Testing the TOP SPEED of my Lamborghini Aventador!

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Daniel Loizeau
Daniel Loizeau - Day ago
What breed is your dog
Aaron Guilford
Aaron Guilford - 2 days ago
FaZe_ Feni
FaZe_ Feni - 2 days ago
Oskar is so cute!!
JustChase - 4 days ago
James you look like an F1 driver in that fire suit
Parker Regina
Parker Regina - 4 days ago
I love the Lamborghini
rubina ijaz
rubina ijaz - 5 days ago
I love the aventedor
prasart pongpet
prasart pongpet - 6 days ago
Hm, it sounds better then it drives :)
Jeremiah Cole
Jeremiah Cole - 8 days ago
. ..that Lamborghini is slow
Brock Haymond
Brock Haymond - 9 days ago
If you do a direct mathematical comparison to the white Aventador knowing they traveled the exact same distance, have identical powertrains and aerodynamics, and similar acceleration curves then: 175.72*72.439/66.806 = 190.537 MPH
stacey godbold
stacey godbold - 9 days ago
I need to live there 👌🏻
itsarthurr - 10 days ago
Mr. D .Bowen
Mr. D .Bowen - 10 days ago
What color is that wrap dame thats beautiful is it the same as the jeep
Eldo Rado
Eldo Rado - 11 days ago
Isn't there a way to figure it out (top speed) mathematically?
Euphoric Studios
Euphoric Studios - 11 days ago
Lmaooo I love this shit dude ! Only vlogger I watch James!!
DJAlup - 11 days ago
Ok... So... The course was 3.5 miles you did the run in 1 minute 6.886 seconds. That would mean your average speed would of been.... 190 mph roughly.
Naf_tna08 - 12 days ago
I barely saw Dan from WHATS INSIDE?
pubg life
pubg life - 13 days ago
Do u play need for speed no limits?
max 675
max 675 - 13 days ago
dude i gotta hit that road up where is and whats it called?
Pro Gamer 493
Pro Gamer 493 - 14 days ago
Mobettas is the best restaurant I have ever seen on YouTube in my life!
yomacbookpro12 - 14 days ago
did anybody know that his hood was a little open at 4:12 like if you saw
Surch - 14 days ago
13:37 the car is crynig 😖
Surch - 14 days ago
Goosebumps* I heard an engine...
Surch - 14 days ago
You are drinking the soul of your Lambo
Chemical X
Chemical X - 14 days ago
Who else instantly came from what’s inside family once they saw stand mans care like if you did
Jermaine Oppuer
Jermaine Oppuer - 15 days ago
whats inside was here
Tech Tips with AK123
Tech Tips with AK123 - 16 days ago
Another youtuber called what's inside came with his tesla model x in the same place and he even showed your aventador in his video
Singh out Loud
Singh out Loud - 16 days ago
To everyone complaining about him not uploading...you should be thankful he can manage to upload every week and you should let the guy have a life to himself every now and then coz it’s hard work
A Yafi
A Yafi - 16 days ago
not far from a Tesla Model X
BUGATTI SS - 16 days ago
What event is that and where?
Vishnu Raj
Vishnu Raj - 16 days ago
I really respect you for getting the mustang ✊
PotatoLord_007 - 17 days ago
What’s Inside was there, he was driving a grey Tesla Model X P100D
FordTruckGuyKyle Built Ford Tough
I drove 168 miles per hour in 5th gear in my Dodge Challenger SRT8 6 speed transmission straight piped K&N cold air intake. On the Nevada 395 2 years ago. Top speed 180
Malte - 17 days ago
I think it's funny that he is so excited about this speed and in Germany we just drive daily like this on the Autobahn 😂
ANYTHING 23 - 17 days ago
The gladiator when it’s done is gonna serve that lambo a gaparoni and cheese
Leonardo Iriarte
Leonardo Iriarte - 17 days ago
we actually need more vids dog
Luis Barajas
Luis Barajas - 18 days ago
Please please buy a ford foues it is a good hachback
Die Horror Ameise
Die Horror Ameise - 18 days ago
You need to visit German Autobahn😂
Jackson Barinowski
Jackson Barinowski - 19 days ago
4:58 those hips don't lie
Charlie Smyth
Charlie Smyth - 19 days ago
You broke the radar...congratulations
Home Chathury
Home Chathury - 19 days ago
you shoud get clash of clans
Ayala Jara Brian
Ayala Jara Brian - 19 days ago
Ayala Jara Brian
Ayala Jara Brian - 19 days ago
Karen Schlosser
Karen Schlosser - 19 days ago
Krabban gaming 69
Krabban gaming 69 - 19 days ago
A video
Krabban gaming 69
Krabban gaming 69 - 19 days ago
When are you going uplaoding
forever gamer
forever gamer - 19 days ago
When you are posting a next video
anubhav mahanty
anubhav mahanty - 19 days ago
Give us a video james
Steve Nguyen
Steve Nguyen - 19 days ago
Are you alive???
Joe Mattison
Joe Mattison - 19 days ago
come on strad where the vids at we need a gladiator update, you’re one of the very few you tubers i watch and you’re not on here for more than a week 😩😩😩😩😩😖😖😫😢😭😭
PawanJit Khaira
PawanJit Khaira - 19 days ago
Why not a mclaren 720s?
Kam Pow
Kam Pow - 19 days ago
What happened post something plz
41 a dud dud
41 a dud dud - 19 days ago
Is he ok
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