Samsung A50 "Real Review"

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Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter - Month ago
#Squad Roll Call
Jaden Ring
Jaden Ring - 14 hours ago
Please do the a70
Curial - Day ago
Paulie S
Paulie S - 2 days ago
Hi flossy, s/o to white shoes 👊🏽 I know this might be a downgrade but could you do a review on the Samsung Galaxy A30 plz. It's cheaper than the A50 but would love to know if it's worth it. Thank you. ✌🏽
kavakuchiyama samatochi
Present sir
ZeroGaming HQ
ZeroGaming HQ - 9 days ago
The whiteshoes theme song is good!
Lunden Green
Lunden Green - 3 hours ago
I got sad when you said White Shoes had taken a day off, very happy she decided to make an appearance 😍
shiloh6519 - 7 hours ago
Great review! But I got "Assed out" again with another of these budget/mid-range phones
Bleedblue6487 - 7 hours ago
The burger reference tho. Hahaha
Bleedblue6487 - 6 hours ago
Great review. I went with the a70 after watching both reviews and found it for $361 on eBay. Had it not been for your reviews I wouldn't have made the move on it. ✊🤘
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I’m getting this phone it’s been on the way for 3 weeks that’s the maximum price I can afford for a good and completely brand new non used phone
mango091 - 12 hours ago
is that the latin america version?
Dee Michaels
Dee Michaels - 12 hours ago
That was cute…3:42…you and Shoes doing the smell test at the same time.
Randy Tang
Randy Tang - 13 hours ago
5 mins into the vid and i started to love this video, it consists humour, honest reviews , and most importantly, CATSSSS
Ive subscribed
DM - 19 hours ago
I want that lock screen wallpaper
Galaxy 88
Galaxy 88 - 22 hours ago
Thanks great video
Mami Hashimoto
Mami Hashimoto - Day ago
I have s10+ too, but I got this A50 for £160 (£309 before rebate) from the UK Samsung site. I took an advantage of their trade-in service and got a £100 instant rebate. I will get an additional £50 rebate as well. I just couldn't pass it up. I am using it as my backup phone. It is a great midrange phone for sure.
BethanielThe3rd - Day ago
I almost got the P30 lite and Floss' video made me choose the A50 the moment i finished the video. And in light of the recent Huawei news im so glad i saw this video. Loving my A50
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer - 7 hours ago
same I bought it yesterday I was like I will buy the Huawei y9 2019 but then I got the news of Huawei getting banned on android that means losing my data so I bought the a50 man I am satisfied with this phone
selw0nk - Day ago
This is pretty nice and I'm thinking about replacing my OnePlus 6T for this because the camera and wide angle lens.
hey shoes what's up
Christoffer Søderlund
The way he says "slot" and the cute cat just made my fucking week
R. Petek
R. Petek - Day ago
Big like for cat chewing that power cable
Andrew Marianne
Andrew Marianne - Day ago
kill dat cat
Kumar Sundara
Kumar Sundara - Day ago
I like your videos but that cat is definitely very distracting
Philip Mawira
Philip Mawira - Day ago
😂😂😂 Butter fingers... 💀
ffm1271 - Day ago
Best Review, Thanks
DEDOE G Pharr - 2 days ago
I love the Pete the cat referance. Cool cat
that raccoon guy
that raccoon guy - 2 days ago
Does it have an edge display.
MindlessMisfit1219 - 2 days ago
So if you have att or t-mobile then the phone should work. Does that include the “off brands”?? For example, metropcs or “metro by t-mobile” is ran by t-mobile so would that work on the phone too??
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter - 2 days ago
Yup, they work
Spooky - 2 days ago
Best cases for the a50
Nguyen Yenny
Nguyen Yenny - 2 days ago
this is the best phone review i've ever watched. excellent combination of man and ca(s)t!
Wayne Thomson
Wayne Thomson - 2 days ago
the cat was loving that type c cable pmsl
David Ndungu
David Ndungu - 2 days ago
I love your videos man. When is the A70 floss?
JonN_zy - 2 days ago
When's the A70 review coming Floss?
Monkey Guy80
Monkey Guy80 - 2 days ago
I've just bought mine A50 white in Singapore! The screen fingerprints is quite laggy!
