Real Doctor Reacts to THE GOOD DOCTOR #2 | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

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Sn1p3r L1f3
Sn1p3r L1f3 - 11 минут назад
English please 😂
keigan helme
keigan helme - 24 минуты назад
9:49 that face
Maria Theresia Vianney Linaldo
Maria Theresia Vianney Linaldo - 55 минут назад
“oh he got a mattress look at that upgrade” i seriously like watching him
he so funny plus he looks like those prince charming in disney movie 😂♥️
jonathan yang
jonathan yang - Час назад
Look at those biseps
MrBrookie - Час назад
Just found this channel and it’s brilliant I’ve always wondered if medical tv programmes are accurate or try to understand what they are talking about
Mr.Squrrily - Час назад
Shawn's just acting he's doesn't really have autism which to me is messed up just thought you might like to know
LOL Games
LOL Games - 2 часа назад
Rex Storm
Rex Storm - 2 часа назад
More I like it and when I grow up I’m going to be a doctor
Katie Rodriguez
Katie Rodriguez - 2 часа назад
“oh he got a mattress look at that upgrade” I DIED.😂😂
Kick Hoedmans
Kick Hoedmans - 2 часа назад
Is that the guy from spiderwick??
Looks a lot like him
Hipponuatlis - 2 часа назад
You explain what they are talking about so well, wow!
Johnny Nguyen
Johnny Nguyen - 3 часа назад
The reason why the good doctor is a little bit wrong is because these words they are saying I barley even can say
ILuvSilicon - 4 часа назад
Please react to the episode 6 of the first season i would really like to know how accurate is it.
LoL i
LoL i - 4 часа назад
Can you watch a korean medical drama 'The Doctors' and gives review about it? Anyway i am your new subscriber.. Each time you laugh, you makes me laughing too😂
Sabrina Akli
Sabrina Akli - 4 часа назад
One of my friend had headaches almost everyday he went to a hospital and they told him that it was just headaches and they didn’t run any test, so he continued with his life, went on a trip by plane, enjoyed a couple day there and then fainted, went to the hospital and they found out he had a tumor in his brain that occupied 33% and the plane ride could’ve killed him... he’s fine now been in remission since 5 years
Uma Rani
Uma Rani - 4 часа назад
Can people develop autism?
misterNo0b 199
misterNo0b 199 - 5 часов назад
misterNo0b 199
misterNo0b 199 - 5 часов назад
thx for whoever liked this
Chelsea Melissa
Chelsea Melissa - 5 часов назад
Finally a doctor who treats nurses as equals!
Anessa Love
Anessa Love - 6 часов назад
6:13 -
Doctor Talk
Doctor Talk
Doctor Talk
Doctor- do you see where I’m going with this?
Me- just stares and nods in awe 😍
OnlyBxiley _
OnlyBxiley _ - 6 часов назад
Where can I watch the first season
Anisah Mohamed
Anisah Mohamed - 7 часов назад
WOOOOW 2160p
Dad - 7 часов назад
Oh lord i wanna get checked out by this doctor my lord.🤤
Kakang Fikri
Kakang Fikri - 8 часов назад
Indonesia subtitle please
realeques - 8 часов назад
it means that its killing me right ??? YES :-)
Nathan Edwards
Nathan Edwards - 8 часов назад
Were can you watch this show?
Kodjo Swole
Kodjo Swole - 9 часов назад
I work in a hospital, much respect for the medical staff. And I love your channel.
RageMonkeyTV - 9 часов назад
I mean a mate of mine has a protruding disc because of a dead lift so it can somebody lol
GMO Potato
GMO Potato - 11 часов назад
When cyberpunk 2077 drops you should check out Trauma Team
karen fajardo
karen fajardo - 13 часов назад
The korean version is SOOOO MUCH BETTER
MarvelousSandstone - 13 часов назад
Even I can tell that a lot of this stuff in medical shows is bullshit for tv and it's even worse for police shows.
My parents worked for the police all their life so I see all these mistakes people make all the damn time.
Mwarey Sisters
Mwarey Sisters - 14 часов назад
Thx for the tip doc👍
Sky Shade
Sky Shade - 14 часов назад
False positives can create the likelihood of causing more false positives
Scottie Jimmy
Scottie Jimmy - 15 часов назад
Mizuki - 15 часов назад
where can i watch this?
assassintwinat8 - 16 часов назад
This boy's got House-like balls
x Z
x Z - 16 часов назад
I used to know a young man with Autism that's a lot like this guy. I always remained professional, but it was so hard some days not to laugh how blunt this guy was. I left that job, but I told him, don't let anyone make you feel bad for being honest.
