Joe Rogan Experience #1282 - Adam Conover

Mr.Pres!dent - Hour ago
I pretty much agree with joe on everything but, his point of girls and guys are attractive to more athletic or curved women is wrong. In the Middle Ages woman who were over weight were seen as more beautiful because they had money to eat. I think because in today’s age we advertise more attractive people. Look at models you see at stores they are always super fit and curvy and have good body’s. Even kids toys like barbies have that slim body. So I think now be are programmed that those are more attractive because we see them on everything such as tv, magazines, pop culture. I don’t really thing it’s because of Evolution. I really believe it’s because of all the advertisements that we see as we grow up of all the supermodels and athletes and famous singers were all attractive and successful so in our minds we program that if we are attractive or with someone who is attractive like that it’s better
Craig Wilson
Craig Wilson - 2 hours ago
This is one of the worst guests Joe has had. This guy is a PoS.
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson - 2 hours ago
Adam sounds like an entitled mom.
Yael Urtusastegui
Yael Urtusastegui - 4 hours ago
The reason this guy has almost no guy friends is because he is a BETA XD and his girl friends only pet him as a good dog.
Alex Lund
Alex Lund - 4 hours ago
I don't like to say alpha male I use the term top lobster
Tony Caruson
Tony Caruson - 4 hours ago
Adam doesn’t have any dude friends. That sucks man. Me and my homies hug when we see each other. Ain’t a big deal. Adam comes across as a tad sneaky. I bet that’s a factor in his loneliness.
Joey K
Joey K - 5 hours ago
Cooking is not a gender exclusive skill. It is an adult skill. All adults should be able to cook
I'm unsubscribing.
I'm unsubscribing. - 6 hours ago
This guy is a worthless piece of shit and I hope he dies.
Nicholas Ristic
Nicholas Ristic - 6 hours ago
At one point he says ‘I have a memory like a sponge’ but then every time Joe challenges him on something he says he can’t remember.
Ashik Doha
Ashik Doha - 8 hours ago
Why does the cucks keep saying "right" after every single sentence??
Nathan Glanzer
Nathan Glanzer - 11 hours ago
1% of people are intersex. Gets challenged. Uhhhh I don't know.
Real number is .07%. This guy is fucking worthless.
Faith G
Faith G - 12 hours ago
What a fucking moron
Kugelspecht Einhorn
Kugelspecht Einhorn - 12 hours ago
Why so many dislikes?
This is the episode that will ruin Adam's career 😄
Tom - 12 hours ago
Adam sucks
Cheestro14 - 13 hours ago
So much of what Adam said is great but the trans subject... let a child develop naturally and let them decide for themselves when they know better. The subject is so difficult to discuss and even what I said can be seen as right and incredibly wrong to different people
Romeo De Silva
Romeo De Silva - 16 hours ago
Why you guys disliking
Adam is a dumbass but support Joe😒
ARF Cass
ARF Cass - 18 hours ago
Troll (i can't believe it!)
shadfurman - 18 hours ago
The NRA doesn't go far enough.
"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."
Simple language. Want something different, change the constitution.
MegaDeox - 18 hours ago
I enjoyed this podacst. I think Adam was wrong on many things, but he wasn't a bumbling idiot like the comments make him out to be.
For example, his point on "fairness" in sports is valid. I think, personally, that the reason trans people shouldn't compete with their new gender because if we Men are obviously stronger and better at sports, and we could let them compete, but then there wouldn't be female champions at all, because they wouldn't be able to compete. That's why the separation exists, so that the best women at whatever sports can be recognized, even though they're far from being the best "person" at that sport (which will probably be male).
Space Giraffe
Space Giraffe - 18 hours ago
Adam didn't handle the challenging of his views flawlessly, but not awfully either. You can see Joe did make him rethink his point, but this is such a controversial topic you need to be understanding why it was hard for Adam to take it. I really do believe after this Adam did look into it further since Joe simply brought up his points, they were good points and at no point did Joe attack Adam's character which would close anyone's mind up. We all in the comments section should learn that's the way to debate. This weird backlash might have undone the progress Joe got.
shadfurman - 18 hours ago
Men like watching men compete in sports more, women like watching men compete more, so competitive sports with men will always be more popular. They'll be bigger and make more money. The existence of a more popular sport doesn't negate the possibility of having other sports, it's not zero sum.
shadfurman - 19 hours ago
A lot of trans people change their mind about transition and a lot of trans people don't feel more satisfied by their transition.
