Swapping Girlfriends with Tfue

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TeaWap - Month ago
DM me for scissoring footage
Skyler Hernandez
Skyler Hernandez - 18 hours ago
Mr.TrixoTurt YT
Mr.TrixoTurt YT - Day ago
Razor shap
Razor shap - 2 days ago
Razor shap
Razor shap - 2 days ago
Dylan Rutter
Dylan Rutter - 25 minutes ago
Well this particular video hasn’t aged to well
Man Like Sanaan
Man Like Sanaan - 30 minutes ago
Tfue just looks like he’s about to do you dirty in the near future 😂😂😂 how did you not clock on
Trace Joiner
Trace Joiner - 53 minutes ago
Before the tfue and banks drama
Pearcey111 - 53 minutes ago
This was only 5 weeks ago, Tfue must of known during this video what was coming and what he was doing behind closed doors, what a snake no one likes a snake this could cost him everything in the end, if he goes to any gaming events everyone will be calling him a snake maybe want to fight him people be hating big time on him and I can't see him going anywhere but youtube and twitch from here on
HandyChick - Hour ago
This is just awkward to watch rn lmao
Zombiehunter268 On xbox
Corinna gold digger ass did this shit
datguyruff - Hour ago
whos here after the drama?
Haekal Abdalla
Haekal Abdalla - Hour ago
man poor banks....
SniperArts - Hour ago
This is what faze is supposed to be looking like fuck drama u be the best thing u r FaZe BANKS faze tf up baby
ya filthy animals
ya filthy animals - Hour ago
I love teawap editing tho
Patrik X
Patrik X - 2 hours ago
Tfue should have voiced Micah like if you understood
Αντωνης Λειβαδιτης
Who belives that t fue feels so akward because he had his lawsuit almost ready??
Julyssa Avila
Julyssa Avila - 3 hours ago
im actually tearing up y’all had a bomb ass friendship man😭‼️
ChrisNoel Kachi
ChrisNoel Kachi - 3 hours ago
Wait isn't this the lebanese flag behind you am lebamese bro do you now how to talk lebanese
Btahke lebenene enta kamen aw manak mn honik ?
Julyssa Avila
Julyssa Avila - 3 hours ago
i can’t see him the same anymore🤷🏾‍♀️
Best Fortnite Mobile gamer
Hi i know you came here for the beef :)
Salah Alali
Salah Alali - 3 hours ago
Sooo who's here after the beef...
Itsajz - 3 hours ago
Damn it sucks to see this relationship is gone now .....
Mr.19 -mhmd-
Mr.19 -mhmd- - 3 hours ago
Heyy banks are you Lebanese
Tom Brown
Tom Brown - 3 hours ago
Who’s here after the incident with tfue suing faze
Meksparrow - 4 hours ago
@10:32 tfue inside thoughts "I'm suing you soon".. lol. Poor Faze though
MauRy - 4 hours ago
He is the truly Tgay
Pure Life
Pure Life - 4 hours ago
Great friendship ruined because of money shame... 😦😰😱
Nasir Abdi
Nasir Abdi - 4 hours ago
lol girl hot
Nasir Abdi
Nasir Abdi - 4 hours ago
goodwork lol hot is girl
JORDAN - 4 hours ago
Your girls wayyyyy hotter too btw 🤣🤣🤣
Ice_wallow_ Come
Ice_wallow_ Come - 5 hours ago
You are regretting this now aren’t you
Elias De La Garza
Elias De La Garza - 5 hours ago
5:05 she has a Hicky from TFUE 🤫🤣🤣🤣🤣
Thekinghakeen - 5 hours ago
This video did... not.... age... well😬
sitriix - 5 hours ago
4:23 deadass thought siri was tryna catch these hands 😂
Xiteu _
Xiteu _ - 5 hours ago
Who's here after the beef..
Jay Jay
Jay Jay - 5 hours ago
What's the iv for?
Julius S.
Julius S. - 5 hours ago
Here after the beef ?
Danna J
Danna J - 5 hours ago
why does faze have the Lebanese flag hanging? is he Lebanese?
