Swapping Girlfriends with Tfue

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TeaWap - 4 months ago
DM me for scissoring footage
Chubbs - 18 days ago
kevin did you ever find the song
Ranting with aidens
Ranting with aidens - 20 days ago
Ha lol
Matthew Donoghue
Matthew Donoghue - 26 days ago
Los Infieles Oficial
Los Infieles Oficial - 26 days ago
Diego Rodriguez
Diego Rodriguez - Month ago
Your the best fuck me plz
Issa Robbery
Issa Robbery - 2 days ago
But how does tfue know that banks pp is smol 🤐
Juan Olea
Juan Olea - 2 days ago
Do boy vs girls
wiixxyy - 5 days ago
Banks: goes to marshmello concert

Also Banks: plays music not by marshemello
rsxe Roberta
rsxe Roberta - 5 days ago
Fuck tfue
Jet Black Storm
Jet Black Storm - 5 days ago
Just swinging by here to ask are they both good or.....
AntonioRMZ - 7 days ago
I really want to know how were the comments before the lawsuit
Razer _savfrog
Razer _savfrog - 9 days ago
viloet vaps
Rapteri Mack
Rapteri Mack - 9 days ago
I love tfueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so bad
G3t HaCkEd
G3t HaCkEd - 9 days ago
My cousin owns round two
X YZ - 10 days ago
Yo it kinda hurts watching this, like they were such good friends
Scrolling sToRm
Scrolling sToRm - 10 days ago
X YZ ik
Chase harrington
Chase harrington - 11 days ago
2076 anyone
tatiana gois
tatiana gois - 13 days ago
It is seriously heartbreaking to see this after that whole lawsuit bullshit. Hope you are doing great banks. What doesn't kill you make you stronger.
Oztify YT
Oztify YT - 16 days ago
Yo I fucking miss you guys
Flori Mucka
Flori Mucka - 17 days ago
Fuck you faze
Scrolling sToRm
Scrolling sToRm - 10 days ago
Flori Mucka no u
Brendan Flynn
Brendan Flynn - 18 days ago
this video aged horribly
Craig1K - 19 days ago
well uh no more Corinna, no more faze tfue Um maybe take thiis vid down?
Devin Richardson
Devin Richardson - 19 days ago
So they cool..... or...???
Ismael _Uchiha
Ismael _Uchiha - 20 days ago
Corinna: Lets film a p*rno

