The Bear Bros Meet MONSTA X | We Bare Bears | Cartoon Network

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Brawler Stars
Brawler Stars - 12 minutes ago
BTS love
nasteho Mohamed
nasteho Mohamed - 22 hours ago
People call blo bear .... ok😶
akilah cabral
akilah cabral - 23 hours ago
Next the black pink please
Internal Clorox
Internal Clorox - Day ago
Awwww so cute❤️
Joseph Emman V. Cortez
Joseph Emman V. Cortez - 3 days ago
Who's next? Jackie Chan and Manny Pacquiao in We Bare Bears?
xCalvin781 - 3 days ago
Look at Hyungwonho *Pink hair is Hyungwon* + *navy blue hair with the green sweater is Wonho*
Edit: I forgot to put this lol 0:24
Grace Nemet
Grace Nemet - 3 days ago
dude, where did you get the hammer? 0:23
Frantz Maambong
Frantz Maambong - 4 days ago
I like monsta x so much
Daniela Navarro
Daniela Navarro - 5 days ago
I rarely say this but this is everything
Swastika Thami
Swastika Thami - 6 days ago
I like the guy with blond hair😂😂😍😍
Lee Felix
Lee Felix - 6 days ago
That monbebe (WBB really dirtied us) hasha
peäch - 6 days ago
That's why i like we bare bears.
adia HAHAHAHAHA - 6 days ago
HAHAHAHAH ang cute amporky
Shivani Singla
Shivani Singla - 7 days ago
Bear saying annyeonghaseyo is so weird yet cute😂
Jeny Exo-L
Jeny Exo-L - 7 days ago
*I wANt a ePisOde wIth EXO*
Chandere Yan
Chandere Yan - 8 days ago
If Ice Bear bursted out of a suitcase in your room right infront of you, who's reaction are you most likely to have?
Ekin TK
Ekin TK - 8 days ago
ice bear-imnida killed me
Jaemins Jams
Jaemins Jams - 8 days ago
Spaghetti Sauce • 15 centuries ago
Yep this is gonna go to r/fellowkids
Kathryn Landicho
Kathryn Landicho - 9 days ago
They literally look like BTS😵
jennie khan
jennie khan - 9 days ago
My brother like we bare bear and when he saw this episode i was like see this is k pop and its monsta x..well im not that kind of fan of thier's..🙂🙂
Boys Paradise
Boys Paradise - 9 days ago
When you understand all of their conversation because you watch k drama and kpop videos..
Anime Geek
Anime Geek - 9 days ago
They just danced into their room
Gamer Ball
Gamer Ball - 10 days ago
0:07 are they playing mario ??
No they just monsta x
Sophie McGrellis
Sophie McGrellis - 10 days ago
"whoho IS THAT YOU!"
*wonho suts window*
BACON LOVE:0 - 11 days ago
0:13 *Hyungwon's neck is yellow*
Kristin Diamandis
Kristin Diamandis - 11 days ago
Jan mariel Capistrano
Jan mariel Capistrano - 12 days ago
I like we bare bares so much 😍😍😍😍
wish my problems were as small as my boobs
Help me fellow monbebes ! I’m trying to Stan monsta x but don’t know where to start 😭
wish my problems were as small as my boobs
Nope, is it a reality show ?
lost geek
lost geek - 12 days ago
Have you watched No Mercy and Monsta X-ray yet??
It's Not A *"5-Minutes Break"* It's A _"4-Minutes Break"_ !!!
Daniela Barahona
Daniela Barahona - 13 days ago
I really like how ice bear can talk in a perfect Korean 💜
Batista Borges
Batista Borges - 14 days ago
Estou conhecendo o Monsta X agora aqui nos Ursos sem Cursos👍
NizarGorgeous - 14 days ago
where’s the full episode 😌😭😭😭
MX MBB - 13 days ago
Dika Syarifa
Dika Syarifa - 14 days ago
i know that hyungwon love the way he run 0:18 - 0:19
Asami Chiba
Asami Chiba - 14 days ago
This kind of reminds me of BTS for some reason :p
ッNicole - 14 days ago
@Asami Chiba If you don't want to talk with strangers then don't comment in places where everyone can respond, bye.
ッNicole - 14 days ago
@Asami Chiba I know but is still disrespectful... this is about Monsta X
ッNicole - 14 days ago
But they are not BTS
Anime\kpop Life
Anime\kpop Life - 15 days ago
Love monsta x 😍😍😍😭😍
Daniel S
Daniel S - 15 days ago
“HuuUuA, Wonho.. IS THAT YOU??”
Literally me when Panda said that. (Bias lol)
Aimara - 15 days ago
I’m so proud that Monsta X is playing here~
thank u soooo much for this amazing series of wbb✨👍
Eva’s Losers
Eva’s Losers - 15 days ago
“WoNHo Is ThAT yoU”
Eva’s Losers
Eva’s Losers - 15 days ago
winter 2298
winter 2298 - 16 days ago
Is this an actual episode???????😂
Melany Martinez
Melany Martinez - 15 days ago
winter 2298 yes, the title of the episode is called Panda’s Birthday
Jazmin Rodriguez
Jazmin Rodriguez - 16 days ago
This came the day of my birthday 😂😂😂 love it
Adriana Andrade
Adriana Andrade - 16 days ago
What i wanna know is if monsta x actually voiced this? (Idk if thats the correct way to put it but you get what i mean right?)
MX MBB - 15 days ago
Adriana Andrade here is the answer
Brofist ROBLOX
Brofist ROBLOX - 17 days ago
;( I am literally sad, Because CN™ Support K-pop...
