Hermitcraft 6: Episode 60: DON'T TELL ISKALL

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Dusk Reed
Dusk Reed - 5 hours ago
Grian: shows us a really cool place to end the course
Elytra: I have decided that I want to die
Koenig Boi
Koenig Boi - Day ago
3 mil!!! Your on the way there!
Jarno Eilola
Jarno Eilola - Day ago
Actually not first minigame. Remember phantom run?
Anthem - Day ago
20:15 *spacebar pressing intensifies*
Rexous - 2 days ago
When you sell your soul for diamonds DIAMONDSSSSS
ii Highscore
ii Highscore - 2 days ago
24:20 you're welcome Grian! :)
Mateo Rodriguez
Mateo Rodriguez - 2 days ago
What are the shortcuts u use for inventory managment?
Njs Mendoza
Njs Mendoza - 3 days ago
soarkai - 3 days ago
tag: am i a joke to you?
Fca Fanati
Fca Fanati - 3 days ago
He is so humble, damn.
Manujah 23
Manujah 23 - 3 days ago
Cub has made golf
merp merp
merp merp - 3 days ago
Harley Hall
Harley Hall - 4 days ago
What I don't get is why grian always says don't have your buildings to blocky and then goes and makes modern houses that literally are nothing but squares and rectangles
Jill The Civic
Jill The Civic - 4 days ago
Why were there pickles everywhere and how did nobody notice them all?!
Red_master - 4 days ago
Grian, you should ask the rocket shop to sponsor you.
GingyGingerSnap 22
GingyGingerSnap 22 - 4 days ago
Surprised no one has made a theme park yet.........wink wink nudge nudge
William Davies
William Davies - 5 days ago
Katelyn Patzke
Katelyn Patzke - 5 days ago
I love you grian!!!!!!!
A R - 5 days ago
What happened to "I will only use the elytra for tag"

Noone can live without the elytra
Liam 603
Liam 603 - 5 days ago
It’s not the first one theirs also golf and the phantom run
Jerome Valencia
Jerome Valencia - 5 days ago
I Think you should play Skyblock
nicholas castellino
nicholas castellino - 8 days ago
Sellout grian
ispeakgiberish - 9 days ago
23:50 GOLF?!?
ripvine420 - 9 days ago
20:15 the keyboard spam makes it so much funnier-
Spookaj - 10 days ago
lyric editz609
lyric editz609 - 11 days ago
Finally on episode 60!!
Help me get 1000 subs
Help me get 1000 subs - 11 days ago
Is anyone irritated by the LARGE FREAKING CLICKBAIT THUMBNAIL on the video??
Tako Bell
Tako Bell - 9 days ago
Help me get 1000 subs It’s not clickbait
Kebab - 11 days ago
Gratz on 3 mil my dude
Carter MacPherson
Carter MacPherson - 11 days ago
Grain you forgot the phantom run and the golf course
Hey, Grian actually hit F1 in a time lapse... THIS IS...

יניב יאדגרוב
יניב יאדגרוב - 12 days ago
Novany - 12 days ago
Make a hoop through the rainbow. please.
maybe after it could have turn to go up to your base?
Sketch Horse
Sketch Horse - 12 days ago
How I would do a flying course is I would charge 3 diamonds to play all day, but no prize. Now here me out, I would play a course for no prize and I'm sure the others would too. However you could have them pay 5 extra diamonds so that if they complete the course faster than you they could get a prize of 10 diamonds! Just a thought!🙂
Damion Spearman
Damion Spearman - 12 days ago
I wonder who is "It"
Damion Spearman
Damion Spearman - 12 days ago
I wish grian would check out season 5's course by Mumbo
DASHEDM gaming
DASHEDM gaming - 12 days ago
Speeeeed is keeeeeey!
Jacksepticeye fans will understand.
M Roberrs
M Roberrs - 13 days ago
13:45 look in the lower right corner. Don’t Forget to pause
harrison h
harrison h - 13 days ago
Caitlin - 13 days ago
Grian: “ It’s season six first mini game I think. I don’t think anyone has made a proper mini game”“
Golf course: “Am I a joke to you?”
Carter MacPherson
Carter MacPherson - 11 days ago
Phantom run: hello darkness my old friend, come to say hello again... one moment later ...All around me are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces... 😖😞🥺
HeyItzRane - 14 days ago
"targetted" is gonna haunt my mind for the rest of eternity
sodfjs dvdnvn
sodfjs dvdnvn - 14 days ago
Cave of bird turd
sodfjs dvdnvn
sodfjs dvdnvn - 14 days ago
Very dirty birdie
Pandacorn 12
Pandacorn 12 - 14 days ago
Reason why he made an elytra course:
1. "For fun".
2. To sell the "did you die pack" more efficiently.
Όργανα και Φίλοι
They should charge diamonds for a tour in the huge building of Sahara. #ShopAtSahara
NEMEZIZ Con Z - 14 days ago
The phantom run was a minigame
rashminda ratnayake
rashminda ratnayake - 14 days ago
rashminda ratnayake
rashminda ratnayake - 14 days ago
I be watched all ur vids right to the matey
Molde Bro's
Molde Bro's - 15 days ago
i havent saw the new videos but pro tip make the ring thingies look cool
Cameron KONZUK
Cameron KONZUK - 15 days ago
I quite like the idea for the elytra course, but I think that instead of the end being at the top of your base, they should need to fly down through the rings at the center, and land safely without dying
S. Messina
S. Messina - 15 days ago
i watch til the end
Charm TLM
Charm TLM - 16 days ago
RIP The First Ever Grian Tower A.K.A. The Blender.
Michal Jílek
Michal Jílek - 16 days ago
what about the phantom run.
rabidperson Games
rabidperson Games - 17 days ago
Screw the giant golf course I guess
Jill B Moore
Jill B Moore - 17 days ago
To me it looks like cookies and cream ice cream
Nadia Mozer Husain
Nadia Mozer Husain - 17 days ago
"You can't go AFK on this server _for a second_ ."
**flashback noises**
"So we're going to encase Mumbo in obsidian with no pickaxes-"
The Real Gamer XS
The Real Gamer XS - 18 days ago
Phantom run
Vinaya Muralidharan
Vinaya Muralidharan - 19 days ago
Everyone, go tell Iskall!!!
cass wong
cass wong - 19 days ago
Grian: I think this is the worst shop I ever made

