MLB | Hidden Ball Tricks | Part 2

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Jopro Subscribe
Jopro Subscribe - 17 hours ago
2:28 and 4:32 it’s Simmons
Craig Dobbin
Craig Dobbin - 5 days ago
0:12 solo,solo,solo
Derek J.
Derek J. - 6 days ago
Seems like the Astros and Rangers player each other 120 times a year
Ryan McCarty
Ryan McCarty - 8 days ago
My hidden ball trick is when I tuck them back and pretend Im a woman.
Snow Web
Snow Web - 9 days ago
you know you have a good team when they're the thumbnail
Jack Macdonald
Jack Macdonald - 12 days ago
That’s toxic.
Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin
Yes u r
Shreenikethan V
Shreenikethan V - 15 days ago
The worst rules I have ever seen.base ball sucks in rules and it's cricket what a beautiful game it is it is player friendly.and also with good rules.not as complicated as baseball.
Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin
Try that in proper English moronass. U don't have a clue about baseball so don't comment about it, retardass
Paul Rone-Clarke
Paul Rone-Clarke - 17 days ago
It's strange to people who know the etiquette of various sports that the hidden ball trick is Ok, but celebrating with a bat flip after a homer isn't.
In cricket "mankad" (a close equivalent of the hidden ball trick) is allowed but very much frowned upon. Whereas celebrating a great innings is absolutely expected. Bat raised (or dropped - "mic drop" style) helmet off, acknowledging the crowd. While everyone else waits for you to "have your moment" and then get on with the rest of the game.
crh18 - 15 days ago
most watchers if fine with mankad if a signal or warning was given earlier that the non striker is taking too far a lead gentleman's game :)
Seb - 18 days ago
How is 4:06 a hidden ball trick?it was just a flyout and then thrown to first base to get the second out. The ball wa visible all the time, it was the runner who didn't see what happened
Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin
Braves Phils one the ump should be fired. He's standing right there, with his eyes on he play the whole time, and still fucking gets it wrong. He doesn't deserve his job. Fucking pathetic.
And a beautiful hbt that was
Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar - 23 days ago
All these plays are equivalent to mankading in cricket,which is legal but considered to be dishonourable. Fascinating how it's actually loved in another sport
Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin
+Rohit Kumar the ones u spelled wrong. Moronass.
Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar - 14 days ago
+Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin Spelling of which word ?
Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin
Nothing wrong with the play, but ur spelling is atrocious. Moron
rose beer
rose beer - 26 days ago
YaBoyJT 2
YaBoyJT 2 - 26 days ago
I was at the first one
Kyle Flinn
Kyle Flinn - 26 days ago
Leave a like if this has happened to you before. Lol
Anonymous 12&#5
Anonymous 12 - 27 days ago
Best I've scene too 4:20
Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin
Seen. Moronass
Anonymous 12&#5
Anonymous 12 - 27 days ago
Foot off the bag = destroyed
That was Hitler's motto BTW
Anonymous 12&#5
Anonymous 12 - 27 days ago
I love these. I did that once in Little League. The runner was on the bag and you just put the ball glove on him and people are fidgety, his foot came off the bag, called out. You do it in front of the ump.
Alissa DoesGacha!
Alissa DoesGacha! - 27 days ago
*ha gotem*
Softball TK
Softball TK - Month ago
I saw the Mariners game. It was frustrating.
nate hisula
nate hisula - Month ago
He out
Jack Bornhoft
Jack Bornhoft - Month ago
I remember doing this in 10 year old ball this was fun when you got someone
Mary Pierog
Mary Pierog - Month ago
You just got pranke
Tracy Sault
Tracy Sault - Month ago
Last one...ah crap.
HMoD Productions
HMoD Productions - Month ago
That's the biggest John I've ever seen lmaooo
Angel You
Angel You - Month ago
0:52 😂😂 goins
roro bb
roro bb - Month ago
Hey stop scrolling for a sec

Can you subscribe to my channel?
