Naomi Klein on Extinction Rebellion, the Green New Deal and fast fashion

Broomehall - 13 hours ago
Klein ..... just another deluded activist who thinks she has the answers, go to China, India, USA, the Middle East and take your argument there, sure, we are part of the problem, but compared to some countries and governments we are a shining example ! .... Facts Klein ..... Facts ! ..... not your bluster and silly protests on the streets of London that are already yesterdays news.
sundiii99OWS - 3 days ago
I'll have to read her books. What I tell people on YouTube is to stop shopping to help destroy CAPITALISM, because corporations are slave plantations. Save your money because soon there won't be any jobs. Also debt is slavery and illegal, and renting is SLAVERY and illegal. But capitalism is ALL about wage jobs, right? Well wage slavery IS slavery! The things that are destroying the earth most of all are vehicles, roads, houses, etc, and those things created the most jobs and made America "look" like capitalism was a great system, but now, looking backwards, we can see that's what's destroying the earth most of all! It also killed millions of people. What we SHOULD have done was build beautiful TOWER cities connected to maglev Trains! If we'd have done that today there would be NO CLIMATE CHANGE danger! Please help tell this to the world!
Todd Oliver
Todd Oliver - 6 days ago
tortugabob - 6 days ago
Yeah time marches on and when eleven years is over the world will not have ended and the climate will be be the same. In her dystopia the world would be run by totalitarian forces of her type.
NoExitLoveNow - 6 days ago
Joe Biden is a disaster.
dave murphy
dave murphy - 9 days ago
Utopia. Eradicate poverty. Simple as that, She might have mentioned that the marshal plan was orchestrated without the inclusion of the banking industry and led to the revving up of the western industrial machine not only rescuing Europe from the ravages of war and the US from the specter of another depression but was also possibly responsible for the latest spike in global warming. She has no cohesive answers. To travel to parts of the world to investigate or worse experience poverty in any guise makes you part of the problem. To consume products that have air miles or even intercontinental truck miles attached makes you part of the problem. To partake in fashion flinging or glorifying the frippery of the vainglorious (pop stars?) makes you part of the problem. She also doesn't understand what Brexit is about.
Ed MacLean
Ed MacLean - 9 days ago
unrestrained by reality
energy poverty anyone?
Chris Soro
Chris Soro - 10 days ago
So Naomi Klein advocates governments "making it easier" (Orwell must be somersaulting in his grave) for those in non-conformity to official doctrine to get with the program by making them into social pariahs? Funny this doesn't sound like a progressive idea to me. Isn't shunning the stuff of medieval-minded religious groups?
Not exactly the stuff social justice warriors are made of.
Tim THE F WORD Johnston
Tim THE F WORD Johnston - 12 days ago
Fred Krissman
Fred Krissman - 12 days ago
IMO, the host is rather clueless, and Naomi is brilliant!
8skywalker8 - 12 days ago
Great interview. She is amazing.
Krishnan IMO doesn’t grasp the gravity of the situation and the proximity of danger. When he says “but when someone in New York says this I generally think well you’ll be ok”. This, despite the fact that Klein has already spelled it out, we are already living in a society and politics that is being driven by the instability and pressure that the global politics faces. And yet relatively speaking this pressure is a fraction of what global politics will face when the worst effects of climate catastrophe become a factor in everyone’s life. At which point politics and society becomes a very different and dangerous situation for all but the most privileged, elite of the world who can isolate themselves.
Acasheen - 13 days ago
i’m always amazed to see all these fantastic plans for our Planet that these carnivore-desperate-housewives manage to come up with on their kitchen table !
mitchio86 - 13 days ago
Load of nonsense. And I hate their blindspot of mass immigration. The UK is overpopulated, we need to lower the population for the good on the environment, not increase it.
