Kevin Durant talks 38-point night for Warriors in Game 3 | 2019 NBA Playoffs

Deyvid Roman
Deyvid Roman - 4 months ago
"Keeping me in his spots" 2:25 - 2:35
He tryna tell Golden State get ridda this clown and pay him lmao
aldwin zapa
aldwin zapa - 4 months ago
play the game so you will know
aldwin zapa
aldwin zapa - 4 months ago
E_TheGod - 4 months ago
That's the problem. They always try to put "super stars" on a THRONE/PEDESTAL. KD is humble and doesn't want that. Leave that for the ARROGANT mfs who talk sh.t all day. I'm glad he won't accept. It's not about ONE player. Its a team effort, period.
Gaekou Will
Gaekou Will - 4 months ago
You all know who i am...Im kd35...
Nakeem Pinnock
Nakeem Pinnock - 4 months ago
He sound like a fat kid when he talk
Paul Hanson
Paul Hanson - 4 months ago
It's a pleasure to watch KD working with Andrew Bogut on some very intelligent high quality basketball. Bogut is the perfect center for the Warriors-DeMarcus is/was awesome in his own way but Bogut helps out because he's never looking to score. Which leaves less mouths to feed in terms of shots.
mr.GRAY23 phillie COTTLE
mr.GRAY23 phillie COTTLE - 4 months ago
Carlton Vincent
Carlton Vincent - 4 months ago
Oh well, that's the real Kevin Durant. Golden State again
courteo - 4 months ago
That's the best player in the world.
barney rubble
barney rubble - 4 months ago
Lot of burners in these comments
Susan Brown
Susan Brown - 4 months ago
Durant is the goat excellent scorer
Selby Fualaau
Selby Fualaau - 4 months ago
Wow Respect to KD. Understands the structure of chain of commands. Not like other super stars always interfering with coaches decisions and teams rosters. Team player
Animelytical - 4 months ago
That last question and his answer is why KD had to get out of OKC. GSW play the kind of intelligent basketball he needs. Just because you have the ball, it doesn't mean you score, Westbrick.
Though when he leaves, he can create that sort of team with Kyrie or even Klay to a lesser extent
Ty F
Ty F - 4 months ago
Geoff Thompson
Geoff Thompson - 4 months ago
Dominant performance by KD.
GamingMaster69 - 4 months ago
I am Kevin Durant my ass if he were really Kevin Durant he wouldn't be snaking going to the warriors
Richard Alvarez
Richard Alvarez - 4 months ago
Get ready for KD and Kyries post interviews!!
Brandon Nelson
Brandon Nelson - 4 months ago
Blazers and Warriors !! I’m hoping for that
Matthew 2700
Matthew 2700 - 4 months ago
KD is 2 good could’ve easily dropped 40+
MAZINGER Z - 4 months ago
Bron is still King of the NBA.
Jontrell Miles
Jontrell Miles - 4 months ago
Cmon man.. We still doin this?
sgsdgsg agsdgsdg
sgsdgsg agsdgsdg - 4 months ago
Not at all. You cant miss the playoffs and be king
not4long - 4 months ago
Hates should be lucky that kd with his talent and his mindset is all about team ball and playing “WITHIN THE OFFENSE” because if he was ever in takeover mode we would see a whole different beast, and these haters would be on suicide watch
SDN Mafia
SDN Mafia - 4 months ago
Jalen rose was right lol he predicted KD to drop 35 , he dropped 38
ToneCre8 - 4 months ago
Yea he was!
Jerry Jazzbo
Jerry Jazzbo - 4 months ago
I miss the old, quiet KD. I don't like this noisy one. (he's still the same as a player, so fuck off...butthurt idiot fanboys)
jay Tiller
jay Tiller - 4 months ago
"Ive been in league for 12 years, i dont need to show anybody anything.." Kd
Shawn Hass
Shawn Hass - 4 months ago
fuuuuck pat beverly. he's garbage. dirry grimy player and human. i pray he blows out both his knees and never plays another nba game. bitch ass nigga. fuck pat, fuck pat. fuck pat
Jerry Jazzbo
Jerry Jazzbo - 4 months ago
Look out your window tonight, and you'll see his face.
SmokeSmitty - 4 months ago
My team in the future, read between the lines
Bruce Lancelin
Bruce Lancelin - 4 months ago
I'm Rick James, he's Charlie Murphy, I'm Kevin Durant, he's Patrick Beverley ! I'm Kevin Durant, Bitch, You know who I am! R.I.P Rick and Charlie!
אלכסנדר - 4 months ago
We know who you are "The Silent Sniper"
Stokey Junior
Stokey Junior - 4 months ago
Well all know who he is, the biggest 🐍 in NBA history
AWAWA BO - 4 months ago
I am KD motherfuckers, y'all know who I am.
dako91196 - 4 months ago
Notice all those “Clips in 5” idiots are nowhere to be found now
Ivcota - 4 months ago
Kevin “you know who I am” Durant
Molly Whop
Molly Whop - 4 months ago
Lol, skinny boy, foh. Getting man handled by a 6 footer!
Jontrell Miles
Jontrell Miles - 4 months ago
kixmgc cmon bro stop it. Him getting man handled is actually the issue. Its a free movement game now. Which is why beverly was immediately catching foulcalls in game 3. That shit dont fly
George Tahopoulos
George Tahopoulos - 4 months ago
Kd must have changed PR people because I have loved his last two interviews
jeffrey woodruff
jeffrey woodruff - 4 months ago
KD is the Don Dada of the NBA and has been ever since he went head to head with Lebron in the Finals and won 2 straight including a sweep.
