Real Doctor Reacts to THE GOOD DOCTOR #2 | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

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Therese Jansson Öhman
Therese Jansson Öhman - Час назад
You should watch season 2 episode 10 and 11, it's a two-part show about a quarantine, and everything goes wrong.. would be interesting to know your experience and if it's standard procedure
Anyka Arwen
Anyka Arwen - Час назад
omg just seen the description GET freddie highmore to do a review that would be amazing
Stephanie Munro
Stephanie Munro - 3 часа назад
Please do more episodes of this show! I have recently started watching it and it's amazing!
Gylve Thorbjørnsen
Gylve Thorbjørnsen - 4 часа назад
Dude... can you watch either episode 13 or 14 (or both), I think they're super cool and would like to hear your comments on it:)
joshua Stanaway
joshua Stanaway - 5 часов назад
I enjoy watching his eyes move around focusing on the entire screen not just the centre using peripheral vision, like so many people watch TV.
He watches TV, like a great point guard sees the floor. Constantly analyzing.
I don't like people's eyes that stay in one spot lol not good point guards.
Kuro Sasoriza
Kuro Sasoriza - 6 часов назад
you should remind my doctor that being on times important hes always a minimum of 1hour late (not the hospital but the day clinic glued to the hospital) heck the first day i waited 8 hours and when the nurses finaly got him on the phone he said he was on vacation and not even in the country (yet he was the 1 that scheduled me in for that day)
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi - 10 часов назад
What about ligma ?
JJ C - 10 часов назад
Pretty sure a little deadlift is what fucked up my back lol
Ella Rose
Ella Rose - 14 часов назад
Why is a non-surgeon reviewing a show about surgeons as tho his opinion especially matters?
Jose Aguilar
Jose Aguilar - 16 часов назад
What do you have on your neck,when you talk like a ball starts to pop out
David Gridley
David Gridley - 17 часов назад
As someone somewhere on the Autistic spectrum myself and a medical show addict, I find myself relating to The Good Doctor.. love your reviews and hope to see more! Subscribed!
DepplyWondering+- - 18 часов назад
I literally want you to react to the entire season
Fang Darkfire
Fang Darkfire - 18 часов назад
Watch Scrubs. Lol
Fang Darkfire
Fang Darkfire - 18 часов назад
Nevermind, just saw that you already have.
Shaina Bowser
Shaina Bowser - 18 часов назад
Can I have doctor mike as mine doctor
KᎬNᏃᏆᎬ - 18 часов назад
Nameless Ghuleh
Nameless Ghuleh - 20 часов назад
You should play a surgeon simulator game
Thirty One Pilots
Thirty One Pilots - 20 часов назад
layla mathias
layla mathias - 21 час назад
I love this show😀
Zninja 1162
Zninja 1162 - 22 часа назад
The attendant person in that scene also plays a character in one of my favorite shows. And his character was also a bit mean XD
Nara Movsisyan
Nara Movsisyan - 23 часа назад
I have vision like that in 3D too, thats why i work in digital construction, its easy and helpful ^^ sometimes I don't understand why other people can't do it, every time when I explain to others I need to draw and its very exhausting
Ps.: I dont have any sindromes or any kind of superpowers ;p
Daniel Skrivan
Daniel Skrivan - День назад
8:55 have you seen the flu episode of Parks & Recreation? This has a good response for someone googling symptoms.
Moses James
Moses James - День назад
This "Doctor Mike" here is suspiciously clueless about quite a few of things. As a man studying medicine and the human anatomy, i have to pass on this channel.
Yvane Chanel
Yvane Chanel - День назад
Could you do a review of the 6th episode of Season 1 The Good Doctor? Would be interesting to see your take on the REBOA Dr Shaun did which his superior say was a ballsy move. Why did Dr Glassman call it a cowboy move and what does that mean in the medical world?
brad Purcell
brad Purcell - День назад
Nvr forget a time out for safety lol
kamran abbasi
kamran abbasi - День назад
Yon Park
Yon Park - День назад
The biggest problem I have with The Good Doctor is that, in reality, the doctors on the spectrum are in Radiology. Love, a radiologist.
Jessii S
Jessii S - День назад
I love these series with the good doctors holy crap the insight and commentary makes me understand instead of just being impressed with cool medical terms
SpookyScarySkeleton - День назад
that laugh though XD HHHHHHHHH 9:37
Amanda Vasi
Amanda Vasi - День назад
I did the math dr. Mike is 29!! Wow im 35 and i have been abused since childhood and put down ended up battling drugs still am i wish i did something good like you! Makes me sad. I hope u see this.
AllisonBloom - День назад
Please make more of these video, I love them so much also does anyone know where you can go to watch it online instead of on tv?
Sandra Contreras
Sandra Contreras - День назад
You should definitely react to chapters 2x10 and 2x11. Those episodes are the best of the whole serie!