Hu nE
Hu nE - 5 hours ago
they r probably so bored
Lyall van der Linde
Lyall van der Linde - 6 hours ago
Happier times?!
عبدالعزيز الظفيري
Wow last month they were swiping girlfriends 🤣
Weeaboos Hunter
Weeaboos Hunter - 4 hours ago
now they are swapping lawyers
Extra Gum
Extra Gum - 6 hours ago
now i get wats the title switching Tfue with faze Banks gilfrend
Andre Faria
Andre Faria - 6 hours ago
This vid didn’t age well now did it
Aliooo’s royale Skills
Aliooo’s royale Skills - 8 hours ago
who won the beef
like -banks
comment - tfue
Einarazz - 9 hours ago
Tfue is a fucking 🐍
Oussii - 10 hours ago
Rip tfue
所持 - 10 hours ago
8:49 "and the no senders never leave"....
MGM TREATZZ - 10 hours ago
*”Dear Tfue”*
Val Anstis
Val Anstis - 10 hours ago
Tfue your cool
dibz _
dibz _ - 10 hours ago
Ilies Bouchikhi
Ilies Bouchikhi - 10 hours ago
This video didnt age well.
JoseTheType - 10 hours ago
And now it’s all a phase...
ThatNigga HÒÓT
ThatNigga HÒÓT - 11 hours ago
Looking back it now, TFUE looked sketchy since he knew what was going to happen.
Augis86 - 12 hours ago
Fuck tfue
Angelo Arcamo
Angelo Arcamo - 12 hours ago
knowledge is power
knowledge is power - 13 hours ago
Lol shut the fuck up stupid bitch slap yourself
PlaqueSnipezzz 666
PlaqueSnipezzz 666 - 13 hours ago
This aged well
Anderson Jiang
Anderson Jiang - 13 hours ago
AFTER you swapped girlfriend Tfue sues you.
Boprider - 13 hours ago
Tfue has more subs hold his L
Robbie Whelan
Robbie Whelan - 14 hours ago
This aged well
Amir Rodriguez
Amir Rodriguez - 15 hours ago
Banks: We’re not pressuring tfue
Rishi Subbiah
Rishi Subbiah - 14 hours ago
1. it’s a joke 2. it’s coachella: it’s not illegal for him
Zarah - 15 hours ago
He was just telling him to go to coachella...
xd piok
xd piok - 16 hours ago
lol btw they talked a full 2 minutes about their big peens
xd piok
xd piok - 16 hours ago
FaZe up!! it's so sad to be here right after all that happened in the last 48 hours (just about) and just remember "FAMILY FUCKING FIRST". FaZe up boys...❤️
Benichou Mohamed
Benichou Mohamed - 16 hours ago
Damn...I mean...who knows that Tfue was like that the whole fuckin time..
Joshua Danyali
Joshua Danyali - 16 hours ago
This is fucked up 😂😬
Pepper - 16 hours ago
why teawap look like he was editing the vid at thanksgiving dinner
Darwin Pena
Darwin Pena - 16 hours ago
Dammm man this is heartbreaking
I know Your secrets
I know Your secrets - 16 hours ago
sorry time mechine didn’t work
theoochan - 17 hours ago
uh oh. awkwardd
skyy- - 17 hours ago
From lawsuit to here lmao
Feels - 17 hours ago
I am not familiar with these guys at all buy how can Tfue do this to his buddy? It's not right. What a bad friend.
McLovin - 17 hours ago
guys the signs were there....
coolprcekmk - 18 hours ago
Who else is rewatching this after the beef ?
Lily Abrams
Lily Abrams - 18 hours ago
Here after the drama
bonvissuto 4
bonvissuto 4 - 18 hours ago
A to zita ci feta u sticciu
Julie skeen
Julie skeen - 18 hours ago
SoCal | Find me on Twitter. I love you guys〈3
This didnt age well lol big yikes
MAkwon Dawntained
MAkwon Dawntained - 19 hours ago
Venomous Kombat
Venomous Kombat - 19 hours ago
Tfue already had the lawsuit filed you can tell he's acting wierd!!!
