How to Make a Showreel

Hakan Yilmaz
Hakan Yilmaz - 12 days ago
I normally dont comment on any video. But here you go. this is the most usuless and cringiest video ever. thanks for stealing my time.
Sam Rogers
Sam Rogers - 12 days ago
Paradoxed - 14 days ago
Mayank Shukla
Mayank Shukla - Month ago
Can u suggest which app can be the best for it??
Katie's comment is correct,
I have been doing a lot of unpaid voice over work recently to build my resume. Does obtaining audio work the same way as getting footage?
David Barber
David Barber - 3 months ago
I thought showreel clips were "Far use"? Has this not yet been tested?
Jason Pan
Jason Pan - 6 months ago
is a showreel simply just acting out a monologue/scene on a plain background with an off camera scene partner or is it literally like a professional video with professional lighting, cameras, actors and everything, just like that of a movie? I'm not too sure since different websites are telling me different things and originally i just recorded myself on a plain background performing a monologue/scene. Please help, thanks.
Cliff Bucag
Cliff Bucag - 9 months ago
is it me or the part where choosing something from a well known Film shows a film from Game of thrones?
Spotlight - 9 months ago
Titanic - when Jack draws Rose
Jeff Campbell
Jeff Campbell - 9 months ago
Think you have what it takes to survive?
Reagan - Year ago
Does showreel have to be only work related footages? I have lots of nice footage but those are all from my personal hobby
Rachael Link, The Poor Actress Tube
Fabulous! Got the information I needed without having to look very far. It’s all about an agent right now!
nictheartist - Year ago
Good little video, and an entertaining presentation.
James Caven
James Caven - 5 months ago
10 minutes is not little
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