First We Feast
First We Feast - Month ago
BBF channel
BBF channel - 6 days ago
Sniperwolf pls she funny plus want to see her mouth on fire
Sathu - 6 days ago
So is gwyneth Paltrow confirmed
David Geiser
David Geiser - 6 days ago
I just did the “da bomb” challenge. Sean you are a savage beast with no moral compass And my new hero!!!! Cheers you sadistic madman!
diabolicalANARCHY - 8 days ago
Joe Rogan would be a great dude to have on!!
NightSkyKrai - 9 days ago
Get PewDiePie on the show!
Somniuum - Hour ago
Why doesn’t anyone suggest Tom Holland!!!
Jesus Griffith
Jesus Griffith - 6 hours ago
Put mike chen on hot ones lol
Evelyn Aviles
Evelyn Aviles - 13 hours ago
Someone needs to bring some peanut butter to neutralize the burn.
2 dimitropolis
2 dimitropolis - 14 hours ago
Scotish hunk, James Hughan shoul be here... In kilt, please
Jukka Surakka
Jukka Surakka - 16 hours ago
Would love to see Conan O'Brien sitting on that chair. No mercy!
astrologys - Day ago
Get Megan Thee Stallion!
Andy Powell
Andy Powell - Day ago
If you ever wanna retire, I want your job...
Andy Powell
Andy Powell - Day ago
I'm not even kind of kidding.
Matthewbraaten - Day ago
Really time to get rid of Da Bomb. There has to be a sauce that can get similar reactions with out tasting like ass.
mAyOnAys - 2 days ago
Get Keanu Reeves please👍🏽
Brandon7219 - 2 days ago
los calientes is BAE AF
Aaron Risley
Aaron Risley - 3 days ago
Hell Fire was a bitch for using Da Bomb's bottle design. That was the most iconic moment in every episode seeing that lowly disgusting bottle get eaten
Chase Haynes
Chase Haynes - 3 days ago
He looks high
Mini Gamer Boi
Mini Gamer Boi - 3 days ago
This season 9 is way better than fortnite season 9 amirte?
Dikkedeur30 - 3 days ago
Get Daniel Cormier on the show
Duro Piri
Duro Piri - 4 days ago
Is there a list of links to buy all of them?
Chris Ullery
Chris Ullery - 4 days ago
I want to see ,
Jay Leno
Tim Allen
Kevin Costner
Clint Eastwood
Kevin D. E
Kevin D. E - 4 days ago
We need a video of Sean just eating hot sauce...just the sauce. To truly show the heat muahaha
Spartan - 4 days ago
Da Bomb sauce, as featured in my refrigerator, time now.
GeroelheimerProd - 4 days ago
I really love your show. In the show I would like to see.

Dwayne Johnson
Emma Stone
Mark Wahlberg
Conan O'Brien
Dave Grohl
Keanu Reeves
Dirk Nowitzki
Margot Robbie
Elizabeth Olsen
Quentin Tarantino
Ryan Reynolds
Karen Gillan
Woody Harrelson
Maria Sharapova
Will Smith
James McAvoy
Andrew A
Andrew A - 5 days ago
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson needs to come on the show!!!!
Armed Carp
Armed Carp - 5 days ago
Luis-Cipher Mstar
Luis-Cipher Mstar - 6 days ago
Ya'll need DMX on here. That would be pure comedy with his barking everytime he eats the hot sauces LMAO
Kym C
Kym C - 6 days ago
Truly wish they would use a pepper sauce actually made in Trinidad and Tobago instead of one just using the Trinidad scorpion pepper. Ideally it would be "mother-in-law" from down south...😁
Sophie w/the gay cat
Sophie w/the gay cat - 6 days ago
I want Haechan from NCT 127 on here he would be so funny and he is great with spice I don't know if they do people who don't speak English though I guess he could go on with Mark or Johnny
KitsuRi - 6 days ago
Tom Holland would be awesome
Andrew habanero
Andrew habanero - 6 days ago
the filth that is dabomb
ElizaBeth Smink
ElizaBeth Smink - 6 days ago
please PLEASE get jason mamoa on this show! my life wont be complete
Luca Marzoli
Luca Marzoli - 6 days ago
Tyler The Creator
Ryan Reynolds
Chris Evans
Nicki Minaj
Kanye West
Stephen Colbert
Chris Pratt
Ellen Pompeo
myebbers - 6 days ago
Aaron Rodgers need to be on...
