The Boomer Inquisition Questions Conan - CONAN on TBS

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Radical Empire
Radical Empire - 9 hours ago
Boomers trying to be Zoomers. Cringe. I'm a first generation Millennial, so I know what I'm talking about.
Noname - 17 hours ago
I love this and i love u
David Nobre
David Nobre - 18 hours ago
"I love all his music so much" xD
_ calloom _
_ calloom _ - 23 hours ago
Ok boomer
m3ali89 - Day ago
Ok boomer
Tom Campbell
Tom Campbell - 2 days ago
Thanks, Buster!
Vasilis Kat.
Vasilis Kat. - 2 days ago
Dude add a poached egg on that toast. Will level it up
JW GAMING - 3 days ago
Ok boomer
ericscarface - 4 days ago
dont let boomers choose your fate, VOTE in 2020
Lucas Velten
Lucas Velten - 5 days ago
this was cringy
Mashiro Shiina
Mashiro Shiina - 6 days ago
KokoroNoSama - 6 days ago
Ok boomer
SoupMasters - 7 days ago
this is such boomer content.
ARCAFLORYZ - 7 days ago
Conan’s such a boomer he doesn’t know what boomer means. No hate
ppp ppp
ppp ppp - 8 days ago
Andy reminds me of Jack Black
Christian Wallace
Christian Wallace - 8 days ago
conan is the worst night show by far
Isaac Putnam03
Isaac Putnam03 - 8 days ago
The irony of this is painfully obvious
H - Audi
H - Audi - 8 days ago
Ok boomer
Hallzor - 8 days ago
Boomer lives!
Albator Dali
Albator Dali - 9 days ago
by the way, if you're young and loving ecology and planning to save the planet. you're alright, but know that avocado production is an ecological disaster so please don't eat avocado toast.
nickrock23 - 9 days ago
all the overweight virgins who spend their lives using tech developed by genXers and baby boomers are in touch. with what I have no idea
G B Boxing
G B Boxing - 9 days ago
Haha there's a new thing going around on the intermet hahaha I'm hip too kids look at me, late night host
Cameron Stewart
Cameron Stewart - 9 days ago
Ok boomer
roop ahoot
roop ahoot - 9 days ago
ok boomer
Kana Beats
Kana Beats - 10 days ago
it's actually about the tik tok cuz insta has been driving me nuts lately. still follow me on both @beatsbykana
kiwi :3 cookie
kiwi :3 cookie - 10 days ago
OK boomer
EvilGodAsura - 11 days ago
Conan the living Ok boomer
Altair 21
Altair 21 - 11 days ago
OK Boomer is now very old & overhyped. We have moved on to 10 new ones.
RotoMiner - 11 days ago
Ok boomers
Daniel Huelsman
Daniel Huelsman - 12 days ago
Ok boomer
Eddie Leon
Eddie Leon - 12 days ago
Ok boomer
not bubby
not bubby - 12 days ago
Conan is the only good talk show host
Dominic Roseland
Dominic Roseland - 13 days ago
Bring back the draft.
Beep Bop
Beep Bop - 13 days ago
Boomers will be missed
Mystic dumbass
Mystic dumbass - 13 days ago
Ok Boomer.
PHILIP J FRY - 13 days ago
nobody expects the boomer inquisition
Ray Marquez
Ray Marquez - 13 days ago
Stfu z-er
yourmom literally
yourmom literally - 13 days ago
"I don't know I'm renting" shaaade
Mikael Viemerö
Mikael Viemerö - 14 days ago
marko polo 2
marko polo 2 - 14 days ago
that's really is not how you use the meme but ok
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