Samsung A50 "Real Review"

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Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter - 4 months ago
#Squad Roll Call
King Murphy
King Murphy - 10 days ago
Mike from Jersey
Alexander Sanabria
Alexander Sanabria - 13 days ago
I got the phone,can the headphones be used as a mic or just for sound.
Putera Amir roslan
Putera Amir roslan - 23 days ago
Calm down floss!!! 😆😆😆
Putera Amir roslan
Putera Amir roslan - 23 days ago
Cal down floss!!! 😆
BigMarcusc1995 - Month ago
Anyone know if I just can have a swipe up with/ no code, fingerprint etc?
Raylene Raspberry
Raylene Raspberry - 8 hours ago
Flossy thankyou for this review because of this Review I ordered this phone and really enjoy using this phone samsung should sponser your channel
lara croft
lara croft - 9 hours ago
This phone is GEORGEOUS.😍😍😍😍
z Scuzzy
z Scuzzy - 10 hours ago
If u takin scum bag photos....sendem to ya secured folder 👀
Marlon Cunningham
Marlon Cunningham - 16 hours ago
Thanx 4 dat
True J Gaming
True J Gaming - 18 hours ago
Just for the record then you can buy this phone prepaid for 350$ at Verizon, so for all the people that don't wanna go with AT&T or T-mobile then it's still an option for you.
TRgaming06 - Day ago
What kind of knife is that
A5IP_OF_KD - Day ago
the pering in the back ground audio with the cat just playing with stuff is a nice touch to thee video
7Grams - Day ago
Great review man. Love the Cat!
7Grams - Day ago
Your the reason I'm ordering the a50 ever the a20
orlando l
orlando l - Day ago
Lol your cat is eating your charger lol
Bilal Ahmed
Bilal Ahmed - Day ago
Awesome review bro and love your cat.
Aryan nazparvar
Aryan nazparvar - Day ago
Useful 🤘🏿
Jose V
Jose V - Day ago
Those 2 phone A20 and this one A50 hooooo god I am iPhone guy for years ,,,,,, and this phone kill iPhone in everything all around power ,Gb ,power all
Corey Antonio
Corey Antonio - 2 days ago
US link goes to UK version
Mr.blop:D - 2 days ago
If u need a review person this is yo man.
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith - 2 days ago
Thencat eating your cord, can relate.
1,000 subscribers with no videos?
Carter: Ayo lemme make a smell test **sniffs** , *MmMMMmMMmMMMMM*
Imran Khan
Imran Khan - 2 days ago
Such a obedient 🐈
Mai Elizabeth
Mai Elizabeth - 2 days ago
I'm subscribing, bcoz of the cat. Haha
Mai Elizabeth
Mai Elizabeth - 2 days ago
What a cute kitty there..
VIOLENTGAMER 24 - 3 days ago
Can anybody explain why when I pick the us version of this phone it takes me the UK version?
HANNAH MACHARIA - 3 days ago
I'd love the A50
Robert Stothard
Robert Stothard - 3 days ago
Another clean and crispy video, nice work.
b l e e d i n g v i r u s
Subbed, this is way too good
MysticShadow - 3 days ago
Ifailsometimes - 4 days ago
He must be a drill instructor... Yoou see that knife-hand!?
Ext_Extremly - [TER]
Ext_Extremly - [TER] - 4 days ago
Hey Floss, May you try the “The Joyroom T03s
John 3:16
John 3:16 - 4 days ago
Does this phone have wifi calling?
Th33Vultur3 - 3 days ago
The Verizon version does.
soohyun trash
soohyun trash - 4 days ago
The question is......what the hell he doin' with all those damn phones?
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter - 4 days ago
That's a dumb question when you're on a TECH CHANNEL
Salty Pretzel
Salty Pretzel - 4 days ago
Does it work in the USA with Tmobile?
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter - 4 days ago
Concerned Asian
Concerned Asian - 4 days ago
Wrah! Wrah! Meanwhile shoes testing cables with his mouth!
Mulder Scully
Mulder Scully - 5 days ago
Love your kitty and sorry about your charging cord......Bahahahaha
william carlin
william carlin - 5 days ago
What is the video lock screen
JAEITHENOMAD - 5 days ago
Definitely gonna cop this, with my PC and gaming consoles mid-range phones are all I need
Ian Schrauth
Ian Schrauth - 5 days ago
The A50 can also be CDMA. I work at sprint, and we sell them
alexp320715 - 6 days ago
Honestly, j UK st subscribed because of the cat
Suphremm - 6 days ago
Can this work with metro pcs
TheChico868 - 6 days ago
U know in a sea of reviews Flossy has his own style. I guess this is what keep him apart from the rest of drones
Terry Carlton
Terry Carlton - 6 days ago
auto focus in video looks really slow
Q J - 6 days ago
Great detailed review with some soul!!
Dumb Reactions!