Tony Pantelis
Tony Pantelis - 7 days ago
Dave Chappelle please!
Tony Pantelis
Tony Pantelis - 7 days ago
How about Lil Dicky in the lineup
Rocio Lucero
Rocio Lucero - 7 days ago
Ryan Reynolds, Aaron Johnson, Kat Dennings, Ellen DeGeneres, Robert Downey Jr., Keanu Reeves, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins should be on the show🔥💪🏻
Chris Kinsler
Chris Kinsler - 7 days ago
Joe Rogan should do an experience with this guy and his hot wings!
iamkalbo - 7 days ago
Get Donald Trump! I wanna see him turn from orange to red XD
Dark Silent
Dark Silent - 8 days ago
this is making me hungry
Chris K-R
Chris K-R - 8 days ago
Hi everyone, Welcome to Hot ones, the show with hot questions and even hotter wings, and I'm Vodka Slims
Linnéa Karoliussen
Linnéa Karoliussen - 8 days ago
Shane Dawson would be good
ericharrigan1449 - 8 days ago
Wheres Trump Daddy!? Get him on hot ones! 😂😂
LethalCssPlayer - 8 days ago
I didn't even realise there was a chilli farm in Wiltshire and i live about 15 mins away! Thanks hot ones now i can get my chilli fix and support my local area.
A S - 8 days ago
Tom Holland, Jason Momoa and Ryan Reynolds pleeease!!
Artichoke - 9 days ago
I Got a Hot Ones Ad about the sauces when i started watching this video
InFaMoUsJD - 9 days ago
Janelle Monae
Allison Acker
Allison Acker - 9 days ago
Love your show. Just tried "the last dab" and its DELICIOUS! Made me nose run like a faucet and perhaps slightly hallucinate but... I LOVE IT! You should add Dalston Chillies to your lineup. Check it out https://dalstonchillies.com/our-sauces
ruru_ esco
ruru_ esco - 9 days ago
I luv hot sauce i have an arsenal of hot sauce..
Sam Gonzalez
Sam Gonzalez - 9 days ago
Get cowboy cerrone
Louie Neira
Louie Neira - 9 days ago
I’d like to see how Chloe Moretz handles those hot wings! Either her or Emily Osment!
HiPetitGateau - 9 days ago
Da bomb just kills taste buds
I think after 10 people make sour face and compare it to metal you retire that shit.
Denis Pepic
Denis Pepic - 9 days ago
Love that Harry Kane reffrence
ᶜʰᵃˢᵉ - 9 days ago
Lets get Keanu reeves!
CheesecakeLasagna - 10 days ago
I'd love to see Sean's journalism gets challenged by doing a Hot Ones with Kanye.
Flaudio Calderon
Flaudio Calderon - 10 days ago
You need to do one with juice wrld asap
Leisa Rae
Leisa Rae - 10 days ago
You are yummy.
RSM82 - 10 days ago
Edward Snowden!
RSM82 - 10 days ago
Thank you for not saying "Wilt-sh-eye-r." One of the few American hosts who doesn't butcher the English county's name.
John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez - 10 days ago
Get zion on the show be great b4 the next season
Pranav Sreeram
Pranav Sreeram - 11 days ago
Get my man Andrew Yang up there!!!
Ulieq - 11 days ago
JimmyXD - 11 days ago
John wick for season 9!!
drawingangel2 - 11 days ago
Is it just me or does Sean look paler? He is redder under the eyes and on the neck too. Maybe it's just the lighting?
Woody Woodman
Woody Woodman - 13 days ago
Keanu Reeves, Tim Allen, Rosanne, Trey Gowdy or the best... President Trump! I bet hed do it! Lol
"This Show is TREMENDOUS!!!"
Zeitgeister - 13 days ago
I love your show, you do a great job. I hope you guys get with the times ASAP and invite Andrew Yang to your show. He is the most interesting story and a 2020 presidential candidate.
