Nancy Pelosi Says Trump's Family Should Hold an Intervention for Him

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Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick - 4 days ago
Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House. She enticed Donald Trump with money,, and the “billions-and billions of dollars” that Trump wasted
vic101ify - 15 days ago
pelosi is worthless
salas7146 - 19 days ago
The Trump family are bunch of criminal
bigemugamer - Month ago
WHOA whoa whoa! Chuck Schumer said, "the presidency is not JUST a reality show?!" Wow, I can't believe they finally admitted the presidency IS a reality show! Ok, it's not JUST a reality show, but it is primarily a reality show... and yeah, it's also the USA's method of pi$$ing off the rest of the world while destructively dividing themselves internally.
Really... It is the best reality show out there, though I think 4 seasons is enough, don't be one of those shows that carries on and just gets worse... I'm looking at you House.
Edit: If the Trump Presidency get's a 5th season we are all gonna be pissed with the dismal 8th season... It's happened with other shows!
Deathnote2539 - Month ago
Bro his family is more fucked them him they should all be shot and kicked in the ditch
Fuck Liberals
Fuck Liberals - Month ago
We should be holding a mass murder event all over the nation hunting liberals with assault rifles
Ava Marie Maffia
Ava Marie Maffia - Month ago
Pelosi's father was a constant companion of top mobsters in Baltimore Maryland. Her father was a congressman and mayor of baltimore while maintaining close relationships with Mafia figures. She should stop worrying about Pres.Trump, his wife and family, and explain her mobster father's history. JF Kennedy was so concerned about her father's ties to the mob, that he had the FBI investigate....I believe files were recently released thanks to Freedom of Information act. She is a monster.
Tracey Liu
Tracey Liu - Month ago
Rate you for the right map that used this time!
Steve Hartley
Steve Hartley - Month ago
20 Miles in 2yearsis that some sort of record?
Scott Collins
Scott Collins - Month ago
She needs to go.
Stevie Williams
Stevie Williams - Month ago
Awe bless her heart
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson - Month ago
Nancy is a bumbling idiot and needs to retire. She is the democrat poster child. Its what they all look and sound like.
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson - Month ago
Can one of you idiots please give me one reason Trump should be impeached? Your all just sore losers. Grow up.
Glen Barrett
Glen Barrett - Month ago
so the drunk says!
Scooters Videos
Scooters Videos - Month ago
Action now! Impeach!
john carver
john carver - Month ago
Oh Boys
Oh Boys - Month ago
Seth looks like a goofball with that “sad eye/ happy pinched” mouth. He needs new material, or hire some real writers. Maybe Conan can lend him some of his ass-clown writers.
starwriter - Month ago
CipherBytes - Month ago
Intervention? No, he needs an ass whooping. His parents raised him wrong. Congress is no better. Whenever the approval rating of congress is this low, not one of them should be qualified for reelection. We need another quality control mechanism because the election process is corrupted.
Pam Timmins
Pam Timmins - Month ago
So funny Seth. Trump needs an intervention for sure, but so does his whole lying administration and his family. Trump needs to be removed once and for all to a loony bin.
Conrad Werner
Conrad Werner - Month ago
Nancy needs a blinking intervention... Got summin in yer eye, Miss Speaker?
Janine Ackerman
Janine Ackerman - Month ago
Needs a Brain Scan
Fly Robin
Fly Robin - Month ago
ĐJ ₭Ⱨ₳ⱠɆĐ !🔊🎶
John Hardin
John Hardin - Month ago
Pelosi says "We got to pass the bill to find out what's in it." I quit listening after that.
Justin Martyr
Justin Martyr - Month ago
*BUT you have NEVER QUIT Sucking BIG MAN Cocks!!!!*
theprofessor5150 - Month ago
Dam... give me Billary, or give me death... Wait a minute... give me death...I could have had my own top secret server in the basement of a filling station in New Jersey... Or I could have handed Libya to the Muslim brotherhood.. free of charge.
bruce small
bruce small - Month ago
Listen to the freeloading freaks, whine... The free ride is over... Get a job..
Mike Tipton
Mike Tipton - Month ago
Nasty Nancy needs a brain transplant
Ryan Adam
Ryan Adam - Month ago
Nancy Pelosi needs to retire
CB BC - Month ago
DJ who?
Nevermind, don't care.
Top Content
Top Content - Month ago
Nancy pelosi looks and acts like fire Marshall bill
Gravey Davey
Gravey Davey - Month ago
hi, I think you could be a better host. I really can't see why your on this show your not funny at all.
Mark Youneva
Mark Youneva - Month ago
the voters should hold an intervention for Congress, so that congress can hold an intervention for the president.
Lucius Clay
Lucius Clay - Month ago
Seth should get out of politics
Don Doe
Don Doe - Month ago
Worst comedy show ever
Joe WIL - Month ago
How about nancy swallow a grenade and do the world a favor
Jason Schultz
Jason Schultz - Month ago
Not a single one of you will ever achieve what Donald Trump has achieved. All of you put together will never achieve what Donald Trump is going to achieve. Your hatred for a man that has helped out a country more then any other president since Lincoln is truly pathetic. Your hatred of your country, your hatred for your president, and your hatred for your government should be enough to get you locked up in prison or shot.
Walter Sobchak
Walter Sobchak - Month ago
You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye. Matthew 7:5 (RSVCE)
Face Candy Studio
Face Candy Studio - Month ago
Every time we think this Trump presidency reality show is going to end, it's renewed for another season.
Elaine Flink
Elaine Flink - Month ago
Nancy thinks that impeachment would make trump popular like it did with Bill Clinton. Wake up Nancy!! Bill
Clinton 's approval skyrocketed simply because people saw what a politically motivated unjust farce it was - having a "girlfriend" while immoral Gingrich was having his own sordid affair which he failed to disclose, of course. He presented himself as so righteous while he condemned Clinton's minuscule actions, pretending he was shocked shocked about Clinton. Trump, the Russian - North Korean lover, is the most dishonest, criminal creature to have ever walked on this earth. Impeach now!
Montesama314 - Month ago
2 miles out of two thousand. "Winning?"
Montesama314 - Month ago
An intervention will only work on someone who will want to change, not someone who literally PROFITS from being crooked and self-centered.
John Villalovos
John Villalovos - Month ago
The little kids network what a sorry bunch of democrats
Laisha Salim
Laisha Salim - Month ago
I haven't watched the final season of GoT since i got no time yet to go through all episodes at once, and you are just ruining it for me. so much for avoiding GoT geeks
normie x
normie x - Month ago
Is hanging considered an "intervention"??? #USAisnotademocracy.
tehnemox - Month ago
Still haven't forgiven you for the two spoilers in a row just 2 days after the finale.
Mellow D
Mellow D - Month ago
You can’t intervene against stupid
Beverly Ford
Beverly Ford - Month ago
Nancy palosey Chuck shummer and cult members u may take your leave in Nixon fashion .🇺🇸🦅🙏🏼
michael anthony
michael anthony - Month ago
CONGRESS should hold an intervention!
Man up congress.
Ricky Ostrom
Ricky Ostrom - Month ago
Nancy Pelosi lies, but she says it's an artistic exaggeration of what could be true if seen through her drunk eyes.
berdboy - Month ago
berdboy - Month ago
Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey
did you fall on your keyboard by mistake or something?
Sandra Brown
Sandra Brown - Month ago
Perfectly stated 👍🏻
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