“I Got Grown Men In My DMs!” Jaden Newman DROPS BARS In The Studio & Julian Goes BEAR HUNTING 😱

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Overtime - 20 days ago
December 5th.
Harambe 4ever
Harambe 4ever - Day ago
Where is it?
Damjan YT
Damjan YT - 13 days ago
No u
ISOGGz - 13 days ago
That's my b day lol
Melissa Sanchez
Melissa Sanchez - 18 days ago
GrindTime Merald
GrindTime Merald - 19 days ago
Lil Dooder MINE TOO
Zack Meshanko
Zack Meshanko - 2 hours ago
This show ass
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones - 5 hours ago
Wtf she trash af
Flux Tank
Flux Tank - 13 hours ago
No one is in your dms you look like a cheetah
Cayden Ledbetter
Cayden Ledbetter - 21 hour ago
Dats not blowing up
Cayden Ledbetter
Cayden Ledbetter - 22 hours ago
Bigger Chungus
Bigger Chungus - 22 hours ago
Jaden rapping:when you tryna rap like Cardi b but you sound like a dollar store Dora
Andre Kentish
Andre Kentish - Day ago
Literally no one:
Julian’s dad: You here it?
Julian’s dad: Yells random noise to attract bear
Jaxon - Day ago
We killin bears now wtf 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀
Russell - Day ago
Julian : "i don't have all day"
Also Julian : Sitting in bed on his phone
DllMEZ - Day ago
That rap was so ass
Louis A. McCaII II
Louis A. McCaII II - Day ago
The grown men stuff is cool to promote?
Novan Tan
Novan Tan - Day ago
Hunting bear, get a duck whistle...
Happy Ghost Bros
Happy Ghost Bros - Day ago
It’s all starting to make sense when I realized they live in Florida
Jagger Rone
Jagger Rone - Day ago
Idgaf, this shit is entertaining asf 🤣
Wiz_keifa - Day ago
Grown men in my dms lmao 😂
Swear_on_ur_yeezys - Day ago
9:18 my nba 2k19 player waiting for a game to end
YOUNGINJaay SAVage - 10 hours ago
ybntrin - Day ago
y’all grown mother fuckers texting this lil girl it’s really sick
techi9 - Day ago
She's pretty that all that matters
DestinyPro 17
DestinyPro 17 - Day ago
Lil baby wya
Jonathan - Day ago
pey ton
pey ton - Day ago
She is so ass at singing
VergeSoul ,
VergeSoul , - Day ago
One time I got shot by a bear
zKvrse - 2 days ago
I just wanna tit job from her😰😅 reminds me of Mia Khalifa
NoiD - 2 days ago
This guy really trying to kill a bear with a machete
Red Face
Red Face - 2 days ago
This show is a living meme
Jace Jacoban
Jace Jacoban - 2 days ago
She a hoe
LaMelo Ball
LaMelo Ball - 2 days ago
I don't run it
The Meme Dude
The Meme Dude - 2 days ago
Salopart - 2 days ago
They can’t hunt at all
Alexander 3 Face
Alexander 3 Face - 2 days ago
So she can rap about grown men in her DMs but the Bull threw a temper tantrum over a belly button ring...I swear he would sacrifice 104829 Babies to see fame & fortune smh and that song isnt even Cash me outside level how tf anyone would think more is beyond me 😂
Matthew Hagberg
Matthew Hagberg - 2 days ago
i wake up in the morning and all the bushes in my front yard are gone. i check the cameras and there’s a 4,1 guy screaming cutting down my bushes with a machete
Nick - 2 days ago
I will fucking diss Jaden Newman if that shit is a hit
Timothy Uzor
Timothy Uzor - 3 days ago
I think the dialogue reaches its peak at 3:15
14k Shay
14k Shay - 3 days ago
When Jaden is a adult and basketball don’t work out I hope she become a pornstar real shit tho
14k Shay
14k Shay - 3 days ago
I’m 14 so it’s okay lmao
Nathan Buie
Nathan Buie - 3 days ago
The lengths ppl will go for fame and popularity...this little girl can't be anymore than 13-14 and in the title its talking about grown men in her DMs smh!!!
How to post
How to post - 3 days ago
lmaoo her cousin look fuckin bald😭😭
Jacob Tolentino
Jacob Tolentino - 3 days ago
their dad is too scripted
Noah Peters
Noah Peters - 3 days ago
Omg bitch stay off the mic 😱 tht shits horrible 😂😂😂
Livid Again
Livid Again - 3 days ago
Ur cousin lied to u🤢. Dat shit is 🐴💩
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