Hana Dolgin
Hana Dolgin - 16 часов назад
@Doctor Mike I really enjoy how you explain what different things mean and explain what’s going on to us.
lailatul khikmah
lailatul khikmah - 16 часов назад
or something the lord Made.
lailatul khikmah
lailatul khikmah - 16 часов назад
please react on gifted hands movie
lailatul khikmah
lailatul khikmah - 16 часов назад
I know one thing that I like Dr. Benjamin S. carson and i like you. 😂
Autis m
Autis m - 16 часов назад
Now I'm worried I'm gonna die
ENDoftheHATCHET - 16 часов назад
Kara Linn
Kara Linn - 17 часов назад
eww naaassty
eww naaassty - 17 часов назад
Watch more scrubs please. Thanks.
Cupcake Gamer
Cupcake Gamer - 18 часов назад
I love this show, the new season is bomb!
MooseOfShame - 18 часов назад
You should try the Australian medical drama Offspring!
Wert's Channel
Wert's Channel - 19 часов назад
Easily my favorite medical show. I kinda wanna see you do season two, with the whole brain cancer plot line.
brandon pendaz
brandon pendaz - 19 часов назад
Shouldn’t you be at work oh I don’t know fucking helping someone or saving a fucking life
Aalenah Nevaeh
Aalenah Nevaeh - 20 часов назад
you shold react to Amsterdam on hulu
Doctor Mike
Doctor Mike - 19 часов назад
I did! Check out my channel :)
Lil pmup
Lil pmup - 20 часов назад
Episode 3?
Jase M outdoors
Jase M outdoors - 20 часов назад
Mercy Street a medical drama set in the hospital it was it was on PBS
Alaskan Phoenix
Alaskan Phoenix - 20 часов назад
Have you ever tried to watch Royal Pains??
Sabrina A
Sabrina A - 21 час назад
Just discovered your channel and now I’m subscribed ! Thanks for all the advices and informations that you’re giving ! My native language is French so I don’t understand everything but I’m trying ! Because I find this very impressive and interesting !!
I love to watch The Good Doctor with my mom and I love the fact that a real doctor watches it and loves it :) hope that a third episode will come out and wish you the best for the rest ! 🍀✨
claire flores
claire flores - 21 час назад
you should watch the plane crash episode of Grey’s Anatomy! season 8 episode 22. i need to know if lexie grey could’ve been saved!! or mark sloan!!
Ezra Taufiq
Ezra Taufiq - 21 час назад
Im your new subscribers doctor 👍👍
Cia Isherwood
Cia Isherwood - 22 часа назад
I want to be a doctor but I am also Autistic, I don’t have Savant Syndrome so our behaviour is very different and complex in its own way. I’m not sure I would be allowed to become a doctor and carry a medical license because of my autism. We are very limited in what we can do.
5 seconds of welp cringe
5 seconds of welp cringe - 22 часа назад
Omg you should totally watch an episode of the night shift its so rad
Hailey Bradley
Hailey Bradley - 22 часа назад
I need a reaction to all of the episodes
Emely Nutrix
Emely Nutrix - 23 часа назад
Hello Dr.mike!
Ever since i was a small child i’ve had problems with reflux of stomach fluid coming up in my mounth. When I was kid i often threw up or choked on food. What can I do about this??
Sincerely Emely from Sweden ☺️
Daniela Nagy
Daniela Nagy - 23 часа назад
Heey there 😊 i think you should watch season 1 episode 6, would love to hear your opinion.
Aimee Sings
Aimee Sings - День назад
I never thought about this, but this actors plays a serious mix of characters, he goes from an autistic practically super human surgeon to a psychopath murderer (Norman Bates) issa mix
Melisa Tnrkl
Melisa Tnrkl - День назад
What Website is he watching this from
Mangle20607 - День назад
Greys Anatomy: "Hey, Mc Dreamy."
Me: "He's not Mc Dreamy! Doctor Mike is the real Mc Dreamy!"
jet dedert
jet dedert - День назад
Come through with the videos,
Actual smart mc dreamy
Sara Bartoli
Sara Bartoli - День назад
Are you still a Doctor
Brea Bundy
Brea Bundy - День назад
Can you actually have a tumor INSIDE your heart
Heyhey_Dancer_TØP4LIFE_ Acro
Heyhey_Dancer_TØP4LIFE_ Acro - День назад
Please watch episode session 1 epasode 12 its a really good episode
Nightmare Fuel
Nightmare Fuel - День назад
You can develop autism?? Is this something that only happens at a young age or..? Btw I’m asking because he said you could.
RachelStG - День назад
What I don't understand from this show is that Doctor Melendez seems to be an expert on all types of surgery... There are specialists for a reason and yet he is the only surgeon we see.