Ryan Van wieringen
Ryan Van wieringen - 2 days ago
Can you check the Samsung galaxy A70
Jake Choules
Jake Choules - 2 days ago
Samsung A50 - Go/10
The Pommidor
The Pommidor - 2 days ago
i got the a50 two weeks ago afted watching this videl, and it totally rocks
Dylan - 2 days ago
The Pommidor damn big rip
The Pommidor
The Pommidor - 2 days ago
Dylan - 2 days ago
The Pommidor lol rip u a70 out
James Stetson
James Stetson - 2 days ago
I’ve seen this for a similar price to the note 9 for a contract, is it still better to get the note 9 over this or the a70?
Whatsitallabaaat - 2 days ago
Hahaha. Did you hang with Italians? It always used to be Italian mothers that left the plastic on the couches. They'd keep it on for 15 years, then when they finally took it off the furniture was so dated they'd want a new set. 15 years of uncomfortable plastic. They'd do the same with their damned cars too.
outwestlawns - 2 days ago
Tim Cook just hung himself with a dongle
Lijah Roflair
Lijah Roflair - 3 days ago
Shoes sound like a fish tank lol
Don Le Dinh
Don Le Dinh - 3 days ago
*knife hands a cat* you must be a ds
caleb bradley
caleb bradley - 3 days ago
"its ya boi flossss"
Lazsalzari Romnzevroskki
I swear I watched so many of your videos, now I discipline my cat with the "calm down" hand !
Mickey - 3 days ago
A70 review!
Mimo jehane
Mimo jehane - 3 days ago
price for this phone 350 pounds and headphones looks like shit is very old headphones I buy one I do Refunds cuz of headphones I'm not I understand why Samsung give shit headphones to costumes
Fran says sorry
Fran says sorry - 3 days ago
Could you please do the A40?
評価する - 3 days ago
"that wuz a close call shoes u almost lost a whiska!"
Noodlelover - 3 days ago
I think phone manufacturers need to calm their farms.. They’re making way too many phones, new and fast. Our existing phones do everything, and they still have a ton of life left. These companies spend alot to make them, but they also probably make more back, it’s just uneccesary and I myself was thinking to upgrade but i’m not. I can watch youtube, I can take clear hd photos, I can text, call etc Honestly the only biggiest differences are the designs. Yeah nah.
T3CHGY007 - 3 days ago
lol white shoes ate that cord as if he was eating a noodle!
James Eliude
James Eliude - 3 days ago
Getting it for sure!
Hellsong 99
Hellsong 99 - 3 days ago
White Shoes purrs damn loud!
Ronnie Daza
Ronnie Daza - 3 days ago
you sound like a teacher ordering me to do my assignments lmfao xD. anyways, nice review and i love your cat hehehe
Bryan White
Bryan White - 3 days ago
The only Galaxy fold that cracked are the ones that took the protection screens off
Carissa Hughes
Carissa Hughes - 4 days ago
White shoes was stressing me out XD
Guidance Office
Guidance Office - 4 days ago
The cat is so cute and funny. I like also your review!
George Ruiz
George Ruiz - 4 days ago
Check out the Samsung A70 next please!
Nanda Su
Nanda Su - 4 days ago
That is an indonesia phone 🇮🇩 , as you can see they wrote there ‘gratis ‘ means it’s free SD card
sundance kidd
sundance kidd - 4 days ago
which one is better anyone? S8 or A50? pls answer anyone who has an opinion?
Pritish Nayyar
Pritish Nayyar - 4 days ago
In india we don't have a 128 gb variant and it also has a stupid rainbow finish at the back.😭😭😭
Corny Klassen
Corny Klassen - 4 days ago
this has become my favorite YouTuber
Jeppe Dalgaard
Jeppe Dalgaard - 4 days ago
Hands down to samsung for the prettiest box ever from samsung!🙌🏻
Stevo Atkin
Stevo Atkin - 4 days ago
Good review Flossy Carter.. Looks like white shoes ..has chewed up the headphones😃
Isaiah Harvin
Isaiah Harvin - 4 days ago
Just rub the cat already he's not gonna leave until you do,,,,
ROUJJ - 4 days ago
Watching on my a50
Ameila Jones
Ameila Jones - 4 days ago
This is a bit random but I love your voice :) Just saying.
