Alabama’s Abortion Ban; Trump’s War on Congress: A Closer Look

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Thatone Guy
Thatone Guy - 6 days ago
Air bnb that serves breakfast way to early ! 😂😂😂
richard wilmot Ph.D
richard wilmot Ph.D - 17 days ago
Placenta Party!
How many of you have seen the off Broadway smash comedy hit: Placenta Party?
It's a daring comedy about abortion!
It's about a pregnant unwed teen age girl called Love Child... half of her
friends-Pro- Choice want her to have an abortion and the other half want her to have a baby- Pro-Baby.

Love Child's Pro-Choice friends plan an abortion party for her in which she will be smashing a Pinata shaped like a human baby. The Pinata will be filled with condoms of various kinds including French Ticklers... to make a contraceptive point or something.

Now during the height of the party when the PC girls are drinking and
drugging and carousing and debauching, and 'jest' generally turning
responsibility into a parody, Love Child's Pro-Baby friends arrive and they have brought a famous Chef...

Chef asks them if they would like to eat a meal that they grew themselves! That's gross and disgusting said LC's PC friends. It's cannibalism and against the law!

"Only a bunch of Pro Choice Baby Killers would even think I was speaking of a baby in the womb", said Chef, "I'm talking about a different cut of meat. I'm talking about something that is legal to eat and is quite a treat. It's called After Birth... I call it Gourmet Placenta or GP which will be a meal worth gabbing about!"

"And girls I jest happened to have brought a human after birth with me that I will teach you to prepare and then we'll cook it up and eat it up."

The points is that if U do not carry your baby to term, you will
never be able to celebrate with a Placenta Cook-Off meal and know the nutritious thrill of eating yourself... literally.

If U do not carry your child to term. no placenta party for you. We even provide celebrity chefs!