Val Sanderson
Val Sanderson - 13 days ago
She has written so many great books. Now this subject. She is amazing
R Padia
R Padia - 14 days ago
Naomi, did you see the major story of Professor Peter Ridd's being sacked for exposing the lie of the Great Barrier Reef dying? He and many other scientists are spreading the word of the political forces that want to drive us down by using non-science sound bites, Al Gore Bill Nye and people like you.
Listen to real scientist that truly care about saving the planet.

Reference Org: Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change The Sun’s impact on weather

The ‘Climate Alarmist’ group is driven by the concept of “Noble Cause Corruption”. They are so convinced of their righteousness that it is more important than the confirmation of data or solutions.
CCDR07 - 9 days ago
@R Padia Hi Ron, continued thanks for writing... In reply, I am unable to see why we cannot divest our reliance on fossil fuels well within our lifetime, or at least reduce their consumption to a small fraction of what it is now. Just for example, transport. Electric vehicles are becoming more affordable all the time. Nowadays, people buy a new car every 10 to 15 years in the west. If you live in urban areas, the infrastructure is already being built to support them (e.g. charge points). Same with buses and trains. Planes will be more difficult though... And for rural areas, it's definitely cheaper to put in a charge point along less used highways, then shipping oil by train and truck all over the country. I would also advocate for massively reduced material consumption in western society to further reduce transport needs (as well moves towards local-food supply chains, etc.). In answer to your question, I see major evidence of irreversible human impacts on land and marine ecosystems all around the planet, both due to resource extraction and industrialized agriculture, but also toxicological impacts from industrial processes. The spectre of climate change being human induced or not really makes no difference to the need to reduce the environmental impacts of our economic activity... . Personally, I am not a climatologist, and do not have a personal opinion as to the accuracy or precision of UN climate models, though, I would admit that I have a strong inclination to believe the opinions of a large, disparate, group of scientists working from many different countries, funding agencies, and scientific disciplines related to atmospheric CO2, and who the majority of whom don't stand to personally benefit financially from the world reducing fossil fuel use.
R Padia
R Padia - 11 days ago
@CCDR07 Hi, The answer to your question "we need to leave..." is Yes but, realistically not in our lifetime. Now answer my question, regarding the UN Climate models that predict large earth temp raise because of Co2. So, "do you believe these climate model results or not? Take Care, Ron
CCDR07 - 11 days ago
@R Padia Hi Ron, thanks for the interesting links, but now it seems like we are going to have to argue about what we are going to argue about... :) . I'm writing because I think that it doesn't matter whether humans can influence the "climate" or not. Seeking out alternatives to fossil fuels (and "growth" and/or non-cicular economies) should be a priority for many reasons: 1. Fossil fuels (and other resources) are going to run out at some point in the not distant future. 2. Development of alternative energies can diversify our energy industry, making it and the social infrastructure it supports more resilient and adaptable (e.g., solar as I mentioned previously), 3. Conflicts in the middle east would scale back as that focus of geo-political power evaporates, etc. These are all wins as far as humanity is concerned. So my question still is, can we agree on the need to leave a economy based on hyper-consumption and fossil fuels behind and unite people towards that goal? If we can agree on that, then we can argue about how we think it can be accomplished, but at least that would be constructive arguement. Yeah, that's a good point you made, I'd also like to see "the brain power used to put a rover on Mar be redirected to Earth based issues". So for example, vote for politicians who will reduce government subsidies to oil and provide incentives for solar development.