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter - 4 days ago
Thanks my friend
Jack Evans Vlogs
Jack Evans Vlogs - 5 days ago
are you gonna do the A30 though? and can you review the soundpeats tru wireless
Steven Mancera
Steven Mancera - 5 days ago
I love how you said Samsung's Secure Folder as *THOT PROTECTION*
HAHAHA Good one. Subscribed
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter - 5 days ago
Lol you have to watch my Huawei P30 Pro video
Steven Mancera
Steven Mancera - 5 days ago
You should get that A80. And play on that flipping camera motor. Also find that Asus Zenfone 6 too, that's another flipping camera motor too
simbaroony hd
simbaroony hd - 5 days ago
My dude, can you do the Galaxy A10?
hacker666 - 5 days ago
Are you Romanian man?
pen of inspiration
pen of inspiration - 5 days ago
34min review 2k comments and no one talks about the phone 😕
Floss reviews like some Italian selling ammo!
Brinley - 5 days ago
My crappy iPhone 5 broke, and I was gonna buy an iPhone 7.

I’m now switching to Samsung for the TINY purpose of a headphone jack
4k recording works fine with open camera
Joel Nalkara
Joel Nalkara - 5 days ago
Comment section
90% white shoes
10% best review
lucky ME
lucky ME - 5 days ago
I like ma white shoes
William Chan Chan
William Chan Chan - 5 days ago
I Love my White Shoes...iLove my white shoes...💗😄😂
Jakub. M
Jakub. M - 5 days ago
Review the A70
Jimmy Dean
Jimmy Dean - 5 days ago
Hi. In the USA, can I use this on t-mobile service? Does it handle 4G LTE? I read somewhere that there are 5 bands, but this phone only handles 1, so that will affect performance. Is there any truth to this? Will it work perfectly on t-mobile? Thanks alot
JINGYU YANG - 6 days ago
Triple - 6 days ago
I just found u. Ayy bro
AJ Green
AJ Green - 6 days ago
Still the best reviews on YouTube!
justice agugua
justice agugua - 6 days ago
Flossy you are too much, I so much appreciate the way you review phone, you are truthful, when will you be reviewing the Samsung A70
Eron Ahmeti
Eron Ahmeti - 6 days ago
Is this better than an A7
Michael Furberry
Michael Furberry - 6 days ago
White shoes is the shot. Keep it up Floss.
swift snake
swift snake - 6 days ago
Plz make about a70
Bihaag Nepaul
Bihaag Nepaul - 6 days ago
10:23 True👍
M P - 6 days ago
Well...there goes the charging cable 😂😂 Shoes Approved!
Samuel Ornum
Samuel Ornum - 6 days ago
Am I the only who was shocked to that cat? A little bit heart attack grrrr
Win Mas
Win Mas - 7 days ago
The cat is eating the cables lol
Rolando Roy
Rolando Roy - 7 days ago
SS God
SS God - 7 days ago
I just saw this online and there is another phone called the Samsung a70 it's support to be almost on par with the s 10. BTW love the vids keep up the great work
Paper Bag Man
Paper Bag Man - 7 days ago
Why on earth do the mid range phones always have more features than the flagship high end phones? Makes no sense, it should be the other way around.
Anthony Mendenhall
Anthony Mendenhall - 7 days ago
Less than $300 for a nice ass phone.
Dragan Gruja
Dragan Gruja - 7 days ago
Jamie Slaughter
Jamie Slaughter - 7 days ago
Awesome video Flossy ! I subscribed to your channel a while back.. I have a question about the Galaxy a 50 and I just got the Galaxy a 70 Global version Which I'm pretty sure they're both pretty much kind of the same...Is your Galaxy 850 are you getting 4GLTE signals because with this a 70 I'm Only getting 3G signals And I have cricket for my service did know if you know a possible reasons why I'm not getting 4GLT
Johnkirbyd. Ricafort
Johnkirbyd. Ricafort - 7 days ago
Nice :)
Oluwafisayo Balogun
Oluwafisayo Balogun - 7 days ago
God bless whoever put your video on my TL 😂 I subscribed real quick! 🙌
ultraboosted - 7 days ago
Did u do mi 9 se it's also in the 300$ rangr
Christopher Orbasé Belmonte
wish all phone review is like this. mad salute to you sir :) Good Job :)
Stan Kabz
Stan Kabz - 8 days ago
What do y'all do with all the phones you review
livingstonerocks - 8 days ago
Gunn Powderr
Gunn Powderr - 8 days ago
Fooking smell test got me...
Dagau Andrei
Dagau Andrei - 8 days ago
Wait a minute. On his box it says FREE SD CARD GRATIS. GRATIS MEANS FREE IN ROMANIAN. Is that from Romania?
Kenny Valoyes
Kenny Valoyes - 8 days ago
Gratis is also free in Spanish
Christus Terran
Christus Terran - 8 days ago
Please check all a series
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