Real Doctor Reacts to THE GOOD DOCTOR #2 | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

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Caitlin Lynch
Caitlin Lynch - 2 часа назад
Trolling Gabbie Hannah because of a tweet XD
Preethi Reddy
Preethi Reddy - 3 часа назад
hey doc i want you to see the medical drama "THDE DOCTORS" ,a korean series
Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson - 3 часа назад
My dad was in the army and he always taught me “if you’re 5 minutes early, then you’re on a time, and if you’re on time then you’re late”
Sanaa Jennings
Sanaa Jennings - 7 часов назад
i cry ALot watching this show lol
Ivan Benedict Guillena
Ivan Benedict Guillena - 8 часов назад
You dated pia wurtzbach?
Cheyenne Wyatt
Cheyenne Wyatt - 9 часов назад
Do you believe in God?
Oussama Azzouz
Oussama Azzouz - 13 часов назад
like 80% of doctors ask for bullshits shits like 1000 times
Robert Wollstein
Robert Wollstein - 16 часов назад
Why the blistering Cold sore ridden fuck couldn’t they just reattach the healthy kidney after they remove the tumor?! Kidneys get reattach all the time. People donate them to be reattached! This episode is what drove me out in the first place. (besides the fact that it’s basically Hollywood autism which insults me because I’m actually highly functioning autistic.) and I thought the The very real doctor would say something about this. But I’m not a doctor myself so what the fuck do I know?!
Bota Unshibayeva
Bota Unshibayeva - День назад
What have u done doctor Mike?! Now i want to date smart doctor, ... hmmm let me think... !!!! Calling 911
John Doe
John Doe - День назад
Deadlift and benchpress have hurt many a person. Drop the bar on your chest, strain your back, pull muscles... I had a friend tear the lcl doing a deadlift.
iheartBTS Jungkookie
iheartBTS Jungkookie - День назад
This show is a remake of the original Korean drama the good doctor 👍
Mark Mcbride
Mark Mcbride - День назад
*Doctor muscular Mike*
Oke Akpotor
Oke Akpotor - День назад
Now I think I have autism so ye thanks
olaft1 - День назад
'so it means it's killing me,right?' 'YES' i died XD
PhantomStella - День назад
Freddie Highmore is such an amazing's worth watching just for how good he is in the show
emy hampton
emy hampton - День назад
love your reactions! PLEASE react to The Act on Hulu. it's not a medical drama but it's about a mother with Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome and it's very interesting!!!
Ruby Gutierrez
Ruby Gutierrez - День назад
How can someone not be hooked on the good doctor
lessly carthan
lessly carthan - День назад
Im also arrogant i cook diebetic meals for low wage area patients in Detroit. Ive studied meats and products as a ghetto consumer reports and encourage organic food growing and veganism
lessly carthan
lessly carthan - День назад
No thats was a dick response good a external Md i dint go near a er since med school were considered quacks as my last patient tild me in 08 i not paying anyone $400 a hour to rub on me.i have tintis im type 2 dieabetic and loss of right eye vision i hung up the table in 2015 all i got is shits and giggles from shows like this as artritis at 50 reminds me of the waste of 4yrs at Emu go eagles
lessly carthan
lessly carthan - День назад
Retarded house
Qader Shah
Qader Shah - День назад
Elias Midjord Kjærbo 4C Holbæk By Skole, afdeling Bjergmark
Watch episode 18 og the good doctor
Chad Merritt
Chad Merritt - 2 дня назад
Watch the Korean original. We may be good at some things as a culture, but we butcher Korean films and shows way too often.
Hams Salah
Hams Salah - 2 дня назад
This is the first time I see ur videos and I like it bc...Every time u make me shy and smile
Patrick Yang
Patrick Yang - 2 дня назад
What if you had to do emergency surgery? Would it still be your fault if your late?
Andrew's Life
Andrew's Life - 2 дня назад
lol "a little deadlift and bench press never hurt nobody" judging by that tight shirt I see you be lifting those weights doctor mike. those arms are bulging
Kevin Lopez Castellanos
Kevin Lopez Castellanos - 3 дня назад
Definitely watch 1x07 and 1x09
Ashley Webster
Ashley Webster - 3 дня назад
Will you do a video over The Islands part 1 and 2 in season 1? I am so interested to know what you have to say about the conjoined twins!
Animation Nation
Animation Nation - 3 дня назад
Only doctor mike can make learning fun
mr taco 9001
mr taco 9001 - 3 дня назад
I'm dying? YES!
Crazy Ducks
Crazy Ducks - 3 дня назад
Why on the fluor why not a sofa
Lexis de Castro
Lexis de Castro - 3 дня назад
"look at that upgrade" 😂
Sakura Polinar
Sakura Polinar - 4 дня назад
Dr.Mike please make more reaction of other episodes...
It really helpful for me...🙂🙂🙂🙂 hope u read this..thank you
70 West
70 West - 4 дня назад
Willis is my last name 🤯
GrGr K.