Steph's Style's
Steph's Style's - День назад
before watching season 2, u should react to EP 18 of Season 1 . (The last ep) Also, I enjoy your videos! I listen to them while working haha
TheCheats4you - День назад
I mean... You can watch all episodes...
Dalin Aldin
Dalin Aldin - День назад
Hey why did you say that biopsy carrries risks ?????? please answer it's important. Thanks you
Jazzy Lynn
Jazzy Lynn - День назад
I like how after Mike makes the comment of Working out, now a bunch of gym experts appear in the comments. XDDD WHAT HAVE YOU STARED?!
noodles - 2 дня назад
I was like how can he not be grossed out by all the operations, and then I was like, "Oh wait, he's a doctor."
Raman Tiwari
Raman Tiwari - 2 дня назад
After seeing this I want to be doctor now I the way he explained I Only want to learn from him
Annie Pischetola
Annie Pischetola - 2 дня назад
Original is Korean, which means (as someone who watches Korean dramas) it's a copy of it, word by word. Now, medical Korean Dramas are so fascinating because 1) Original storyline, not like american that just copy from others countries/books or stretch a tv shows to eternity and 2) they are very well written and cured. A lot of Medical terms are even explained during the show like Dr Mike does in his videos, they put on screen the term they used with a easy explanation of what it is. Korean Dramas are the best. Period.
Torquil Harkness
Torquil Harkness - 2 дня назад
"probably one of my favourite shows right now..."... wait until you see episode 3... you will lose all faith. :-) LOL.. I cannot continue with The Good Doctor until you do a critique on episode 3.. which I think is just awful and not realistic at all!! :-D Save the show for me please Dr Mike!! :-D
HeartofFlame - 2 дня назад
You should review the original Korean version of the Drama. I wonder how that one compares.
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee - 2 дня назад
Amy Graham
Amy Graham - 2 дня назад
I love the show. Love your vids as well
Rhafi Hardiansyah
Rhafi Hardiansyah - 2 дня назад
Can you react to buzzfeed unsolved about the toxic woman gloria ramirez PLEASEEE PPL NEED ANSWER
Viet-Anh Tran
Viet-Anh Tran - 2 дня назад
So, he is basically the autistic version of Dr. House.

I like it
samuel monroy
samuel monroy - 2 дня назад
I had a ear infection 10 days ago
Rosemarie Nelson
Rosemarie Nelson - 2 дня назад
Nana - 2 дня назад
Hello! If you can please react to the 6th episode of the 1st season! It's more medically inclusive and have A LOT of interesting things... 💜🙂😁💙
Donut Chino
Donut Chino - 2 дня назад
I've been looking for my phone for 20 minutes and then I realized that I was watching this on my phone
smoochy froo smoochy moo
smoochy froo smoochy moo - 2 дня назад
Bee woo
layne rodgers
layne rodgers - 2 дня назад
I just finished my anatomy and physiology semester in my senior year of high school. I plan on joining the air force and becoming a psychologist. Any suggestions on how to keep the dedication
Sky High Skyler
Sky High Skyler - 2 дня назад
Boi, I'm learning more from watching your videos than I am in school
Help me get 100 Subs with no vids
Help me get 100 Subs with no vids - 2 дня назад
I’m trying to watch this video but every minute the WiFi starts to buffer.
Jo Mia Ariguin
Jo Mia Ariguin - 2 дня назад
Pls watch the quarantine episode in season 2
Bored beaver
Bored beaver - 2 дня назад
I’m autistic and when I was younger I wanted to be a doctor cuz I was so interested in the body and bones and stuff but I don’t like people and I would probably end up slapping an annoying patient
Bored beaver
Bored beaver - 2 дня назад
Someone at my school was complaining that the doctor didn’t do anything about her sore throat 😂
SwollenRhino - 2 дня назад
I hope I don't have Nut cancer - Larry the Cable Guy
Ge - 3 дня назад
Jiokhor Thichiot
Jiokhor Thichiot - 3 дня назад
Lacrima Maris
Lacrima Maris - 3 дня назад
"She'll tell you" yee gimme some of that good ol appreciation for nurses. most doctors I've met so far didn't give a fuck about what nurses said.
Be my Dad
Be my Dad - 3 дня назад
Him: *”semen duct”*
Me: *”lmao semen duck”*
Bailey H
Bailey H - 3 дня назад
I have had several leg surgeries and on one of them they were confirming what they were doing. They said, “I we are going to go in the right knee and blah blah blah blah”. We were there for my left knee.
Sizzle Playz
Sizzle Playz - 3 дня назад
Ok I'm not trying to hate or anything but why can't he just watch the episode and enjoy it instead of just correcting every small detail
Abject Trepidity
Abject Trepidity - 3 дня назад
Chocolate Bear was not a scrawny surgeon. Neither was Hooch!