R Padia
R Padia - 12 days ago
@CCDR07 Okay, you've changed the subject. In my couples communication course that my wife and I took decades ago, the one principle needed in any dialog is to focus on 'one' subject at a time. Can we focus on the Climate Change (aka Global Warming)? Right now Co2 is the evil gas because a couple of non-scientist, Al Gore and Bill Nye have programmed too many to believe in the UN's numerous 'Climate Models'. Which i know you have found these many model are poor indicators of predicting anything, unless you trust those that have and will financially benefited from this 'Fear' agenda. This fear agenda has push many to believe the Alternative energy products will save us from our pending 'Extinction'! This is where the dividing line. So do you believe these climate model results or not? I don't. I by the way, did you know that the Russian scientist have a climate model, that actually tracks real temperature results and does not predict our Extinction due to the Climate? Have you even viewed my provide links on this subject matter? Reference Org: Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change The Sun’s impact on weather (97% claim) (Book: In the Cold Light of Day)
CCDR07 - 12 days ago
​@R Padia Thanks Ron for writing back considerately. Yeah, I think generally people do want the same things in life when they look at what is truly important. But, still we all manage to collectively produce a large diversity of conflicting opinions that drive us into these "unwinnable" arguments with each other. For example I might say that millions of people have had to relocate their homes due to the ravages of oil-wars in the middle east. They are leaving to avoid bombs and bullets, not noisy turbines and chunks of flying ice (e.g. Scotland), and the West’s militaries aren’t there fighting for our right to use the desert sun for solar power. By the way, that is precisely the reason I am a big fan of solar, in that it can be practically entirely de-centralized and doesn't require concentrations of capital. Anyway, these are the arguments that CRITICALLY stops us from forming a united will for action (political or otherwise). This situation sits just fine for oligarchs and other forms of entrenched power (coincidentally?), whose wealth and influence are stitched up with the ability to control access to the things we need to live within the socio-economic structure of our society. I guess my question is what can we agree on? Forget about Greta Thunberg, and left and right, etc., Can we agree that our governments should stop subsidizing oil and gas and continued military interventions in the middle east (which is another form of subsidy), and should provide incentives for decentralized alternatives? (e.g., solar power that individuals can own and access without having to be dependent on state or corporate infrastructure). Could we agree on that? Because, if enough people could agree on that, there will be politicians who will respond to that desire from the left and the right.
innerrevolution1 - 14 days ago
Big up for Ch4 for featuring this
badgerellfinmutti - 15 days ago
Looking at the current thumbs down I see there are currently 101 people in denial!!! What is wrong with you?
Pamela Joy
Pamela Joy - 15 days ago
It’s about being aware of ones placing power on the “concretized” object, becoming conscious of its lack of nurturing, nourishment and it’s dire toxicity to then have the clarity to find that in nourishing, sustainable and life affirming ways.
Thanks for this interview.
Thank-you Naomi🙏
Clare Orchard
Clare Orchard - 15 days ago
I'd like to hear Marianne Williamsons name on list please Naomi 🌱💪💞👐🌳🌈
Paul DiBenedetto
Paul DiBenedetto - 16 days ago
A good way to fight global warming is to force repatriate people to their native southern climates where they wont live western lifestyles and wont have to use much fuel or energy to heat their homes.
Faint Signals from Vega
Faint Signals from Vega - 16 days ago
Not vegan? Not serious
The study, published in the journal Science, created a huge dataset based on almost 40,000 farms in 119 countries and covering 40 food products that represent 90% of all that is eaten. It assessed the full impact of these foods, from farm to fork, on land use, climate change emissions, freshwater use and water pollution (eutrophication) and air pollution (acidification).
“A vegan diet is probably the single biggest way to reduce your impact on planet Earth, not just greenhouse gases, but global acidification, eutrophication, land use and water use,” said Joseph Poore, at the University of Oxford, UK, who led the research. “It is far bigger than cutting down on your flights or buying an electric car,” he said, as these only cut greenhouse gas emissions.
The new research shows that without meat and dairy consumption, global farmland use could be reduced by more than 75% – an area equivalent to the US, China, European Union and Australia combined – and still feed the world. Loss of wild areas to agriculture is the leading cause of the current mass extinction of wildlife.
CCDR07 - 12 days ago
Don't discount non-vegan's, it comes across as puritanical and intolerant. (I'm vegan by the way).
kurt danielson
kurt danielson - 16 days ago
Fossil fuels make the world go round. Very little affect on climate, if any. The policies she advocates means unemployment, disease, and death. Nice lady.
kurt danielson
kurt danielson - 12 days ago
@CCDR07 For better or worse, the flourishing of mankind didn't really start until we harnessed the energy of ancient life. Fossil fuels are actually solar power stored for millions of years underground. Anyway, solar and wind power aren't remotely close to be considered alternative power on a large scale. Nuclear would be the only viable source, but it isn't popular. Fossil fuels will be used widely for many years into the future.