Once you're an adult it's your decision, but if 1% of kids change their mind that abuse of 1% of those kids.
We act like trans and sexual preference is inflexible, the window of that flexibility is immutable, but there is a window. A lot of people that feel like the other sex, especially in childhood, are comparing their feelings to the attributes the emotions that they recognize in other people. That doesn't mean they want to be that other person or exactly like that other person.
The focus of any of these issue is the health and happiness is the individual. Transgenderism is a dysphoria, there is nothing wrong with abnormal psychologies, but transitioning is not likely the optimal method of treatment.
On the bathrooms, this is easy. Property rights, full stop. The owner gets to pick. If the sex of the person is important to the transperson it's also important to the little old lady who doesn't want to poop next to bubu in a dress.
We can't get everyone to agree, even a little bit. People are different, have different cultures and values. That's the advantage of federalism and decentralization of powers. These "let's all just get along" people tend to be the first to want to ostracize people they don't agree with.
We need to allow people to be different and disagree. We need to lay off the my-way-or-the-highway. There is no one way, there are many preferences so there are many ways.
He did handle the discussion well, he was polite with his opinions even when Joe got a little heated. He's culturally biased to an extreme but fairly polite with his caveats.
odobo studio
odobo studio - 19 hours ago
wow ... just wow ... literally speechless ...
shadfurman - 19 hours ago
I like his views on performance enhancing drugs.
shadfurman - 19 hours ago
I have closer physical relationships with women and gay men, but I have more trusting relationships with men than women.
I think men just aren't as emotionally vulnerable, you can detect it in brain scans in young kids. The emotional parts of the brain don't connect as strong to the verbal part of the brain.
Boys and girls are different regardless of socialization.
I'm a more effeminate man, I can still understand the fairly indisputable evolutionary biology.
I think he's forming his opinions based on socialization and not the evidence, and making gross assumptions.
I do think, this is my own hypothesis, there was a toxic masculity coming out of WW2 with so many boys growing up without fathers. That may be some of what he experienced growing up, or maybe he just had shitty parents. That doesn't negate an innate biological masculinity (on average).
shadfurman - 19 hours ago
His analogy for cognitive backlash works better in the opposite.
More people make more money supporting the anthropogenic climate apocalypse narrative than not.
shadfurman - 20 hours ago
Whoa! He jumps from justifications for slavery to say that well studied evolutionary psychology is wrong...
It might be wrong, but not based on anything he said.
Jay Queen
Jay Queen - 21 hour ago
Proof of a Alpha destroying a Beta
D Pipes
D Pipes - 21 hour ago
Dude is the epitome of a muppet
Thomas Hanson
Thomas Hanson - 22 hours ago
Toxic chat
BrandonDog5K - 22 hours ago
21:35 like what?
E J - Day ago
Joe "yes, I put pressure on men" Rogan
James Attack
James Attack - Day ago
Why does this have so many dislikes. I disagree with this guy but this is still a good podcast.
Branden Kroskie
Branden Kroskie - Day ago
The amount of times Adam trips over words makes it hard to listen to.
Liam Savage
Liam Savage - Day ago
1. We cannot travel outside the van Allen radiation belt today! 2. The van Allen radiation belt starts around one thousand miles from earth. 3.When a shuttle mission traveled over four hundred miles away from earth (the furthest for the time) they saw flashes when their eyes were closed from radiation. 4. NASA openly admits they have lost or "misplaced" hours of footage from archives.. These are all verified facts, did we go to the moon?😏
Stephen Zevon
Stephen Zevon - Day ago
Why is he holding that pen? Did he ever use it? Or is it to make him look smart?
Stephen Zevon
Stephen Zevon - Day ago
Adam : intersex ppl are 1% of the population
Joe : is it really that high?
Adam : its higher than you think...
Lol, What is THAT? What kind of a fake stat is that? "I don't know what figure you have in mind, but the reality is higher, trust me... Like - totallehhhh dude, riiiight?"
