Jamie Foxx on Playing Mike Tyson

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sunny ville
sunny ville - Day ago
I used 2 think Jamie Foxx was handsome...not no more.😶
Zane Sallie
Zane Sallie - 2 days ago
He killed me with that Stevie Wonder act.😂😂😂👍
Craig Branscum
Craig Branscum - 2 days ago
Looking forward to this movie they couldn't pick a better actor.
Glass Half Full
Glass Half Full - 3 days ago
Thank you for not interrupting Jamie. He is a Master Storyteller, Musician, Comedian and Actor and Entertainer. Just give him the floor and the interview will be perfect.
ja crispy
ja crispy - 6 days ago
It’s been 4 years and we’re still waiting for this movie. It has to happen
alexcristi69 - 8 days ago
name of the movie?
Kim AbuNuh
Kim AbuNuh - 9 days ago
“All praise is due to Allah my brother, im happy.”
Msd Tpt
Msd Tpt - 13 days ago
Ellen herself is a great comedian. Watching Ellen laughing at Jamie fox jokes is just brilliant. May God bless you both. Peace
MN - 16 days ago
If it was jamie fallon it would had been a different story with tons of fake laughs and expressions
Manan Parmar
Manan Parmar - 16 days ago
Yo Jamie I love you man, but you need to actually come thru on these movies we all have been waiting too long bro....
Nabeel - 17 days ago
Fnatte Anka
Fnatte Anka - 18 days ago
Ellen is not having fun she laughes becouse she has to laugh
Eddy b
Eddy b - 18 days ago
How you going to talk about Mike Tyson like that that's a scumbag move Jamie
مصري شريف
مصري شريف - 19 days ago
I love Mike Tyson very much and I'm so happy that Allah makes him happy
L J - 19 days ago
Todd W
Todd W - 21 day ago
Jamie Fox is awesome. That was god dam funny.
Agung Shahanshah
Agung Shahanshah - 22 days ago
Wow Ellen never said a word when Jamie tell his story
nebules UwU
nebules UwU - 23 days ago
😂😂😂 hes wrong for the Tyson impersonation
Thomas Bell
Thomas Bell - 25 days ago
Y don’t Mike Tyson play Mike Tyson tho
As a Kite
As a Kite - 26 days ago
Watchu gon do jamie? xDD
lsunationalchamps08 - 29 days ago
His impersonation of mike is amazing!!
Ash Myers
Ash Myers - 29 days ago
Four years later and we are STILL waiting for this movie.
Bilal Khawaja
Bilal Khawaja - 29 days ago
What an amazing storyteller!
Jonathan Arnold
Jonathan Arnold - Month ago
Does anyone know what happened to this movie?
DJRckwl - Month ago
If you wanna laugh even harder, Jamie actually related the Mike Tyson joke to Jimmy Fallon. You gotta hear it. It's genius! Search here on YouTube "Jamie Foxx Mike Tyson Jimmy Fallon".
Hate Is live
Hate Is live - Month ago
Still waiting for the movie
kazumo maeda
kazumo maeda - Month ago
Another Oscar
Justin Eats
Justin Eats - Month ago
To this day, I'm still waiting. Please make it happen.
Ascd - Month ago
"All praise to Allah im happy"
the arabian falcon WE WUZ KANGZ
Ascd ❤️Allah❤️
Sassonic - Month ago
Jamie Foxx talked about the Tyson movie like it was a "done deal." I don't see any news about it being made in the four years after this interview...
WhatA Giiggle
WhatA Giiggle - Month ago
Just don’t move stevie
Ahmet Araz
Ahmet Araz - Month ago
Still waiting for this movie to come out,...
xuaeenr1 - Month ago
Diamolyn - Month ago
Wow! Jaime I never get tired of listening to you talk. He’s just a brilliant guy.
S Holland-Lee
S Holland-Lee - Month ago
seriously, the best storyteller... especially comedic
M Daniyal Umer
M Daniyal Umer - Month ago
Wait ? Mike is muslim ? 3:54
the arabian falcon WE WUZ KANGZ
M Daniyal Umer yes didn’t you know ?
Bridget Armstrong
Bridget Armstrong - Month ago
Bryce Wiseman
Bryce Wiseman - Month ago
"I was living in Vegas, because I had no money" aint that the truth
Antonio Duverge
Antonio Duverge - Month ago
This guy made me laugh loud and two seconds later almost made me cry, what a way to tell stories.
srsdn journal
srsdn journal - Month ago
this is too hard to control my laugh in the office. especially stevie wonder part. lol!
Hjalmar Jönsson
Hjalmar Jönsson - Month ago
Jimmy Falcon could learn from Ellen now to carefully listens guest and be patient..
New Thought
New Thought - Month ago
Jamie and Ellen were both good here, nice. Oh and the movie sounds unwatchable.
Nubian Emporer
Nubian Emporer - Month ago
Mike Tyson had Tigers and played with them
wreckim - Month ago
Fox is a total joy.. what a talent. And Ellen just lets him be. TU!
mike Lowry
mike Lowry - Month ago
Between Jamie and will Smith I dont know who tells the best stories.
Haci Ekinci
Haci Ekinci - Month ago
Daniel Starks
Daniel Starks - Month ago
The part about stevie wonder had me dying.
Mesrop Madxharyan
Mesrop Madxharyan - Month ago
Did this movie ever come out no right .. .?
l0nely 天使
l0nely 天使 - 2 months ago
That Tyson impersonation ith on point, literally spot on.
William Winther
William Winther - 2 months ago
I think a lot of fans love who Mike Tyson is today but ultimately if they're watching a movie want to see his coming up. We can see who he is today in live action. I suggest maybe a two-part movie where the beginning have you show him coming up and the second half you show him later in life!!
For j Fox needs to bulk up hugely to at least look like a heavyweight but I guess his always talking during meal time so he can’t play Tyson as a skinny mf
Barlatan - 2 months ago
For a minute Ellen looked there as if she could try it after all.
DonalD MagneSS
DonalD MagneSS - 2 months ago
J FO double X ...should be really cool ..about to get yoked ...try and keep the armor of blood after the role 😜...in short stay yoked ..proud of will smith for staying yoked up after Ali ...it is a good impression moving out of acting into artistry good choice on the roles you could do ...when your ready ...you will be needed to make the real pharaoh movie only i have ...way more history than little Google has gathered
malaquias sawoe
malaquias sawoe - 2 months ago
This was 4 years ago and I still ain't never seen a trailer, when is this coming out?
Abdul M
Abdul M - 2 months ago
If you notice his hand and finger at that last part is remarkable bc mike Tyson does that but it’s difficult to notice it. That right there is spot on imo
Michigan Edge
Michigan Edge - 2 months ago
4 years and still no movie?
Morgan Foley
Morgan Foley - 2 months ago
No offence but Jamie is to small to play mike I don’t know if this movie ever was released or what it was is called I’ve never heard of it or anything of it
Luprez Tryson
Luprez Tryson - 2 months ago
He said the same exact thing in the jimmy fallon show. Lame
dj billbill#badDJ
dj billbill#badDJ - 2 months ago
Stevie sit down😆😆😆😆😆
Chun Chi Liu
Chun Chi Liu - 2 months ago
what a story teller
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