Testing the TOP SPEED of my Lamborghini Aventador!

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wolfofamoonlight - 3 days ago
1:50 I see dat mustang don't try and hide it from me XD I love them
Odoyo Owidi
Odoyo Owidi - 3 days ago
Get 10000000 mph
Amanda De Leon
Amanda De Leon - 6 days ago
Next video getting a new exhaust for my new 2020 corvette c8
Streetz is Watchin Media
Is Murr his brother???
Mo Better.... blks cant have shit 🤣😂
Nikolay Mutev
Nikolay Mutev - 9 days ago
what a life ! Everybodi should live like that , o at least me :) I am a mecanic and supercar is my dream too .LAMBO. Love VW group.
peck Shi qi
peck Shi qi - 10 days ago
Called what's inside
peck Shi qi
peck Shi qi - 10 days ago
He is a youtuber
peck Shi qi
peck Shi qi - 10 days ago
Did you meet up with a tesla guy
Gaming with Caden
Gaming with Caden - 10 days ago
Your car got 100
Hari Duggireddy
Hari Duggireddy - 10 days ago
What’s inside is there
Lightning Storm
Lightning Storm - 11 days ago
He has the same lance as me and I'm going to school
Lightning Storm
Lightning Storm - 11 days ago
He has the same paince as me
Clive Felix
Clive Felix - 12 days ago
Jamie Kamau
Jamie Kamau - 13 days ago
Stradman my dad has ever riched 200
Youssef Mouhcine
Youssef Mouhcine - 13 days ago
Wa te burlaki
Naf_tna08 - 16 days ago
Ur exhaust pipes are misaligned and at 12:49 it sounded like u said the F word but u obviously didnt bc ur fam friendly
Ali Akhzari
Ali Akhzari - 18 days ago
a friend doesn't increase the weight he increases the speed isn't it?
Anjishth Anand
Anjishth Anand - 20 days ago
You should add side skirts on her sides then see what happens😱😱😱😇
Kelvin Chua
Kelvin Chua - 22 days ago
Sport car
CRK Productions
CRK Productions - 22 days ago
Rate x time = distance.
Rate = distance / time.
So what was the exact distance in miles. Easy calculation for mph.
Cody - 24 days ago
Wtf was on the speedo
Michael John An
Michael John An - 24 days ago
I like the color of your 2020 toyota supra and your lambo
Aaron Brown
Aaron Brown - 24 days ago
You should rap the Lamborghini adventador red and black stripes down the middle
Osama Doudo
Osama Doudo - Month ago
0:04 ~sees a gross car~ EWWWWWWWWWWWWW UR POOR 0:10 Ohell naw sorry Stradman : I WILL KILL YOU.
Ahmad Wahyu
Ahmad Wahyu - Month ago
Did you already get 209 mph??
Randall Smith
Randall Smith - Month ago
How does this jackass have enough money to buy those cars?
Richard Bell
Richard Bell - Month ago
188.606 mph
Bezhan Jawaid
Bezhan Jawaid - Month ago
Cope IT
Cope IT - Month ago
Go go go gongo go go go
Ace Kume
Ace Kume - Month ago
When I was going to school I saw a Lamborghini and a Lykan Hypersport on the side of us
Belnick6666 - Month ago
why would you put extra weight in a car? it only needs the driver
Muhammad Shabbar Bukhari
19:34 wtf that sounded like A LIGHTNING ⚡ BOLT
Drank Sinatra
Drank Sinatra - Month ago
You have to change those white rims man makes your car look cheap but that’s a lambo guy for you
arm hix
arm hix - Month ago
You need to take a driving course class stradman to help on your racing 💪👊👍💯
Gievee Nino Escrebano
Gievee Nino Escrebano - 2 months ago
The trunk of your aventador is not cool
Oskar Kaiser
Oskar Kaiser - 2 months ago
Ich sage nur deutsche Autobahn
Patrick Mcmullen
Patrick Mcmullen - 2 months ago
What happened to the Audi R8 i forgot
Daniel Garrow
Daniel Garrow - 2 months ago
What do you do for a living?
Roberto previlon
Roberto previlon - 2 months ago
hey where is this and is this an event in california or something ? i would love to visit on this day i live in florida but can bring both my cars down here to have some fun is this an event ? plz let me know when the next one is
ben syr
ben syr - 2 months ago
This is the aventador in its element two 30 year olds in it screaming punch it
Casey Mills
Casey Mills - 2 months ago
I hit 178mph in my 2010 Camaro SS that's supercharged and cammed 620whp. Going that fast in a car is a helluvarush.
Batuhan Toy
Batuhan Toy - 2 months ago
its weird but he looks like a racer
Chenfei Lo
Chenfei Lo - 2 months ago
At 13:25 I saw what’s inside’s Tesla roadster
John Chizym
John Chizym - 2 months ago
You had a go pro on your face. Where's that video?
Ahmad 0308
Ahmad 0308 - 2 months ago
What was the distance he traveld anyone who knows
prazertv - 2 months ago
Why don't you take the distance and divide it by your time to get the estimated speed?
Ex nihilo nihil fit
Ex nihilo nihil fit - 2 months ago
Why is this attention whore shouting like a maniac all the fucking time?!
ElXtronic - 2 months ago
Jonathan Bush
Jonathan Bush - 2 months ago
he’s was going 187 mph
Cr0ssHair - 2 months ago
I love the aventador so much
MATT MN - 2 months ago
Brawl_stars With Bucky
Brawl_stars With Bucky - 2 months ago
He have it floored ?
BCP Xavier
BCP Xavier - 2 months ago
You should build your house and a backyard grarage
Thy Pizza Time _
Thy Pizza Time _ - 2 months ago
His exhaust tips being uneven triggers me to a level unknown
Data_Shift - 2 months ago
I'd anyone gonna address how happy the guy in the background looked whole following the camera at 9:00
Amandeep Kaur Chahal
Amandeep Kaur Chahal - 2 months ago
Who's here after he hit 209.93 mph!!
Amartya Khera
Amartya Khera - 2 months ago
On my b fay
DA CAR BOSS - 2 months ago
do the gallardo's top speed
Freddy Reyes
Freddy Reyes - 2 months ago
You hit 200 bro
George Harvey
George Harvey - 3 months ago
Is this dude on Coke or adderall...? Prolly both.
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