Kourtney Kardashian Cooks Placenta
Isaac Vazquez
Isaac Vazquez - 18 days ago
Too many SJW here. XD If it's a consolation, you can still change your sex in Alabama and marry someone of your same sex too. :)
salas7146 - 19 days ago
Donald Trump likes to hire criminal Just like him
Sal'tripin Guitar & Pedal Co.
brett was drunk during his hearing, and nobody mentions that...
the vision
the vision - 19 days ago
They clam they love life they say all the time stop killing babies when kids and babies are dying at the border but yet they say nothing about that damn right wing ppl what a shame.
Martina Murray
Martina Murray - 20 days ago
they had no proof that kavanaugh assaulted blasey ford,could they just leave it go already?
UltraDigable - 19 days ago
Martina Murray you ever been raped?
Martina Murray
Martina Murray - 20 days ago
a lot of men when falsely accused of rape would react the same way kavanaugh did .his reactions are proof of nothing.
Martina Murray
Martina Murray - 20 days ago
at 6 minutes sh could get the morning after pill to prevent conception or implantation.
Anti Generic
Anti Generic - 22 days ago
I don’t trust Feinstein! 👀
john bailey
john bailey - 27 days ago
Chambliss said that abortions could only be provided "until the woman is known to be pregnant," WTF?
Splatfan - 28 days ago
whats wrong with alabama why is it like this
Mathilde Young
Mathilde Young - 21 day ago
They want to protect vulnerable human beings. Nothing wrong with that
Jamie Brown
Jamie Brown - Month ago
Americans are stupid.
zakubabyboy - Month ago
That guy is a creep.
vertabrate1 - Month ago
omg when you thought alabama could not get more backward..
Leonard Weisfeld
Leonard Weisfeld - Month ago
6:31 Every time i see the Rep logo with the upsidedown pentagrams, i recall how i first saw it on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and waited for a joke about Reps and Satanism that never came. I'm sure there's another reason that i just haven't heard yet.
TheAnnArnold - Month ago
The way Kavanaugh sniffles all the time with NO tears, I cannot help but think he’s got a cocaine problem. 🤷🏻‍♀️
marc bell
marc bell - Month ago
The Egyptians had a plant they used to cause abortions. It has however become extinct.
Ali La Pointe
Ali La Pointe - Month ago
Thats not fair you attacked him and his family. No wonder he hates the left. Its a perfectly normal reaction
paul1x1 - Month ago
Alex Jones has got to be the next trump nominee for the supreme court
Might Guy
Might Guy - Month ago
Conservatism and Christianity should be considered metal illnesses.
Isaac Vazquez
Isaac Vazquez - 18 days ago
Communist nations are atheists and lefties and they still have abortion ban.
Nicki nurse
Nicki nurse - Month ago
Stop commingling the abortion issue with the trump problem. Most of us true christians are against abortion...that doesn't mean we have fallen for Don the Con (who has probably paid for a few abortions in his time I'm sure). Abortion is wrong just as surely as trump is a crook. Reproductive rights in this day & age should mean you have the right to birth control....the right to not get pregnant if you're not ready to reproduce. There is a big difference between preventing pregnancy & murdering a baby. Life begins at the DNA test .We ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT THE WOMAN'S BODY...WE ARE TALKING ABOUT A DIFFERENT INDIVIDUALS BODY. If we treated cancer the way some politicians want to talk about a pregnancy , it doesn't count until it's big enough to pop out of the womans belly & be seen from outside....we'd have a lot more cancer deaths. But NO we recognize that cancer is cancer even when it's small & we treat it as such. If you want to keep YOUR body from reproducing...either dont have sex or have safe sex. But if you're too irresponsible to do murdering a child should not be an option in a civilized society.
James Murtaugh
James Murtaugh - Month ago
50 Years almost. The foundation of the puritan's platform. Boy, if we can just get abortion banned, every thing else will just fall into place.
lydia woodard
lydia woodard - Month ago
Kavvy's Wifey Looks so SAD she looks like I'm Trapped in this Hell Hole of a Marriage, she looks like she's about to Cry a Nervous Breakdown.
Conrad Werner
Conrad Werner - Month ago
Lots of people seem to suffer from rectal-cranial inversion... Must not have a very good sense of smell
Rhonda Perkins
Rhonda Perkins - Month ago
Abortion is a result of a society not placing value on all life. Having a heart for children would mean raising our children knowing the simple difference between good and bad. Protecting women's rights would not be an issue if women were safe because they were protected by men and woman who were raised with the knowledge and wisdom that comes from drawing a line in the sand between what is good (kind) and what is bad (hurtful). Apparently, it is going to take fathers and mothers, brothers and sister's experiencing the full consequences of their fellow mankind's actions before our society will stop wasting lives talking about apples and oranges and choose what is right for all of our children. Improve all life by drawing a line in the sand between what is good and what is bad. Only than can we begin to truly improve all mankind.
K Kellel
K Kellel - Month ago
You have a WEIRDLY good Nick Cage impression
rielle hunter
rielle hunter - Month ago
the loser baptists knows this is their last gasp for pro life laws...we should persecute baptists as a way of life,,it should be taught in every school how to persecute baptists
Thomas Panto
Thomas Panto - Month ago
Cavanaugh says, ''Libtard''s are guilty and must prove themselves innocent.
Frank Buii
Frank Buii - Month ago
Seth Meyers was born to shame his family, he is one of the dumbest talk show host, a despicable and disgraced individual.
Thomas Panto
Thomas Panto - Month ago
Save HUMANS, NOT MEAT. . In both Body and in Mind, ''HUMAN'' is a half Billion years of accumulating WISDOM shared across time and across ALL of our countless generations from LOVING HAND to BELOVED HAND . . NOT MEAT . . HUMAN MINDS invented ABORTION to SAVE the HUMAN Mother, her HUMAN Family and their HUMAN Future from the FAILURE of our medieval military ''civilizations'' to support HUMAN Life.
Curt Stolpe
Curt Stolpe - Month ago
So this is what Seth Meyers does, the same thing Colbert does YAAWWWNNN zzzzzzzzxzz
guywhousesyewtube - Month ago
The Alabama law objectively contradicts logic and science.
Isaac Vazquez
Isaac Vazquez - 18 days ago
#DDM - Month ago
*No, now brothers and sisters can have kids.
koprowsk - Month ago
I used to watch Seth Meyers on SNL and most of the time I did not find him funny. I do not find him funny at all now that he is has his own show.
nzcln.89gmailcom - Month ago
Women have a choice about their body don't get pregnant.
Splatfan - 28 days ago
birth control doesnt always work and females that want to be sterilised are denied that
Anger and frustration are running so high at this point, that I'm afraid we will soon see a rash of assassination attempts...from BOTH sides. We are entering a very dark period in our nation's history.
Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson - Month ago
The republicans are now outright refusing to give in to the oversight committee, powered by trumps bravado and authoritarian rule. The amount of damage, perhaps irreversible that trump and the republicans have caused is a disaster for world wide democracy. He has influenced far right governments world wide, and our fundamental human rights are at stake. Meanwhile, Putin is laughing and rubbing his hands together in delight at the fact the west is falling apart. Those stupid fools who support Trump will soon realise how much damage they are responsible for when there kids are governed under a dictatorship in the near future, mark my words. Authoritarianism and fascism is only a generation away.
molly cruz
molly cruz - Month ago
Whatever happened to the 'morning after pill'?
2Fat2Vlog - Month ago
Chaos is a ladder.
Arena Rat
Arena Rat - Month ago
seth meyers is human filth
Shoba Singh
Shoba Singh - Month ago
Kavanaugh face looks like he has a poopy diaper and he got a whiff of his own dodo.
Ariel Cotton
Ariel Cotton - Month ago
I don't find this a laughing matter. I had an incest child and I love my son no matter how he was brought into this world. People are so quick to kill a child that had no say so. I had my son at 15 and I can say G-d had provided for me.
It's not a right to kill a child. I don't see why people see abortion as the only option. How can you hate a baby for something they have no conscience about? Evil. Pure evil.
DaFiresMen - Month ago
Just as Republicans were calling for all Illegal immigrants sent to sanctuary cities, all children in the adoption system should be sent to these pro lifers.
moonlily1 - Month ago
"Who was this guy's sex ed teacher?"
Nobody. It's Alabama. IF there's any sex ed NOW, it's "abstinence only", but he's a Gen-X'r, at that time there was no sex ed taught in Alabama. In health class in 7th grade he would have learned about sperm and eggs and fallopian tubes and urethas and vas deferens, but that's it. You find out that conception occurs when the sperm meets egg, and from there on the lesson stops and that section is done, now you're moving on to something else. Then you forget most of the little bit they did learn in a year or so because it's never mentioned again. They think life begins at conception because their knowledge of sex education ends.
Jen Nelson
Jen Nelson - Month ago
I wish Brett Kavanaugh would just shove his fist in his own mouth and leave it there.
Tarot of Happiness
Tarot of Happiness - Month ago
California"s governor has invited poot women from no-choice States to come to California to get their procedures done for free on Medi-Cal.
colson skur
colson skur - Month ago
seth meyers is the worst. He ought to grow a brain of his own one day.
Emerin - Month ago
Good God, your politicians are even more retarded than ours! It takes two to tango you stupid twats... but only women are punished here. That's at the best of times, not even talking about rape.
edit: Excuse me :p
ra ra
ra ra - Month ago
When I grew up in Alabama, boys learned to ride bicycles, and girls practiced falling down stairs....
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