Chris Lane - Big, Big Plans (Video for Lauren)

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Brittany Charles
Brittany Charles - Day ago
When its right , love is such a beautiful thing💕😩😭
Laura Dimunno
Laura Dimunno - Day ago
Si è si 👏👏👏👏👏🤠🤠🤠💍
Natalie West
Natalie West - 2 days ago
This is my favorite song 👍👍👍
LilCanadian - 3 days ago
i only dream to find someone who loves me like this
Naila Ramjohn
Naila Ramjohn - 3 days ago
Only saw the wedding version and now that im here im crying. You can see their happiness. Congratulations to both of you. Wishing you all the best.
Turtle gamer
Turtle gamer - 3 days ago
So cute and your personality is good
Nicole Carter
Nicole Carter - 4 days ago
When he tells you...he got some big big plans 🤔😍
Melanie Southworth
Melanie Southworth - 4 days ago
What a quality video
AllLove LeadsToHelp
AllLove LeadsToHelp - 4 days ago
I feel lonely
vamp kitti
vamp kitti - 5 days ago
omg im crying
Giuliana Mannella
Giuliana Mannella - 5 days ago
Aww. I'm crying this is so beautiful. 💟💞💖
Melissa C
Melissa C - 5 days ago
Ben really messed up She’s a awesome girl
Kandus Dakus
Kandus Dakus - 5 days ago
So romantic 😭
nysiee8D1 - 5 days ago
Waterfalls 😭😭 best proposal I’ve seen yet 😍
Nicole Carter
Nicole Carter - 5 days ago
I wish.
Breezy Beauty
Breezy Beauty - 6 days ago
So I’m sitting here with a Zaxby’s chicken salad sitting in my lap on my lunch break crying my eyes out now .. thanks Chris ! ❤️🤣
msunknown - 6 days ago
2:39 the tears hit
Todd Clark
Todd Clark - 6 days ago
Cangadution you too so happy for y'all thanks for sharing with me
Merriotte Wells
Merriotte Wells - 7 days ago
Respectful woman
Merriotte Wells
Merriotte Wells - 7 days ago
Amy Starnes
Amy Starnes - 8 days ago
Sweetest ever..
Jason Bishop
Jason Bishop - 8 days ago
Very awesome!
Phumla Ralarala
Phumla Ralarala - 9 days ago
Congratulations Chris and lauren.... Much love 💞 frm south-africa
Karas Stewart
Karas Stewart - 10 days ago
Oh my goodness!! That’s the kind of man and love that every girl looks forward to 🥰
Ashleigh NeSmith
Ashleigh NeSmith - 10 days ago
Okay okay this video is so freakin' cute!!! I was just sitting here think about my best friend and I and I was like wow... when he was like "So is that a yes"..😍😍
E B - 11 days ago
if this isn’t true love i don’t know what is!💕
Jessica Clayton
Jessica Clayton - 11 days ago
Song and video always puts me in my feelings
Josh M
Josh M - 12 days ago
tim cook
tim cook - 12 days ago
Anyone else here cause they went to the Charlotte roval?
Finley Smith
Finley Smith - 12 days ago
awwwwwwweeeeee soooooooooo cuteeeeeeee
Burkley Saunders
Burkley Saunders - 13 days ago
if this isn’t true love i don’t know what is!💕
grace fourney
grace fourney - 13 days ago
Chris your such a good guy!!
Laura Dimunno
Laura Dimunno - 14 days ago
Complimenti ❤❤❤❤😇😇stupenda coppia 🎼🎵🎶👏👏👏👏👏
iiiCupquakez - 14 days ago
This DOES NOT Deserve Dislikes! The People That DISLIKED This Video Are EVIL!
BTW Congrats!
Melissa Mines
Melissa Mines - 14 days ago
This is so beautiful😂
Andrea Ready
Andrea Ready - 15 days ago
this speed down to 0.75 is magical
domination combination
domination combination - 13 days ago
Andrea Ready it is tho
Airlie Getman
Airlie Getman - 15 days ago
Love this
Maira Cerpa
Maira Cerpa - 17 days ago
My heart can’t even take this all in🥰
Trini Gal
Trini Gal - 17 days ago
Good for her! She is so sweet!
Paytan Gerling
Paytan Gerling - 17 days ago
This song makes me smile SO much!
Tia Kleman
Tia Kleman - 17 days ago
cant wait for the wedding!!!!!
JayJoJonny - 17 days ago
she said YES ! CL rockin the Panthers colors!
SwankyMama6 - 17 days ago
I really love Ben Higgins but this was a fairytale 😍 every guy needs to do this when he proposes
Conor Frank
Conor Frank - 17 days ago
Im 15 in all but I want to marry my girlfriend. She won't even see it coming
Theresa kikon
Theresa kikon - 17 days ago
Susan Snyder
Susan Snyder - 17 days ago
Sorry. She was cuter and more natural looking on bachelor. Now she looks anorexic
FadeZz Gamer
FadeZz Gamer - 16 days ago
Janine Kennedy
Janine Kennedy - 18 days ago
What a lucky girl! 😍
James Thomas
James Thomas - 18 days ago
Good song
Tai TEOFILO - 18 days ago
I’m eating my breakfast @ watching this beautiful proposal got me in 😭 tears. I have been watching you Lauren on Ben’s season, and am so so happy 😀 for you & Chris. Congratulations 🎈 may all your dreams come true. ❤️❤️
Meagan Griffith
Meagan Griffith - 19 days ago
Precious 💜💜
Kim Kardashian West
Kim Kardashian West - 19 days ago
Who’re! Ben bettah 🤬🤬🤬🤬
Mackie Siteman
Mackie Siteman - 19 days ago
Was about to cry omg this video was so cute
C. Benoit
C. Benoit - 20 days ago
Nicki Bolden
Nicki Bolden - 21 day ago
i just creid OMG so so so cute together love yall cangrats
Anne Bowser
Anne Bowser - 21 day ago
FRICK this hits the feels
Natalie Pierce
Natalie Pierce - 21 day ago
love the song but she is too skinny
Sheila Keenan
Sheila Keenan - 21 day ago
Now this is more like it!! 🍾 Congratulations newlyweds. May God bless your union always. 👰👨‍⚖️
Winters Winters
Winters Winters - 23 days ago
So, yeah, of course, I'm jealous..I'd love to be this are lucky, and I wish you lots of luck! I wouldn't usually be so nice, but I am a fan of Say Yes To the Dress, I Admit!! It's. Okay to dream, isn't it??
I mean, us old ladies..Haha
Volleyball girl #59
Volleyball girl #59 - 23 days ago
My dad asked my mom to marry him and she said yes and at the wedding me my sister and my brother started crying💖💖💜💜💙💙💞💞
Hubzy Empire
Hubzy Empire - 24 days ago
Whose here after their marriage ❤😍
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