I don't have any video but can you do it?
abhishek - Month ago
The rules are horrible
Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin
Ur horrible
JACOB JOEL - Month ago
What a dick move
Well it’s me Nathalie
0:11 (dude trying to High five people)
*being excluded from the group*
Ghost Fe4r
Ghost Fe4r - Month ago
2:20 those panties?
This will get boo in cricket.
Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin
No one watches cricket dumbshit
FSUOSU25 - Month ago
Umpire was like sorry Frazier but you got psyched out.
turner pike
turner pike - Month ago
Only if you could do this in MLB the show.
Shadow Kid
Shadow Kid - Month ago
24K Sports
24K Sports - Month ago
Goins getting tricky
obi was here
obi was here - Month ago
Baseball would be more fun to watch if plays like this happened more often
Achmad Fahrudin
Achmad Fahrudin - 12 days ago
Agree.., yeah catching a high and far flyball is amazing, seeing a player race againts the ball from base to base is exciting, hitting as hard as you can is amazing to watch, but this kind of trickery plays add some fun and excitement too
DiskoSpider - 17 days ago
+Mircea Briciu What are you even talking about? This was the language I grew up speaking. How is it not mine? And what does that have to do with 3th.
Mircea Briciu
Mircea Briciu - 17 days ago
+DiskoSpider You americans care so much about a language that is not even yours.
John Isaac Felipe
John Isaac Felipe - 25 days ago
+obi was here probably is to most people.
obi was here
obi was here - 25 days ago
John Isaac Felipe to you
Matt Hayden
Matt Hayden - Month ago
Maybe there's a rule I don't know about. But when this happens on first or 3rd, where is the coach to tell them he didn't throw the ball back, don't move?
joeashbubemma - Month ago
Heads up by the umps, nice.
Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin
But not in the braves one. Bc that ump was a moron
Holly Merritt
Holly Merritt - Month ago
This is great
RejectedSpiritX - 2 months ago
Golden rule of baseball. NEVER take your foot off the base.
Sam W
Sam W - 18 days ago
RejectedSpiritX how do you run to the next base then
Liquified - 22 days ago
Yeah! Even if your running the bases, stealing, or playing defense! God...
Jano - Skians
Jano - Skians - 27 days ago
RejectedSpiritX or hand!
Reese Donaldson
Reese Donaldson - Month ago
Potato Potato, yep then steal bases ;)
Addison Criado
Addison Criado - 2 months ago
Addison Criado
Addison Criado - 2 months ago
emoAnarchist - 2 months ago
5:50 oh no.. i'm so off balance i can barely hold on to this ball that i definitely have right here in my glove
Rex_8787 - 2 months ago
Gay !! Too short
CheddarJohn - 2 months ago
dude do you know how rare these are stfu kid
Ryosuke Kuminato
Ryosuke Kuminato - 2 months ago
nice now I have an inspiration. iam a baseball player to!! for Philippines!!
Morri ツ
Morri ツ - 2 months ago
I’ve done it before it’s funny
Catman8274 - 2 months ago
1:50 That right there is someone who's fallen for it at least once.
biggreenmachine2007 - 2 months ago
I could watch these all day.
lmaobesson - 2 months ago
I'll do that lol
LJ Gonzales
LJ Gonzales - 2 months ago
John Salvi
John Salvi - 3 months ago
5:03 wasn't hidden ball. Just an idiot
Baxter James
Baxter James - 2 months ago
John Salvi yes, any mistake made by any person makes them an idiot, wow , you must be completely fucking retarded then.
