OnePlus 7 Pro: What You Didn't Know!

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ShaneSharpVlogs - 13 hours ago does the I+ 7pro compare to the note 10+ or iPhone 11pro? Is it still the best screen in 2019? Great review!
Faizan Kabeer
Faizan Kabeer - Day ago
Mkbhd you are the best
HYDRA HunTer Gaming
Kalia sala hame sikhayega... Chudur bhai chutmarani....
Nick Leffler
Nick Leffler - 2 days ago
Can't wait to get mine. Just got it with Sprint. Won't be here till next month :-(
Faizal PTC
Faizal PTC - 2 days ago
what about the camera ...??the wide angle video is still not there....???
Sameer Madgavkar
Sameer Madgavkar - 2 days ago
Infact there is no need for any Ip certification coz no manufacturer gives you warranty for liquid damage if am not wrong
Ja Lee
Ja Lee - 2 days ago
I get 8 hours screen on time with 36 hours off the charger. YouTube, web browsing, eBay and Amazon shopping. Emailing. Etc. 90hz at full 1440p resolution and mid level brightness.
suraj bastola
suraj bastola - 3 days ago
Should I Buy One Plus 7 Pro Or Iphone 8 or oneplus 7 ????? PLZZ Guide...I Want A Good Camera, And Battry Life Just That..
James Wayne
James Wayne - 3 days ago
30 years ago China was a third world toilet poorer than many African countries and now look at them. That's what having a high IQ population and applying capitalist free market principles to commerce can do for your country. Absolutely amazing.
ALeX Z - 3 days ago
Should I get Oneplus 7 or Note 9? Oneplus has snapdragon 855 while note 9 has 845 but has other stuff like 512gb storage, headset hole, s pen, etc...
1000 subscribers no video challenge
Id recommend one plus 7 pro 512 gb of ram isnt that big of a deal unless if you really need it. 90 hertz on the one plus is so worth it
kermit Da frug
kermit Da frug - 3 days ago
Oh and btw Get the note 9
kermit Da frug
kermit Da frug - 3 days ago
I'm sorry Did u just say headset hole Do u mean headphone jack
halfhuman IN
halfhuman IN - 4 days ago
Fhock the clickbait.
Wiz - 4 days ago
U dare to make video OnePlus 7 vs redmi k20 pro 🤔
Gary Sethi
Gary Sethi - 5 days ago
If only this phone came with wireless charging it could have been the perfect everyday phone...
ItsEli - Day ago
Wireless charging is slow and overrated. OnePlus has arguably the fastest cable charging
Mohammed Wael
Mohammed Wael - 5 days ago
If I can buy a oneplus 7pro or s10+ in the same price what should I choose ? Even though I'm all into the oneplus but i love the s10's camera and I know it's better but is it so much better than oneplus ?
Please answer me guys
Puga - 5 days ago
im using 7pro and two my friends using 10+. i think its not so much difference between this two devices in photo, especially after updates on 7pro
Sandy _here
Sandy _here - 5 days ago
Where can i download wallpaper?
鞭尸毛贼 - 5 days ago
i come from china, but it also quite expensive in china
Rohith Kurre
Rohith Kurre - 6 days ago
They have money to pay RDJ, but not to get official IP rating!
FEAR K1NG5 - 6 days ago
The 1+ is a very good phone in my opinion this is the phone Of the year I agree marques
Chinmoy Saha
Chinmoy Saha - 7 days ago
How is its camera!?
Urmet Loorits
Urmet Loorits - 7 days ago
Bought that phone, now doing research haha
dustinthebigkahuna - 7 days ago
OnePlus saves money on direct marketing. We can now see how the spend money on indirect marketing.
Crafty Blind Girl
Crafty Blind Girl - 7 days ago
Helpful, thank you. I don’t have my phone yet, but planning to get it soon. Helpful to know the insider tips.
Ranjith Kumar
Ranjith Kumar - 7 days ago
Nice wallpaper, what is it called?
avinash creations
avinash creations - 8 days ago
Buddy make a vdo on iphone 11vs one plus 7 pro
David Rich
David Rich - 8 days ago
R D - 9 days ago
Thumbnail looks like he throwing it into a toilet
BMWG30 - 7 days ago
Not really
Fox McCoy
Fox McCoy - 10 days ago
Android 10 Open beta now let's you record with the wide angle lens
JABALE NOOR - 10 days ago
But S10+ is better than 1+ 7pro player 🙄🙄
daniel - 10 days ago
Cool video.
Tnx men
penchalkona temple Vinod Kumar reddy
Iam from india, no money, you gift me oneplus 7 pro mobile
penchalkona temple Vinod Kumar reddy
Iam from india, no money, you gift me oneplus 7 pro mobile
Air_ - 11 days ago
No, fuck you
penchalkona temple Vinod Kumar reddy
Iam from india, no money, you gift me oneplus 7 pro mobile
penchalkona temple Vinod Kumar reddy
Iam from india, no money, you gift me oneplus 7 pro mobile
penchalkona temple Vinod Kumar reddy