CCDR07 - 13 days ago
What do you think the Iraq war was about, the west's right to use their deserts to produce solar power? Hundreds of thousands of deaths in less than a year. We can flourish without being dependant on fossil fuels and the oligarchy that supplies them.
John Bentley
John Bentley - 17 days ago
~~TULSI GABBARD~~pease & prosperity for earth & humanity~~
~~TULSI~~the dragon slayer~~
Nigel FELANGUE - 17 days ago
This woman is talking from total IGNORANCE ,she is obviously a Socialist !
Scot Campbell
Scot Campbell - 17 days ago
Is she vegan?
djhbrown - 17 days ago
plenty of hot air, but no constructive ideas, so here's one: get rid of cars and replace them with maglev mini trains, all the way to your door, in an insulated house.
Achenar Myst
Achenar Myst - 18 days ago
In the 90s it was termed climate catastrophe, getting worse in the 00s it was called climate crisis, and getting really catastrophic in the 10s it was called climate change. I think as we head towards extinction we are just going to call it climate business. Good night and good luck.
Sergio Aguiar
Sergio Aguiar - 18 days ago
A carbon audit. Lets implement it.
Sergio Aguiar
Sergio Aguiar - 16 days ago
@Achenar Myst Its refreshing to have someone else coming up with solutions. I'm writing a book about all this. It's the Arthurian Legend Reborn.
Achenar Myst
Achenar Myst - 18 days ago
In Germany we just had a new legislation passed that every ministery has to prove repeatedly that its actions are compliant with the Paris agreement. That‘s not bad for a start.
P. A. Andrews
P. A. Andrews - 18 days ago
Unionize to stop FASCISM !!!
Alex Mendes
Alex Mendes - 18 days ago
Climate is always changing ... and a vulcan erupt can more damage than hundred of years of cars pollution. We just have to be part of planet ... instead of make the planet part of us.
Paul Almond
Paul Almond - 19 days ago
The UK has an opportunity on December 12th to vote in a new government. One that is committed to making the urgent changes necessary to tackle climate change. Labours Green Industrial Revolution and Green New Deal plans would aim to make our country's net carbon neutral by 2030. All whilst creating hundreds of thousands of well paid green tech jobs and creating a fairer/better society for all.
Oliver Button
Oliver Button - 10 days ago
Judging by this the left in the UK has an uphill battle at the moment. Hopefully this will change as the message gets out.
Oliver Button
Oliver Button - 10 days ago
True it's just a shame that people either don't have climate change as a priority or misunderstand the left's criticism of Israel leading to the famous "anti-Semitic" scandal. I sympathise with those who oppose anti-Semitism, it's just disappointing some of them also believe Israel is a infinitely virtuous state that does no wrong.
Les Kuzyk
Les Kuzyk - 19 days ago
Learn more about climate change ... read a researched climate speculation novel.
Set partially in Mali, as mentioned in this interview, but mostly in next door Niger.