GrGr K. - 4 дня назад
8:58 but that’s exactly what happened to me.... (I have a brain tumor/cancer)
DragonFlame - 4 дня назад
I mean this as a joke not as being rude, is it possible that you could where a bra
Gumy_CZ - 4 дня назад
I love that you explain some things that i dont understand❤❤💖💖
Helping Hand
Helping Hand - 4 дня назад
Hello we are desperate to help a friend go to med school. I am asking if you have extra on your plate, even as little as PHP 50 or USD 1 can go a long way. We are raising a fund so that a friend can go to med school and be a doctor as tuition fee in med school is very expensive, we are in need of assistance. Hope you can help our friend's dream come true. Thank you.
Golds Gameplay
Golds Gameplay - 4 дня назад
Andrea Carter
Andrea Carter - 5 дней назад
Geese Doc, you’re such a Snack. If you were ever on call while I was inpatient I would always find a reason to have you called in, I know it’s bad but I did that once or twice. I was inpatient for about 2 years and it made me happy in a very dark time in my life. And I was a dental assistant for 5 years and the timeouts were so important. I’ve had first year residents pull out the wrong teeth.
Amanda Shepherd
Amanda Shepherd - 5 дней назад
I love this show its amazing but the guy that plays doctor murphy doesn't actually have autism. I saw an interview with him stating that. Still he is an amaizng actor to not only play a doctor but to also show autism with it, is just amazing!
Also want to state that i have only watched this and the first one you did of this show and i love hearing your feedback of it, its very enlightening from a doctors point of view for sure.
Have a wonderful day doctor Mike
Fem Pao
Fem Pao - 5 дней назад
*Everything is discoloured*
Also I can learn the whole thing of human anatomy without going to class.
Dislikers have zero knowledge on anatomy.
Amelie Belchamber
Amelie Belchamber - 5 дней назад
what is 'take a stool'
im from australia and i dont understant
Amelie Belchamber
Amelie Belchamber - 4 дня назад
+Allexis Welsh oooooooooooooh thankyou
Allexis Welsh
Allexis Welsh - 5 дней назад
Amelie Belchamber they’re waiting for poop!
lia Gamer
lia Gamer - 5 дней назад
Gabriel Gorelik
Gabriel Gorelik - 5 дней назад
Could you go to your work and take a video
Ana P
Ana P - 5 дней назад
Three days in a row, every break from study is a Doctor Mike video
And I have no regrets
Lucas Theodorou
Lucas Theodorou - 5 дней назад
Please watch new Amsterdam
Mae Alcantara
Mae Alcantara - 5 дней назад
It's funny how accurate it is when you have some ache going on somewhere around your body and you search it up on the internet and the worst results always show up like you feel you're going to die that instant
hh hh
hh hh - 5 дней назад
I think that the beewop thing you do in the begining is my favorite thing any youtuber has ever done in their videos.
Kakeru kun
Kakeru kun - 5 дней назад
We have to communicate via *F A R T .*
Sophia Lee
Sophia Lee - 5 дней назад
You should watch Shaun's meltdown. It's really interesting.
Kimberly Coquilla
Kimberly Coquilla - 5 дней назад
More on the good doctor reactions.
WooJinano Smol chingus
WooJinano Smol chingus - 6 дней назад
Watch the korea version
m12t - 6 дней назад
Please do a season 2 reaction
Hallam Family
Hallam Family - 6 дней назад
God I love Freddie highmore.
magalie hill
magalie hill - 6 дней назад
What is the name of your hospital
Hillary Loise
Hillary Loise - 6 дней назад
This reminds me of that korean drama which is also titled "the good doctor" it even has the exact same scene where he saved the kid at the airport.
SunnySideShar - 5 дней назад
Hillary Loise it’s based off of the Korean drama
wHAtS uP fUcKeRs •
wHAtS uP fUcKeRs • - 6 дней назад
Why do I get all the medical jokes? Maybe because I spend way too much time in hospitals (every week at least once)
Minnie Richardson
Minnie Richardson - 6 дней назад
You mentioned that he was an intern, but he was hired as a resident, I thought.
Skylar 12
Skylar 12 - 6 дней назад
Cells in work yayy
Isabelle Tan
Isabelle Tan - 6 дней назад
Nishant Adhikari
Nishant Adhikari - 6 дней назад
Watch House M.D too
peacemaker - 6 дней назад
my god am i being a homo
Heavyhorse Filly
Heavyhorse Filly - 7 дней назад
I love The Good Doctor, and I love watching you enjoy watching it.
Lego and More
Lego and More - 7 дней назад
Uummm....."Are born or develop this condition [autism]"??? Has there been some sort of breakthrough in the causes of autism? You can't "catch" it, you can't transfer it from someone with autism to someone without it. Would someone please explain how the hell one "develops" autism??
Lock_n_ Load_
Lock_n_ Load_ - 7 дней назад
You have actually taught me so much it's amazing. I even told my parents some of the info. Thank you
Nikolas Pleyer
Nikolas Pleyer - 7 дней назад
Shaun: ill wait a bit longer this is important.