Like if you believe me
Meet Virginia
Meet Virginia - 18 days ago
Here is the behind the scenes link to Monsta X dubbing WBB
green godzilla
green godzilla - 18 days ago
I need to show my sister
green godzilla
green godzilla - 18 days ago
Is it bts omg
green godzilla
green godzilla - 11 days ago
Never mind
green godzilla
green godzilla - 11 days ago
moonjin's smile
moonjin's smile - 11 days ago
It's monsta x
CS K - 15 days ago
You don't know how to read?:v
Felix’s voice does not match his Face
0:19 I could tell that was Hyungwon just by the run
A_Dead_Kpop_ Meme
A_Dead_Kpop_ Meme - 13 days ago
carmela calero
carmela calero - 19 days ago
Wait is that the actual band voicing them or no?
MX MBB - 15 days ago
Meet Virginia
Meet Virginia - 18 days ago
Monsta x did the voices
Stephan Stefanus
Stephan Stefanus - 19 days ago
I'm not a fan nor do I care about MONSTA X, I'm not saying they are bad I'm saying it's not for me and I respect anyone who are fans of them. With that said, seeing Panda fanboying over them in this episode puts a smile on my face :)
Celerieey - 20 days ago
Elicia Rangel
Elicia Rangel - 20 days ago
“People call me a polar bear”
“... okay.”
Ahmod Wright
Ahmod Wright - 20 days ago
Am I the only who doesn’t think Wonho looks like you know WONHO🤔😂
Reyhan Köse
Reyhan Köse - 20 days ago
So cute how they speak english
guillem brothers •vkook•
No mames si hacen monsta x que hagan bts i blakpink :v
CS K - 15 days ago
Es una caricatura, no un show de variedades donde invitan famosos todas las semanas.
Noodles V
Noodles V - 22 days ago
What’s next? Cartoon Network adding more kpop groups into their show? .____________.
ッNicole - 14 days ago
I don't think so... the creators are fans of Monsta X.
FlutterShy Loves Alucard
FlutterShy Loves Alucard - 22 days ago
maybe i should listen all songs from that group named MONSTA X soon
lost geek
lost geek - 21 day ago
Yes and you'll love them for sure :)
ara jimin_1995
ara jimin_1995 - 22 days ago
Bts please..
ッNicole - 14 days ago
Here is the behind the scenes!!!
zby7173 - 22 days ago
Monsta xxxxxxxxxxxx vs bts like for monsta x comment for bts
-ˏˋcleoˎˊ- - 22 days ago
Dương Nghé
Dương Nghé - 22 days ago
Is this BTS but We Bare Bears version?!
Salwa Rizky
Salwa Rizky - 18 days ago
@Dương Nghé no monsta x is monsta x they are real boygroup from south korean kpop not only bts
lost geek
lost geek - 20 days ago
@Dương Nghé Yes!! Check their new songs Who do you love and X-phenomenon!
Dương Nghé
Dương Nghé - 21 day ago
lost geek Wow!!!!What!!!!
lost geek
lost geek - 21 day ago
@Dương Nghé It is an actual boyband.. do check it out
Dương Nghé
Dương Nghé - 22 days ago
Marcella Bida I know it's Monsta X but it's like BTS but We Bare Bears version
Rama Shamo
Rama Shamo - 23 days ago
I watch We bear bears every Day and Monsta X too.I wish that 1 Day this Come on TV ♥♥♥♥
Baharudin hasan
Baharudin hasan - 24 days ago
Dang put bts next XD
moonjin's smile
moonjin's smile - 11 days ago
They won't the creators are fans of monsta x
bad girl
bad girl - 24 days ago
k polppp
Mimi Susu
Mimi Susu - 24 days ago
Angie Hernandez
Angie Hernandez - 24 days ago
Are yall gonna make one for BTS please that would be exciting!
Maria Luiza/Malu Carvalho Barbosa
waiting for them to meet bts, txt, blackpink and twice
Freesia s
Freesia s - 13 days ago
Yeah you wish
ッNicole - 14 days ago
The creators are fans of Monsta X
Suga Kim
Suga Kim - 25 days ago
Naima James-Dales
Naima James-Dales - 25 days ago
This is cring af
trần nguyễn thanh trúc
Re watching this , did anyone noitced that Joohoen holding Thor's hammer
Shownu: People call me polar a bear.
Ice Bear:
Ice Bear: Okay.

I also liked my own comment..
Amy- Chan
Amy- Chan - 26 days ago
LOL Jooheon at 0:24 has a hammer then just yeets it like nope tomorrow 😂😂
Donkey 123
Donkey 123 - 26 days ago
Here come the stan accounts
I've been thinking to much help me
Ice bear is low key a sasaeng
Thushari Lanka
Thushari Lanka - 26 days ago
Oh i love monster X
Salwa Rizky
Salwa Rizky - 18 days ago
MONSTA X not monsTER X
creepypasta Mina Love K-Pop
Why is not BTS
ッNicole - 14 days ago
@creepypasta Mina Love K-Pop But he likes Monsta X
creepypasta Mina Love K-Pop
@ッNicole i wish panda Like BTS but panda never like BTS
ッNicole - 15 days ago
Because Panda likes Monsta X
Bombok Badral
Bombok Badral - 27 days ago
Oh my gosh
Army is the best
Army is the best - 27 days ago
The guy with blond hair:
5 minute break
Look at his finger 😂
Anabella Martinez
Anabella Martinez - 27 days ago
crosober con bts plis
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