Pinatubo II -- first in a sequel
Les Kuzyk
Les Kuzyk - 19 days ago
Wow, still paid the same for those once fossil fuel workers, well, income translates into not only carbon emissions (3 planets worth in Canada) but other biosphere consumption patterns (2 more planets in Canada). All in one of those science paper ... read the abstract at least
Mona Moore
Mona Moore - 20 days ago
Capitalism is the core of evilness
Mona Moore
Mona Moore - 16 days ago
@Achenar Myst Honey my dear human being... the economy like 3 basic of geometric shapes (Ribs and circles and lines) all the new ideas no matter what it's will fall in those 3 categories Capitalism: pyramidal Communism: straight line Socialism: circle Even GND is socialist categorie matter what ideas will found it's will fall in one of these loops In another way all colors came from 3 basic colors red❤ blue💙 yallow💛 Did you know taxes is socialist system not capitalist?!?! The capitalism doesn't have taxes it's 100% private institutions economy The communism mean all your money go to government 100% government support economy Socialist it's 50/50 win win game to keep economy in circle not to gain in one bank account The government + the private institutions + the individual all winners in socialist Even the economy will be stable *WHY?!* because the citizen can buying the entrepreneurs can't losing the government saved the money inside the country Capitalism destroy the working class 99% of money goes to 1% of people You can be rich without working class You can't open Walmart in Somalia!!! Middle class is the real buyer Capitalism doesn't have minimum wage system or right socialist dose... it's call capital which means the owner of money have the right to controlling everything no taxes no minimum wage...the capitalism and slavery it's two sides to same coin ....that's why they want to replace human with robots!!! The free trade destroy the economy of government all money will go out the working class will losing their jobs ..all factories will moving to cheap countries like China Raw socialist dosen't do that..even Bernie Sanders he's socialist with capitalism under tunes
Achenar Myst
Achenar Myst - 18 days ago
Well, it was good to raise societies from the devastations of 2 world wars. But by now it‘s evident that it is not a future proof system and that we have to leave it behind and head for something new which of course is not communism. But something like the GND could be worth a trial.
Daniel Irina
Daniel Irina - 20 days ago
good luck
GaiasFleas - 20 days ago
We need to hold the media responsible for not informing the public on this urgent issue.
Steve Moyer
Steve Moyer - 21 day ago
Money is the dominant paradigm. We need a new paradigm based on consensus, righteousness and cooperation rather than control, greed and competition.
Steve Moyer
Steve Moyer - 21 day ago
20-somethings feel trapped by brand consciousness.
James Westcott
James Westcott - 21 day ago
why does Krishnan Guru-Murthy keep asking such disingenuous, bad faith questions? He knows what's going on. Why this reflexive habit of playing dumb, trying to antagonize, trying to be adversarial... have a real conversation man, don't just ask cynical questions. OBVIOUSLY we need political change and standing with a placard isn't enough. What kind of a question is that? But also: the emergence of a mass civil disobedience movement is a huge thing, a huge awakening.
James Westcott
James Westcott - 21 day ago
"a lot of them [kids] are shouting about the climate and wearing nice clothes" -- well done for pointing out a hypocrisy, Krishnan. Now that you've done that, maybe we should all just stop trying, in order to be pure. We all live in a toxic system, people do what they can, and act according to what they're aware of. That doesn't make them wrong to want radical action on climate and ecological catastrophe.
todd stewart
todd stewart - 21 day ago
Brilliant - I learn more in 5 mins with Naomi Klein than in a year of MSM in the states
Kurt Klingbeil
Kurt Klingbeil - 17 days ago
Why spend _any_ time or effort assaulting your brain cells with MSM propaganda ? Just say no!
Allan Menard
Allan Menard - 22 days ago
Now if we could get her, George Monbiot, Noam Chomsky, and a few others together to come up with a model and story to get us there.
CMW - 22 days ago
It needs to be justice lead. Even the libertarian capitalists agree that their needs to restitution when someone dumps on their private property. If a capitalist loses a bit of money from someone interrupting their business for a day they can sue for losses and the worst of them do but the people of Mali can't afford to take the polluters to court to sue for damages to their entire livelihood. Extinction Rebellion knows the laws on free protest. They and others need to get the lawyers and educate more so they can work against the expensive corporate lawyers. Class action lawsuits that re-balance the asymmetries where a special interest gains millions from the small parasitic bites off the many such that it's not worth the effort for the individuals of the many to fight it but the special interest will invest a good chunk of their millions on lobbyists ensure the flow of blood continues. If the system worked then Exxon and other oil companies that knew about the effects in the 50s should be paying out to everyone affected and the market would reflect that, putting them out of business.
