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Gabbie Hanna
Gabbie Hanna - Month ago
HEY GUYS!! I made a Patreon for my music stuff
I have a TON of behind the scenes stuff and more, but it doesn't really do well on these channels and I don't want to water down my content for most people who subscribed for my vlogs and stuff. I have a LOT of really cool, fun, exclusive content, click the link to see what I'm making over there :) HOPE TO SEE SOME OF YOU THERE! The community we've built so far is already SO SWEET, I love getting in the chat rooms with you!!!
Paige Weir
Paige Weir - 5 days ago
What song were you singing???? Perfect day?
Cutsyfuf Burrow
Cutsyfuf Burrow - 5 days ago
Baby hiiiii! Do a video on house hunting cos more productive videos!!! 😄🥰🥰
Court-nae-nae Inwood
Court-nae-nae Inwood - 6 days ago
Omg Gabbie I have that shirt!!!! (I wont see this but just in case) 🖤
My honor Cook
My honor Cook - 10 days ago
Gabbie and Irene are high key flirting rn
i lish
i lish - 13 days ago
21:00 that looks like the little brushes that come with depillers but i could be wrong lol
Olivia Poggi
Olivia Poggi - 7 hours ago
sings ‘jolene’ but says “irene” instead
The Knots Of Life
The Knots Of Life - 7 hours ago
Ok literally 8:03 PLEASE DATE💕💕💕
The Knots Of Life
The Knots Of Life - 7 hours ago
Are they like... already dating..???
Darby Scout
Darby Scout - 8 hours ago
That GIF fight was a amazing
Hay for a real one
Hay for a real one - 8 hours ago
You and Irene are my friendship goals bishhh
Adele Shadiya
Adele Shadiya - 8 hours ago
Not to expose myself but the way irene treats gab is how i treat my crushes
JJ Swift
JJ Swift - 8 hours ago
Are u girls dating????
Courtney Flatters
Courtney Flatters - 11 hours ago
All of the stuff on your fridge made my OCD go crazy, thanks 😂
Virginia Varbel
Virginia Varbel - 12 hours ago
You have a grate voice
puppy1531 - 13 hours ago
I came here for Gabbie, I stayed for the Queen shirt
Linda - 14 hours ago
Since when did being disgusting become funny/"relatable"?
Allison Smith
Allison Smith - 18 hours ago
Aimee Alys
Aimee Alys - 18 hours ago
Get you someone that looks at you like Irene looks at Gabbie
Jada Peterson
Jada Peterson - 23 hours ago
I thought of the mcr song before she sang it . I went off sis
K Ron Cantrell
K Ron Cantrell - Day ago
I thought in like a few pulls the bottom and top cabinet of bags would fall out, but it went on and on and on and on.😵😵😵
maru - Day ago
Why am I watching this for a third time??
Melenie Perez
Melenie Perez - Day ago
23:18 *my mom has entered the chat*
Biggest_Fvck_ Up
Biggest_Fvck_ Up - Day ago
If all those bags could fit there. *could a body be hid there?*
Marcos Samuel
Marcos Samuel - Day ago
Allie C
Allie C - Day ago
i wasn’t prepared for all the bags😂😂
Jellybelly Bean
Jellybelly Bean - Day ago
Wait I’m not the only one that eats popcorn with hot sauce... bro. I’m not alone.
Dylan Hammerstein
Dylan Hammerstein - Day ago
Man what's in her water? Vodka? My moneys on vodka 😅🤔😲 It's so funny how she thinks she hasn't cleaned her kitchen in 3 years. I was expecting a hoarders kitchen aye. So disappointed. 😌🥺😒🤯🤕
Aluard Ghirmai
Aluard Ghirmai - Day ago
Ok don’t put ur singing out of the vid also I love monster sing all u want until everyone stabs their ducking ear drums lol dark
Aluard Ghirmai
Aluard Ghirmai - Day ago
Love that intro to the video
Also you will get an amazing house and I hope it will bring u so much joy and fulfillment. Also again nice job getting life together and how did ur fucking apartment get like this like fucking 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘
Irene Ferrell
Irene Ferrell - 2 days ago
It’s sooooo weird to hear her say my name
Sicily Cook
Sicily Cook - 2 days ago
18:53 did she freaking say DRUNK drawers?!?!?! I'm dead. I can't. Wtf why am I so angry?!?!
