Ultimate Super Glue Test

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Bryce Walburn
Bryce Walburn - Year ago
"We have to be scientific"
*saves anything remotely resembling science til very last round*
jasonheman - 17 days ago
To be scientific, why not just glue something like a two equal-size bridges in the air and stack weighs on top to see how much weighs the bridge can hold before breaking in half again. Or have machinery apply a certain amount of force to pull the items apart. Obviously, everybody has a more dominant left or right side.
Manal Cali
Manal Cali - Year ago
"Sorry baby but I'm putting a thumb right into your eyehole." Felt sorry for those babies.
Jack Middleton
Jack Middleton - Year ago
Yeah I mean as far as I understand they all use the same chemistry to create their bond so the idea that one cant hold 10lbs and one can hold 50 is just broken science.
Aaron Pfeiffer
Aaron Pfeiffer - 5 days ago
Made my day so well so much on the labor part. XD
Lovesick_Lycanthrope - 11 days ago
9:54 omf Chase is so dreamy 😍😍
Meatballer - 11 days ago
i bought a shovel today guys, im ready to dig some holes.
jasonheman - 17 days ago
To be scientific, why not just glue something like a two equal-size bridges in the air and stack weighs on top to see how much weighs the bridge can hold before breaking in half again. Or have machinery apply a certain amount of force to pull the items apart. Obviously, everybody has a more dominant left or right side.
FlameMonarch - 25 days ago
YouTube took me straight from a video where Rhett made a "they turn horses into glue" joke into a video about glue. Nice.
hpdftba - 29 days ago
8:51 I bet I can guess who wins
Aterhallsam - Month ago
Oh yes, the ”internal strengthmeter” is used very often in scientific experiments..
Mike Sg
Mike Sg - Month ago
What brand of shoes are those? Haha
Jackson Clowdus
Jackson Clowdus - Month ago
8:50 you can see that super glue won I guess it was a mistake just look in the final spot
Agent Zero 3432
Agent Zero 3432 - Month ago
Rhett and Link: Hey guys how should we test these super glues?
Crew: How about gluing your shoes together and trying to pull them apart?
Too Many Opinions
Too Many Opinions - Month ago
I guess they really are the glue master
Jonathan Moore
Jonathan Moore - Month ago
Lol you sure eliminated bro with a brittle tooth i use tons of it
autumnish - Month ago
No E6000?
Kevin - Month ago
"gotta be scientific..."
Laughed so hard everytime Rhett said that. Of course, none of this resembles what an actual scientific experiment would look like.
Crazy Pineapples
Crazy Pineapples - Month ago
joelouis321 - Month ago
You need to send apologies to all these manufacturers. This was disgraceful. I'm baffled why this video doesn't have 10x more dislikes than likes. No integrity.
Megan Thompson
Megan Thompson - 2 months ago
You should do the ultimate tape test, Gorilla tape tore my whole wall apart.... lol
Davy Cornell
Davy Cornell - 2 months ago
These dill weeds... ;)
Huapangeras De WACO
Huapangeras De WACO - 2 months ago
Who else wants to see Rhett and link try the pregnancy shocker thing I don’t know what it’s called 😂 the try guys tried it
Aram Briggs
Aram Briggs - 2 months ago
8:49, the winner of the next round was put up on accident.
Honestly, Who knows
Honestly, Who knows - 2 months ago
they were supposed to use loctite, not starbond.
eduardo sinfonia
eduardo sinfonia - 2 months ago
Rhett Smaaaashh!!!!!!!!!!
Bubblegum Zombie
Bubblegum Zombie - 2 months ago
Why is chase so adorable tho. Seriously.
juniper quaintrelle
juniper quaintrelle - 2 months ago
buttttt it wouldnt be even as link is left handed and rhett isnt. both of their dominant hands would be pulling together
Boogeypop80 - 2 months ago
The last test was at least the most scientific...
Isabelle Johnson
Isabelle Johnson - 2 months ago
I super glued my hand to a counter once.
Randomosity! - 2 months ago
FoxyGirl_xX Gaming
FoxyGirl_xX Gaming - 3 months ago
10:52 that's good right there 😂
Hols G
Hols G - 3 months ago
Interesting fact, super glue was designed to glue skin together. It was developed in Vietnam to glue wounds until medical attention could be given.
Hence why it never works fully on anything but gluing you together lol
Carrus Brick Productions
Carrus Brick Productions - 3 months ago
8:50 it says who wins
CallMeJackson - 3 months ago
Why am I watching this at 3 in the morning in 2019
Glitter Powder
Glitter Powder - 3 months ago
6:52-7:04 idk why but I am dying laughing 😂
Jasmine Liron
Jasmine Liron - 3 months ago
At 8:00 they already showed the results for the round 😂
Wave Minion
Wave Minion - 3 months ago
“I’m a snake grabber”
Yeah, Rhett? 😂
Ryleigh Whitt
Ryleigh Whitt - 3 months ago
1:02 is Kirishima in the building?
Abigail Peña
Abigail Peña - 4 months ago
I laughed so hard at the point with the shoes that I farted...
Edwin Deverill
Edwin Deverill - 4 months ago
5:07 That's what she said
Lydia Benjamin
Lydia Benjamin - 4 months ago
I loves Chase's hair!!
Justin Jeremy Jase
Justin Jeremy Jase - 4 months ago
Spoilers at 8:50 lol
thekasarole เกรช
thekasarole เกรช - 4 months ago
I love Rhett's garden gnome shirt!
Frozen Nebula
Frozen Nebula - 5 months ago
Man, y’all had to spoil it at 8:50
Ákos Szabó
Ákos Szabó - 5 months ago
Chase is sooo *fabolous*
Brian Zimmer
Brian Zimmer - 5 months ago
Ever heard of a force gauge?
Suburban Critters
Suburban Critters - 5 months ago
Amazing and awesome. So entertaining! The Force is strong with this one!!!
Toxic_glitch YT
Toxic_glitch YT - 6 months ago
Awww chase is so cute😂
Gen Gg
Gen Gg - 6 months ago
Omg when link said birth position and they both scream it’s too funnyy
Gen Gg
Gen Gg - 6 months ago
The strength zone ya gotta cross your eyes alittle bit lol!!
J H - 6 months ago
Gorilla Glue has a little metal prong in the cap that pokes down into the spout to keep it from clogging.
MLG_ Wolfie1
MLG_ Wolfie1 - 6 months ago
I'm sorry but why are link's legs so tan? This is concerning me
curtys kingdom
curtys kingdom - 6 months ago
Why not attach weights and increase till one snaps...
Jake Cooke
Jake Cooke - 6 months ago
Should've affixed a digital fishing scale to a 2x4 and pulled each one while measuring the weight. More proof us South Carolinians are smarter than our northern cousins.
Allison B
Allison B - 6 months ago
At the part where they glued there shoes together I was dying of laughter because,
Link said; I feel like I’m in a labor position.
Then I was listening to it without looking and I was dying, try it out to see it yourself 😂😂
questforbalance - 6 months ago
oh those legs!
Omar Alsuhaimi
Omar Alsuhaimi - 6 months ago
You think glue masters win but you never tested the flex glue 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 the worlds strongest glue you guys just wanted to cheat
KSJAAY - 6 months ago
living for chase’s hair flipping...
Storyshift Chara
Storyshift Chara - 7 months ago
My stepsister: is that the kragle in the LEGO movie
Me: just keep dreaming
hannah bee
hannah bee - 7 months ago
Samantha Watson
Samantha Watson - 7 months ago
8:21 You gotta get the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth. Not the lip, Link
Hannah - 7 months ago
chase is hot.
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