do
melissa breezy
melissa breezy - 4 days ago
Oh my God I love you I swear God 💞💞💞💖
Daddys Savage
Daddys Savage - 4 days ago
Our generations lil Wayne
The Combos
The Combos - 5 days ago
lil skies tryna be black
JinxOnCrack - 6 days ago
jaehyuncé - 6 days ago
skies so mf fine
Kayden Mercado
Kayden Mercado - 6 days ago
Hirmen Sandoval
Hirmen Sandoval - 7 days ago
Sense 3 grade
Hirmen Sandoval
Hirmen Sandoval - 7 days ago
I know that nigga skies
Hirmen Sandoval
Hirmen Sandoval - 7 days ago
Lil skies gonna addy me to to his rap squad
lucids thinkx
lucids thinkx - 7 days ago
song was on my birthday
Atc_Reaper - 8 days ago
Lil skies EVREY one goes threw depression man it will get better for u man don't end it on a bad note
Glitterbox Glitterbox
Glitterbox Glitterbox - 8 days ago
Thank u skies!
Alex Valencia
Alex Valencia - 8 days ago
I still can’t breathe or sleep
He’s lost in me
Nothing is going right
Lookin to my grave
Can’t seem to escape
He’s just being fake
He don’t really love me
Been drowning ever since
Been sinking in my sins
I don’t wanna run away but all I can do is think of an escape
Alex Valencia
Alex Valencia - 8 days ago
I can’t sleep when I think
I can’t think when I’m in love
Don’t tell him
He’ll use it against me
He knows he’s the weakest parts of me
Dropping my heart in the ocean
Because I’m drowning in
shadow king
shadow king - 8 days ago
This has some red roses vibe I fw it
DeeDeeLove - 8 days ago
Easy03 - 9 days ago
At 0:36 he have shose but at 0:49 he did't have shose :)))
no hate , like this song 🔥
Tristin Mason
Tristin Mason - 10 days ago
Is pure fire btw is 1:44am it just turned my birthday
Tristin Mason
Tristin Mason - 10 days ago
I listen to this only much love lil skies your my inspiration hopefully one day I can be as good as you I don't think so after this song tho
Tristin Mason
Tristin Mason - 10 days ago
Pure fire
Alaney Mitchell
Alaney Mitchell - 10 days ago
Maja Schiefke
Maja Schiefke - 10 days ago
ICYANTHONY 33 - 10 days ago
Lil skies is a legend he can never make one bad. Song
Szymon Mazurek
Szymon Mazurek - 10 days ago
Ktoś od friza?
KOCIOŁEK - 10 days ago
kto od friza ?
Chonticha Komnerd
Chonticha Komnerd - 11 days ago
Luv u
VlAd ToP
VlAd ToP - 11 days ago
Masked Joey69
Masked Joey69 - 11 days ago
2M he drippen
Renan Souza
Renan Souza - 11 days ago
Elena Romero
Elena Romero - 12 days ago
OHH I can't sleep you're love helps me breathe ohh. I can't sleep ur love helps me breathe when I wake up want u next to me don't give a fuckkk what ppl think plug this in my phone said the package on the way said I would stop smoking then I take on to the face I am Lonley stoner but for her I made a change ion want somebody who gon put me threw the pain when the rain starts pouring everything thing comes out girl ur way to gorgeous to be stuck in the house

My favor8te song on earth 👆
xteenuh xo
xteenuh xo - 12 days ago
Fuck me up skies
Sandy Beach
Sandy Beach - 14 days ago
XoXoX his music is amazing
AshenDarkWolf0915 - 14 days ago
I don’t like it
Carlos Edward
Carlos Edward - 14 days ago
Isso era só um sonho ♡♡♡♡
Anime Animowsky
Anime Animowsky - 15 days ago
Christopher lagos
Christopher lagos - 15 days ago
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