Anonymer Bengel
Anonymer Bengel - 3 months ago
I have never watched a baseball game and i dont know wants going on in this Video 😂
Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin
Nor do u have any clue how to type
American Revolution Reenactors
Wait do you like baseball?
ramces resto
ramces resto - 3 months ago
Nine if these plays were hidden ball tricks
Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin
Heh? Try that in English moronass
the chair is back, but renji won
rule number 1: always keep your eye on the ball
JCueva - 3 months ago
i dont know how the game works. but its obvious right that this tricks is also part of the game to confused them. am i right? or
Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin
Ur English is atrocious
Anonymous 12&#5
Anonymous 12 - 4 months ago
The ump sort of tips the runner off running to get closer to see the tag @ 5:09 great play. These tags, foot off the bag is a thing of beauty. I did it once in Little League caught the runner off like that.
Anonymous 12&#5
Anonymous 12 - 4 months ago
It's not fair. Baseballs should be yellow....
Jay Harv28
Jay Harv28 - 2 months ago
PJBgamer - 4 months ago
This is why you never take your foot off the base.
Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin
And the next batter hits a homer but he passes u on the basepath Bc ur still standing on the base. Retard
Buckboyking - 2 months ago
PJBgamer exactly
j.oz - 4 months ago
There are honestly about one and a half hidden ball tricks here.
Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin
Wrong, moronass
Lucifer 69
Lucifer 69 - 4 months ago
While rare, hidden ball tricks always give a good laugh.
Lucifer 69
Lucifer 69 - 2 months ago
+Catman8274 Even better when the announcers are idiots.
Catman8274 - 2 months ago
Right?! It just never gets old!
Aviation Fan-KLAX
Aviation Fan-KLAX - 4 months ago
1:46 RIP Luis Valbuena
Eagles Madden
Eagles Madden - Month ago
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood - 4 months ago
Tagging a guy twice is a asshole move...
Are Bliss
Are Bliss - 5 months ago
Im a Braves fan and i know it happened a long time ago but i still miss Simba
Christian Thomas
Christian Thomas - 2 months ago
Are Bliss I wish we still had him! Especially now instead of Dansby!
Juan T
Juan T - 5 months ago
Rest in peace, Valbuena.
Shrenik Kasar
Shrenik Kasar - 5 months ago
which sound track played at last?
Austin Wood
Austin Wood - 6 months ago
PrisonCipher - 6 months ago
Bitch shit to me..

If you have to dive into these tactics, you're a fucking loser.
CheddarJohn - 2 months ago
or maybe it’s a smart idea to trick people. Playing the game is allowed
Shaan Mail
Shaan Mail - 6 months ago
Jacob Eldridge
Jacob Eldridge - 6 months ago
lol they all suck
CheddarJohn - 2 months ago
how is this?
Josh - 6 months ago
That 0:13 is just so awkward lmao
TheDudeRTR - 6 months ago
There is literally one one legit hidden ball trick in this video. don't waste your time.
CheddarJohn - 2 months ago
dude it’s still cool
Baxter James
Baxter James - 2 months ago
The DudeRTR it’s a fun video, do watch people
Alta Ice
Alta Ice - 6 months ago
I thought this title meant something else. Lmao
Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin
radconserv68 - 2 months ago
I always keep my balls hidden.
VeggeMight - 6 months ago
if you can tag someone with a ball in your pocket this game is trash.
CheddarJohn - 2 months ago
it isn’t in their pockets, they can put it there but they have to be holding it to tag
radconserv68 - 2 months ago
I think that is illegal.
Faux Fox
Faux Fox - 6 months ago
1:55 LOL smart
Rich Richard
Rich Richard - 6 months ago
Good stuff
120starter - 6 months ago
When your team is too fucking desperate to not lose
CheddarJohn - 2 months ago
or it’s a good idea to outsmart your opponent, nothing wrong with playing the game
Jacob McAdams
Jacob McAdams - 6 months ago
Savage compilation
shanejpt - 6 months ago
Angel's vs Seattle clip was not a hidden ball play. Great play though
Dark Carnage
Dark Carnage - 6 months ago
5:02 that was a roller coaster of emotions
Viceroy Duskren
Viceroy Duskren - 6 months ago
What a lame sport.
