Best Friends Build A Gingerbread Dream House ft. Emma Chamberlain & Dolan Twins

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James Charles
James Charles - 6 months ago
Merry Christmas, Sisters!! ❤️💚 Love you all so much!
Areeb'skk - 4 days ago
Sabrina Cady
Sabrina Cady - 9 days ago
sister ❤️💚 merry christmas
Breanne's art
Breanne's art - 27 days ago
Y do u go after Grayson so much.HE DOES NOT LIKE YOU HOE
Obehi - Month ago
James Charles love 💖
Gracie Holt
Gracie Holt - 2 months ago
you all should do an overnight challenge at trampoline park
Anime Girl
Anime Girl - 2 hours ago
Ethan: thumbs up for hard
James: 😏👍🏻
Ethan:oh hahaha this videos gone sexual
Me: oh gosh that’s too much James
Anime Girl
Anime Girl - 2 hours ago
It’s EXACTLY like 4 siblings lol
Amy Rose
Amy Rose - 5 hours ago
And I oop
Dangthatsalongname - 6 hours ago
This was the best squad on YouTube. I miss them so much😭🙁❤️
Just Nothing.
Just Nothing. - 11 hours ago
Holy shit miss them
Amy Staton
Amy Staton - 14 hours ago
no one
absolutely no one:
grayson: 9:08 - 9:14
Brodie Young
Brodie Young - 15 hours ago
I’ll let you work with my wood 😏 also 11:39 that’s perfect for an awesome I like balls a lot 😏
Eva Magana
Eva Magana - 15 hours ago
I liked the video cuz Ethan and Emma are a cute couple
devonnesmith24 - 16 hours ago
Greyson,spreads Powder sugar on the base
James, omg I have such great ideas
Malaika Gomes
Malaika Gomes - 16 hours ago
ethan is so pissed from 15:53
Robby Dawson
Robby Dawson - 17 hours ago
Emma has no chill I love her 😂♥️♥️
Brainsells have left the chat
I love how the first 5 minutes is just pissed off James....

Edit: never mind it’s the whole video😂
Sophia Pietrantonio
Sophia Pietrantonio - 20 hours ago
11:23 Emma just drowning herself with icing in the back😂😂😂
Hailey K.
Hailey K. - 21 hour ago
R.I.P Roof 😭
Mackenzy Guerrero
Mackenzy Guerrero - 22 hours ago
No one:

Not a single soul:

Not a single brain cell:

Emma:and I was on my period
Shayna Eubanks
Shayna Eubanks - 23 hours ago
Where Grayson’s building obsession blossomed😂
Emily Claro
Emily Claro - Day ago
21:30 - 23:30 emma not being heard for 2 minutes or acknowledged
Alleen Alasady
Alleen Alasady - Day ago
emma was the smartest in this vid
Rivan - Day ago
2:04 Emma trying to hold Ethans hand :0
Daniela Villanueva
Daniela Villanueva - Day ago
Leah Ross
Leah Ross - Day ago
Maša Jerković
Maša Jerković - Day ago
It's weird how this was (even back then when sister squad was ok) the only video from them I couldn't sit through. I got weird vibes and I think that now everyone knows why...
TheMajesticUnicorn - Day ago
did anybody else see emma saying why are you in an annoyed tone to ethan at 14:46
VpVendy - Day ago
Hi sister
Suga Kookie
Suga Kookie - Day ago
I miss the good old sister squad 😭
Savage bowman
Savage bowman - Day ago
Sllay sister James i subscribe and have post notifications on and I l like the video
Adrian Yarbrough
Adrian Yarbrough - Day ago
Am I the only one who misses the sister squad ????😭😭💕💕
Arianna Lango
Arianna Lango - Day ago
Who's your favorite Dolan twin?
Like= Ethan
Comment= Grayson (Sorry don't know it's spelt right😬..)
Like *AND* comment= Love 'em both!:)
TRAP - Day ago
The last sister squad video.....
Lexie Brown
Lexie Brown - Day ago
9:49 Ethan looked ready to throw in the towel at this point
Ellie McGeown
Ellie McGeown - Day ago
it’s acc sad how there not friends anymore 😔
Lexie Brown
Lexie Brown - Day ago
10:33 If you look quickly it kind of looks like Emma is hugging Ethan and putting her head on his shoulder. I know she isn’t but it’s still cute.
Kawther Alabbasi
Kawther Alabbasi - Day ago
the AMOUNT of flirting that James and Greyson did in this video lollll
Kawther Alabbasi
Kawther Alabbasi - Day ago
Julia Galvez lol right!
Julia Galvez
Julia Galvez - Day ago
More like James flirting with Grayson
Nicole Ellis
Nicole Ellis - Day ago
Grayson: Guys, it says not for human consumption
*Ethan continues to eat it*
Kailee Troy
Kailee Troy - 2 days ago
I love yall together
Kailee Troy
Kailee Troy - 2 days ago
I like dots
MaMaMaddyyy - 2 days ago
Grayson - “not for human consumption”
Ethan - *continues eating it anyway*
Naomi Hebble
Naomi Hebble - 2 days ago
4:05 pause and look at Ethan, Grayson, and Emma. They look bored or sad idk
Dylan Keener
Dylan Keener - 2 days ago
dots are amazing go team Ethan
Mai Mai
Mai Mai - 2 days ago
James: apparently on lady went to all the grocery stores and bought all the kits.
Ethan: was it you?
James... yes😂😂
Arianna Shreya
Arianna Shreya - 2 days ago
James: Hey! We should all Christmas colours and not tell Grayson
Miranda Pereyra
Miranda Pereyra - 2 days ago
8:33 "Emma" ( cracked me up so bad 😂😂)
Madison Hope
Madison Hope - 2 days ago
25 min of Emma and Ethan eating candy while James and Grayson try to build a gingerbread house
Addison Spencer
Addison Spencer - 2 days ago
15:10 😂 IM DEAD BRO 💀😂
Anum Vlogs City School
Anum Vlogs City School - 2 days ago
Did they use super glue or what
Saoirse Cunningham
Saoirse Cunningham - 2 days ago
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! (Watches in July)
ThisisAva - 2 days ago
Merry ChristmaS, Sisters!
watches in JuLy o.O
Ashley Martinez
Ashley Martinez - 2 days ago
At 6:20 I like it how James And Grayson are the only ones doing the work😂😂‼️ and who’s watching this in 2019🤷🏻‍♀️😂
Laila Caruana
Laila Caruana - 2 days ago
SISTER SQUAD: "We are going to make an edible gingerbread house!
ME: (seeing Grayson using a hot glue gun)
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