Stephen Zevon
Stephen Zevon - Day ago
Betrayed - Day ago
Liam Savage
Liam Savage - Day ago
This guy's in a mental prison alright!😏
Liam Savage
Liam Savage - Day ago
Yeah men have all the rights, especially white men right joe, white men have all that privilege I hear about.. Forget that men are currently failing in *every* measurable sense. From suicide to college, the war on masculinity is constantly increasing and has shit to do with men not feeling emotional enough. Let boys be boys and men be men and maybe it won't be too late to restore some order and sanity here. Progress is not always the answer.😏👌🗽
Liam Savage
Liam Savage - Day ago
Wow talk about unscientific.. Your going against nature and evolution and calling "alpha male" unscientific.. Sounds like someone is upset about being a beta.. 😏👌🗽
seahn - Day ago
He talks about people ignoring facts in a defensive manner, holding onto certain beliefs that if questioned destroys the individual... and he's inadvertently foreshadowing the rest of his presence on this podcast. Lol
seahn - Day ago
I used to enjoy the show "Adam Ruins Everything". I had always heard he was more or less full of shit. This more or less proves that if he doesn't have editing and better writers than himself feeding him his lines, he's completely out of his depth.
Jerry TSS
Jerry TSS - Day ago
My gaydar is going off
utterlove - Day ago
Guys, he's not unintelligent just because you have a differing opinion
tanner sharp
tanner sharp - Day ago
I feel they have been injecting idiot juice into adam since he was 7...maybe why hes such an idiot?? Idk it should just fine for him to belive hes an joe rogan says!!!
Azam Khan
Azam Khan - Day ago
Joe ruins Adam Ruins Everything?
Azam Khan
Azam Khan - Day ago
b o n e s
b o n e s - Day ago
The main issue he thinks men face is not being enough like women.
Kaoh916 - Day ago
The event where women have an advantage over men is easy. tug-o-war. It sounds crazy but women are really top heavy. I remember 6th grade, all us dudes were expecting to pull these bitches into the dirt. wasn't happening. Their bodys are top heavy and give them more leverage.
b o n e s
b o n e s - Day ago
His beliefs are facts so if you disagree you're just mad and in denial hater
Jay Taylor
Jay Taylor - Day ago
Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong right?
Vivendo no Alasca
Vivendo no Alasca - Day ago
He Reminds me of Brian from family Guy for some reason
Alex Velasquez
Alex Velasquez - Day ago
Adam "and umm uhh" Conover
dannytuomo - Day ago
Adam is the real world definition of a beta male. I think this has to be the most painful episode I have watched, right?
Adam ruins common sense. Formula feeding is not healthier then breastfeeding (and with breast pumps, it does help out). Infants are more at risk with formula as breastfeeding helps them to develop their immune system (and also more beneficial for mothers). Premature infants are more at risk for Necrotizing Enterocolitis, a higher rate of more episodes of Otitis Media, infections, etc....and this info is from medical institutes. Even if for some reason a woman can't breastfeed, don't lie to people like that.
Logan Bme
Logan Bme - 2 days ago
Damn a majority of people doesn’t like Adam, the guy is on point with knowledge
Robert Honer
Robert Honer - 2 days ago
This guy's just straight up an idiot, lol. The amount of drivel coming out of his mouth with a confident, intellectual tone is staggering.
David V
David V - 2 days ago
Adam is a dumbass. Just keeps digging his heels in. Joe is mental dominating him in everyway.
C H - 2 days ago
Adam “I saw this one time” Conover
DJ Parker
DJ Parker - 2 days ago
I think a lot of what Adam says actually has a lot of credibility, Joe was kind of acting contrarian just for the sake of doing it and is also speaking in a very different context than Adam.
Elvijs Krūmiņš
Elvijs Krūmiņš - 2 days ago
This guy represents a total waste of human potential.
Noodle Berry
Noodle Berry - 2 days ago
In the middle ages, being fat was good, because it ment you had eneugh to eat. Attraction is not universal, nor is it consistant, so it's probably not evolutionary, but I'm no biologist.
Noodle Berry
Noodle Berry - 2 days ago
science is often counterintuitive. That's why we test things!