CheddarJohn - 2 months ago
Timothy Puvogel
Timothy Puvogel - 6 months ago
2018 brilliant tricks like if you're watching in 2018
Jay H
Jay H - 7 months ago
not fair, generous, or sportsmanlike.
"a penalty against us for unsportsmanlike conduct"
synonyms: dishonorable, unfair, underhanded, below the belt, improper, unseemly, foul, mean.
acting or done in a secret or dishonest way.
It seems like there should be rules against INTENTIONALLY hiding the ball. I mean, imagine if the entire game where every time someone gets the ball, a 50/50 chance they will hide it or fake throw it.
With american Football, faking who has the ball is a huge part of the sport, but I don't feel like it should be a part in baseball.
Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin
Wow r u a 3 yr old retarded girl?
hof8231 - 7 months ago
Man, Dom Brown was traaaaash
Chase Wallace
Chase Wallace - 7 months ago
I really love baseball
Aiden Hayes
Aiden Hayes - 7 months ago
The astros really need to watch out for the hidden ball trick. Maybe the Red Sod should try that tonight? 10/17/18
Sagar Linkinpark
Sagar Linkinpark - 7 months ago
Wtf are this rules dam baseball
Josh Ayala
Josh Ayala - 7 months ago
Cheeky bastards
Ìvęřśøň Bąĺďóś
Ìvęřśøň Bąĺďóś - 7 months ago
Its on my recomended, i dont get it? can someone explain to me thanks
Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin
Bc ur an idiot
darkmario66 - 7 months ago
I dont think these are fair in a professional sport. If a runner is called "Safe" then that should be the end of the play until the next batter is at the mound. Thats like if you're watching a football game and after a guy is tackled to the ground with the ball in their hands and they start getting up and run to the end zone to score a touchdown. Wouldnt you be scratching your head if that actually happened? This shouldnt be allowed and runners should be considered safe when they ARE safe by tagging the mat.
Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin
Learn the rules of the game moronass. The game doesn't work that way. Retardass
Dan Lorett
Dan Lorett - 2 months ago
Runner can ask for time which Umps can grant (or not, up to them, generally they grant it unless there's something else going on) and as soon as the pitcher steps on the rubber the runner is safe to step off the bag. TLDR: Learn the rules, it's not unfair at all - in fact, in the majors it's pretty rare for a runner to get caught off guard like this.
Greed is Bad
Greed is Bad - 2 months ago
Its different sports, the rules are different
crashzeus - 4 months ago
+*GnarledChimp468* ! Sometimes the batter does go to the mound. Usually angry.
Frank Meza
Frank Meza - 4 months ago
that's not the rules though.
Marko Feller
Marko Feller - 7 months ago
its a stupid game
CheddarJohn - 2 months ago
Mark Richardson
Mark Richardson - 7 months ago
Simmons is a savage.
Ko Nag
Ko Nag - 7 months ago
Weaker teams tend to do it.🤔
Mike Steevens
Mike Steevens - 7 months ago
Awesome music @ the end
Thomas Aldridge
Thomas Aldridge - 7 months ago
All these idiots forget being nine years old and throwing the ball in the air daring someone to run....
Monchito Pro TV
Monchito Pro TV - 7 months ago
No entiendo
CaCa aNd PePe
CaCa aNd PePe - 7 months ago
Boy he avisley didn’t throw it
El Jefe
El Jefe - 6 months ago
osbert - 7 months ago
Jon Hohensee
Jon Hohensee - 7 months ago
osbert - 7 months ago
Crazy 8s Drums
Crazy 8s Drums - 7 months ago
These were amusing to watch, and the plays were within the rules...but I think they were cheap shots... I'd rather see skills than cheap shots.
Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin
Not a cheap shot moronass. That would be a guy going to tag the runner and then punching him in the face instead. Retardass
Ankit Sharma
Ankit Sharma - 8 months ago
Foolish game
Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin
Ur foolish
Magical Lion
Magical Lion - 8 months ago
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