Mel Royale
Mel Royale - 22 days ago
I find it insulting that there are thousands of people who are making real differences in their own local habitats and eco-systems, and have done for most of their lifetimes. Yet this message is like nothing has ever been done. We all have to learn to live in balance with Planet Earth, but few who read this will actually follow up on the concept. The new green deal seeks to abandon fossil fuels, oil, coal, gas, huge industries employing so many people around the world. All those jobs will go. A healthy economy raises life expectancy, subsistence lowers it. There are less children dying than before the industrial revolution ( if you ignore wars ). There is more money to afford progress. But progress is something you and I can do right now. We can live in balance with the planet now. We don't need laws, we don't need to blame our governments. After all, our governments are a reflection of our views, are they not ???? So we need to change, and change now
rogermacbain - 22 days ago
master class in bullshitting.
MtnMig - 23 days ago
The future will be radical either way, like it or not...that was the best statement. It is true. I would rather make radical changes that preseve life as we know rather than dealing with the radical change that will result because of our fear of making changes.
keith lambe
keith lambe - 23 days ago
what about tax breaks as well as free public transport for people who work locally to their homes? Vote Green or for political parties which stand for social justice.
bo ptah
bo ptah - 23 days ago
Global temperatures are set to plunge. the scientists are idiots.
staninjapan07 - 23 days ago
As usual Ms. Klein, whose earlier books I recommend, has some great ideas and puts them across well.
Sadly, I think there were many fewer good ideas here, as a proportion of the whole, than there used to be.
Ms Klein, no one alive to day is even remotely responsible for slavery or empire, except some heads of corporations who have lobbied to be allowed to be disconnected from their countries' demands that they behave within certain guidelines on tax, treatment of employees, the environment etc.
If you want guilt related to slavery or empire to be an effective whacking stick, go after the abovementioned, not the tax payers of developed nations whose governments, as you have written yourself, do not listen to said taxpayers/citizens.
It's a horrible generalization, I know, but you seem to have adopted the attitudes and group think of 'the left', whereas you used to be very specific on policy and human decency.
As for your belief in the infallible IPCC, it's a group of people who are not all scientists and what it presents each time is a heavy-re-write (to be generous) of what actual scientists (not all of whom agree on every matter) write.
For reference
Being a decent person, it goes without saying they you will not buy this from Amazon, a company known to treat its employees like slaves, so to speak.
Richard Monroe
Richard Monroe - 22 days ago
Obviously she didn't care about climate change until she needed a new subject that would sell. She had 2 children so she put her offspring in harm's way. The system is wasteful and destructive so putting up some windpower or solar panels will just add to the growth of this system that should drastically shrink. Oh well.
abie raynsford
abie raynsford - 24 days ago
Fantastic interview, thank you - I've shared it widely and everyone says the same.
Thank you Channel 4 for being a leader in getting the Truth out there.
And thank you Naomi Klein for creating new narratives, for transforming the gloom into creativity, shared hope and giving form to future possibilities.
Kieran Thomas David Wright
summer 2018- joint hottest summer ever recorded
winter 2019- hottest winter temperature ever recorded (February)
summer 2019- hottest temperature ever recorded in the British isles (July)

climate change is beginning to rear its head in the developed world too...
Women Weaving Change
Women Weaving Change - 24 days ago
Bundle of Perceptions
Bundle of Perceptions - 25 days ago
I love Naomi, but she is naive on climate change. If we stop all burning of fossil fuels today, we will still be hit with way more than a four degree warming. 8 - 10 degrees are already baked into the system. All we are waiting on is the Arctic ice to melt. Once that happens, it's all over now baby blue.
Kurt Klingbeil
Kurt Klingbeil - 17 days ago
Presumeably you have a point ? How about rebutting what she says and articulating your superior PoV ?
Kai Paulden
Kai Paulden - 22 days ago
I mean - prolonging the time until the apocalypse.
