Hermitcraft 6: Episode 60: DON'T TELL ISKALL

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Evangeline Gerecke
Evangeline Gerecke - 3 hours ago
No g you made tag! and !!!WEEEE!!!
Silver Sunshine 2012
Silver Sunshine 2012 - 7 hours ago
I think the please subscribe thing worked for you more than others because you don't go over the top with it like some people do. You're refreshing and honestly a mix of hilarious and adorable which obvs helps a lot, but the big thing is you don't actually Hound on ppl to subscribe and ring the bell and leave a like and all the things like that, which imo helps a lot. when someone is always telling me to subscribe or leave a like etc, then i stop watching their videos. but when i just like the personality and content and the person lets me like and comment and subscribe on my own time? I subscribe and like a lot more often and even comment more often because I enjoy their videos and i enjoy what I'm watching. It doesn't feel like i'm watching an ad for a video i'm already watching yknow? anywho love ur vids, love this series, ur a cool dude, have a great day doll
SavageNarwal _
SavageNarwal _ - Day ago
Don’t worry it will sell stuff... a pickle shop sold out
Iwatchyoutube yay
Iwatchyoutube yay - Day ago
⊙ ⊙
^ ^
Lyka K
Lyka K - Day ago
and that way—*furiously taps keyboard as they fall* sorry?? escu—aawww for goo—ss—that’s absolutely typical absolutely *chuckles* typ—awww it’s gonna be a nightmare...
The Man on The Moon
The Man on The Moon - 2 days ago
“Hermitcrafts first minigame”
What about the phantom run?
XPixelxEclipseX - 2 days ago
i watch to the end of your episodes, I watched to the end of all of them :) I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!
Zlord 12
Zlord 12 - 2 days ago
It isn’t the first mini game because of phantom run
Evelynn Simon
Evelynn Simon - 2 days ago
Who’s here when Sahara is already opened ?
Sue & Alfie Robinson
Sue & Alfie Robinson - 2 days ago
0:24 Prepare for the future!
Alex Howarth
Alex Howarth - 2 days ago
22:41 SPEED IS KEY!!!!!!!! Any jacksepticeye fans about????
I am a total jerk :I'm selfish, and stupid
Wait.... what happed to tag????
I am a total jerk :I'm selfish, and stupid
Watch Sahara become the 2nd laggiest place on Hermitcraft. (Mumbo’s is 1st)
Leo Tucker
Leo Tucker - 3 days ago
Grian, some guy told me to tell you to #ShopAtSahara What does this mean?
( 0 o )
l > l
\ ===/
___l l___
| |
Dana Kim
Dana Kim - 3 days ago
Grain: *builds a project and finish it*
Me: *makes half of my projects* *quits*
The Internut
The Internut - 3 days ago
Grian: I don't think anybodies made a minigame yet
The Phantom run: Am I a joke to you?
PGC Shy - 3 days ago
hi g
Aydan De Leon
Aydan De Leon - 3 days ago
I think should do circular rings
master of time x
master of time x - 4 days ago
first mini game
mini golf and phantom run came before it
i hate this account probs will be deleted
**Somewhere, you hear an Irish guy agreeing with you.**
Atheno Rikha
Atheno Rikha - 4 days ago
I want poultry man to have a good time
Queen YOUTUBE - 4 days ago
What happened to sally
Calamity Brit
Calamity Brit - 5 days ago
Anyone else remember in the first few episodes when he said 'I'm not the sport of person who's going g to fly everywhere' then he creates a flying course yay
Patrick Wilson
Patrick Wilson - 6 days ago
“You cant go afk for a second on this server” -G A few episodes earlyer “I went afk for 48 hours and i didnt crash or get kicked” -G Me: ???
Bloody Legend
Bloody Legend - 6 days ago
Golfing is a mini game
Poisonplayz Minecraft
Poisonplayz Minecraft - 6 days ago
Sencond mini game counting phantom run
XDR84 FX - 7 days ago
Someone count how many times he says "Sahara" in one vid
zaffoi - 7 days ago
Idk why but I’ve started to binge watch the series and it’s actually very interesting
Bailey Marr
Bailey Marr - 7 days ago
Who is here in july 2019?
A_i57 4
A_i57 4 - 7 days ago
_too late._
Treezee - 7 days ago
Remember speed is key. Well...... TOp oF thE Morning tO Ya griAN
Matei Alexoaea
Matei Alexoaea - 6 days ago
My NamE iS JakESePtiCeyE
Treezee - 7 days ago
"I'm not gonna build anything too concrete" no it's gonna be white concrete.
TheEven1sOut - 8 days ago
What about instead of hermitcraft it’s called hermitcrabft
Funny Person
Funny Person - 8 days ago
whose it
William Kalmin
William Kalmin - 8 days ago
I always watch til the end 😁😁😁
Elizabeth Read
Elizabeth Read - 8 days ago
Maybe make an area to repair your elytra next to the start of the course because it would be unfair if the elytra broke and you died, just an idea
Samson Elliott
Samson Elliott - 8 days ago
Grain:I don’t think anyone else has made a minigame.
Minigolf: am I a joke to you?
TheUnFazedZebra - 9 days ago
grian:you cant go afk for 1 second on this server
Also grian:*goes afk for 2 straight days*
Eli Snyder
Eli Snyder - 9 days ago
Poultry man is in the thumbnail of the next video
Rock Milker
Rock Milker - 9 days ago
Well I watch to the end
Rock Milker
Rock Milker - 9 days ago
Wow talking to yourself
Kitty Craft0
Kitty Craft0 - 9 days ago
Finish flight course at Sahara xD
NotAfrogGaming - 9 days ago
15:44 please tell me everyone knows what quidditch means🧙🧙‍♀️🧙
Roland Montoure
Roland Montoure - 10 days ago
so grian do you have to download Minecraft to play wynncraft
Johny Sylvester
Johny Sylvester - 10 days ago
Does the hermitcraft server have any mods
Alexander Holston
Alexander Holston - 10 days ago
Your better at building in survival than I am in creative
Sypheck - 10 days ago
Grian: I don’t think anyone else has mad a proper mini game
Golf course: am I a joke to u?
Joely L
Joely L - 10 days ago
How do you go onto hermit craft😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
FinDaFish Gaming
FinDaFish Gaming - 11 days ago
He does realise he can buy maps from cartographer villagers, right?
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