Dumb Reactions! - 6 days ago
Your middle finger really
Mouad Guendouz
Mouad Guendouz - 7 days ago
Wath is the name of the look screen video
Project Professional
Project Professional - 7 days ago
Dit is een geweldige gsm
Lemon Lowerkey
Lemon Lowerkey - 7 days ago
Alrght im leaving my iphone as back up im getting the Samsung A50
NicaRainbow - 7 days ago
I loved how you teamed up with your cat!
TheOtakuLord Uzumaki
TheOtakuLord Uzumaki - 7 days ago
the way to screen shot is lit, way easier that pressing the power and volume button at the same time
Manuel Andrade
Manuel Andrade - 7 days ago
Hey dude tu gatito tiene hambre"
Bartholomew Allen
Bartholomew Allen - 7 days ago
Did he say Thot Protection?
Pete Puebla
Pete Puebla - 8 days ago
I don't care about wireless charging, so I'm OK there. Only thing I really care about is durability and weatherproof. This is a backup for me till I get my S9+ fixed.
Juliette Poole
Juliette Poole - 8 days ago
Your videos are so dope. Honestly I love your personality you skip all the tech geek talk and get straight to the point. And the kitty is a nice touch
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter - 8 days ago
Thanks princess🥂
Ilkvomit - 8 days ago
No nuts ,, I need to know if this works with MetroPCS.I've read it doesn't support Metros 4GLTE,can anyone confirm?
Sierra 117
Sierra 117 - 8 days ago
Hey "Flossy", i know its a super late question but could you tell me if this phone works with an AT&T SIM? I live in the U.S
Sierra 117
Sierra 117 - 8 days ago
@Flossy Carter Wow😐. That was a fast reply. Thanks homie, apreciate it. Send "White Shoes" my regards. And hope to see his reviews back soon. Peace, and love to the "M"
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter - 8 days ago
Yes it works
Dhairya Khanna
Dhairya Khanna - 9 days ago
This dude sounds like a rapper
Alibba - 9 days ago
White shoes almost lost his head😂
Jason Banks
Jason Banks - 9 days ago
Is this better than the Oppo Reno Z?
Андрей Чолев
Love your videos .❤️My friend you got greetings from Bulgaria ❤️
MP's Newswatch
MP's Newswatch - 9 days ago
No free case with my A50 purchased in the UK.
Андрей Чолев
SiddhantA6 AwaleA6
SiddhantA6 AwaleA6 - 9 days ago
Worst video i have ever seen
roccorostagno - 9 days ago
scumbag photos, yeah buddy!!!
m. Mat
m. Mat - 9 days ago
bro, your cat is consuming your cable 😂😂
agent.vintage55003 - 9 days ago
3:45 😂😂😂😂
Sarabella Jane
Sarabella Jane - 10 days ago
Stay Flossy my friend
Alessandro-zXClan - 10 days ago
Rockin a Black a50 4/128 270Euros!!!!!!!!
Its a beast
Kelly Donahue
Kelly Donahue - 10 days ago
I'm considering getting this phone and a cat to go with it. Lol 😁🐺 Love your cat🐺
Skyler Herrera
Skyler Herrera - 10 days ago
I cant believe he didnt see if cat, chewing on the charger cord 😱
Sierra 117
Sierra 117 - 10 days ago
"Dante" as in Devil May Cry?
King Murphy
King Murphy - 10 days ago
I just got this phone from Verizon brother thank you for the video I had no idea this phone was even out until I googled it and saw your video. It's really a nice straight to the point phone. Its faster than my LG stylo 4. Its truly a great bargin upgrade without flagship prices it looks just as good.
Ernesto Amigacho
Ernesto Amigacho - 11 days ago
I get mine today but the box didn't have all those things he has in the box , Verizon ripped me off,
Abby Dumanacal
Abby Dumanacal - 11 days ago
Do a case haul on A50 and A70 please? :)
Hossputer Hossputer
Hossputer Hossputer - 11 days ago
Samsung after 2016 is low quality phone . My phone 2017 and 2018 Samsung broken lcd after repair is badly and no life lcd . No buy Samsung no no . I buy Nokia and enjoy my life Nokia 6.1 is better for people with big finger
Jj Carpena
Jj Carpena - 11 days ago
I am so glad i found this review! Music to my ears in Perfect, clear English!!😂 please also consider the Samsung M40!
Stève SIKATI - 11 days ago
the cat arrival scared the shit out of me...
Blessedpoet15 - 11 days ago
Cool pad or Samsung a50 ?
James Marrero
James Marrero - 11 days ago
I brought the LG G6 instead of this.
Ross Elliott
Ross Elliott - 12 days ago
Please review the Samsung A30
David Jones
David Jones - 12 days ago
How durable is that case? I just ordered my Samsung A50 through Sprint. I also ordered a case and screen protectors through Amazon. Is the case that comes with the phone durable until my phone case from Amazon arrives?
esteban lopez
esteban lopez - 12 days ago
Cat eating the cables....Classic.
Fresh Out The Box Memes
Fresh Out The Box Memes - 12 days ago
The smell test 😂
Devonte Aguilar
Devonte Aguilar - 12 days ago
Definitely gonna cop after floss verified it
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