CooJaden - День назад
I’m 10 and I learned a lot from this Thanks :)
Baconbrothers 050
Baconbrothers 050 - День назад
I learn more on YouTube than at school
Kathryn West
Kathryn West - День назад
If you don't do a reaction to every episode of this, I'm gonna be disappointed lol
Amalia Vena
Amalia Vena - День назад
"That means it's killing me right?!"
Dr Murphy **with excitement**: "Yes!" 😅😂😂😂😂😂
Abiha Fatima
Abiha Fatima - День назад
I wish her were my teacher. He teaches so good.
Sara Stojanoska
Sara Stojanoska - День назад
Yeah you should come to Macedonia...You alone would fire every doctor and nurse here in the hospitals..Not everything is like America.That's why i almost never go to the hospital.I'll get there healthy and go out sick or even worse..
iluminacho - День назад
Uuuh he should watch the one with fish skin girl (the one with the fight between wife and parents about if they should amputate the guy's leg or not)
yorkie lover love yorkies forever
yorkie lover love yorkies forever - День назад
Bonnie Cha
Bonnie Cha - День назад
GamerGurl142TM - День назад
What type of doctor are you?
Harry Cobon
Harry Cobon - День назад
more scrubs! this is awesome
leen smk
leen smk - День назад
Please react to house 👌
Danielle Banquiles
Danielle Banquiles - День назад
I have exams tomorrow but hey meeting my future is much more important. 😂💙
Skeller Love
Skeller Love - День назад
If there's never an episode of the Good Dr with special star Dr. Mike, I swear I'm going to cry on a Disney ride and be the unhappiest person ever.
Kenzy Medford
Kenzy Medford - День назад
Ooo Lordy I need you to keep doing these because the GoodDoctor is JUICY
CloMarie - День назад
Well you sure are handsome aren’t you
Skinny Pete
Skinny Pete - День назад
ps i love your guns =P
Skinny Pete
Skinny Pete - 15 часов назад
no fucks given.+NoCareBearsGiven
NoCareBearsGiven - День назад
Putting :P doesn't mean make it any less weird hope u know that
Spook McGhosterson
Spook McGhosterson - День назад
I hate when there's a string hanging from a button but you know if you pull it, the whole button will fall off.
Keeping It Real
Keeping It Real - День назад
Love it! Please keep doing more videos on the Good Dr!
MsAminaShah - День назад
Episode 3 now please
DreamBelief - День назад
Could you please tell me if it is usual to have the doctor bring a large bunch of students with them to see a person in acute care (I live in Australia. I'm not sure if you use the same term). It happened to me once and from what they were discussing I got the feeling they came because it was unusual. I've been in acute care a lot and it's never happened again.
Jackie Hall
Jackie Hall - День назад
I love how you laugh at Dr. Murphy and enjoy him. He speaks in a melodic pattern that is uplifting and makes it enjoyable even when he is saying something that may not be a happy thing to hear. He is humorous and doesn't even know that he is.
Saige Jewell
Saige Jewell - День назад
Quick question for anyone. I recently got stitches above my eye, the urgent care people said they couldn’t give me the one that dissolve. Because it was so close to my eye they didn’t want it getting into my eye and blinding me. So my question i, when they take the stitches out is it going to hurt.
Erica Sharpe
Erica Sharpe - День назад
I love how he teaches us while we watch.
Emily DeLano
Emily DeLano - День назад
One of the medical shows you MUST watch is "New Amsterdam". It's a great show that I just started and I think you'd love it. Thanks!
Jessie Cuevas
Jessie Cuevas - День назад
React to Cells at Work...!
StevenFTW 5
StevenFTW 5 - День назад
watch "Not Fake" episode 6 season 1 (The Good Doctor) its a good one.
Kevin Underwood
Kevin Underwood - День назад
This is one of my favorite shows. As someone with high-functioning autism and savant syndrome, the way he is portraying someone on the high end of the spectrum is fairly accurate. Freddie Highmore does an excellent job.
Trisha S.
Trisha S. - День назад
You should watch episode 6!! It's all about the ER and it's so good. By far my favorite ep of the first season
microcolonel - День назад
> Why is a patient that has an ear infection admitted into the hospital?
Because sometimes patients with ear infections, particularly double ear infections, can experience temporomandibular issues and other problems which are hard to diagnose at home, and if you live in Canada, there's a good chance you just have to sorta wait to get care anywhere else. I had to go to a hospital to figure out a double ear infection, and none of the clinics in my mid-size city were both open and willing to see me within ~30+ hours (my family practice just closes completely [except the phones], one day a week). It was developing rapidly and nearly completely locked my jaw up.
Xo Xo
Xo Xo - День назад
Young hotter version of Dr Cox
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