C K - 2 days ago
Women are attracted to men who have money. Period.
Jackson Camp
Jackson Camp - 2 days ago
i looked at this the other day and i swear it had over 300k dislikes.... now its down to 26k....
Blueyes0787 - 2 days ago
Okay woah.
Breast feeding is better than formula feeding. 100% Its a fact. In fact breast milk even tunes itself to your babies needs and changes its composition to suit your babies needs. Literally changing for your child if they are sick or otherwise.
However, formula feeding is fine. Its valid. You cant breastfeed. Or you dont have time. Both valid reasons for formula feeding.
You cant say because formula feeding is fine that = breastfeeding isnt better. That makes no sense.
Remove the astigmatism sure. But don't be out here twisting the truth. Dear god I'm only 5 minutes in someone please hold me.
Correct me if I'm wrong but formula stays the same always. And hey I sited my work instead of using anecdotal arguments.
Blueyes0787 - Day ago
+Tekked Park okay I watched the Adam ruins everything segment. It has nothing to do with formula being better than breastfeeding. So either he misspoke here or hes just dumb?
Blueyes0787 - Day ago
+Tekked Park a lot of breastfeeding women are rude to women who formula feed. It's a typical tiger mom, superiority complex, "BuT wHy DoNt YoU bReAsTfEeD!? bReAsT iS bEsT." As if shaming a new mothers who's circumstances arent your business is a good look. Ive witnesses it. Its a thing. But there are def stigmas around both. I just wont hear lies. THE MAN SAT THERE AND TOLD LIES. and now I'm afraid to go see this segment he put out.
Tekked Park
Tekked Park - Day ago
Blueyes0787 Thank you! I wanted to say this but it was a lot to type. I’m not even aware of this formula feeding stigma. I think most people realize that it’s not possible for everyone to Breast feed so if you can’t formula is a valid option. The only stigma I’m aware of is breastfeeding in public. People get real wierd about that.
NGoLC - 2 days ago
Nobody watches Adams videos because he's a wanker
Madison Bumgarner
Madison Bumgarner - 2 days ago
Uh uh um and the um uh said the uh uuuummm like the way way we uh made the um uh research, does that make sense? Right? Uh um.
Amanda Truett
Amanda Truett - 2 days ago
Is it me or does he say "right' like 50 times
MagicianCamille - 2 days ago
Has this guy ever talked to women? (Adam)
Nikki MS
Nikki MS - 2 days ago
I like Adam. He seems nice and honest.
1859ddd - 3 days ago
Adam Conover is the type of person who talks to a single expert in some random field and then acts like he knows everything about it. The exact type of toxic extreme liberal that 90% of society (including the majority of liberal minded individuals) detest because hes actually an idiot that's just really good at bullshiting. Gosh he is so cringey.
Braden 717
Braden 717 - 3 days ago
1:20:15 got em
Eric Hook
Eric Hook - 3 days ago
The statement he makes about people being set in their ways 18 minutes in. Is EXACTLY how he reacts when Rogan challenges him on Trans people.
Bobby C
Bobby C - 3 days ago
Earth is flat idiots. Keep appealing to (((AUTHORITY))) SLAVES.
Matthew Brooks
Matthew Brooks - 3 days ago
I have a few questions based on Joe's early statements: if men and women are attracted to each other based on outward physical appearance because of the "innate evolutionary desire to mate" or something along those lines, then why do some men prefer men and some women prefer women, and why do some couples prefer not to have children? Why even do some cultures desire multiple mates while some restrict themselves to one?
Gobabyvroommm - 3 days ago
I bet Adam makes breakfast for his gf's bf when her bf sleeps over.
j. D.
j. D. - 3 days ago
Adam: We shouldn't base these things on anecdotal evidence.
Also Adam: Let me quote my friends to defend this point.
Um, define anecdotal evidence for me please.
Commander Thorn
Commander Thorn - 3 days ago
Holy shit, this is one dense motherfucker.
Matt Rose
Matt Rose - 3 days ago
1:39 in and I’m shutting it down because Adam can’t stop saying uh um to save his life!!! So annoying
cheffirich - 3 days ago
Wanna KYS while watching this? take a shot everytime adam says "uhm.."