Kai Paulden
Kai Paulden - 22 days ago
Be that as it may, I think we can still have a go at mitigating the damage and prolonging the apocalypse.
Billy Sayer
Billy Sayer - 25 days ago
It’s amazes me how a 1 degree increase in average global temperature can cause forest fires. Who would’ve thought! 🤔
8skywalker8 - 16 days ago
I think presenting data in different ways is helpful to all. Here is temperature change represented in sound.
Kurt Klingbeil
Kurt Klingbeil - 17 days ago
@8skywalker8 my reply was to "who knew" No, this degree of warming is not natural Your explanation was right on. All of the climate sciencey stuff is beyond most people's comprehension... tiny numbers, huge numbers, complex non-linear interactions over long time scales, and like that. There is no inherent problem with being ignorant of this stuff - except when ignoramussssses spout their ignorance-based armchair analyses presuming them to be superior to real scientists. The denial101x YT videos are awesome glimpses into this whole area
8skywalker8 - 17 days ago
Kurt Klingbeil I’m unsure if this is a reply to me!? Are you suggesting that this warming is normal?
Kurt Klingbeil
Kurt Klingbeil - 17 days ago
Scientists - as far back as the 1800s knew about the atmospheric warming potential
Alan Harper
Alan Harper - 22 days ago
Catherine Hume
Catherine Hume - 25 days ago
There are some good ideas here, but it is very much pie in the sky. Without knowing that Naomi Klein is a writer, people listening to especially the first part of the interview where she gives her view of the future would know that she is a writer. She is world building - designing a world. But giving no plans how we will get to it. How normal, every day people on zero hours contracts would get to work in her vision of the future. I am a writer. I have also been a front line community worker and worked on zero hours contracts. What she says about her students knowing they must be brands in order to have jobs shows that Ms Klein has absolutely no clue about zero hours contracts in small English towns.
Jerr Makak
Jerr Makak - 25 days ago
So if GND is as bad as currently proposed renewables, how can be GND a good idea, when more I learn about solar/wind plants, more insane it sounds using this on some massive scale. Also I've noticed that proponents of renewables almost never talk about these aspects. Or even that solar panels even create much more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2. But larger problem of the solar seems to be toxic waste from production, which is somewhere even spilled in the rivers, so fish literally die from solar panels and creates pollution. If nothing else, solar panels present large problem, how to transport/storage this toxic waste. Greta Thunberg never talked about it. XR, Greenpeace not even the Naomi Kleine I have never talk about this like this problem doesn't even exist.
So again.. how can I believe GND to be sane informed solution, if we already see this massive distance from the reality around energy power solutions?
Jerr Makak
Jerr Makak - 25 days ago
Yeah, but do we agree, we must stop using solar panels and wind farms to save the environment? Seems the great tragedy is that we are destroying nature by using so-called renewable energies. Naomi Klein said in the interview, we need to use solar and wind power plants. Why when solar wind plants are literally producing so many toxic waste and are endangering birds and even insects?
So does Naomi Klein actually has good ideas?
Carlos Spicyweiner
Carlos Spicyweiner - 25 days ago
The problem is capitalism.
Kai Paulden
Kai Paulden - 24 days ago
Indeed. My understanding of the world is that money systems are now responsible for most if not all of the major problems in any country and anyone's life (including non-human life) - so it is necessary to at least reform the way money is created and managed, and if the problems persist, the only solution might be to replace money with clever computerised systems for organising fair distribution of labour, goods, and services.
Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson - 25 days ago
Space cadet
Cedric Bethea
Cedric Bethea - 26 days ago
White women are so gullible and stupid. Please don't put them in charge.
Mark Carlin
Mark Carlin - 26 days ago
Oh how I love these progressive liberals. They have this idea of an utopia! They don’t live in the real world! There is no climate crisis, the UN report does not say we are heading for extinction in 11 years. God people are so gullible!
Kurt Klingbeil
Kurt Klingbeil - 17 days ago
Sounds like you are personally well acquainted with ignorance and gullibility
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