Dan M
Dan M - 13 days ago
Yeah man great lineup I live in Wiltshire and have met Jamie from WCF great sauces great company great great great
Did I mention great
Vanessa S.
Vanessa S. - 13 days ago
Trinidad Scorpion pepper is from my country!🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹
Sheldon Emmanuel
Sheldon Emmanuel - 12 days ago
Vanessa S. Except it was made in England, I am also from Trinidad and we was disappointed that though the moruga scorpion is featured the pepper sauce is English 😩
Bugkillahz - 13 days ago
Chris Rock, come on down, you gotta do this!
Vito van Rensburg
Vito van Rensburg - 13 days ago
Having Steve Carrell on Hot Ones would be a massive treat!!!
boomikillu420 - 13 days ago
season 10 should be only the hottest Hot Sauces he can find
Just A German
Just A German - 13 days ago
Bring Zach Braff to the show
Db DB - 14 days ago
Nothing else to watch. Ok
Quixotic - 14 days ago
"Golden lattes"
Is... that sexual?
Dennis Sandi
Dennis Sandi - 14 days ago
Whats the best tasting hot sauce? Like sweet and spicy! Im looking for by some good hot sauce!
Nikhil Singh
Nikhil Singh - 14 days ago
Bring Keanu Reeves to the show!!!!!
Element 115
Element 115 - 14 days ago
Charlie Sheen and Th3 Jez
Ashleigh Bob Murray
Ashleigh Bob Murray - 14 days ago
I wanna see eminem on show
cormac ruane
cormac ruane - 14 days ago
Get the rock and Kevin hart on together, be very funny
Shivangi Pandey
Shivangi Pandey - 14 days ago
Winkie Ma
Winkie Ma - 14 days ago
Krista Turner
Krista Turner - 14 days ago
Sean! Love that your upping the anty with hot sauces all over the us and hotter than before!
Can we get a video on how you chose the new sauces?
Much love fam!
socal frank
socal frank - 14 days ago
Pewdiepie👊for season 9 !!!
Todd Bailey
Todd Bailey - 14 days ago
Vodka Slims is so hot right now
bboyheadShott - 14 days ago
Get Travis Scott. That’s all I ask for.
Nino_AlphaKiloLima Views
Nino_AlphaKiloLima Views - 14 days ago
How about having Steve Wilkos on the show?
Chris Rollison
Chris Rollison - 15 days ago
David Dobrik
xReprivizor x
xReprivizor x - 15 days ago
You guys should get Markiplier on here!
diego94andromeda T
diego94andromeda T - 15 days ago
Will ferrel
Lynnea Flores
Lynnea Flores - 15 days ago
I would love to see a Collab with BlovesLife and family with Hot Ones!
Billy Ellis
Billy Ellis - 15 days ago
Dang the whole video had me rollin’ man you are funnyyy
Sergio Gonzalez
Sergio Gonzalez - 16 days ago
We need to see Taylor Swift in the show!!!!!!!
Life According to Me
Life According to Me - 16 days ago
Elon Musk
John Mulaney
Jamie Foxx
Please and thank you.
Quasor2003 - 16 days ago
Paul McCartney.
C Word
C Word - 16 days ago
Shaquanda knows how to make that sauce
Zemar Qazi
Zemar Qazi - 16 days ago
Either Cole, Drake, or Lamar on hot wings 👀
Sandhya - 16 days ago
steph and ayesha curry
sheena boo
sheena boo - 16 days ago
Detroit made the list💪.
Funk McNasty
Funk McNasty - 17 days ago
T.i should be here or waka flocka
Nikolai Range
Nikolai Range - 17 days ago
Jeffrey Loose
Jeffrey Loose - 18 days ago
Love to see ANYONE from The Office - US addition. Just saying...
Waave - 18 days ago
Here since bellow 200k
Adam Bottomley
Adam Bottomley - 18 days ago
You guys should give some of this a go, made by my friends. https://www.somersethotsauce.co.uk/
MichaelOH OH
MichaelOH OH - 18 days ago
No one likes the bomb. It should be replaced.
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