Worst Halloween Candy Taste Test (Day 3)

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Tyshima Witherspoon
Tyshima Witherspoon - Hour ago
Hey I love Neco Wafers.
Taylor Baggins
Taylor Baggins - 4 days ago
Coca cola used to be used as medicine too...
Taylor Baggins
Taylor Baggins - 5 days ago
Some of their taste tests are interesting
Taylor Baggins
Taylor Baggins - 5 days ago
I never knew what a goodnplenty was before watching this....XD
Taylor Baggins
Taylor Baggins - 5 days ago
Wow, they're disagreeing about so many things! Lol
Raven 1997
Raven 1997 - 6 days ago
Rhett’s hair is lookin voluptuous and very silky
leesway - 8 days ago
Your palette is crazy MANE
KK O - 8 days ago
Almond joy is the best candy ever
LadyAJ - 10 days ago
Joshua Grimes
Joshua Grimes - 11 days ago
Best snack cake would be awesome
Fanta Fan
Fanta Fan - 12 days ago
Where's Heath bars?
Crafty Kid
Crafty Kid - 14 days ago
Being honest, I love banana laffy taffy.
Rachel Fannon
Rachel Fannon - 14 days ago
I LOVE necco wafers tho
Echo Johnson
Echo Johnson - 14 days ago
I love nik-l-nips
Friend of Dorothy Zbornak
I'm surprised that Mary Janes didn't make it on this. Barf!!!
Marissa Gessner
Marissa Gessner - 15 days ago
I love NECCO wafers
CrunchyPeanutButter-420 - 15 days ago
Rhett talks about how he loves Corn for like 30 seconds
Sadhana Subramanian
Sadhana Subramanian - 16 days ago
3:14 lol link
Ellie Viemont
Ellie Viemont - 16 days ago
rank Girl Scout cookies
Shadow27 - 17 days ago
i love necco wafers
Vega Janda
Vega Janda - 17 days ago
Necco Wafers are my fav candy why did it loose :(
yogibearstie - 17 days ago
Link irritates Rhett by touching the food and breathing all over it
Gabriel Armstrong
Gabriel Armstrong - 17 days ago
okay i'll stop
Marcus Morton
Marcus Morton - 18 days ago
I like candy corn
Thatdude Silas
Thatdude Silas - 18 days ago
Where's swedish fish?
Sabrina jacobs
Sabrina jacobs - 18 days ago
....I like necco wafers only because I grew up with my grandparents eating them but I like them regardless 🤷‍♀️
Aceofdeath101 Ace
Aceofdeath101 Ace - 18 days ago
I like every one of the candies they had in this series
Fluffy Floof
Fluffy Floof - 18 days ago
Most of these are actually good though....
Mandy Jennings
Mandy Jennings - 18 days ago
I literally love necco wafers, banana taffy, rasinettes, and dots. I actually had to buy some necco wafers after watching this
strawberry shortcake
strawberry shortcake - 19 days ago
i would lay down my life for necco waffers 😭
Jdeboss Hi
Jdeboss Hi - 19 days ago
Who’s watching this in 2019 or later
Jdeboss Hi
Jdeboss Hi - 19 days ago
Gooblyful - 19 days ago
Wat the LORD is a NIK-L-NIPS????!!!!
Blandy McBlanderson
Blandy McBlanderson - 19 days ago
How were dum-dums not in here?
Sweden Arts
Sweden Arts - 19 days ago
In Sweden we have a candy that is like a mix of Necco wafers and Good n’ plenty (except that there’s chocolate in them). They have the colors of Good n’ plenty and the form of Necco wafers and I love them!
ramen dog
ramen dog - 19 days ago
I am not happy that randy is here.
Whatch me Embarrass myself
Oh uh uh necco wafers are the best you guys are wromg
Casual Clay
Casual Clay - 19 days ago
I love necco wafers!😱
Tardersauce35 - 20 days ago
Banana Laffy Taffy should have taken it
Carri Noteboom
Carri Noteboom - 20 days ago
Marry me Rhett and we can eat 37 ears of corn together 😂
Haley Erin
Haley Erin - 20 days ago
I actually love banana laffy taffy. And dots.
Max Pizzo
Max Pizzo - 20 days ago
Necco wafers are my favorite
JC - 20 days ago
I like Necco wafers
Slobbery Duke
Slobbery Duke - 20 days ago
A lot of kids on Halloween I don't like I give them these candies
Craig Evans
Craig Evans - 20 days ago
2021 anyone?
JC - 20 days ago
Craig Evans it’s 2019
Morgan Lovelace
Morgan Lovelace - 20 days ago
Came here because of best candies this year, but the point is I love how anything Jordan(cc Randy) says, Rhett laughs at. In every video Rhett laughs more than anyone. It’s kinda great
Sans - 20 days ago
As an australian... i dont think we even have nik l nips. Thats an american candy, like practicaly everything else on there.
Aidan Long
Aidan Long - 20 days ago
I love neck wafers one of my favorites
Raven N' Denise
Raven N' Denise - 20 days ago
Nik-L-Nips are underrated

(I like them)
rtchoke Hearts
rtchoke Hearts - 20 days ago
Necco wafers are one of my favorite candies 😔
Emily Davis
Emily Davis - 20 days ago
i love necco wafers
Andrea Thurlow
Andrea Thurlow - 20 days ago
Am I the only one who likes Necco wafers??
Josie - 21 day ago
3:11 Link said granite
M A - 21 day ago
Randy's savage lmao
Mikayla - 21 day ago
Rhett might have been at Babes with the unlimited sides! That corn is GOOD, wonder if he was in Texas at the time?!
Minio n
Minio n - 21 day ago
Anyone watching this after the best Halloween candy?
pwcorgi2000 - 21 day ago
Laffy Taffy is like the only taffy that I despise.
pwcorgi2000 - 21 day ago
I'm going to give the choice of "Homework" or Necco Wafers for Halloween. LOL! Just Kidding!
Miri Owens
Miri Owens - 21 day ago
lol my dad found necco wafers at a cracker barrel when i was a kid and got so excited to show them to me and my brother. i never got he liked them so much but i still associate them with my dad enthusiastically describing his childhood to me :)
Jordan Newell
Jordan Newell - 21 day ago
Miri Owens you got a good time in life
Mark Henry
Mark Henry - 21 day ago
I really like the licorice flavored Necco wafers.
Prokage - 22 days ago
I actually like necco wafers, the chocolate ones, but they are discontinuing them
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