Wade Tang2208
Wade Tang2208 - 3 days ago
I like how everyone here doesn't realize that Adam has literally admitted multiple times throughout the show that he doesn't make the scripts for his show. I mean Christ, should he have not acted as an expert, yeah, maybe. But still, he has said that he wasn't an expert. He's a talk show comedian, he's not incredibly smart, he's just good at telling information given to him by writers and making it funny. Now for everyone out there, please actually watch the Adam ruins everything correction for goodness sake, and stop throwing insults, please. It gives me too many headaches reading mud slinging on both sides of the argument.
Andale Amigo
Andale Amigo - 3 days ago
This Adam Conover was annoying to listen to. I felt like he was pretty regularly giving these weird vague citations but then would backtrack saying he doesn’t know, but then would cite “some people I know”. The topics were good and interesting. I learned a lot. I had a good time listening to it. But jeez Adam Conover is boring, that dude is just boring.
I write Checks at the grocery store. So?
I mean the animal thing makes sense. It sounds weird to western ears obviously but to conservationists it makes sense. Let’s not forget teddy Roosevelt, who shot damn near everything he came across man, beast and inbetween haha, was also a huge conservationist and a big reason we even have national parks today.
Edit: this one is actually fun. Joe seems way overly fixated on this “alpha” thing to the point he’s like worried then a second later expresses shock that dudes have “unspoken pressure and ideals thrust on them” dude you just went off about alphas and betas... what are you talking about? and he’s for sure wrong about the “hour glass” attracted thing. That’s definitely a late 19th century thing.. before that it was basically plumper chubby women.
But then damn Conover is dumb as rocks about the trans-athlete thing...
Jeff Peng
Jeff Peng - 3 days ago
I came here to see something crazy, but literally they had different opinions and had a good conversation about it. Do I think kids should take hormones? No. However, just because I disagree with him on this does this mean he is now no longer a valid person with opinions? No. You guys are some babies crying over nothing.
Frank Grimes
Frank Grimes - 3 days ago
Wow, Joe got Piggy from Lord of the Flies! 😲
dylantalks - 3 days ago
Fucking liberals trying to prove their points.
adafuns - 3 days ago
In my years of studying biology ive never seen any biologist, evolutionary or not, say that ppl are attracted because of x, y, z because of evolution. My guess is that Joe Rogan has never actually talked to one. Probably someone who is an “evolutionary psychologist” pretending to know anything about evolution.
*edit* and yes, i did take sexual selection into account. With human evolution there is no clear evidence on how that has happened since breast size does not affect milk production and so on and throughout history and different cultures there has been different kinds of attraction.
TheIgby8776 - 3 days ago
This dude is just fucking annoying.
Kent Ellgren
Kent Ellgren - 3 days ago
People like Adam should not be out there speaking as an expert while putting out the I'm not an expert disclaimer. I do think he is an expert at is on "like" "right" and um and ah. You would think someone in his profession would have a better grasp of speaking. It was so painful to listen to. Thank you JR for challenging him.
Dylan Thurston
Dylan Thurston - 3 days ago
I feel like this got an unnecessary amount of hate. The stuff about the trans people in sports was kind of a reach but honestly 90% of the content was good. And it’s important to give people you don’t agree with a platform. Honestly he made some really good points about male loneliness and other things that even Joe wasn’t woke about.
The Florida Man
The Florida Man - 4 days ago
1:24:28 is my favorite part😂😂 “uhhhh beeecause”
willie Jackson
willie Jackson - 4 days ago
I think I'll be positve for once and say at least Adam had a point with the NCAA Players
Bari Martin
Bari Martin - 4 days ago
Adam really does ruin everything
bfriedman87 - 4 days ago
Adam is the epitome of a beta male
Tyrael007 - 4 days ago
1:44:00 if "the extrimely rare situation" can be a argument hear then fuck, im prity shore gender disforia is prity f,ing extrimly rare so lets not care about them att all cose its stupid to care about extrimly rare things.....
Brett - 4 days ago
@Contrapoints Go on Rogan. lmao!
Thewatcheronthewall - 4 days ago
No such thing as Alphas said the beta.
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