Iskall: AM I A JOKE TO U
cass wong
cass wong - 19 days ago
cass wong
cass wong - 19 days ago
Amazon fornever
Sahara forever
BRAWL GAMING - 19 days ago
Read more
Maevyn B
Maevyn B - 20 days ago
I watch all your video's to the end. :D because your the best.
IT’S Tay &Tre 4Life
IT’S Tay &Tre 4Life - 20 days ago
He should add a did u die box to the course for all the people who die
Nightwing04 - 20 days ago
The shopping district reminds me of London in that it’s all just one big beautiful mess of different styles that completely clash
Gaho Gaj
Gaho Gaj - 20 days ago
Sahara could be like the SCP foundation of hermit craft
snipa_boi808 - 20 days ago
When is hermit craft 6 ending and hermit craft 7 starting
Lea Woods
Lea Woods - 20 days ago
Of course it's ok to adk people to subscribe!
THUNDER BOLT - 20 days ago
There's a mini game already, The Golf course
Haikal Monyet
Haikal Monyet - 20 days ago
It is totally burned
Sanjo - 21 day ago
I Love this Idea so much!!🤪
Neppety Nep
Neppety Nep - 21 day ago
You should do some redstone to cover the diorite shop, so it's not as visible
TigerStrikeYT GamePlays
Wasn’t golf a Mimi game?
KingDog - 21 day ago
Grian the Gamemaster.
TheMathematicalNerd - 21 day ago
When Grian said there was no other mini game on the server, I think he forgot about golf, miniature golf, and the casino.
Master Wolf
Master Wolf - 21 day ago
Hello Grian I LOVE ur vids. i play minecraft on the xbox 360 :(
Bob The Builder
Bob The Builder - 21 day ago
When someone beats your record their record should be the new goal with a bigger prize
Aditya Agrawal
Aditya Agrawal - 21 day ago
Why don’t you tear down the war base. It might take long but it should be easier than gathering the stuff
The Nature Soldier
The Nature Soldier - 21 day ago
When sahara is finished, maybe make the railway line near sahara?
Just Us Retreats
Just Us Retreats - 21 day ago
There is just that hermit who is building in the shopping district and then sees Grian smacking into the stilts that hold up shops... LEL
KiddsockTV - 21 day ago
Glad to see you get more Subbies!! You've been and incredible addition to Hermitcraft!!
Shayberri 789
Shayberri 789 - 22 days ago
Who remembers mumbo’s elytra course last season?
Jedi Tyrannosaurus
Jedi Tyrannosaurus - 22 days ago
Grain you need to finish the back piller of u base
Amethyst Socks
Amethyst Socks - 22 days ago
Parrot party plaza
Hobby Girl
Hobby Girl - 22 days ago
Were is tag? Like if you want tag back
TheGumballGamer - 22 days ago
I’ve binged HC for the past month and I literally just subbed 😂
U have made the biggest projects out of everyone in Hermitcraft season 6 i think (ur base, the G-Team base and the Sahara etc.) pretty good for the new guy :p
Nate Malis no, not yet :)
Nate Malis
Nate Malis - 7 days ago
Have u seen falses aqueduct
Austin Fisher
Austin Fisher - 22 days ago
You should sell did you die boxes at the start and the end of the elytra course. Nothing works better than extremely aggressive marketing!
Matko Rom
Matko Rom - 22 days ago
Lamedavid - 22 days ago
“And you know how I feel about people going afk” says the guy that went afk for 2 days straight a couple of episodes ago
Jonas Raio
Jonas Raio - 22 days ago
Yo grian, you should totally put a pot at the start of the game, so that all the money of the people that fail can go to the person who wins, and then that score that the winner gets Is the new minimum time
Hi Rum
Hi Rum - 22 days ago
This is like mumbo’s don’t tell tango shop
Augustus Phillips
Augustus Phillips - 22 days ago
when you said right angle turn you made an obtuse angle.
Share Films
Share Films - 22 days ago
8:50 I thought he said slavery :-) lol
Seth Newport
Seth Newport - 23 days ago
How do you join this?
JupsuZ - 23 days ago
Put the button under the table its more cooler and hidden and propably easier for the red stone cause is more in the middle
Sawyer Christiansen
Sawyer Christiansen - 23 days ago
The phantom run was a mini game
Sawyer Christiansen
Sawyer Christiansen - 23 days ago
What if Iskall destroys every single diorite block in the server
Microman Channel
Microman Channel - 23 days ago
Grian: You can't be AFK for ONE second without someone doing something!
Also Grian: Let's push Ren while he's AFK
Quinnen Crawford
Quinnen Crawford - 23 days ago
If 8 stacks is 1 diamond, then a shulker box should be 3.5.
SpacedOut - 23 days ago
There's a show I watch called The Dragon prince (netflix) and in 2 of the episodes there's a sarcastic Parrot called berto. Can we name one of the parrots Berto?
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