Jamie Foxx on Playing Mike Tyson

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Demian Kingsley
Demian Kingsley - 9 hours ago
Wow nice!! :)
Karl Cain
Karl Cain - Day ago
Mike Tyson impression, priceless. Stevie Wonder impression, tasteless.
F M - Day ago
The right guy to do it man. Play mike brother. Blockbuster
Adicka Adooki
Adicka Adooki - 2 days ago
4 years passed they havent even started...
Gow Mitch
Gow Mitch - 3 days ago
Great story
Pceezy - 3 days ago
He throws AWESOME parties
Alex Igbanoi
Alex Igbanoi - 3 days ago
I'm still waiting for this movie
Slayer Bot
Slayer Bot - 4 days ago
What happened to the movie tho..
Richard Mullins
Richard Mullins - 4 days ago
Where this movie at?
caerwalk - 5 days ago
What movie? Where this movie?
Ashter Egg
Ashter Egg - 5 days ago
he's sold that film big-time
Jeffry Wharton
Jeffry Wharton - 5 days ago
When is this movie going to come out?
Mark Brady
Mark Brady - 5 days ago
Best story teller
john doe
john doe - 7 days ago
Make that movie already Jaime!!!!!!!! 2019 is almost done
Chris Bernal
Chris Bernal - 7 days ago
Jamie Foxx is going to do an amazing job playing Mike Tyson
jack jack
jack jack - 8 days ago
That fish breath mustache white little man don't care about no mike tyson.
HubbaBubba Bear
HubbaBubba Bear - 9 days ago
June 2019
Mike Tyson: Am I a thoke to you??!!!
We Are Venom
We Are Venom - 9 days ago
Michael Jai White. Way better choice for the roll
Andy Griggs
Andy Griggs - 10 days ago
The closing of the story of Mike's daughter staying within sight made the hair on my arms stand. That's the loving protector father Mike.
Beastmode 213
Beastmode 213 - 10 days ago
That stevie wonder had me dead
Damilola Olaotan
Damilola Olaotan - 10 days ago
Can't wait to see that film
Worrior300 UAC
Worrior300 UAC - 11 days ago
Jamie: you didn't see anything
Stevie: say no more.
Sophie Lorquet
Sophie Lorquet - 12 days ago
jeff da reff
jeff da reff - 13 days ago
Jamie should play the mask..he already has the hes funny af
jeff da reff
jeff da reff - 13 days ago
And we're still wating
Angel Davis
Angel Davis - 13 days ago
How much longer do we have to wait on this movie?!?!?! I'm dying to see it!! 6-10-2019!
Prashant Mohan
Prashant Mohan - 13 days ago
Man I love Ellen, look at her I mean she didn't interrupt Jaimee at a single point. Had this been jimmys then this story would've been ruined. Jae foxx is amazing btw
William Flores
William Flores - 14 days ago
Didn't they confuse Jamie foxx for mike tyson in the movie held up? LmaoXD
Eric Ayon
Eric Ayon - 15 days ago
I dont think there gonna make the movie
Jay Chung
Jay Chung - 15 days ago
Interesting. If you listen to Jamie Fox carefully, he is a pretty great storyteller. Great narrative.
taylor taylor
taylor taylor - 15 days ago
That Stevie Wounder bit made my day, laughing with tears
Godfrey Spann
Godfrey Spann - 15 days ago
Jamie is so dam funny
40 Phil P
40 Phil P - 16 days ago
What happened to THIS Project????
Billy Babu The Story teller
Fox is Iron Mike.
Tommy Hallum
Tommy Hallum - 16 days ago
Jamie needs to do more movies hes an absolute treasure. He's brilliant.
Angel Muñiz
Angel Muñiz - 17 days ago
What is the movie called he played Mike Tyson as???
Seth Collard
Seth Collard - 17 days ago
Jamie as Tyson Martin Scorsese is directing that’s mean I’m watching
Colin January
Colin January - 18 days ago
Jamie is a real FOX""" U GENIUS ""
Sor Cruz
Sor Cruz - 18 days ago
Stevie wonder about to run....
shanke300 - 19 days ago
When he mentioned Stevie Wonder. I cracked up good. Tears rollin. Man, Foxx is hilarious dude.
Jwda thefax
Jwda thefax - 19 days ago
Wow! The voice he uses for Mike Tyson when doing comedy is hilarious, but the one he plans on using for the movie is different and it was spot on. This guy is rediculously talented.
Richard Alexander
Richard Alexander - 19 days ago
2019. What happened to this movie??
nelz003 - 20 days ago
2019-still waiting for this movie 🍿
z06guy 04
z06guy 04 - 8 days ago
Yeah I'm huge fan of Mike
Jay Cotton
Jay Cotton - 14 days ago
Man they better make this movie. Been waiting for a while
Daniel Shi Ke
Daniel Shi Ke - 20 days ago
Jamie is that kinda person who comes on a show to promote for new movies with no need of movie trailers
truth Be toad
truth Be toad - 21 day ago
Jamie going down as one of the coolest human being to ever walk the earth
MMF MMF - 21 day ago
Fox is one of hollywoods most underrated for sure.
nightlife 718
nightlife 718 - 21 day ago
He wanted to flee"😂😂😂
GENOCIDE - 21 day ago
Where’s this movie at
Ya Boy Macho
Ya Boy Macho - 22 days ago
What better person to play Mike Tyson than Jamie Foxx?? I can’t wait
RAHBARZ17 - 22 days ago
We need this movie Jamie foxx could do just about any biopic
1. Ray Charles
2. Stanley Tookie
3. Gonna do his thing with this one if it happens
Give him Stevie wonder
Eric Burton
Eric Burton - 22 days ago
When is the movie coming out!? I haven’t been to the theatre in a long time, but that I have to go see!