Me: *runs to bahroom and gets lotion* *runs back to room*

jeff jona
jeff jona - 20 days ago
i got clickbaited
tfue and banks didnt even get it on
JackSockIsTheBest - 21 day ago
Who's here after the sueing on both of them... Well I am!
Andersen Wolf
Andersen Wolf - 21 day ago
0:37 ay lebanon
Wired Tm8
Wired Tm8 - 22 days ago
who here after world cup
Emir Kandemir
Emir Kandemir - 22 days ago
well this is awkward...
CaptainBerzerkGames - 24 days ago
How so much shit could change in 3 months...
EditLikeMe - 25 days ago
Well isn’t that funny
Patrick Bourgoyne
Patrick Bourgoyne - 26 days ago
In the video they probably hate each other
Patrick Bourgoyne
Patrick Bourgoyne - 26 days ago
Banks 8s gar
shock clan
shock clan - 26 days ago
lie if you remember when tfue was still in faze
Miles McWilliams
Miles McWilliams - 26 days ago
Alissa vapes?
Jayden Simpson
Jayden Simpson - 27 days ago
I thought Siri just came up
tarponslim - 27 days ago
Bam 7:45Alissa violet exposed for juuling
MrRandom101 - 28 days ago
Matt Martínez
Matt Martínez - 28 days ago
F 💔
TheLjShow TV
TheLjShow TV - 29 days ago
Alissa violet juuls pause at 7:39
joshx. - 29 days ago
And now they are both single....
April-rose Amendolare
April-rose Amendolare - 29 days ago
devin the dude
devin the dude - Month ago
Banks and tfue are not friends and they both broke up with there girlfriends 🤦‍♀️
BLZ K1LLA - Month ago
Is that a hickey on corrinas neck at 5:04
Tak Tahu Channel
Tak Tahu Channel - Month ago
its that corina ?
Maال Kتا
Maال Kتا - Month ago
U have some eggs becareful i migh pick them for some s***
MAMO NITE - Month ago
0:15 am from lebanon and i love you
Tiffany R.
Tiffany R. - Month ago
Both couples broke up lol
Adi - Month ago
Both of them broke up with their girlfriends now
Elucidx - Month ago
"The future is fluid"
Zach Thoman
Zach Thoman - Month ago
😂 I thought that was my siri
Tyler Bresach
Tyler Bresach - Month ago
they look the exact same suck my fucking cock
Juliana Olivia Couto
Juliana Olivia Couto - Month ago
5:04 can we acknowledge corinnas neck 😂 Damn Turner
Baran Çiçek
Baran Çiçek - Month ago
Ezquivel Flores
Ezquivel Flores - Month ago
Ezquivel Flores
Ezquivel Flores - Month ago
When that Siri shit came up I was like my phones broken
Sara Gatou
Sara Gatou - Month ago
JonaSulfaro - Month ago
this is even more awkward now
Justin Culvert
Justin Culvert - Month ago
My friends almost through my yeezes in a pond
SlothyDoesYoutube - Month ago
😭 they used to be good friends
kInGbIsO_YT -
kInGbIsO_YT - - Month ago
This girls is toooo much
ItsZealot - Month ago
When ever i see banks old video with tfue I get pissed
Snoop Diggity
Snoop Diggity - Month ago
Imagine throwing 1000 dollar shoes on a power line
Justin Moritz
Justin Moritz - Month ago
Banks if those were the off white ones, you make me so sad 😭😭
ShimmyKortez - Month ago
And now they both broke up with both of their gfs
Titan Mackenzie
Titan Mackenzie - Month ago
Just lol
DIZZYKOALA - Month ago
Why did u get peen suckers
mariano dcosta
mariano dcosta - Month ago
Anyone else saw the hickey
fortnite tomato
fortnite tomato - Month ago
now just feel bad after that beef :(
Amethyst Flitzerox
Amethyst Flitzerox - Month ago
who else thought the knocking was actually at their house
Mert SEN
Mert SEN - Month ago
The Steez
The Steez - Month ago
Bitch I can’t even use Siri I’m poor
Alondra Daccache
Alondra Daccache - Month ago
Who is lebanese
Just._. AsianSquid
Just._. AsianSquid - Month ago
You see corrinas hickey?
John Nanos
John Nanos - Month ago
Who else saw the cape when she was looking for the lost dog
Alecsandru Dima
Alecsandru Dima - Month ago
I think that Tfue may like your ex gf
Carlos Quintero
Carlos Quintero - Month ago
I made the guy to 5,442,000
Joseph Judy
Joseph Judy - Month ago
Fuck Tfue!
Antonio Barrera
Antonio Barrera - Month ago
Tbh I think both girls are cute Alissa and corrnia idk why y’all got be hating on Alissa she’s not bad looking
Curves PC
Curves PC - Month ago
And after 2 month they both broke up..
Derek Zeas
Derek Zeas - Month ago
Bruh I’m I the only one who thought my Siri actually popped up🤦🏻‍♀️
Quinn Edwards
Quinn Edwards - Month ago
Everyone in that group is broken up from each other now. Wow
Fiskons - Month ago
This Is so weird watching this now cuz alissa and banks broke up, turner left faze and broke up with corinna
Antonio Barrera
Antonio Barrera - Month ago
Sad as hell😢😢😢
Zevi Moller
Zevi Moller - Month ago
Godamn tfue and banks fight tfue and cortina fight Alissa and banks fight oh how the time have changed
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