Nicholas Calhoun
Nicholas Calhoun - 4 months ago
Dick suckers! You got guys in the comments wondering what size his hoodie is lol smh
Erik Hopkins
Erik Hopkins - 4 months ago
KD "I don't want to jeopardize my team in the future"
Durant on playing for the Knicks. Lol.
Yashwanth Gowda
Yashwanth Gowda - 4 months ago
He gotta look out about that techs
//Æsthetɨc ɱɨɴd//
//Æsthetɨc ɱɨɴd// - 4 months ago
He really hates you questioneers 😆
Sean St John
Sean St John - 4 months ago
KB is obviously a great player but he needs a media specialist to teach him how to give an interview even if they teach him just to have fun and be more of a personality tell some jokes have some laughter stop being so serious you’re not getting your taxes filled out you’re giving your interview
stonedcold - 4 months ago
Looney hittin that mid range like Horace Grant. If he keep that up then it's over.
TellTha Truth
TellTha Truth - 4 months ago
"Im Kevin Durant. Rescind my last tech." "Oh n you know who I am"
Artic646 - 4 months ago
KD is the 🐐 win this finish him# mortalkombat
Artic646 - 4 months ago
LoL ha ha get over here #beverly
Cameron Meade
Cameron Meade - 4 months ago
I see you Pavy ! Hoops n Brews 🙌🏼
Armin - 4 months ago
If u think Kd is still 🐍 Like this comment
Ben Mangrum
Ben Mangrum - 4 months ago
Giannis is going to shut down KD in the Finals
Vito Smith
Vito Smith - 4 months ago
Lol...KD..say it for us one time lol..."y'all know who I am"..
Topsy Kretts
Topsy Kretts - 4 months ago
Top five talent of all time. Nearly seven foot tall, can shoot threes, can shoot mid range, great court vision, above average defense, and handles the ball like a guard.
GirlBossBeauty - 4 months ago
He’s been begging the reporters to ask him basketball questions and now we see why...he is a fan, analyst and lover of the sport and knows it deserves respect. Loved this interview.
Curtis 23
Curtis 23 - 4 months ago
Carrying the warriors
olaboopo olatunji
olaboopo olatunji - 4 months ago
chris haynes was the reporter that asked that last question... he knows he don fucked up going on media run talking about kd is sensitive .. you can tell kd not fucking with dude no more
Tired of Fools
Tired of Fools - 4 months ago
Tell 'em KD! Tell' em. We know who you are.
Energy Matterz Zone
Energy Matterz Zone - 4 months ago
Stop playing with me I told y'all this was to happen
John Pestano
John Pestano - 4 months ago
i told ppl if KD drops 35 or more the new narrative will be KD got his over Bev you know who he is now right lol.
MELANATED KING - 4 months ago
Focused All Day
Focused All Day - 4 months ago
KD is easily the best overall scoring option in the NBA.
zero senpai
zero senpai - 4 months ago
Ayy Shout-out to Hoops n Brews I hear you Pavy
AlphaDwg - 4 months ago
The media asks such stupid questions
Marz Da Gamer
Marz Da Gamer - 4 months ago
Jalen called it
AlphaDwg - 4 months ago
Marz Da Gamer anyone who watches basketball saw this coming
Your Typical Bama Fan
Your Typical Bama Fan - 4 months ago
Jalen Rose was right
mkcinc23 - 4 months ago
KD is probably the best player in the world. But the past couple years he is the most annoying, cry baby, sensitive player in the League. I hope he goes back to OKC or another team and prove he can win without Steph.
Breyon Hopkins
Breyon Hopkins - 4 months ago
No questions about Free agency after he shut them down 😂😂😂
elterrible john
elterrible john - 4 months ago
That ambush hoodie is dope ☠
Jakub pogubila
Jakub pogubila - 4 months ago
I love KD now the older version I like the younger version to he just sounds really smart now
goat Jonathan
goat Jonathan - 4 months ago
Game 3 38pt you know who I am
Brian Hilliard
Brian Hilliard - 4 months ago
To the naysayers, leery me introduce to ya...THIS IS KEVIN DURANT! KD is a very smart and strategic basketball player.
King Savage
King Savage - 4 months ago
Em Kast
Em Kast - 4 months ago
Kd standing his ground and showing confidence. Good shit
Omary Saho
Omary Saho - 4 months ago
They need to rescind that tech that was some bull shit
Travis Yang
Travis Yang - 4 months ago
Still and will always be a snake until he wins one without warriors.
quaeezy IV
quaeezy IV - 4 months ago
Talk yo shit KD aka greatest player on the planet for the last 3 years
Javier smith
Javier smith - 4 months ago
@Trippy gameing if you can't consistently perform in the Finals then take Currys name out.
Trippy gameing
Trippy gameing - 4 months ago
TemporaryGod IV you mean lebron and curry in 2016
Teddy A
Teddy A - 4 months ago
KD a real Superstar..fuck the haters they ain't got no life
oj oj
oj oj - 4 months ago
The media has to rationalize KDs behavior by essentially calling him soft or weak emotionally when he’s speaking straight facts. i think KD sinds day one is toyn with the media hahaha
Randy Resler
Randy Resler - 4 months ago
Last season as a warrior ✌🏻
Kenyata Jones
Kenyata Jones - 4 months ago
Now you know who he is
ctnative203 - 4 months ago
truth hurts
truth hurts - 4 months ago
We still know you're the poor man's lebron james.
TwonTheGod - 4 months ago
I hope he go to a team that needs him next year
Madao - 4 months ago
""i won't take 20 shots
i won't take 20 shots""
Malik Will
Malik Will - 4 months ago
Madao lol you’re stupid. He said he wouldn’t go out his way to do that smh.
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