BLUE BLOOD 💙Collection REVIEW | Jeffree Star Cosmetics

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joshua quisto
joshua quisto - 18 hours ago
Her voice is so soft
Love the way she speaks😍
candace Mosdell
candace Mosdell - 3 days ago
Just got my ice cream bling. I died
Bauthentic - 3 days ago
I believe it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to have this collection since I have little ones who know how to read. Lol Keep it rated G.
Grisha - 6 days ago
I really wish I had found your channel sooner than now. You are so entertaining as well as educational! I love it
Kelly Pastore
Kelly Pastore - 7 days ago
Your skin in this video is unreal. I love you Tati!
Paisley Justice
Paisley Justice - 8 days ago
your bra is showing
Cara Cox
Cara Cox - 9 days ago
Amy Mifsud
Amy Mifsud - 10 days ago
fun fact blue is my favourite colour
Megan Majerus
Megan Majerus - 11 days ago
Who's watching because of simply? Screw scandals, I just want to see Tati and Cristine (with no H) make more videos together! those nerdy nerds
jennlopez9228 - 11 days ago
Girl when she said “ring my bell” I just heard the song in my head and had to do it lol she is funny though.
Peejay Ortega
Peejay Ortega - 13 days ago
Blue!!! 💙💙💙 super love the look
Kayla Strozina
Kayla Strozina - 16 days ago
I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Yes it's a lot but fun like you said! It looks absolutely amazing though! 😍
Kayla Strozina
Kayla Strozina - 16 days ago
Best movie ever! And that blue lipstick is freaking 🔥
Kayla Strozina
Kayla Strozina - 16 days ago
The God dam pen is blue! ☠️😂😂☠️😂☠️😂☠️😂☠️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
lighting_before _the_thunder
I'm falling apart watching this 😂
kawaiikinki - 18 days ago
16:00 she looks like Felicity Huffman!!
Therese Martine
Therese Martine - 19 days ago
You kinda look like Mazekeen from Lucifer with the make-up. Love it 😍
Ghufran Jamil
Ghufran Jamil - 20 days ago
Jodie Kinchin
Jodie Kinchin - 22 days ago
Omg blue balls 😂
Liberty Jay
Liberty Jay - 27 days ago
Very cool
Hannah Murphy
Hannah Murphy - 29 days ago
haha that's ironic
Moutonne B
Moutonne B - 29 days ago
am i the only one have trouble blending blue monday????
Kim Huey
Kim Huey - Month ago
First video i watched of you and I had so much fun. You are hilarious! I got the Blood Blood shadows as a gift from my bridal shower and i can’t wait to look like a snow queen like you! Thanks
Slyfoxmunchie32 moo
Slyfoxmunchie32 moo - Month ago
I'm watching this because I'm too poor to buy it :(
Angeline - Month ago
So I love that color for your eyes. Like so so pretty
第五异界 - Month ago
omgg TATI is soooo adorablee
Cobbiant Miguel
Cobbiant Miguel - Month ago
Looking great in blue!!!
Erica Riley
Erica Riley - Month ago
I love this look. 🥰
Darren Foo
Darren Foo - Month ago
well this is fun
Mal _ Craw
Mal _ Craw - Month ago
"Drenched in Blue" and a Ooopppp! Haha
70,000 subscribers with 0 videos Lmao
Let’s make this comment the MOST liked comment in the whole world
Joseph Brennan
Joseph Brennan - Month ago
Put your shrap in and pull it from under neath
Sarah Metcalf
Sarah Metcalf - Month ago
WOW !! you look beautiful! the palette colors are gorgeous!
Kristina Joyce
Kristina Joyce - Month ago
StarGypsy Dreamer
StarGypsy Dreamer - Month ago
Idk why but this reminds me of a very “witchy” look and I cannot love it enough ❤️❤️
Gracie Shiver
Gracie Shiver - Month ago
Disney yt channel got more views in six days than you got in 4 months😂
Gracie Shiver
Gracie Shiver - Month ago
@nata bunz prolly
nata bunz
nata bunz - Month ago
Gracie Shiver she has better content than Disney Channel
Anastasia Cassandra Wilson
Dont know much about this girl, but I've only heard good things about her character from other youtubers, that she's the sweetest person ever, she's super nice, etc.
Candace Clayton
Candace Clayton - Month ago
You look so gorgeous in blue! ❤ you should definitely play with more colors!
Andy Thompson
Andy Thompson - Month ago
Tati why this video had ads?
Hyungwon's Lips
Hyungwon's Lips - Month ago
I want to get jeffree’s blood sugar pallet so bad because of the shades but I’m 12 lmao
Allison Balliet
Allison Balliet - Month ago
this is so "cool"! :)
Layna Smith
Layna Smith - Month ago
Hi, Tati! I always enjoy your videos... i love makeup! And watching you I became a fan of your fashion style! Can you put info about what you wear in every video ? Thank you. :)
Yanela Fonte
Yanela Fonte - Month ago
She’s so cute
karen williams
karen williams - Month ago
When they advertise base tape before your video and you know that tati doesnt like it....
Aljane Arevalo
Aljane Arevalo - Month ago
I can't stop looking at the strap of bra peeking beneath her dress. Forgive me.
Christina Cortes
Christina Cortes - Month ago
That lipstick thoooooo amazing :)
teganbrookee - Month ago
did nobody catch her say “blue balls” instead of blue blood
Jester - 2 months ago
Brain: hey!
Me: shutup ima go to sleep
Brain: pewds has enough diamonds to make a full diamond armor yet he doesnt eant too
Me: O_O
Kelsey Elder
Kelsey Elder - 2 months ago
Tati is the only YouTuber I regularly watch anymore. I love how honest and real she is! I can’t wait to try her vitamins!
Gregory Peters
Gregory Peters - 2 months ago
You are a doll! Love your personality!
Uncle Eddie
Uncle Eddie - 2 months ago
Tati, Don’t Chew Just Luv Jeffreena London Paris Starrr Girl? 😂 A Real Frostitute. 😂⚡️⚡️😂⚡️⚡️⚡️😂⚡️👌🏾⚡️
CheetoStud - 2 months ago
Seriously who really wears a blue face like this?
J H - 2 months ago
Tati that lip is gorgeous on you!
Kristin Gorden
Kristin Gorden - 2 months ago
The blue lipstick should be called BIC!!
ma ria
ma ria - 2 months ago
the way she talk reminds me of gloom
Rene Moreno
Rene Moreno - 2 months ago
Trust I love to eat it
Parrots - 2 months ago
Tati is rocking this look! You go girl!
Madeleine Garcia
Madeleine Garcia - 2 months ago
I think you absolutely nailed it!!! I
lolipap aguirre
lolipap aguirre - 2 months ago
I need a make up for my christening of my daugther
lolipap aguirre
lolipap aguirre - 2 months ago
Please give me a make up i from philippines
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