Maddie veeento
Maddie veeento - 2 days ago
10:57 if you smell it in the other nostril it'll smell diffrent🤣🤣

And btw monster and outloud are my favosong ever.
Aubrey The Baker
Aubrey The Baker - 2 days ago
okay so i cape back to this vid bc i’m searching for a phone case... can someone please tell me which video it is where gabbie says where she got hers
Shandi Lively
Shandi Lively - 2 days ago
I love your shirt so much❤️🙂
Que Bee
Que Bee - 2 days ago
Que Bee
Que Bee - 2 days ago
When Gab said “hello fresh” I thought she said Hella Fresh
payola AC
payola AC - 2 days ago
How does Gabbie never had a cavity? I have like 8 and I’m only 20 years old
Gaming With Bober
Gaming With Bober - 2 days ago
Temmie Nyan
Temmie Nyan - 2 days ago
gabby: *notoriously pulls out pokeball from under sink*
Temmie Nyan
Temmie Nyan - 2 days ago
i love how gabby is refrencing so much emo culture
Life of Melz
Life of Melz - 2 days ago
Just watching you guys drink that soda almost made me throw up. 🤢
Ava P!atdfobidkhbtfm
Ava P!atdfobidkhbtfm - 2 days ago
How is she making content out of cleaning her kitchen?
Made in Hogwarts
Made in Hogwarts - 2 days ago
The amount of Queen/Freddie Mercury shirts is amazing
Marisol Garcia
Marisol Garcia - 2 days ago
8:40 Still wearing Queen shirts not saying there there bad I love them but I need those shirts
Amanda Winegard
Amanda Winegard - 3 days ago
I hate bacin
Terry-Lynn Zefi
Terry-Lynn Zefi - 3 days ago
Another video of Gabby claiming she’s “cleaning something” and it ultimately never gets cleaned.
MC BLESSED - 3 days ago
February 2nd 2002 is my Birthday
Princ3ssDarkAngel - 3 days ago
I literally just died when she pulled out her grocery bags holy moly.
Ashley Wieffering
Ashley Wieffering - 3 days ago
Gabbie calling a clothes pin a "paper clip" makes the inner me very uncomfortable😂
Lauren Allen
Lauren Allen - 3 days ago
When she pulled out the bags... that was a spiritual experience for me. 😂
Katelyn Bearden
Katelyn Bearden - 3 days ago
How many bags can you fit in one cabinet!?!
Foreign Guy Draws
Foreign Guy Draws - 3 days ago
First of all where the heck can i order an Irene that can make me cry laughing like yours.
Sophia Lee
Sophia Lee - 3 days ago
24:44 "I feel like this is just 90% trash" *pulls out a trash bag box*
Sara Ferguson
Sara Ferguson - 4 days ago
*Gabbie*: "Irene? This just turned into a taste testing video"
Some Random Girl
Some Random Girl - 4 days ago

Okay so I think that Irene and Gabbie are secretly dating
I'm glad you asked!!
1. Irene is constantly hitting Gabbie
2. I read a comment saying Gabbie asked Irene out at one point
3. I get LGBT vibes from them both
I also saw a rainbow flag on Gabbie's whiteboard at 5:34 so she's either an ally, LGBT+ member or just likes rainbows

Abby S
Abby S - 4 days ago
12:47 my friends call me jabby too XD
Kaylee Bettis
Kaylee Bettis - 4 days ago
Kaydence Dewett
Kaydence Dewett - 4 days ago
I was honestly surprised when she didn’t know who mcr was
liana gagayev
liana gagayev - 4 days ago
Queen Bee Ben
Queen Bee Ben - 4 days ago
where did you get your shirt from
Jk BTS - 4 days ago
Gabbie: i do cook all the time
Irene: you’re a wifey
Me: Irene why don’t you Marry Gabbie easy
The 3D waffle
The 3D waffle - 4 days ago
“ I can’t handle things that taste like things “
- Gabbie 2019
Paige Bowman
Paige Bowman - 4 days ago
Instead of ranch dressing in Buffalo wings why don't you just mix the bacon ranch buffalo wings
Cherisa - 4 days ago
What a great way to get some followers over 12! You should just stay in children's entertainment.
FallenDreamer - 4 days ago
Totally didn’t have a breakdown when she started singing I’m not okay 😅
Christa & Lexi
Christa & Lexi - 4 days ago
hailey M
hailey M - 4 days ago
the bags.....