Apenas Mais Uma
Apenas Mais Uma - 3 дня назад
Im so one of those people that dont go to a hospital unless is like "ok im fucking gonna die" 😂😂😂😂😂 i just hate it, ALL
I couldnt work in one, for real... I get panic atackes, its bad 😂
S X - 3 дня назад
i think we can all agree on the fact that doctor mike is one of the most precious human beings on earth
La diabla
La diabla - 3 дня назад
He’s so fine
Jason Cobb
Jason Cobb - 3 дня назад
Can you please do the latest episode of the Good Doctor? The one that is a two episode with the quarantine in the ER. I’m watching it now!!!
LEME REZZ - 3 дня назад
I have learn a lot from you even know I’m just a kid
Zara Khan
Zara Khan - 3 дня назад
Please react to more of the good doctor. I love this show and love watching your reactions to it.
Martin Lengyel
Martin Lengyel - 3 дня назад
My grandpa told me that doctors are stupid quz they think that positive is bad and negative is good.;D
Zeke Chavis
Zeke Chavis - 3 дня назад
Hey doc, if I get hurt or become hospitalized, will you be my doctor?
Michaela McDonald
Michaela McDonald - 3 дня назад
students he said students where do i sign up
Gallium G
Gallium G - 3 дня назад
20000 is nothing
Jalapeño Gaming
Jalapeño Gaming - 3 дня назад
My mums a nurse and she watches this
jaiden espino
jaiden espino - 3 дня назад
I wish when I watch this he could pop up and just tell us what everything means
tyrho1 - 3 дня назад
At 2:17, what was the expression that he used? Cause I have Portuguese as mother idiom and I swear I heard "cara, I wish I could do this"
Silent Assassin
Silent Assassin - 3 дня назад
Patient: A tumour does that means its killing me?!
Shaun: *YES!!* (with a huge smile)
Me: .....I cant lol, did I hear and see this right?..... Is he....excited?
DynomitePunch - 3 дня назад
little deadlift and bench press don't hurt nobody, man probly curls what i bench, lookit them arms XD
Rhett Martin
Rhett Martin - 3 дня назад
Do episode 3 it's really sad
Aidancallan2282 - 3 дня назад
omg its the spiderwick kid
Ok? Okay.
Ok? Okay. - 3 дня назад
Awwww he likes it. Good job guys 👏🏿👏🏿😊
Rebekah Williams
Rebekah Williams - 3 дня назад
Please do the Resident, I think you’d enjoy the no-nonsense approach of the main character.
thatdoodlegirl - 3 дня назад
Todd isn’t frail- scrubs is the best
Phobia Gaming
Phobia Gaming - 3 дня назад
0:09 That's so cute
NoLiDahaa - 3 дня назад
22 steps, that’s a good episode from season 1
Jesse Dahms
Jesse Dahms - 3 дня назад
The Resident on NBC
Juan Gregorio
Juan Gregorio - 4 дня назад
You ripped off Dr. Hope
yourstrulylauren - 4 дня назад
I know I'm never going to be a doctor because I am literally so scared of other peoples blood and I almost pass out every time I see a surgery taking place 😂
But I do love helping people. :)
Annabelle - 4 дня назад
I totally love your channel!! I want to be a nurse and I’ve learned so much from watching your videos!!
Silver56soul - 4 дня назад
The dude in the movie is nonstop smiling
Aisya Humaira
Aisya Humaira - 4 дня назад
Noe Loredo
Noe Loredo - 4 дня назад
He has ligma
Sionhan Lyons
Sionhan Lyons - 4 дня назад
I have 2 children with autism and this is so accurate - the quirky intonation and the blunt relaying of information. In society we soften the message if we're imparting bad news, we sugar coat it. My son thinks that's lying pure and simple. So we have to train him to lie in situations where society expects it. He doesn't lie and he doesn't want people to lie to him. It's a very simple outlook...but of course it doesn't go down very well. Dr Shaun can learn how to be less blunt but would probably take a lot of practice before the lie/sugar coating would sound natural or convincing. Great series.
Kenji Otake
Kenji Otake - 4 дня назад
8:58 My girlfriend actually did that same thing, she had a headache and inmediately started searching for possible causes on the internet and before an hour had passed, she called me crying thinking she was going to die because of a brain tumor
Pey Brown
Pey Brown - 4 дня назад
As you continue watching the show you will learn.. *SHAWN IS ALWAYS RIGHT* 😂
Carla del Rosario
Carla del Rosario - 4 дня назад
Please watch the 10th episode of The Good Doctor season 2 and say something about the way they dealt with the "quarantine"😊 It'd be useful to know what to do during situations like that❤
리아나 - 4 дня назад
I actual love you watching Good Doctor like omg
pigeon song
pigeon song - 4 дня назад
Watch the episode “she” as I want to hear you opinion on transgender
Wendy Fletez
Wendy Fletez - 4 дня назад
Did anyone send that to Gabbie?😂
Preston's Game Room
Preston's Game Room - 4 дня назад
this show is so good. i recommend it for everyone.
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