Mike: No its not!
Me: HE IS A DOCTOT AND YOU ARE... also a doctor...
M 4
M 4 - 7 дней назад
Nikolas Pleyer
Nikolas Pleyer - 7 дней назад
Patient: So its killing me? *with a worried face*
Shaun:Yes *with a happy face*
melgroves - 7 дней назад
Need to do the episode where Shaun saves the baby
Mary Clark
Mary Clark - 7 дней назад
Yep! Nurses see a lot of the in and out, ups and downs the good and bad. Doctors in the hospital come in like once or twice a day and see what’s going on then but the nurses see the patterns the minute things that Doctors don’t always notice because they aren’t their a lot. It’s why I trust nurses more than doctors ..most of the time. Obviously Doctors have a an important role. Granted my mother is nurse and being chronically ill since I was born and developed a rare disease at a young age and not being a text book case. , she’s a large part of the reason why I’m still kicking so I’m definitely biased..about Nurses
Hk Retro Gamer
Hk Retro Gamer - 7 дней назад
Does anyone know PRISON MIKE
xXGamer the lol StudiosXx909
xXGamer the lol StudiosXx909 - 8 дней назад
2:24 woman-that means. IT is killing ME right? The good doctor-YES
Gamer Girl xx
Gamer Girl xx - 8 дней назад
Jo bro No show
Jo bro No show - 8 дней назад
Doctor Mike please make a part 3
tati sammy
tati sammy - 8 дней назад
Now I gotta go watch the good doctor
Jiokhor Thichiot
Jiokhor Thichiot - 8 дней назад
Christian Mayorga
Christian Mayorga - 8 дней назад
Dr Mike
He is not an intern!! He is a resident!!
ohayyo - 8 дней назад
i thought it was pink eye shadow... I wish I had those permanent ones
Kiyle Kitty
Kiyle Kitty - 9 дней назад
Dr.Mike don't forget to take in mind that Shaun has Autism
India Paleg
India Paleg - 9 дней назад
is he autistic? because he is very honest
Paul Morphy
Paul Morphy - 9 дней назад
12:34 that’s very untrue
Charles Sawyer
Charles Sawyer - 9 дней назад
Shaun Murphy’s saying, “It’s past midnight which means you are no longer my boss,” is the only time I haven’t lost my crap at someone saying, “It’s past midnight so it’s tomorrow.”
Armando Alcazar
Armando Alcazar - 9 дней назад
Can we get another one, so many good episodes in season 2
My shorkie Named niko
My shorkie Named niko - 9 дней назад
Please do a part 3
Always fandom
Always fandom - 9 дней назад
ou he got a matraze! look at that upgrade ahahah
•Crystal Playz•
•Crystal Playz• - 9 дней назад
Doc,do you have any advice to remove Eczema?Sorry I'm not American.Correct me if I'm wrong.
M Bandr
M Bandr - 9 дней назад
I want him to react to strangeer doctor, kdrama 😭❤️
Lps wonder Productions
Lps wonder Productions - 10 дней назад
Hi I would love if you reacted to the good doctor season 2
Laylanie Pangcatan
Laylanie Pangcatan - 10 дней назад
I love you doctor Mike
Armaan Bhomisa
Armaan Bhomisa - 10 дней назад
7:27 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Simone Bendixen
Simone Bendixen - 10 дней назад
Do The Good Doctor season 1 episode 6 😄👏👏👏
Hamdi LAMINE - 10 дней назад
Hi doctor Mike I am a Tunisian follower and I love your work
p̤̈ï̤ẍ̤ï̤ë̤ - 11 дней назад
My baby brother just recently got a C.I (cochlear implant) because he’s unilaterally deaf (deaf in his left ear) and they accidentally prepped the wrong war for surgery (his right ear) my mum was totally cool and just said “ can you fix it please” 😂 My brother also recently had gotten over a flu, and had to get a blood transfusion which sucks but my mum was really cool about it so she’s awesome 👌🏻😂
Scrub Doge
Scrub Doge - 11 дней назад
House>All other medical dramas
Leyna Cronje
Leyna Cronje - 11 дней назад
Why can I hear the dude is the show saying” Hi, I’m Connor, the Android send by cyber life”
Please like if you understand this 🤗
Leyna Cronje
Leyna Cronje - 8 дней назад
I knew it as soon as I heard him 😂
My name is [Lara]
My name is [Lara] - 8 дней назад
Leyna Cronje oh my god yes
Chara - 11 дней назад
To Frail doctors out there(that are hot) : Tale note when Dr. Mike said .. “a deadlift and a little bench press would hurt nobody “ 😂🤙🏼💪🏼
allison muszynski
allison muszynski - 11 дней назад
Mike needs to talk to my doctor about "the importance of being on time". She's got me waiting two hours for every appointment...
Samah - 12 дней назад
0:19 I sleep like that 😆
danica calahong
danica calahong - 12 дней назад
Episode 3 please 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢🙏
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