Iam from india, no money, you gift me omobileneplus 7 pro
penchalkona temple Vinod Kumar reddy
you send mobile in koriyar, corriere charges i pay
Kapteeni Iso
Kapteeni Iso - 8 days ago
penchalkona temple Vinod Kumar reddy come to somalia i give to u
Super Phrank
Super Phrank - 13 days ago
Is it just me or does Marcus give excuses for cons of a product he likes?
Kenny Bromme
Kenny Bromme - 13 days ago
Hmm makes me kinda regret getting the Note 10 plus lol.
Air_ - 11 days ago
Each had their benefits but at least you have a new phone
Umair Khadim
Umair Khadim - 13 days ago
On plus pro: I got 12 Gb Ram 😏
Samsung note 1o+ : Ok! challenge accepted 💪
Umair Khadim
Umair Khadim - 13 days ago
On plus pro: I got 12 Gb Ram 😏
Samsung note 1o+ : Ok! challenge accepted 💪
Air_ - 11 days ago
Shut the fuck up
Nas - 13 days ago
Does anyone know if this can receive 4k videos and high res photos from iPhones? I have a 6t and Everytime I receive pictures/videos from an iPhone xs it's blurry as hell. Will this phone have the same problem?
Kevin Frank
Kevin Frank - 11 days ago
What are you using to send the pictures?
Jonathan Suniga
Jonathan Suniga - 14 days ago
Phone of the year that's dope. I just upgrade from iPhone X ( iPhone user since 5s) to OnePlus 7Pro 12/256gb for future proof like he said. 😉
Nick Garlick
Nick Garlick - 15 days ago
Do pics show up normal on Instagram and snapchat or is it still blurry?
David Kim
David Kim - 12 days ago
thats a snapchat issue with androids not androids fault. they haven't optimized it yet.
Vangmay Jayant
Vangmay Jayant - 16 days ago
My Moto G (3rd Gen) from 2015 costed less than 200$ and had IP 67 rating. The 10-30$ per unit of cost sounds bullshit to me.
mark morris
mark morris - 16 days ago
So is this the new company that is taking on Samsung?? Apple is behind which I hate to admit since I’m a Apple dude.
I’m looking at the note 9 for me but god I hate switching phones
mark morris
mark morris - 15 days ago
Talked it over with the wife and yea we are switching. I’m getting the note 9 and she will be getting the 1plus 7 pro.
Name less
Name less - 16 days ago
Go on switch. I used to be an apple guy but I switched when 5s came out and bought A nexus and after some years I bought a galaxy note 5 and now I'm using the galaxy S10+
Tj Mills
Tj Mills - 16 days ago
This phone has more RAM than my pc and a higher refresh rate than my monitor. I’m sad.
Utkarssh B
Utkarssh B - 17 days ago
OnePlus 7 pro: *has* 12GB *RAM*
My *PC* : I didn't see this coming
drupadh suresh
drupadh suresh - 17 days ago
And you still wear an apple Watch 😂😂😂
drupadh suresh
drupadh suresh - 16 days ago
@k7 happy now
k7 - 16 days ago
drupadh suresh that’s apple watch nibba. and he still wears it cuz it’s the best in the business..
Andrea Aldrich
Andrea Aldrich - 17 days ago
So... I was so excited to buy this and I did today.... but there is fuzziness in phone calls. Anyone else have this issue? I hate returning stuff so I'm reluctant. Kind of wondering if I should have gotten another Samsung.
Rayhaan Ramsey
Rayhaan Ramsey - 16 days ago
No issues with phone calls just exchange the unit
Nelson Mei
Nelson Mei - 18 days ago
I already bought 3 OnePlus phone since last November. One 6T and two 7 Pro.
Samy_06 - 19 days ago
Latest 2019 flagships legit have as much ram as my gaming laptop ...
joel jaison
joel jaison - 20 days ago
Compare realme x to one plus
joel jaison
joel jaison - 20 days ago
Watching from realme x flagship killer for only less than 400$
Patrick D'Cruz
Patrick D'Cruz - 20 days ago
*OnePlus 7 pro - I got 12 GB of ram*

*iPhone - wait that's illegal!*

*HONOR & Huawei - saying hi to OnePlus after having their ban restricted*

*Oneplus- ahh sh!t hear we go again*
SheshehangEngden/Nepal - 21 day ago
I wished that one plus 7 pro had landscape (auto rotate) home screen as well- like new Samsung's. or is it already featured?
CRAZY Gamer - 21 day ago
Please give me a one plus 7 pro....
estro ssa
estro ssa - 22 days ago
Oneplus,,,,,,12gb ram
Io_ael22 2005
Io_ael22 2005 - 22 days ago
Can you also do a one plus 7 pro vs note 10+ comparison❣️?
Io_ael22 2005
Io_ael22 2005 - 22 days ago
Please do a one plus 7 pro vs S10+ comparison❣️
imran 2562
imran 2562 - 23 days ago
OnePlus 7 pro gift for me plss msg me
chan - 24 days ago
Watching on my P30 Pro
Romina D'Anna
Romina D'Anna - 23 days ago
Nice phone but one plus 7pro is a little bit better
Akshay teja
Akshay teja - 24 days ago
Would love to have a video on one plus 7 standard version
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