Freddy Villafuerte
Freddy Villafuerte - 19 hours ago
Poor banks he has tatooed “code tfue”
LaZeX - 19 hours ago
The Siri thing got me
BTAG - 19 hours ago
Btw putting shoes on a electrical pole means there is drug seller near by LMAO
NastyNugg3ts - 20 hours ago
Wow f*** tfue now
Max Inboy
Max Inboy - 19 hours ago
He sa9d nothing about banks only faze banks had nothing to do with it
Glaive Odiz
Glaive Odiz - 21 hour ago
Roses are red violets are blue I just got clickbaitid and so did you
Max Inboy
Max Inboy - 19 hours ago
+Glaive Odiz ok you could've at least said higher than (the) heaven
Max Inboy
Max Inboy - 19 hours ago
+Glaive Odiz that doesn't make sense higher than the heaven the heaven is not even high cuz we know it's up but it's not high.. if you wanna diss someone do no make heaven "jokes"
Glaive Odiz
Glaive Odiz - 20 hours ago
Are you feeling like you are higher then heaven
Banana Boi
Banana Boi - 20 hours ago
Glaive Odiz how did get clickbaited are you slow in the head
Landen Maupin
Landen Maupin - 21 hour ago
It’s disgusting to see what TFUE did and how much banks cared about him
Julio Jimenez
Julio Jimenez - 21 hour ago
Awkward af
Realz -
Realz - - 21 hour ago
Tfue=snake 🐍
Noob Fortnite
Noob Fortnite - 21 hour ago
Brooo what lebanon flag
Colin Bueckert
Colin Bueckert - 21 hour ago
Wierd as shit to see them friends after the drama

Like if your here after the beef
Colin Bueckert
Colin Bueckert - 20 hours ago
Banana Boi I know I literally said in the comment u read it wrong
Swedish Viking
Swedish Viking - 22 hours ago
07:42 - 07:46 Scared the shit out of me... fuck you Teawap lmao.
Two Phones
Two Phones - 22 hours ago
I miss these two
Lil Grass
Lil Grass - 22 hours ago
This video will be deleted if shit doesn’t get straight
ImScout - 22 hours ago
Who here after lawsuit lmaoo
Rafael Sousa
Rafael Sousa - 22 hours ago
10:40 Tfue looks way from camera when Banks gets praises him... he problably knew the lawsuit would hurt him
Max Inboy
Max Inboy - 19 hours ago
Yo that's what I saw
Little Houchi Unicrn
Little Houchi Unicrn - 22 hours ago
Tfue's attitude in this vlog with banks looks like he is disgusted by banks like literally. Tfue wouldnt be famous without faze and specially banks. Banks still love him though. Wonder what tfue is thinking RN he messed up though.
Max Inboy
Max Inboy - 19 hours ago
+Little Houchi Unicrn true bit still i think he was disgusted because he knew it would hurt banks
Little Houchi Unicrn
Little Houchi Unicrn - 20 hours ago
Banana Boi
Banana Boi - 20 hours ago
Little Houchi Unicrn I think he would still be famous but not as famous because faze blew him up but he was still growing before faze
imPyr3x - 22 hours ago
But did he finally respond?
Jasmine S
Jasmine S - 22 hours ago
LMAO that knocking freaked me out 😂
Cassandra Rose
Cassandra Rose - 22 hours ago
Well this is awkward now
Bot-666 - 22 hours ago
Well, this video didn't age well LMAO
so - 23 hours ago
That last day Tfue and Banks were friends...
Christo Swart
Christo Swart - 23 hours ago
Watching this after the Tfue drama. SO SAD
J Rob
J Rob - 23 hours ago
This didn’t aged well
Tobygrl - 23 hours ago
Hang in there banks, some people are just pure snakes. When tfue hits rock bottom, he will be back where he started
150 LaFlaree
150 LaFlaree - 23 hours ago
Ahh shit here we go again 😭this didn’t go well
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