Ultimate Super Glue Test

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Bryce Walburn
Bryce Walburn - Year ago
"We have to be scientific"
*saves anything remotely resembling science til very last round*
Manal Cali
Manal Cali - Year ago
"Sorry baby but I'm putting a thumb right into your eyehole." Felt sorry for those babies.
Jack Middleton
Jack Middleton - Year ago
Yeah I mean as far as I understand they all use the same chemistry to create their bond so the idea that one cant hold 10lbs and one can hold 50 is just broken science.
x116 - Year ago
You're a legend.
Jasmine Liron
Jasmine Liron - 3 hours ago
At 8:00 they already showed the results for the round 😂
Wave Minion
Wave Minion - 2 days ago
“I’m a snake grabber”
Yeah, Rhett? 😂
Ryleigh Whitt
Ryleigh Whitt - 4 days ago
1:02 is Kirishima in the building?
Abigail Peña
Abigail Peña - 8 days ago
I laughed so hard at the point with the shoes that I farted...
Edwin Deverill
Edwin Deverill - 8 days ago
5:07 That's what she said
Lydia Benjamin
Lydia Benjamin - 11 days ago
I loves Chase's hair!!
Justin Jeremy Jase
Justin Jeremy Jase - 25 days ago
Spoilers at 8:50 lol
thekasarole - Month ago
I love Rhett's garden gnome shirt!
Frozen Nebula
Frozen Nebula - Month ago
Man, y’all had to spoil it at 8:50
Ákos Szabó
Ákos Szabó - Month ago
Chase is sooo *fabolous*
Brian Zimmer
Brian Zimmer - Month ago
Ever heard of a force gauge?
Suburban Critters
Suburban Critters - Month ago
Amazing and awesome. So entertaining! The Force is strong with this one!!!
Toxic_glitch YT
Toxic_glitch YT - 2 months ago
Awww chase is so cute😂
Gen Gg
Gen Gg - 2 months ago
Omg when link said birth position and they both scream it’s too funnyy
Gen Gg
Gen Gg - 2 months ago
The strength zone ya gotta cross your eyes alittle bit lol!!
Jay Ellaytch
Jay Ellaytch - 2 months ago
Gorilla Glue has a little metal prong in the cap that pokes down into the spout to keep it from clogging.
MLG_ Wolfie1
MLG_ Wolfie1 - 2 months ago
I'm sorry but why are link's legs so tan? This is concerning me
curtys kingdom
curtys kingdom - 2 months ago
Why not attach weights and increase till one snaps...
Jake C.
Jake C. - 2 months ago
Should've affixed a digital fishing scale to a 2x4 and pulled each one while measuring the weight. More proof us South Carolinians are smarter than our northern cousins.
Allison B
Allison B - 2 months ago
At the part where they glued there shoes together I was dying of laughter because,
Link said; I feel like I’m in a labor position.
Then I was listening to it without looking and I was dying, try it out to see it yourself 😂😂
questforbalance - 3 months ago
oh those legs!
Omar Alsuhaimi
Omar Alsuhaimi - 3 months ago
You think glue masters win but you never tested the flex glue 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 the worlds strongest glue you guys just wanted to cheat
KSJAAY - 3 months ago
living for chase’s hair flipping...
Storyshift Chara
Storyshift Chara - 3 months ago
My stepsister: is that the kragle in the LEGO movie
Me: just keep dreaming
hannah bee
hannah bee - 3 months ago
Samantha Watson
Samantha Watson - 3 months ago
8:21 You gotta get the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth. Not the lip, Link
Hannah - 3 months ago
chase is hot.
Amelia Changster
Amelia Changster - 3 months ago
Omg, I miss read the title as "super glue taste test", I was really worried because knowing them and what they've done, it could've been a thing. I'm so glad it's not a taste test. 🤣😂
sens4tress - 3 months ago
Why wouldn’t you glue the fish tail to the wood lmao
KitKatie Kat
KitKatie Kat - 3 months ago
My moms family farm has the bass on their wall
Im weird jahonas and moise is my bff
im going to the store to buy gluemasters
MR. Animator
MR. Animator - 3 months ago
LoL Links pants at the end
The Odometer
The Odometer - 3 months ago
8:50 the bracket seems messed up
Tyreese le
Tyreese le - 3 months ago
No need to say anything
Joel Rasku
Joel Rasku - 3 months ago
Hello, Hi
Shannon M.
Shannon M. - 3 months ago
What? No E6000?
Alexis Di Leo
Alexis Di Leo - 3 months ago
OMG where did Rhett get his shirt??? 🤭😳😳
MothraVsTheWorld - 4 months ago
Links legs sure are tan
liliana yan
liliana yan - 4 months ago
8:50 they messed up they didn’t test yet but we can see the winner
J W - 4 months ago
lets pick which super glue has the best (shtick)
Stephanie Schultz
Stephanie Schultz - 4 months ago
Quick reminder: they both have engineering degrees. 😂😂😂
simply.kalah - 4 months ago
chase is so cuteeeee
Ferdanand Eztevez
Ferdanand Eztevez - 4 months ago
8:52 reveals the answer
Barry McCackiner
Barry McCackiner - 4 months ago
Link's legs are super dark compared to the rest of his body wth
xXRetroTheKillerXx xXGatchaXx
Im amazed that gorrila lost.
Mackenzie yEET
Mackenzie yEET - 4 months ago
SOmeone save chase lmao
Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez - 4 months ago
At 8:50 it shows the bracket with the super glues but the original super glue is already there in the finals🤫
Shane Dobson
Shane Dobson - 4 months ago
I thought all superglue was just cyanoacrylate? Is there actually a difference between brands? I'm not convinced this entire episode is all user errors, it's GMM.
xydoit - 4 months ago
You needed to do the shoes in the end.
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