Blessed Ones
Blessed Ones - 23 days ago
Jaime Fox is the greatest comic bruh
DAVID BURNS - 22 days ago
Blessed Ones if they do a biopic of Mike Tyson and Jamie Foxx stars as him that will be oscar-worthy to go see at the theaters
abdiaziiz haydar
abdiaziiz haydar - 23 days ago
Can he talk like Mike?
AMARIS VONNAE - 24 days ago
Jamie Fox has a superpower to make laugh and cry within 2 to 5 minutes
Sandeep Humagain
Sandeep Humagain - 24 days ago
Get away you thong song 😁😆😂🤣
Ole sKool
Ole sKool - 24 days ago
If he can top or just do as good as Michael Jai White as Mike Tyson it will be great. Jamie does have incredible acting chops.
Diamonique Jackson
Diamonique Jackson - 24 days ago
Get away from me thong song. I'm fuckn dead 😱
mobile legends: zero
mobile legends: zero - 25 days ago
He meant he was in living color.
Mutare Chikuhwa
Mutare Chikuhwa - 26 days ago
DZ Malekvali
DZ Malekvali - 26 days ago
Fox how is the slice...going
Zero Fuks
Zero Fuks - 27 days ago
So when’s this movie coming out
Adriano Ramos
Adriano Ramos - 27 days ago
Didn't know he is this funny!!! Hahahahaha
Paulos Kidane
Paulos Kidane - 27 days ago
This dude is amazing on telling stories!!
Jeepman89 - 27 days ago
I guess the movie was scrapped because there is nothing online about it.
Villain'zWaY Dontay
Villain'zWaY Dontay - 28 days ago
Michael Jai White
Did a good Tyson movie
Back in the day..
Jamie Foxx
We still waiting on that Tyson movie...
FLORIDA-BOY - 28 days ago
but theres already a mike movie. which was great
GrisGlobal MannaMedia
GrisGlobal MannaMedia - 29 days ago
calm down stevie lol
Vick Vick
Vick Vick - 29 days ago
Um did the movie ever come out
woodsi3 b33
woodsi3 b33 - 29 days ago
When's the release?
Ernest Jeter
Ernest Jeter - 29 days ago
There's no one to tell a story better than Jamie Foxx he is the best
YellowChocolate - 29 days ago
I’m back in 2019, where is this movie at??
Sam707BFBC - Month ago
So Jaime was in Ali and is going to play Tyson. He made ajoke regarding Stevje and he played Ray. Hmmm 6 degrees ?!?!?! Lol
paul baker
paul baker - Month ago
How talented is this guy. Knows no bounds. Can do the lot
BAM BAM - Month ago
I was livin in vegas i didnt have no money, that look killed it
MrMarquis10009 - Month ago
That was a great story Jamie Fox is a good dude and comedian and great actor and "IRON" Mike Tyson is a Legend
CptSpears007 - Month ago
Can’t wait for that movie
Hans Cholo
Hans Cholo - Month ago
Is this EVER coming out?!?
Yaseen - Month ago
if you are bored, just tyoe jamie fox oin youtube and this guy willl have u enterianed as if you are watching a short comedy film ! !
Kwanda . M
Kwanda . M - Month ago
Guys there is no better story teller in the world than Jamie Foxx
Alex Top 10
Alex Top 10 - Month ago
Funny and sad at the same time..Mike is a legend!
Rags Rocco
Rags Rocco - Month ago
When is this movie comin out
Jay 777
Jay 777 - Month ago
When avengers vs justice league live action movie comes out
Ahme Shaz
Ahme Shaz - Month ago
Hollywood is illuminati
Tom Breezy
Tom Breezy - Month ago
Jamie Foxx is a Real one and real recognize real!! Salute too iron Mike Tyson
Winny Nehemiah
Winny Nehemiah - Month ago
This single interview made me a fan of Jamie Foxx
Killer ; Tku !!
Killer ; Tku !! - Month ago
Moment where Ellen and Jamie tried to control their laugh at stevie 's joke
Brian Powers
Brian Powers - Month ago
Is this movie ever going to happen
zxcvbnmmasdfghjkl - Month ago
They met again, the movie is happening
Aamaliyah Khan
Aamaliyah Khan - Month ago
Jamie Foxx is so brilliantly funny and so handsome
JGCPodcasts - Month ago
When did he play mike Tyson?
rah mclendon
rah mclendon - Month ago
Jamie foxx is pure talent. Underrated singer for sure
Tim Spruill
Tim Spruill - Month ago
I love when Ellen fall out laughing.
L. M. ALG - Month ago
This is what made Jaime Foxx Oscar worthy. This was amazing!!
Billy Boy
Billy Boy - Month ago
Can't wait to see that movie bruh. 👍👍👍👍👍👍.
Respect the Legend Iron Mike Tyson. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.
Neil Frederick Jose
Neil Frederick Jose - 2 months ago
I could listen to Jamie Foxx and Steve Harvey tell stories ALL. DAY. LONG.
Husdb - 2 months ago
What’s the movie called
Skyjuice70 - 2 months ago
No one tells a story like Jamie. He puts you right there.
Tek Bam
Tek Bam - 2 months ago
what is the movie name ???
Vol B
Vol B - 2 months ago
Am I the only one that teared up at 3:55?
dark passenger
dark passenger - 2 months ago
whats this movie called
B Naga
B Naga - 2 months ago
Funny both Jamie and Ellen controlling their at the stevie jokes hahaha
Dickson Pisscrack Erectus
Dickson Pisscrack Erectus - 2 months ago
Thamie Foxx
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