Sharlene G.
Sharlene G. - 4 days ago
Like just for the GIF rant.
Emily Hello
Emily Hello - 4 days ago
You should clean the dirty wall and cabinet above your fridge.
Skaberchalis Phillips
Skaberchalis Phillips - 4 days ago
Can you do more cleaning video please
Alice Abrahamsson
Alice Abrahamsson - 4 days ago
''Im not a hoarder!''
*opens a cabinet, shows us an infinity of grocery bags*
Thea Suante
Thea Suante - 4 days ago
22:51 those aren’t paperclips😂😂😂😂
Charley Groves1
Charley Groves1 - 4 days ago
Low key ship Gabbie and Irene
Anna’s Art
Anna’s Art - 4 days ago
That be a scary amount of stuff on the fridge
Sujata - 4 days ago
I think I'm in love with Irene help
Makeup By Ellagrace
Makeup By Ellagrace - 4 days ago
i ship irene and gabbie
the neon attacker
the neon attacker - 4 days ago
Gabbie: *Takes a sip of water
Gabbie (two minutes later): "I'm not ok!"
Lucas Byrne
Lucas Byrne - 4 days ago
Get rid of the magnets
violet rose
violet rose - 5 days ago
i ship it
also can we talk about the infinite bag cabinet
Maddie Rae
Maddie Rae - 5 days ago
you should go pink that would be iconic
Andrew Emmert
Andrew Emmert - 5 days ago
Funniest Gabbie video yet
Kiley Bock
Kiley Bock - 5 days ago
I love the voice
Bayley Hanington
Bayley Hanington - 5 days ago
It’s called valve oil bitch haha
Autumn Pifferitti
Autumn Pifferitti - 5 days ago
“crack the eggs into the ears” as she points at the eyes. OMG IM CRYING
“you can use paper clips to hold rubber bands” *** they are close pins💀
Tiny_Alpha_Wolf 0808
Tiny_Alpha_Wolf 0808 - 5 days ago
23:13 the never ending abyss😂
Tiny_Alpha_Wolf 0808
Tiny_Alpha_Wolf 0808 - 5 days ago
Lacey Warren
Lacey Warren - 5 days ago
Irene hitting on Gabbie & her trying to show her she’s not interested by saying “Who’s texting me, it better be a boy” 😂
Marley Torres
Marley Torres - 5 days ago
Did you like not clean your kitchen for three years to make this video?😂
Lily Coppenger
Lily Coppenger - 5 days ago
Um hello?? That Queen shirt is everything, and I'm living for it.
Jeff Kenney
Jeff Kenney - 5 days ago
Here's another idea maybe.... clean of you r fridge
Gamergirl 081001
Gamergirl 081001 - 5 days ago
Is no one gonna comment on the fact she called a clothing peg a paper clip? 🤔😂
Liliya Gruy
Liliya Gruy - 5 days ago
Tell me why I have a cabinet full of bags to I don’t know why I just do
Meggie3113 - 5 days ago
22:48 "you can use _paperclips_ to hold your rubber bands together"
Rayne Music
Rayne Music - 5 days ago
ship ship ship ship s h i p p i n g themmmm
Astara Sullivan
Astara Sullivan - 5 days ago
gabbies booty in that suit yallllll
Paige Kemp
Paige Kemp - 5 days ago
I'm sorry but the Irene joelean dolly parton joke fuclkkkkk
_I_am_random_!_ 4
_I_am_random_!_ 4 - 6 days ago
Ok but I have the same amount of bags in my kitchen and I'm 15???
Damy Rock
Damy Rock - 6 days ago
I love your Queen shirt 😍😍😍
ily. steph
ily. steph - 6 days ago
I love when irene is in the vids❤
Lady X
Lady X - 6 days ago
I think I love Irene.
Miranda Haddock
Miranda Haddock - 6 days ago
I loveeee watching you clean shit
Fun Size
Fun Size - 6 days ago
Gabbie was a trumpet player so am I YAAAAAAAAASSS QUEEN
Jaci Babiii
Jaci Babiii - 6 days ago
Gabbie being emo for 27 minutes
Harmony C
Harmony C - 6 days ago
Tip for grocery bags if you have a dog- use them to pick up poop. Instead of buying poop bags and having too many bags my family uses them for our dogs. Just to help anyone with a pet and too many grocery bags!
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